The Paradox and Absurdities of Carbon-Fretting and Rewilding

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The Bureau of Land Management is planning a truly boneheaded move, angering some conservationists over the affects to herd populations and migration routes.  From Field & Stream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft plan outlining potential solar energy development in the West. The proposal is an update of the BLM’s 2012 Western Solar Plan. It adds five new states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming—to a list of 11 western states already earmarked…… [read more]

Agenda 21

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Source: @EmaRosa98

Agenda 21 is also called Agenda 2030 because 2030 is a target milestone year for having enabled all the infrastructure and other core components upon which the control regime will operate. 2030 is seven years away. The Great Reset initiated by Trump in the “Covid” shutdown was no coincidence.

Much of the work needed is in place, especially the laws that give the oppressors the color of authority to enact the regime here in the U.S. Also in place are almost all of the technology platforms that enable the tracking mechanisms. Whether TPTB in the U.S. will one day acknowledge in public that everything is being tracked is another question.

One significant milestone that’s still pending is tracking all human economic activity through digital currency, although credit cards are already being used this way to some extent. This will likely be done under the auspicious of “carbon footprint” monitoring. Show me a man’s checkbook stubs or credit card receipts, and I’ll show you how to control him.

Here’s the video referenced in, We Will Be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems. Excerpt:

  • Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) is the inventory and control plan for all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, means of production, food, energy, information, education and all human beings in the world
  • This roadmap for global totalitarianism was agreed to by 179 nations, including the U.S., at the 1992 Sustainable Development conference in Brazil
  • We’ve seen various facets of Agenda 21 being implemented throughout the last three years, under the cover of biosecurity and the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Green New Deal (Green Agenda), “Build Back Better,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the transhumanist movement) and The Great Reset all further and facilitate the implementation of Agenda 21
  • Agenda 21 is based on the ideology of “communitarianism,” which argues that “an individual’s rights should be balanced against rights of the community.” Community, however, in the mind of the globalists, is made up of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), corporations and government, which are to dictate what happens around the world. The people are not really part of the equation
  • “Sustainable development” is NOT about recycling or making sure there’s enough food and resources for everyone. It’s about moving populations from rural and suburban areas into concentrated city centers where they and their use of resources can be monitored and controlled

Agenda 21 Is Globalization on Steroids

Koire was adamant that Agenda 21 (aka Agenda for the 21st Century) was the most crucial topic of our time, as it is:

“The inventory and control plan for all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, means of production, food, energy, information — and all human beings in the world.”

This roadmap for global control and domination — global totalitarianism — was agreed to by 179 nations at the 1992 Sustainable Development conference in Brazil. Were Koire alive today, at the end of 2022, there’s no doubt she would have warned us all that Agenda 21 was now in the final implementation stages.

We’ve seen various facets of Agenda 21 being implemented throughout the last three years, under the cover of biosecurity and the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Green New Deal (Green Agenda), “Build Back Better,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution7 (the transhumanist movement) and The Great Reset, officially introduced by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and then-Prince Charles in June 20208 — these all exist to further and facilitate the implementation of Agenda 21.

If you youngsters are wondering where the government claims the authority to treat Americans (Jan 6 and others) as terrorists, it’s called the Patriot Act, which was enacted after 9/11. It was modeled after the East German Stasi. One day soon, using too much carbon will be an act of terror.

Prior here at TCJ: Is This On Purpose?

And see: Netherlands to close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU rules

No Ammo, No Primers, No Problem!

1 year, 7 months ago

Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3. Apparently, there are more parts coming but we got tired of waiting for one-page installments, what’s linked is what’s published so far.

Excerpt from part 1:

This article is intended for people who—like me—are “hedging their bets” when it comes to firearms. I have stocked up on a few good firearms, along with magazines, ammunition, and reloading components, but I know I can’t have considered every possible future event…

I began looking at making ammunition as a backup plan and soon found that every component needed for loading a muzzleloading rifle, pistol or shotgun (powder, bullets, caps, lubricant etc.) could be made at home with little trouble, without much in the way of “exotic” ingredients. Further, many cartridges can similarly be “fed” almost indefinitely with black powder, recharged primers, home-cast bullets, homemade lubricant, and other, fairly simple components.

This article may also benefit someone with limited resources, or who is faced with increasing laws and regulations which make it more difficult—and more expensive—to stock up on ammunition. I’m not suggesting homemade ammo for self-defense or for other times when lives are on the line. Rather, it can be used for practice, for plinking, for hunting, and for pest elimination, or as a backup plan for darker times, when shelves are empty again and no resupply is in sight.

This article will cover current sources for reloading components, as well as my experiments recharging fired primers and converting a modern shotgun to use primers and homemade muzzleloading cartridges, as a way of getting started in black powder inexpensively. We’ll look at the (low-cost) tools needed and the process and show how you can—for very little money—add a skill to your “toolbox,” just in case you cannot obtain new primers, powder, or ammo.

Is This On Purpose?

1 year, 7 months ago

People are starting to learn that the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 under the New World Order are real, yet they still blame the “elected” puppets in Washington. Yes, they intend to starve you, freeze you, and reduce the world population by 90 percent. Believe that they mean what they say and prepare.

The New Order is not operating under the same basic well-intending heart toward improving the state of mankind that “normies” are. That premise is wrong because folks can’t see evil, won’t call sin what it is, sin, and refuse to recognize that genocide is what they intend. It’s the “normies” biggest blindspot, thinking that those in power actually care about your well-being the same way you care about others.

TPTB are not stupid; they’re evil. Or technically, they are evil and therefore appear to be stupid to the gullible, who scoff, denying that the devil is real. Evil is willful, ordered, cunning, and subtle and operates a global system with its own domain, the kingdom of death and hell (Revelation 6:8, 20:14).

People’s inability to “get it” will cause them to be continuously strung along, always looking for governmental policy decisions or a newly elected savior to rescue them and their families, never understanding that the US Government is an arm of the Global Order. Please accept this truth and prepare; globally, elections are being manipulated.

The US, for the first time, is importing more agricultural products than exporting. Here are just a few things to keep in mind. Note cascading effects:

Shortage of diesel fuel, thus high cost

Gas and diesel refinery capacity limitations

Refineries shutting down as upgrades and compliance are too costly due to regulation

Fuel shortages for large-scale farming operations

Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals shortages, including Tamiflu / we wonder if there are agricultural animal antibiotic shortages as well?

Butter and milk shortages

Baby formula shortages are ongoing

Concrete and other building supplies

Coal plants are being shut down, and hydroelectric dams are being demolished.

Four dams near the California-Oregon border will be demolished. The hydroelectric dams blocked poor little fish from swimming to their ancestral homeland, er, homewaters. “Build Back Better” doesn’t include any actual building back.

The cost of running electricity to rural areas will begin to be unsustainable, driving people into urban centers where they can be controlled. The day is soon coming when raising a family outside the urban areas will be illegal. They won’t ban it outright, but without power, water, and sewer, child protective services and other armies of petty, well-paid do-gooders will force you to live as they prescribe. Moving everyone into controlled urban population zones is a stated goal.

The dams produce less than 2% of PacifiCorp’s power generation — enough to power about 70,000 homes — when they are running at full capacity, said Bob Gravely, spokesperson for the utility. But they often run at a far lower capacity because of low water in the river and other issues, and the agreement that paved the way for Thursday’s vote was ultimately a business decision, he said.

PacifiCorp would have had to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in fish ladders, fish screens and other conservation upgrades under environmental regulations that were not in place when the aging dams were first built. But with the deal approved Thursday, the utility’s cost is capped at $200 million, with another $250 million from a California voter-approved water bond.

“We’re closing coal plants and building wind farms and it all just has to add up in the end. It’s not a one-to-one,” he said of the coming dam demolition. “You can make up that power by the way you operate the rest of your facilities or having energy efficiency savings so your customers are using less.”

Just use less, freezing and starving, or move to Portland or San Francisco, where everything will be fine?

Reading the article, we note how “aggrieved” parties are manipulated by the communist Democrats and Republicans to drive the agenda 2030 plan. Fish and rivers have more rights than you. The notion that the US government suddenly cares about some fish or the Indians it genocided is ludicrous, and everybody knows it.

Writers, serious men and women, have got to stop blaming these actions on Democrats and Biden. We have the very best minds and writers on our side, but frankly, when they blame a political party, they sound ill-informed at best or, worse, like government propagandists for the Republican arm of the Globalist-run communist regime. And stop using the wrong words. The TPTB are not stupid, crazy, or insane. The correct term is evil, and their actions are sin.

2030 is seven years away!

H/T Survival Blog and Instapundit

Solutions Based Prepping

1 year, 7 months ago

Reading through this draft copy of a free chapter from the upcoming book Preparedness Pays, we noticed some remarkable things. The willingness to have a sense of humor and also go slow in prepping is essential. Fear drives errors, causing waste monetarily and time in do-overs. Worse yet, nobody wants to find a mistake to be evident when finally needing preps.

It’s good to read material that challenges our present assertions. This is what mature adults do in order to hone themselves by adjusting to new information. That last sentence seems weird to have to say, but here we are in 2022. It’s only a sample chapter, and possibly later, more is discussed along the lines of Solutions Based Prepping, but we found object-based prepping to be less adaptable and flexible.

A couple of examples of Solutions Based Prepping are in order. A person needs hand tools. An electric screwgun, however, can drive screws. The object only has one purpose. But when looking for solutions, it can drive screws into wood or metal. It can also remove screws. It’s usable not only on living structures but other structures, vehicles, heavy equipment, and light machines. When pressed by circumstances, humans with practical knowledge and learning in the use of rotating hand tools of all types will find solutions-based usages never before thought of for devices. This is the value of head knowledge to expand practical use applications when a result is needed. Humans are clever with their hands; this is why.

A second example is growing food. Where the author thinks of people and food, we think of solutions; food growing. Farming is not only about feeding people. Some are canned/preserved for later, and some can be used to feed protein animals. Some can be given in goodwill to neighbors for their rabbits in hopes of establishing a relationship. If things go well, that relationship may revolve around prepping and could even grow to mutual aid or security support. Perhaps you’ll come up with a barter exchange? But even if a relationship doesn’t bud, they’ll hesitate to shoot you, but most importantly, God will see the gift and bless you in abundance returning the benefit. Worse comes to worst; throw extra food on a compost heap or leave the corners of your garden not gleening in full all of the bounty; allowing some seed to return to the ground will be blessed by God. Those are just a few solutions-based things you can do with a garden.

So instead of thinking about feeding a cow, a pig, rabbits, 12 chickens, and six people with separate food sources, you can start doing arithmetic for items of dietary overlap. We know you engineering types are out there, doing preps by math; you’re not fooling us! Heh.

Like the screwgun, having a garden in abundance gives you solutions for problems you may not yet perceive. A person needs tools and food. Tools and food solve a myriad of possible problems and those yet unseen while opening many potential doors.

The sample chapter also got us thinking about proximity to disaster, natural or man-made—the proximity of distance and time matters. Take Ukraine’s inability to grow food right now. Food inflation is spreading globally due to supply-demand dislocations in the market. Ukraine is far away geographically from the US, so the effects are growing more slowly here than in Europe, and the closer to the war, the bigger the problem of cost to supply. But there’s also a time factor. In a free market, we in the US wouldn’t worry much about the lack of foodstuffs grown in Ukraine, but we don’t have a free market. Farmers would crank out food to profit from these higher prices, but the US agriculture industry is so heavily regulated by multiple agencies that current markets don’t work to fill supply for growing demand. Even if regulation was much lower, time to fill gaps in supply at higher prices is still a factor. Some disasters are very long in the making.

Waiting for “somebody” to “solve” Ukraine and US regulatory problems is a terrible plan; having local food sources, teams, friends, neighbors, barter, co-ops, etc., is much needed.

Instead of buying things, start building and making things! This will prepare your mind and hands for leaner times to come. The closer your sources for all necessities in both time needed to produce and geographic distance, the more control you’ll have over resolutions for your immediate area and family.

None of this is a knock on the chapter; it got our mental juices flowing, which is a good thing; we look forward to the book. You can approach your preparations as solutions based using the book’s eight objects. That might help to find weaknesses that need addressing, further adjusting to what works while rounding out approaches so as to not miss critical sources and needs.

One thing we don’t like is scenario-driven prepping. Though examples and illustrations are important, planning for certain contingencies is even more spending and stockpiling-intensive than object-based prepping alone. Having said that, we’ll again offer this very simple Risk Matrix to help get started or find solutions when getting stuck about how to proceed. But also consider the geographical distance from source problems and time factors to tribulation development in your risk assessments.

Note about food and debt: US grocery stores are still throwing away tons (actual) of fruits and vegetables daily. The restaurants, at least in this area, are still packed even at these higher prices. It’s shocking the lack of foresight and acceptance about what’s happening, and therefore it’s no wonder credit card debt is rising sharply. We’re blessed with abundance, but debt is not abundance; it’s a liability. Do yourself a long-term favor, trust your gut about what’s happening, cut out the extras and avoid debt.

“If a bird’s nest chance to be before thee in the way in any tree, or on the ground, whether they be young ones, or eggs, and the dam sitting upon the young, or upon the eggs, thou shalt not take the dam with the young But thou shalt in any wise let the dam go, and take the young to thee; that it may be well with thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days.” – Deuteronomy 22:6-7

Don’t overtax the land that you’ve been blessed with; it’s God’s, not yours. Prolong your days that it may go well with thee.

Somebody will object and say; we’re under grace and not under the law. Well, just keep industrial farming, relying on chemical fertilizers, gleaning one hundred percent of every field every season, never rotating crops, and not leaving some ground fallow for a year on a rotating basis. It’ll be apparent one day soon: God will rest His land if modernity won’t.

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Supply Side Realities

1 year, 7 months ago

Never forget Donald J. Trump shut down the economy. And it’s “almost” as if his announcement to run for president is perfectly timed to get you to waste another two years in false hope for a human savior. Right when you realized that the entire system was lost to corruption and you were about to do amazing things to change the world around you, galvanized to take charge of all that you can, a shiny trinket of distraction is dangled in your eye. Instead of being the man you could be learning and teaching and training your family, church, or team, and growing your local group in the depth of understanding and trust for each other, honing skills and adding critical knowledge and infrastructure, they want you well distracted by politics.


According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), there’s still very little relief in the supply pipeline for components needed to complete manufacturing and farming equipment. Consequently, there are “nearly complete” pieces of farm and construction equipment sitting on manufacturing lots waiting for components. For some, they may be as basic as a 7-pin connector for wiring harnesses. Others parts, some ordered more than a year ago, still haven’t shown up on “shipped” reports.

Some companies, like farm equipment manufacturer Unverferth has gone so far as to create “rework teams” whose jobs are to add missing components to machines that have been languishing in storage. Others have procurement staff scouring sources for acceptable component replacements.

Dealers are still battling shortages in tires, steel components and computer chips for existing customers’ equipment.

According to AEM, the situation was supposed to have improved by now, but hasn’t. They add that while it’s bad for farm equipment, it’s even worse for construction equipment. More than 95% of their members say they’re experiencing “major” supply chain issues.

If that’s not enough, suppliers and manufacturers are getting slammed with major price increases. And salaries and bonuses have also had to rise in order to get/keep factory workers.

Consequently, used farm equipment is selling at an all-time high.

A farmer with seldom-used equipment can quickly turn that gear into the cash needed to acquire equipment that’s really needed. The downside is that the “used iron” is also pricey- and getting even more so the longer shortages exist.

Farmers, being very experienced with market realities, are very aware that being forced to pay a premium for used equipment today doesn’t guarantee that same price stability a month from now. If the supply chain eases, demand for used gear will slow- and prices will fall.

So they’re following the advice Amazon’s Jeff Bezos shared last week: if you can hold off purchases, it might be a good time to do just that.

In the meantime, Purdue University’s Ag Economy Barometer reports that “insufficient supplies have impeded” producers’ overall operations. According to that barometer, farmers share another major concern with the outdoor industry: interest rate policies.

Despite farm income having rise over the past five years, farmers are still being hammered by high input (planting) costs and falling commodity prices. They’re accustomed to fluctuations in commodity prices, but the additional strain of acquisition of new gear or parts for existing gear, coupled with rising interest rates, has injected a lot more stress to an already tough profession.

“A year ago,” says Curt Blades of the AEM, “we thought the supply chain issues would have improved by now. That didn’t happen.”

There are similar stories throughout the outdoor industry as well. Last week, one manufacturer told me he was machining parts from aluminum bar stock because extrusion “isn’t an option right now.” As he explained it, “I was told that even if I had my order in right now, it would be a year before I could hope to get parts. So…I’m machining.”

The good news is that Americans are learning to adapt, innovate, and manufacture for themselves again.

Inflation is going to greatly improve your prepping. The days of throwing money at a problem by buying stuff of marginal quality and usefulness are over. The throwaway economy has made us all somewhat parasitic, and a dedicated effort is required to retrain the mind. Solid patient research is the way to go. Read reviews, ask around, pool your money for just one, and do a team evaluation of quality and usability for your purposes before buying more, perhaps. Remember, the library has free books to teach yourself new skills. Knowledge is lightweight, highly portable, flexible, adaptable, reusable, extendable, scalable, and above all, multiplies your side’s survivability and lethality.

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Now Is The Time To Boot Failed GOP Leaders, Not Bicker About Trump Vs. DeSantis

1 year, 7 months ago

That’s the headline that won’t be linked because, NO, now is the time to prepare.

Things you need:

Teach your family, on a regular schedule teaching true Christian morals and work ethic directly from the text of the Holy Bible

Permanent non-utility-controlled potable and bathing water source(s).

Sustainable multiple food sources – hunted/grown/husbandry/stored/wild gathered

Alternate food handling/prepping and cooking

Keeping your family warm

Understand your neighbor(s)hood in an outward concentric circle of increasing distance and not subject to geographic features or transportation routes

Parameter safety/security – training, tools, and animals

Fuel and alternate power source(s)

Unpowered/powered Handtools


Plans – options and backups and backups to the backups

Go/Stay decision matrix

Fishing/trapping/quiet hunting

Mobility plan

Comms plan

Hygiene/medicine items

Medical/dental knowledge and skill (Get your dental squared away this month before prices go higher, keep it up to date)

Printing hardcopy manuals and classical and other pertinent civilizational literature, fiction, and nonfiction

Barter and Goodwill items

Make you’re own lists, but more complete

Teach yourself a new related skill this winter; start today!

Further your practical application of homestead/pioneer/survival mastery.

And Etc

Do this now prior to further stressors being introduced

Like seeing one termite or the tip of an iceberg, this is only going to get worse, and neither will this get better.

If you’re still having problems understanding, here’s another clue to help you.

2030 is seven years away!

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1 year, 7 months ago

Simple ways to get water while on the move.

Without power, your water will eventually stop flowing. Alternate sources may become essential. The below video provides several temporary solutions for on-the-move or wilderness, but longer term, you may need a well on your property. If you’re going to dig a seep well, you want to locate a “flood plain.” A flood plain, regardless of size, is a low area where water gathers when a creek or river rises. Along a creek, a flood plain is usually about one foot above the waterline and mainly sediment, making it an excellent place to get good seepage. A seep well is a good shelter-in-place or overnight location solution. Creekbeds are cold at night so consider your camp location relative to the well.

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1 year, 7 months ago

Republicans, or people who vote for them, are still, in a bizarre act of idolatrous religious faith, counting on national-level voting to change things. Meanwhile, the communists are tearing at the foundations with increasing success. If you feel you should vote, even knowing your government is thoroughly corrupted, then do it; we believe there is a Biblical case for that, but let the idea go that anybody but Christ can save us now.

First, your District Attorneys continue to be replaced by communist party adherents, faithful only to Moa’s little red book.

Secondly, as we’ve warned, the defund police movement in some cities is moving to phase two of their operation. They only want control of the national security apparatus with which to destroy you. **Warning, not a family-friendly link** Hard-core violent communists are training the police to be party enforcers, which means you, dear religiously Republican voters, are being targeted for genocide.

Thirdly, these religious Republican voters scoff at the leftist State’s and City’s policies of allowing rampant crime and homelessness, never understanding that it’s being done on purpose. Crime, along with national tax policy and immigration, has been designed to drive leftist constituents into the Red States, turning formerly quiet, friendly, and quaint small cities and towns into communist enclaves, one Uhaul truckload at a time.

Why can they read this post, understand it’s true, yet live and remain in their fantasy? Shamefully, the next national-level election will be no different. Those going through the various iterations of the grieving process for America today will once more put on their denial dunce hats and start looking for a national savior by pushing the R button on the machines that are pre-programmed with the results.

Your enemy is at war, and your faith in a foundation you know has already been destroyed is silly. Seriously, it’s like watching a Benny Hill skit, and you’re the object of the caricature. Please stop; you look foolish. National politics is an open failure for all the world to laugh at in derision, and your religious adherence is making it worse. Unless you have the money and a plan to conduct a counter-communist revolution, then today should be the day you end your fantasy. Rend your clothes, stomp up and down, flop on the floor and beat your fists as much as you must, get angry and scream, cry and wail, eat a bowl of ice cream in your PJs sobbing, but end it today, no more whining and no more denial. Your country needs you, not Washington but your real country; the people who know you and love you are counting on you.

Sorry for calling you names, but seriously, stop being dodo birds.

No more politics. I love the direction that TCJ is taking;  you need a plan, practical knowledge, friends, tools, and the right spirit for what’s coming. Every moment you spend on politics is time wasted you could be spending on praying, training the young, teaching yourself craftwork, making practical application of pioneer, homestead, or survival skills, family team building, firearms and self-defense training, sharing the Gospel, deepening commitments among local trusted allies, etc., etc., etc.

Be a self-sufficient Christian. Nothing is more subversive than self-reliance, declaring Christ is King.

Principles of Self-Sufficiency

1 year, 7 months ago

Part of the thrust behind Social Media was to break the barrier of number 36 (below), which every American used to have.  Imagine creating the world’s largest intelligence collection system and then convincing people to surrender their critical information to it for free. Nobody teaches their children to keep household matters private anymore, and because of social media, the natural discernment to be private about family is gone.

Keep your mouth shut, appear the least out of place in situations, and observe more than divulge. The only thing that should make you stand out is that you fit in well.

Keeping your mouth shut and eyes & ears open, this election cycle should once again prove to be an excellent opportunity to collect free intel on enemies, foreign and domestic. The election “results” are largely inconsequential. Observe carefully what all groups say for certain, but more so what groups and individuals do over the next several weeks and months. Local intel matters most.

Speaking of which, there’s a new billboard, in the most Lefty part of town, for the upcoming holiday season Gun Show. We’ve been warning for a while now that it isn’t only the right that’s buying all the guns.

Numbers 12 and 13 are big. The throw-away society is like an infection that spreads into the mindset, crippling long-term thinking, and planning. The value proposition for especially people, but also equipment and other things, is being degraded wholesale. It’s easier to train somebody you know than to find other people you can trust.

What is Self-Sufficiency?

Depends on who you ask. Does that sound like a cop-out?

Well, die-hard doomsday day preppers would likely say that self-sufficiency is providing for all of one’s needs without any outside help or resources; there is no need to buy food, clothing, water, power, sanitation, medicine, etc. This would be the most literal interpretation of “off-grid.” That’s at one end of the spectrum.

Others take a more balanced approach to the idea of being self-sufficient. For them, self-sufficiency is about how well you can provide for the needs of yourself and your loved ones for the long haul. For example, you grow a percentage of what you eat, or you have a backup power source for outage situations. Perhaps it’s about having a bartering agreement with someone wherein you exchange eggs for honey, bringing community in as an element of independence and control in taking care of yourself.

However, let’s take a broader view of what it means to be self-sufficient. Let’s think about it as a mindset. In that vein, I offer these principles of self-sufficiency from Don McIlvaney.

McIlvaney’s Principles of Self-Sufficiency

  1. Change the way you look at everything. Rethink your entire lifestyle.

  2. Develop discernment about people.

  3. When you invest, invest first in the right people.

  4. Look at yourself honestly. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  5. Seek the counsel of others you trust.

  6. Find like-minded people who can be part of a mutual support group and who you can cooperate with.

  7. Find alternate methods for doing everything.

  8. Develop an instinct for what doesn’t feel right. No matter how good something looks or sounds on the surface, go with your gut feeling, your instinct, and your intuition.

  9. Eliminate non-essentials from your life. Eliminate all time wasters and money wasters, and things you don’t need, i.e., clothes, furniture, junk, etc. Eliminate television from your life.

  10. Simplify your lifestyle. Learn to say no to things and activities that don’t make you self-sufficient.

  11. Develop physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.

  12. Learn to treat everything as if it were irreplaceable.

  13. Buy things that will last, even if they cost more.

  14. Acquire tools that do not depend on electric power.

  15. Learn to spend time alone with yourself in total silence. Think, reflect, reminisce, and plan (or strategize) in silence.

  16. Learn to spend time with your family without any superficial entertainment and distractions.

  17. Make sure your trust is in the Lord and not your own preparedness. Pattern your preparedness according to the guidance of the Lord. Listen to what He puts in your heart. Don’t use only your reasoning power.

  18. Learn something from every situation you are in. Everything you hear, see, touch or feel has a lesson in it. Learn a principle from every mistake you make and from everyday life situations.

  19. Store up memories for times of isolation or separation from your loved ones.

  20. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures from the smallest things. Have a measure of joy and happiness that doesn’t come from creature comforts or entertainment.

  21. Establish priorities for all areas of your life, including relationships and current and future needs. Set goals for areas to become proficient or self-sufficient. Set a schedule or a timeline to reach those goals based on the money and available time.

  22. Examine the concept of civil disobedience from Bible times throughout history. At what point should the people of Egypt have said No to killing the male babies in Moses’ day? At what point should the people of colonial America have said No to King George? At what point should the people of Germany have said No to Hitler? At what point do we say No to the despots of our day when they take over our money, property, guns, our children, and our freedom? Decide what is your choke point. When do you move toward civil disobedience? For many throughout history, it was when evil leaders handed down edicts that were directly contrary to God’s Word or commands. Don’t set your choke point too early or too quickly, too late or never. Think through and calculate a strategy. Then never look back.

  23. Learn to ask the right questions in every situation.

  24. Bring orderliness into your life. If you live in disorder, it will pull you down and break your focus. Think focus vs. distraction.  Eliminate the distractions from your life.

  25. Self-sufficiency or survival principles are learned on a day-to-day basis and must be practical.

  26. Always have more than one way to escape, more than one way to do something. Have a plan B and a plan C.

  27. Everyday life, and especially life during a crisis, requires up-front systems and backup systems if the first line of defense, or the up-front system, fails.

  28. Real education only takes place when change occurs in our attitudes, actions, and way of life.

  29. Wisdom is making practical applications of what you know. It is not enough to know everything you need to know. It will only serve you and others if practical application is made of that knowledge.

  30. Fix in your own mind the truth about your capabilities. In a crisis situation, this will keep you from being too cocky and will provide you with confidence.

  31. Decide ahead of time, before a crisis arrives, how you will react in a given situation so that you are not swayed by the circumstances, the situation, or your emotions.

  32. Beware of being spread too thin in your life. Decide on the few things in life that you must do and then do them well. Think focus versus distraction. Make sure that unimportant, non-essential distractions don’t keep you from achieving your important objectives.

  33. Learn to quit wasting things. Be a good steward of all that God provides.

  34. Buy an extra of everything you use regularly and set that extra one aside for the time when such items may be difficult or impossible to obtain.

  35. In every situation, train yourself to look for what doesn’t fit, what’s out of place, and what doesn’t look right.

  36. Teach your children, and learn this yourself, that you are not obligated to give information to strangers. You don’t have to answer questions that are none of their business, not even to government officials.

  37. Sell or give away things you don’t use or need. Consider giving away or selling half of your stuff, the non-essentials. Simplify and streamline your life, lifestyle, and possessions.

  38. Find someone who lived through the Great Depression and learn from them. Find out how they became self-sufficient, how they made do with very little, and how they found joy and contentment amid hard times.

Survival Tags:

Christian Prepping

1 year, 7 months ago

No, we’re not talking about prepping for Christians, whatever that is. Here’s the lead; you need to be able to have church away from prying eyes.

Assembling with other believers is commanded (Hebrews 10:25). If you have children, the man, as the head, should already be giving a family bible study, perhaps as often as every evening. Those husbands and wives with grown and gone children could still be doing this. There’s something quaint and very pleasing about that notion; a husband having a bible lesson, just him and his wife. What a wonderful way to honor the Lord. Where were we?

It would have been challenging to convince American Christians of the need for this preparedness just a few years ago. People would have thought it absurd that the government would shut down churches, especially a Republican president. Well, the government did, and your pantywaist Pastors complied.

That’s just a tiny foretaste of what’s coming for the Christians in America. Keeping in mind that most mainline churches would turn you over to the government if required, the first rule of underground church is – you don’t talk about underground church.

Many, tens of thousands, perhaps millions, never returned to those closed churches. That might be a good thing. Some of those certainly went to find a group of true believers who did not quit on God so readily. For those who never bothered going again, we also consider this a good thing; it’s unlikely they were converted if all it took was shutting the door to a building. Most are merely brainwashed slugs; they did as they were told, never concerned enough to voice an objection.

Our God is the God of redemption; read, Thanking God for Covid 19. Consider wisely your future with Christ, your leadership role now, and the needs of the believers counting upon you in a country rapidly growing antichrist. You are the very best Christian somebody knows. Get better; begin the work to build an antifragile church group.

Your group leader doesn’t have to be the same man who brings your bible lessons.

Many started groups of intrepid believers meeting away from corporate 501(c)(3) buildings in open defiance. Good for them. Their reward is rich in Heaven. And that’s what you must prepare to do. Meeting in open defiance is obviously the first choice. That’s the most significant and crucial qualifying statement we’ll make. You don’t have to put on a show or make a political statement; you do it with your heart toward Father God, prepared always to suffer for Christ’s name, who died for your eternal soul, not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together.

For followers of Christ, it shouldn’t be a stretch to consider what your family, group, church, or team needs. The object is to continue to gather along a continuum of possibilities from a home church to entirely underground, at least not in a mainline building, but in varying degrees of relative secrecy depending upon the circumstances.

What does it take for you to hold church? Well, those are the things you need. Christian men should already be providing a simple bible lesson for their families on a regular schedule, perhaps around a table. Extending this concept during government oppression or a cataclysmic event is easy. You need knowledge, materials, and to already be in practice.

We make sure to say here that a preacher of God’s word, a Pastor in the name of Christ, is a specific calling God places on the lives of a small percentage of men. We are in no way advising you, outside of God’s will, under your own power to start being a Pastor or a Preacher. Those are God-ordained and called men. There are circumstances in which one may be pressed into service. This is a serious thing. American churches are full of men and now women that claim ordination of God but are false. With a humble heart, admitting that you are not called to Pastoral headship, nonetheless, a group of believers being required to meet, a man of good repute must be prepared to lead. Nobody has authority outside God’s calling to assume Pastoral headship or the office of the Preacher. Still, you men should be able to bring a clear, encouraging bible lesson when the need arises. Being prepared is all the more critical because the potential for the absence of a Pastoral head under persecution is real. A good Pastor must be willing to lay down his life for the flock (John 10:11) in the name of Christ, for “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – 1 John 15:13. So should all true Christians.

Be prepared to step into the breach when needed. Make a list and get the materials; undoubtedly, this starts with the Holy Bible in sufficient quantity for everybody present or expected. Consider that depending on the situation, you may minister to neighbors or complete strangers. Hard times bring hard questions and people looking for answers. Every Christian must be ready to share the hope that is in you, the splendid joy, and blessed assurance of life everlasting that you have in Christ Jesus (1 Peter 3:15); we are all witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Most people have a strange view of the church, it’s a show put on by professionals, and sadly, in most churches, it is. America, and your team, don’t need more professionally trained carnival barkers spewing false Scriptural understanding to followers; obviously and, in many cases, willfully slothful ignoramuses that refuse to educate themselves in the word of God. All you need is two or three gathered together in the name of Christ, and there He is in the midst (Matthew 18:20). Nonetheless, some structure seems required; singing Psalms, the Lord’s supper, reading of Scripture, and a plain lesson from the text have been sufficient throughout Church history.

Encouraging and uplifting one another should be something you already do at church.

For most believers, you are a long way from where you can hold a simple church service type of bible lesson. Opening the Scriptures to fellow believers (or lost souls) is a weighty matter and should be treated with the humble reverence it deserves. First, you must be a practicing Christian, not practicing religiousness, but a doer of the word.

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