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Violence in Chicago (and the rest of the bad inner cities)

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago


I guess it doesn’t help when the police are too afraid to chase men who point rifles at other people.

But you see, rather than tackle the root cause of the crime (fatherless homes, welfare, payment for having children out of wedlock, etc.) and quit doing the very things causing the problem in the first place, they’d rather send SWAT teams to wrong addresses in the suburbs and pester you about gun ownership.

This is your tax dollars at work.

National Park Service Law Enforcement Is As Worthless As The Rest Of FedGov

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

If you recall we covered this event in some detail concerning what they should have done with a member of their party suffering from Rhabdomyolysis.  This is a Malum Prohibitum crime with no victims.  This was a victimless crime.  Moreover, forcing the rest of the party to move very well could have placed their very lives at risk.

Is it possible for the NPS to look any stupider?  Then there’s this comment.

I am a retired law enforcement officer and in nearly all things, you have officer discretion. Unfortunately, many new or younger law enforcement officers don’t understand that concept and treat everyone regardless of the incident as if they were a mass murderer. They don’t comprehend the impact their actions have and understand basic humanity and compassion. The National Parks Service and the Rangers are why I avoid National Parks with a vengeance. I had a similar run-in in a National Park where I was the subject of a traffic stop for 18mph in a 15mph speed zone. Family and friends in the vehicle (while still an active law enforcement officer), young guy who starts yelling at me for going by him 3mph over the speed limit. Asks if there are any weapons in the vehicle and then draws his firearm when I say yes. I remained calm and explained my status and showed him my credentials. Then demanded to speak with their supervisor for the behavior and pointing a firearm at someone without justification. Supervisor basically blew it off and said, “If you don’t like it, don’t visit a National Park.” Public lands that are definitively not “for the people” and absolutely out of control behavior of those expected to set the example and uphold the law. The National Parks service, Rangers and Law Enforcement have a difficult job, but their behavior is making it far worse and turning them into an enemy of the people. Almost as if they are forcing people with their rules, permits, timed entry and such to stay out of the National Parks. You derive your authority from the consent of the governed. Many have lost sight of that fact.

Firearms in National Parks has been legal since 2010, and lives have been saved because of access to firearms.  The very first shooting of an attacking bear occurred in Denali National Park soon after the rule change.  In this instance, the LEO apparently muzzle flagged someone because of legal carry.

Idiot.  Dangerous idiot.

But in this case there were three parties to blame for this stupidity: the LEOs, the prosecutors and the judge.

This is why I don’t believe in the legitimacy of due process

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago


A jury in Texas on Tuesday convicted a man of murdering a local police officer in a case that pitted no-knock raids against the right to self-defense.

Marvin Guy, who waited in jail for over nine years before his trial, was found guilty of murdering Detective Charles Dinwiddie, whom Guy said he mistook for an intruder after a SWAT team in 2014 smashed his bedroom window and tried to break into his home with a battering ram during a 5:45 a.m. drug raid. The panel declined, however, to convict him of capital murder and instead opted for murder, meaning they did not agree—at least not unanimously—that Guy knew he was shooting at law enforcement.

The raid was the product of a no-knock warrant, which police pursued in response to a tip that Guy had been dealing cocaine, and which allowed them to break into Guy’s apartment without first identifying themselves.

On May 9, 2014, before the sun rose, about two dozen officers arrived at Guy’s residence. The team struggled to fully penetrate the door with their battering ram; something was blocking it from behind. One officer accidentally detonated his stun grenade, inflaming what was already a raid rapidly going awry.

Guy, who lived in a high-crime area, said he was woken up and assumed the police were criminals trying to break into his home. He had allegedly been on edge about such a situation: One of his neighbors had reportedly been victimized similarly a week before when an intruder choked her after forcing entry by way of her first-floor window. Guy allegedly hit four officers, killing Dinwiddie and prompting police to fire over 40 rounds in return.

The prosecution, however, theorized that Guy had somehow come to know the police were coming and that he’d set a trap to “ambush” them.

I hear it again and again and again and again, and it’s just as silly every time I hear it.  Due process.  Let a judge issue a warrant.  I’d rather be judged by a jury of peers than carried by pall bearers.  Americans have the right of due process.  Gun confiscation laws are okay as long as the government has followed due process requirements.

This example is why I don’t believe you can trust due process or any aspect of the American judicial system.  It doesn’t matter whether he was dealing cocaine.  It doesn’t matter if they wanted to play soldier boy that early morning.  If they had wanted to grab evidence, they could have waited until daylight and monitored him for movement from the home and then gone in and grabbed whatever they wanted.

As it stands, a cop is dead and he will be in prison for much of the rest of his life.

And here’s the thing.  A prosecutor and jury did all of this by intent.  The prosecutor wanted him in prison because we can’t have men defending their homes, not even in Texas.  The jury followed all instructions given to them by a corrupt judge.

There’s your due process.  How do you like it?  If someone slams their way into your home, lay down and submit.  You cannot defend your family because you may go to prison.

Again, how do you like this?

Arrested For Carrying On His Own Property?!?

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 6 days ago

Cops.  Arresting people on false grounds and just making things up about it during Google searches using cell phones.

Only the best and brightest.

Oh, and somebody should tell fat boy to start and exercise program.

When Hidden Cam Catches Cops in the WRONG House | They Get Qualified Immunity?

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 1 day ago

He answers the legal questions.  Here are my problems – or at least, a few of them.

I don’t believe cops should be doing any of this. Entering homes should be verboten, and the fact that our society allows such as this shows its sickness.

Next, the cops use pistol-mounted lights and muzzle flag literally everyone, or if anyone would have been in the domicile, they would have been muzzle flagging them.  This violates the ruled of gun safety regardless of how cool you want to be.

Next, many cops are just plain stupid.  He explains what it means to make good effort to ensure that you have the right home, including “reliable informants.”  There is no such thing as a reliable informant.

Finally, my biggest problem with all of this is that the American citizen simply cannot trust it when someone announces that they are cops, or Federal Marshal, or anything at all.  That has become a favorite tactics of criminals.  But unholstering or presenting a weapon in order to secure your home from possible invaders is a sure way to get killed if the invaders are police (and I did use the word invaders).

As I said, the fact that we allow this sort of thing to occur is a sign of a very sick society.

Constitutional Carry in Omaha Hardly Lives Up to Its Name

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

David Codrea.

“You have the right to carry the gun on you. But you also need to let law enforcement know, for their protection, everything else, so that that you have the firearm on you,” Capt. Keith Williamson of the Omaha Police Department gang unit asserted. He added that additional charges can be “tacked on with other serious charges” to offenses like gang crimes and that the bill forcing the city “to repeal some ordinances around firearms … made it more difficult trying to track guns in the wrong hands.”

“For their protection.”  Why do they get to decide the rules?  I’m not interested in their protection.  I’m only interested in my own protection and that of my family and friends.

Cops don’t rate for protection in my book.

And moreover, I’m never in more danger than when the police are around.  There is no situation so bad that it cannot be made worse by the presence of the police.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Beats Up Old Man

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Bad day for him, an unjustified beating, for no good reason at all.  The officer should have tried to help him find a better place to rest, caring (as he should have) about his safety on the road.

Instead, he got beaten up because, in the words of the officer, “You weren’t listening.”

So once again we must observe and remind you of the obvious.  You are not under legal obligation to assist any officer in their investigation.  The officer must be able to articulate a crime that has been committed in order to effect an arrest, and at least articulate a reasonable suspicion in order to detain you.  None of that obtained in this instance.  The officer was wrong about where the gentleman was contrasted to where he was allowed to be.

Why is that police departments continue to hire the dumbest and most sociopathic misanthropes they can find?  Perhaps they are the only ones who aren’t bothered by beating up innocent and peaceable people.  Would that they took their duty so seriously when it comes to real criminals.

To top it all off, the officer conveniently turned off his camera when he discussed the incident with his fellow officers, of course, hiding evidence of his violence.

All of that caused a severe concussion, eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a disfigured lip.

Who needs criminals around when you have the police, all of whom have qualified immunity?  At least Antifa didn’t have qualified immunity except among prosecutors who loved them.

The enemy is all around you.  Be careful.

For what it’s worth, the officer is currently on paid vacation.

Sussex County, VA., Sheriff’s Department Violating The Constitution

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

A few observations before the video.

First, what they are doing is illegal.  The police have no right to your identification if you haven’t been charged with a crime.  That they are “conducting an investigation” doesn’t mean a crime has been committed, and refusing to cooperate with the police in their investigation isn’t a crime either.

Second, you are under no obligation to assist police in their investigations.

Third, the goobers he was with (after other officers had been called) are just as culpable as he is, as they stood by while he did it.

Fourth, police academies across the nation are teaching police recruits that the fact that they are conducting an investigation means they have a right to anything they want, including identification, even after the SCOTUS ruled on the so-called “Terry Stop.”

The upper management of Sheriff and PDs know that what their recruits are being trained to do is illegal.  They also know that their recruits continue to believe the lies they were taught at the academy, and they don’t care.

The county attorney also knows that the police believe lies concerning detention and arrest.  They don’t care either.

Finally, based on the fact that PDs everywhere across America routinely recruit low IQ individuals, the recruits and officers are usually too stupid to understand that what they are doing is a crime.  But they are still culpable for the crime since they are supposed to know and understand since they have arrest powers and are agents of the state.

The Sussex County Sheriff’s Department can be reached here:

Concerning Cops Demanding Identification

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 1 week ago

This gets tiresome.  First of all, I simply cannot fathom the stupidity of telling someone they are under “suspicion” of a crime because of an anonymous call.  Cops shouldn’t be dispatched in the case of anonymity.

Second, no one is obligated to assist the police in an investigation.  “We need to identify you because [such and such, open investigation, caller said so and so, you fill in the blank] isn’t reason to force identification.  That’s a violation of the fourth amendment, regardless of how some particular state law is interpreted by police procedures.

FBI Bribing Folks On Their Front Porches Now

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 2 weeks ago

This is a loathsome exchange.  The FBI isn’t ashamed of what they’re doing.  We’ve come to expect that sort of thing from them.  They have no shame.  But the worst thing about it is that the local Sheriff’s Department participated in the charade.

Reminder.  Never talk to law enforcement.

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