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Cop Beats His Own Dog With His Fists, Chief Defends Handler

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 3 days ago

Via Wirecutter.  This ridiculous report.

Okay, first of all, I don’t want cops to have dogs.  I see absolutely no need for it.  I don’t agree with their “war on drugs,” and most cops don’t have the temperament or training to handle dogs, horses, farm animals or any other living creature.

Second, this isn’t the way to train a dog.  I know how to train dogs, whether positive or negative reinforcement.  This isn’t training.  This is just abuse.

Third, I’d say with certainty that the cop isn’t suitable for law enforcement work.  I don’t know about the dog, but the cop must go.  The jury is still out on the dog, but most dogs are a reflection of their handler.  If the cop wants to understand why the dog did what he did, he needs to look in the mirror.

Fourth, the chief is a moron.  Both the cop and the chief need to be fired.

That about covers it.

What If You Were Given An Unconstitutional Order To Confiscate Guns?

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Watch.  Short video.  Note well his answer.  Notions of right and wrong, what it means to be loyal and true to your oaths and vows, and rights before God, come not from the Almighty, but the supreme court, that gaggle of black robed Druids who ignore everything good and want to stay in the martini circles inside the beltway.

He’s not at all hesitant or embarrassed at his answer.

Police Are Under No Obligation To Protect Anyone

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

As if we needed volume XVII of this, via David Codrea comes news from Florida.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — He had just stepped from the shower and was settling in for the night when he caught a glimpse of a figure outside his window.

Seventy-year-old Bill Norkunas, a childhood polio survivor, headed over to the light and flicked it on hoping to scare away whoever was there. Instead, the light was a beacon drawing a young man to his front door, a door made of glass.

And then for the next 15 minutes, Norkunas stood there, barefoot and unclothed, with his crutches, on one side of the glass pane trying to steady a gun in his trembling hand while the stranger stood on the other side, pounding on the door, banging it with his hip or gnawing at the thick hurricane-grade glass with a garden paver.

Norkunas, who suffered minor injuries from the glass digging into his foot, has no idea why the man, later identified as 23-year-old Timothy Johnson of Fort Lauderdale, tried to break down his door on Nov. 7.

And as bewildering, and just as terrifying to him, is the knowledge that a squad of Broward sheriff’s deputies responded to his Tamarac neighborhood, but none came close to his home to stop the man. Instead, they waited down the street until he walked over to them and surrendered, witnesses told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

The result is a palpable sense of outrage toward the Sheriff’s Office with many in the neighborhood questioning why deputies would leave a terrified, disabled man to fend for himself for as long as they did.

[ … ]

“If he opens the door can I shoot him?” Norkunas asks the 911 dispatcher about two minutes into his phone call for help.

By the third minute, Norkunas is telling the dispatcher that the stranger is trying to kick the door in, according to recording of the call. While still on the phone with the dispatcher, Norkunas can be heard warning the stranger that he better leave or he is going to get shot. Until this point in his life, Norkunas had never pointed a gun at anyone before.

“Get the cops here quick,” he barks into the phone at minute four.

Three minutes later, Norkunas’ voice is weary: “Sheriff, hurry up please.”

Three more minutes pass. “Where the hell are the cruisers? … They are still not here. Jesus Christ. There’s still no cruisers. Come to my house, please please.”

He tells the dispatcher his glass door is smashed in and he doesn’t know what to do. The dispatcher tells him the deputies are canvassing the area to “make sure no one else gets hurt.”

While law enforcement officers take an oath to serve and protect, they are not bound to do so legally, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled.

“The law doesn’t require law enforcement officers to protect you from other people,” said Rodney Jacobs, assistant director of the Civil Investigative Panel, a police oversight committee for the city of Miami.

As a reminder to regular readers, and a brief primer for new readers, the police are under no legal obligation to protect anyone.  If you doubt this, read the following decisions.

Castle Rock v. Gonzalez

Warren v. District of Columbia

DeShaney v. Winnebago County

As for talking to the dispatcher, this in my estimation is a very unwise move.  Calling to report the incident may have been necessary (although as I’ve pointed out before, if you think things can’t get any more dangerous for you, just wait until the police arrive), but sticking around over the phone was a distraction for him, and consuming of time and energy.

Do not ever, ever, ever, ask permission from a dispatcher to shoot an intruder.  When the police do finally arrive, if you have had to discharge your firearm, do not talk to them.  Let your attorney do the talking.

Bottom line.  The police are not obligated to protect you.  You are obligated under God to protect yourself and your family.  I think with the recent flurry of gun-buying in America, many people grok that notion now who didn’t just weeks or months ago.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Deputy Goes To The Wrong House And Shoots Family’s Dog Dead

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

News from Arkansas.

An Arkansas family was left devastated after an investigator who allegedly mistook their address for a sex offender’s shot and killed their pet dog.

The deadly incident involving the Coiner family’s beloved pooch named Clide unfolded last week in the city of Greenbrier.

Video footage posted to Facebook by Chris Coiner shows the aftermath of the shooting as the canine lay dead on the ground.

“You shot and killed my goddamn dog, you motherf—-r!” a shattered Coiner screams to the investigator, identified by local reports as James Freeman of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, the video shows.

“Get off my property, motherf—-r!” Coiner shouts at Freeman. “You are a motherf—-r, you piece of motherf—–ing sh-t… shoot my goddamn dog, you p—y.”

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office said Freeman was at the property for a sex offender compliance check, but mistakenly went to Coiner’s house instead of a nearby home, FOX 16 News reported.

Freeman had first gone to the address 72 Autumn Hills for the check, but was allegedly told the sex offender lived at the next address – Coiner’s home, the news outlet said.

Coiner claims Freeman then shot his dog in his yard because the animal barked at him.

“I was livid, I was livid with feelings and he didn’t care one bit,” Coiner told FOX 16 News.

Coiner added, “He did not make any attempt to get away from it, he didn’t make any attempt to get back in his vehicle, all he did was shoot the dog because he was barking at him.”

The distraught dad said Clide was his 3-year-old son’s “buddy” and described the pooch as a “family member.”

Take a look at him.  He’s a fat-ass abuser and dog killer.

Look, I’ve recommended before that cops who are so cowardly that they’re scared of dogs go do volunteer work on farms or ranches working with animals, breeding them, feeding them, cleaning their stalls, doing basic doctoring of the animals, learning the necessities of tone, inflection and timbre of voice commands, and so on, until they become less than cowardly.

The problem is that they don’t care enough to do something like this when they can get away with shooting, without any accountability at all.

Kill a dog?  Sure.  On to the next house.  Maybe they have a dog I can kill too.  Hey honey, what’s for dinner?  I’m hungry!

Cal State University San Bernardino Cop Pulls Gun On Fellow Officer Over Disagreement Over Enforcing Mask Rules

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

News from California.

San Bernardino police are investigating an incident involving a Cal State University San Bernardino law enforcement officer shown on surveillance video pulling his gun and pointing it at a fellow officer.

The officer who the gun was pointed at has now hired a local attorney to represent him.

“When he told me the story, and I later realized it was on video, I could not believe it,” said attorney Tristan Pelayes, who said the officer in question is a sergeant with the department.

The incident is alleged to have happened on campus on Sept. 15. The surveillance video shows four police officers standing around having a discussion when one of them pulls his sidearm and points it toward one of the other officers. The gun was pointed at the other officer for approximately one second.

“Everybody had just gotten to work, and the sergeant in question was telling my client that the officers needed to enforce the (COVID-19) mask requirement on campus,” said Pelayes.

“My client questioned the authority for that. For instance, if we were to arrest somebody or escort somebody off the campus, what is our legal authority for that? Apparently, that conversation led to the sergeant losing his temper, and ultimately pulling a gun on my client.”

The video, provided by Pelayes, did not have any audio attached to it. Pelayes said his client accessed the surveillance video himself and used his cellphone to record a copy of it.

Pelayes said his client filed an internal complaint against his sergeant, and filed a report with San Bernardino police.

A San Bernardino police spokesperson verified that a report was taken and is being investigated as a misdemeanor charge for brandishing a weapon.

Pelayes said it should not be investigated as a misdemeanor, but rather as a felony charge for assault with a deadly weapon.

“For brandishing, I could have, for instance, a gun in my waistband. And (if) I lift up my shirt just to show you I have a gun, I just brandished a gun. But if I pull that gun out and actively point it at you, now that turns into an assault.”

A spokesperson for Cal State University San Bernardino issued a statement that read: “We are aware of the incident and an internal investigation is ongoing. Thus, we have no further comment at this time.”

Pelayes said what he saw on video is the most outrageous and egregious act that an officer can commit on a fellow officer.

Yea, stupid line.  Change it to “the most outrageous and egregious act that an officer can commit on any innocent man, woman or child.”

What a swell bunch of people.  Just marvelous.  Heroes of the community.

My Client Gets Shot By Police Through His Closed Front Door!

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

This has happened before in Greenville, S.C.  Now it has happened in West Virginia.

This officer is a sociopath.  He should be in prison.

You Are Never In More Danger Than When The Police Get Involved

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 4 weeks ago


Moran ordered “fuel filters” from an advertisement on Instagram. When the package arrived from China, it had two items that looked more like silencers to him than fuel filters.

Moran went to a friend at NAPA Auto Parts who explained to him that these items were not actually fuel filters, that he knew others who had mistakenly ordered them, and that he should get rid of them.

The next day, Moran voluntarily surrendered these “fuel filters” to the Carlstadt Police Department.

New Jersey law,NJS 2C:39-12, specifically encourages the voluntary surrender of silencers and other regulated items to the police and grants immunity for such voluntary surrender.

While voluntarily surrendering these items, Moran told the Carlstadt detective that he had made two purchases of which he received only one and that he was canceling the second order.

Moran notified the China-based Instagram vendor, PayPal, and his bank to cancel the second order and payment. He also alerted the US Post Office that he refuses delivery of any package from this seller.

He did all the upstanding things, didn’t he?

To his surprise, approximately 10 days later, a second package still arrived at his home. He immediately put the box in his car and drove directly to the police station to voluntarily surrender it, as he had done with the first purchase.

After parking at the borough hall, he proceeded to walk up to the police department located there. Before entering the building, however, a cadre of Federal and State Government agents stopped and arrested him.

Mr. Moran is represented by the law firm of Evan F. Nappen Attorney at Law PC.

Attorney Evan Nappen stated, “In other words, in response to Moran’s initiating contact with law enforcement, voluntarily surrendering a package of questionable ‘fuel filters’ that he received, informing the authorities about a second potential package, and doing everything that he could to stop its delivery – Government surveilled him, followed him, and set up a trap to arrest him.”

After the arrest, Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella quickly issued a news release painting Moran as an “international arms-trafficker” who “smuggled” contraband into the country.

Meanwhile, Antifa/BLM continues to engage unmolested in murder, threats, arson, destruction of public and private property, illegal arms trafficking, and insurrection.

Police Need “Offensive” Weapons!

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 1 week ago

Because police need offensive weapons, while you only need defensive weapons.

Idiots.  It has to do with how the weapon is used.  Besides, I’m surprised the judge didn’t say something like, “You’re flat out wrong according to Supreme Court precedent.  Tennessee v. Garner says police can only use firearms for the same reason all other citizens can use them – for self defense.”

Gun Confiscation By NYPD

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 1 week ago

Via WiscoDave.

“60 Field Intelligence Officers apprehend an individual with this illegal firearm!”

Um … what?

Police Tags:

Does Kurt Schlichter Finally Get It?

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago

I know.  The post title is a bit snarky, but I think Kurt has been a long time getting to this point.

The real goal is control of the institutions that have combat power – the police, federal law enforcement, and the military. That’s where they can find people willing to kill, and maybe die, to impose the elites will. The cops, agents, and soldiers they dream of coopting to be their caste’s personal Gestapo and Wehrmacht provide the bodies who would actually do the dirty work – as Dick made clear when he said out loud what he is too smug and dumb to know he should have kept quiet, that he and the other tourist revolutionaries intend to be eager spectators to the gory unpleasantness that always accompanies a leftist revolution (“I’ll happily provide video commentary.”). Hijacking the government, and using loyalty to the country and co-opting the ingrained sense of duty in our cops and warriors as a means to manipulate them into being the enforcement mechanism for the tyranny the elite left dreams of imposing is the goal.

Remember, when someone says he wants you dead, he wants you dead. And the people who want you dead here in the USA intend to use the people you currently rely upon to keep you safe and secure as the means to do it. It’s actually quite cunning – if they can keep the cops, agents and soldiers in line. We’ve already seen lots of cops putting pensions over honor as they hassle citizens for mask crimes. The high-ranking Obama officer corps has already sold its collective soul for a handful of stars, and lots of colonels and generals would gleefully set their forces on uppity citizens – not rioters, but people like you – to please their Democrat masters. When the Biden administration orders the cops and agents, and maybe soldiers, to imprison or kill gun owners, the uniformed flinkies will be expected to spill blood if necessary, because when you send government officials with weapons to enforce a law, whether to bust a guy peddling loose Marlboros or to confiscate AR15s, you have to assume that a certain number of those encounters will end with dead citizens. And to folks like Dick, that casualty count is a feature and not a bug.

[ … ]

Remember those cops busting moms in parks because they don’t want to miss out on their pensions?

Yet, the notion that Americans will wake up one morning, see that they are no longer free, shrug, obediently line up to turn in their Remingtons and Mossbergs and reconcile themselves to serfdom is not in the cards.

Salary, benefits and pensions.  These are the things which are important to LEOs.  But there is no honor in the America-first philosophy or patriotic jingoism when tyranny is afoot (like arresting good men and women who bring out guns for self defense when rioters threaten their lives, livelihoods and businesses).  No, I will never forget that they have done these things, and neither should you, nor that these good men and women have to hide themselves to keep from being arrested when the police let the rioters run amok.  Some breaks are irreparable and final.  The fact that the prosecutors sent them out to do these things means precisely nothing to me.  Death doesn’t mean your body cooling to ambient temperature and then the end.  There is more after that – much, much more.  And one to whom we will all answer.

If anyone recalls when Kurt has been so clear as he is here, let me know.  But he seems to have embraced that the good folks wearing uniforms may not be so good after all if and when they violate your basic God-given rights.

It’s good to see Kurt calling out the awful class of flag officers in the military, and those who have recently retired, like Generals Petraeus (an adulterer and gun controller) and McChrystal (a gun controller and murderer for his role in ROE and the deaths of the men at Ganjgal).

Via WiscoDave.

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