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Texas Police On Permitless Carry In Texas

BY Herschel Smith
22 hours, 45 minutes ago

Is anyone surprised that Texas police would oppose the exercise of God-given rights without their approval?

Depriving People Of Due Process

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 8 hours ago

Via David Codrea, this report from Maryland involving an off-duty Pentagon Police Officer.

After they arrived the officers were approached by an off duty PFPA officer who stated that he had fired his service weapon at suspects, saying they fled after not obeying his commands when he confronted them for what he believed was an in-progress car break-in.

The two victims, Williams and Johnson, were transported to Prince George Hospital where they later died from gunshot wounds, the Takoma Park Police said.

In Tennessee versus Garner, the Supreme Court has said that people fleeing the scene (even if known that it was the scene of a crime, in the particular case, escaped inmates) cannot be subject to lethal force.

You cannot shoot people for fleeing.  It couldn’t be clearer.

Not that this man cared about due process, but the point is that by taking a life, you deprive that person of their due process rights.  You’ve become judge, jury and executioner.

Lockdown Police Sent On Walk Of Shame By Pastor

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

This apparently occurs somewhere in Canada.

One of my sons sent me this and had some salient and quite insightful remarks about it.  He didn’t focus on the pastor, although his words were powerful and he didn’t back down.  He is to be commended.

Notice the police.  They are there to support a mouthy “Karen.”  She wouldn’t stop talking.  She is a controller.  They are waiting like dogs in the background for her next commands.

Men who have been eviscerated of morality and manliness, and who have jettisoned their God-given duty of leadership, retreat into a Nietzschean suffering.  They are all in bondage.  They could no more properly think their way through what’s happening at that moment that an animal.

But they are responsible before God because their slavery is self-selected and voluntary.  The Soviet empire was also keen on the use of women as controllers and informers, and men as the thugs who backed them up.  Such men beg for abuse by the nearest dominatrix.

You should find such men to be sickening. Their actions are shameful, and yet they will go home and look their wives and children in the face, eat dinner, and go to bed as if they have done well today.

Cops Behaving Badly

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 3 days ago

News from Seattle.

A lawsuit filed by a 74-year-old Seattle man who was held at gunpoint and painfully handcuffed by police in his own home claims the department has a “policy, practice and custom” of using “welfare checks” to enter people’s homes without warrants.

To illustrate the allegations, the man’s attorneys posted a YouTube video that meshes Seattle police dispatch tapes, Computer-Assisted Dispatch entries and body-camera video to highlight the ordeal of Howard McCay, a retired computer programmer, longshoreman and homeowner who woke from a nap one February evening in 2019 to find a cadre of armed officers in his house.

The officers, including one armed with an assault-style patrol rifle equipped with a flashlight, ordered a dazed McCay out of his bedroom with his hands up, holding a cellphone connected to 911 dispatch, which McCay had called to report intruders. When he exited the bedroom — where he had been sleeping with the television turned up — the officers ordered him to drop the phone, turn around and lift his shirt to show he wasn’t hiding a weapon, then had him kneel with his hands on his head.

The video shows McCay cooperating as officers point handguns at him. “What did I do?” he asked at one point.

“The officers did not explain why there were in the house, nor did they seek to verify Mr. McCay’s name, residence or purpose in the home,” wrote Seattle lawyer Joseph Shaeffer in a lawsuit filed last year in U.S. District Court.

[ … ]

McCay, who in an interview Tuesday said he suffered a shoulder injury while working as a longshoreman in 1999, said that when the officers tried to rotate his arms behind his back to cuff him the pain became “excruciating.” Body camera video from several officers at the scene shows McCay writhing on the ground.

“Please! I’m an old man! I have shoulder problems!” McCay yelped as two officers held him down and attempted to cuff him — at that point, there were four officers in the home. Within the next few minutes, according to the lawsuit, there would be 10. An officer, identified in the lawsuit as Joshua Brilla, replied, “Well thank you for telling us, but you gotta give us a second here … We’re not going to leave you alone.”

The really amazing thing here is that police nation-wide expect to be considered heroes of the community, with people caring whether they go home safely at the end of their shift.

And then they act like this, as if the destruction of their reputation could stand more work.  What’s really needed here is for the officers who were involved in this to be stripped naked, frog marched into the town square, and put in stocks for people to look at.

Mothers everywhere: “See children, behave badly and this happens to you.  Make sure you don’t do things like they did.  They’re bad men.”

Harrisonburg Police Officer Shot By Another Officer Attempting To Shoot A Cow

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 1 day ago


A Harrisonburg police officer was shot in a friendly fire incident as officers tried to deal with an escaped cow in the city Saturday night, according to Daily-News Record sources.

An officer attempted to fire at the animal, which had escaped a livestock auction site, and struck another officer, according to sources.

HPD Lt. Pete Ritchie said the incident is under investigation by the Professional Standards Unit and the Major Crimes Unit, which is standard when an officer discharges a firearm.

Ritchie said the HPD officer was struck once. He could not say how many shots were fired and if the officer was injured due to friendly fire, but he said the incident did take place after HPD officers took over the situation involving the cow.

This tweet sums it up well.

Good grief.  Backstop.  It’s not just for noobs.

“You’re never in more danger than when the police are around” – HPS.

Justice Department seeks to build large conspiracy case against Oath Keepers for Capitol riot

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago


The Justice Department and FBI are gathering evidence to try to build a large conspiracy indictment against members of the Oath Keepers for their roles in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to people familiar with the matter, but the group’s sometimes fractious and fantasy-laden internal workings may complicate efforts to bring such a case.

So these actions (via Ken) make a little more sense.

Joshua James was arrested this week and is being charged in connection to the violent events of January 6th in Washington D.C.

Joshua James is an Iraq War veteran. He was wounded in a bomb blast in Iraq. And Joshua is being held by the FBI without bail.

Joshua is the breadwinner in his family. He receives retirement pay from the military. He has three young children including a 3-year-old.

The FBI lured him out of his home in Alabama by pretending to be a customer needing a pressure washing.

Then an Army armored vehicle with a turret on top, 2 FBI vans, 6 FBI vehicles, 3 local police and sheriff’s vehicles pulled up and ransacked their home.

I bolded the important stuff.  FedGov is doing exactly what you should expect them to.  The problem of course is that their sycophants, local LEOs, accompanied them, probably aided them, and watched while they violated his rights (he is being held without bail after having broken no laws).

What they should have done is demand to know why these agents were in their county to begin with, examined their case, and then threatened them with arrest if they didn’t leave the county.

Folks, this is all local.  Know the people around you.  Make sure that the people in important posts are ones that you approve.

A SWAT Team Tore Down This Woman’s Home and Left Her With a $50,000 Bill

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

News from Texas.

Vicki Baker had an unusual plea for police officers in McKinney, Texas, when she learned an armed fugitive had holed up in her home: Do not destroy the property.

It didn’t work. During an hourslong standoff with the man and a 15-year-old girl inside, SWAT officers shot approximately 30 tear gas canisters into Baker’s property, blew up her garage door, and drove an armored vehicle over her fence.

The teenager got out of the house, but by the time cops stormed the property, the fugitive had killed himself in Baker’s bedroom. Baker’s belongings, some of them irreplaceable, were ruined by tear gas. Even her daughter’s dog, which came running out of the home during the standoff, ended up nearly blind and completely deaf.

Hey, the cops went home safe that night and the dog was nearly blind and deaf.  To boot, the woman was left with a bill.  The only thing better would have been if a cop had been able to shoot a dog.

You’re never in more danger than when the cops are around.

Sheriffs in stand-off over Second Amendment bill

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

A Stand-off it is, in Wyoming.

SUNDANCE — All 23 of Wyoming’s sheriffs have registered alarm at the damage a bill under consideration by the Legislature could do to policing in this state. Though the Second Amendment Preservation Act (House Bill 124/Senate File 81) is intended to be pro-Second Amendment, says Crook County Sheriff Jeff Hodge, its implications are strongly anti-law enforcement.

“It’s not intended to be anti-law enforcement, but it is,” he says. “The intention was good but they need to talk to peace officers and prosecutors.”

If this legislation is passed, the sheriff says, it could turn an ordinary arrest into a career-ending decision for a peace officer. While it does little to protect the average citizen and removes a protection that peace officers rely on, he says it only provides protection for one particular group: criminals.

The intent of the Second Amendment Preservation Act is to prevent firearms from being confiscated by federal entities due to federal laws that may be passed in the future, and it does this by holding state law enforcement officers accountable. However, while the sheriffs may have no issue with this as a concept, they feel the wording is extremely flawed.

The first section of concern states that no person, including a peace officer, shall have the authority to enforce any federal law or ordinance that infringes on a person’s right to keep and bear arms. Anyone who knowingly violates this or knowingly deprives a resident of Wyoming of their Second Amendment rights shall be liable for this action.

The second concerning section states that anyone who does so shall be “permanently ineligible to serve as a law enforcement officer” and immediately terminated from their position. The bill removes “qualified immunity,” a legal principle by which an officer is immune from civil suits unless the plaintiff can show they violated statutory or constitutional rights a reasonable person would have known.

According to Hodge, Wyoming’s sheriffs were not consulted about this wording. Those involved in law enforcement on the ground could quickly have explained the problematic implications.

In a real-life situation where a crime has been committed, Hodge explains that a peace officer may seize a firearm, as evidence or to prevent further harm from being inflicted, for example. However, if the case becomes federal and the gun owner is ultimately not convicted of any crime and thus remains a law-abiding citizen, that decision would lead to the officer losing his job.

What a shame the cops weren’t “consulted.”

And the excuse is just rubbish.  It simply requires that police arrest criminals guilty of violation of state laws, not federal firearms laws.  In other words, state and local police cannot enforce federal firearms laws.

In my opinion this is still weak tea.  They should be ordered to arrest agents of the federal government trying to enforce federal firearms laws, but that’s not in the bill.

It should be easy enough to seize the firearms of people guilty of murder, or kidnapping, or rape, or robbery, or violation of any state law, while also refraining from arrests of people guilty of having 14.5″ barrels with stocks on their guns.

This all comes down to one thing: the Sheriff departments want to enforce federal firearms laws.  It’s that simple, and if you think not, explain in full detail how this assessment is wrong.  Do your homework.  You’ll be graded.

1-year-old baby accidentally shot by officer in deadly SW Houston shooting

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

News from Houston.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A mother who pulled into a southwest Houston gas station overnight could never have imagined what happened next. Her 1-year-old baby in the backseat of her car was shot. The pair was caught in the middle as police confronted a chase suspect.

The shooting happened around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday at a Chevron gas station near the Southwest Freeway and Beechnut.

Police say the officer who opened fire didn’t know the baby was in the back seat.

The baby’s mother was parked at the gas station at pump 4. She was outside her car getting gas, and her baby was in the back seat.

Suddenly, a suspect in a black Mercedes crashed at the gas station, jumped out of the Mercedes, and got into her car, according to police.

Houston police had been chasing the man for about three miles. They say the black Mercedes he was driving was possibly linked to two aggravated robberies.

Officers thought he was about to steal the woman’s car.

Police say the man had a gun, so officers told him to drop it.

According to police, the man didn’t drop the gun, and that’s when the officer fired, hitting not only the suspect, but also the 1-year-old child in the backseat.

Your life is never in more danger than when the police are around.

The only thing left is for Art Acevedo to go in front of the cameras and tell everybody how great his officers are and how he has confidence in them.

LEO Encounter While Legally Hunting

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 3 weeks ago


My family and I had a pretty wild encounter with a deputy sheriff last year. The legal case has ended and I guess I can share the story with people now.

Every year my father in law sets up a legal dove hunt on opening weekend. This is private land in an extremely rural county. While the field last year was setup only about 1/2 mile from a road, the land is part of a fairly large cattle farm and we were over a mile away from the nearest neighbor.

We didn’t have that many birds coming in, but we were having a good time when at about 7:30AM a deputy sheriff pulled into the field with his lights on. He rolled down his window and said the hunt was over and we needed to pack up and leave.

My father in law said that we wouldn’t be doing that and asked if he was lost. The deputy went on to be a smart ass and then said that he would take everyone to jail if we didn’t leave. A few more words were exchanged and by this time myself and my husband had walked up to his window. The deputy proceeded to get out of his car and ordered my father in law to put his gun on the ground (it was a o/u with the beach open). When my father in law refused the deputy reached for his pistol. The sound of the safety clicking off on my husband’s Citori stopped the deputies hand immediately and my stomach knotted up.

My father in law knew his son would pull the trigger if the deputy threatened his life. I knew he would, and I’m pretty sure the deputy figured that out as well. To de-escalate a extremely tense situation my father in law wisely said we would leave.

Later, a game warden became involved.  Visit the reddit/firearms link to see what happened.  Also check out the comments.

One thing is for sure.  At number one on my list of people I don’t want as enemies is game wardens.

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