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Border Patrol kills Arizona man who reported migrants on property

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 1 day ago


The FBI is investigating the death of a tribal member in Arizona after U.S. Border Patrol agents shot him Thursday, authorities said.

Customs and Border Protection officials said agents from the Ajo Border Patrol Station shot the man around 10 p.m. local time on the Tohono O’odham reservation near Ajo, Arizona.

The shooting is under review by Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility, officials said. The Tohono O’odham Nation police also are investigating.

[ … ]

According to Mattia’s family, Mattia called Border Patrol because there were “multiple illegal immigrants who had trespassed into his yard and he wanted assistance getting them out of his property,” they told Tucson TV station KVOA.

When the agents arrived, the family said, Mattia went outside and was shot, KVOA reported.

Apparently, the Border Patrol is not immune from the same stupidity that seems to affect most law enforcement.  Make a call, LEOs show up and shoot the innocent caller.

Move on.  Nothing to see here.

“You’re never in more danger than when the police are around” … except maybe when illegals are around.

There’s lots of danger out there.

Mommy Cop

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

When my children were young, I told them obedience was doing the right thing at the right time with the right attitude.

This cop is a mommy.  She wants the right attitude, whether she was right or not.  It was really a ‘he’ but he acts like a she so I called him she. [S]he wants to be mommy and sees everyone as her child who needs to be corrected.

Worst of all, she is perpetuating the mommy department of pre-crime, arresting men over what she thinks they might do in the future.

Honestly, where do they get these people?  How come law enforcement attracts awful people like this?

Dakota Meyer Digs The Hole Deeper

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 4 days ago

Why is he doing this?  I cannot fathom a good reason.

I don’t do personalities.  I don’t follow “people,” I don’t engage in loyalty to “persons,” I don’t hero worship, and as for the previous disagreements between Dakota Meyer and Garand Thumb, I don’t have a dog in that fight.  Each can take care of himself, although I saw no reason for Meyer to have ever said anything to begin with.

As for this most recent kerfuffle, as I said, it makes no sense to me.  The most disturbing thing is how Dakota sees law enforcement.  Quite literally, he is berating men who have no spent time in the U.S. military, and equating law enforcement with the U.S. military.

Perhaps this is just about ensuring he makes his own people happy with him.  Perhaps he knows how his bread gets buttered and is helping the process along.

But let me make it clear to Dakota if he happens to be reading this.  I couldn’t care less about the dollars he gets from training LEOs, or the company he keeps.  A cop is not a warrior.  My son spent time on the streets of Fallujah – street cops in America have not.  Nor should they.  Nor do they have to in order to function in their jobs.

America needs peace officers, not street warriors, and no SWAT teams.  I couldn’t care less about the war on poverty, war on drugs, or war on crime.  These are not my wars.  SWAT teams shouldn’t exist, and a home break-in executed by cops is no different to me than a home invasion perpetrated by criminals.

I hate it when people equate cops with the military, and I especially hate it when military folks do this.  It does nothing but add to the problem of a military policing culture in America.

Tased for Filming Son’s Traffic Stop

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 2 days ago

This depicts absolutely awful interactions between the police and innocent people.  The first cop was bad enough, having stopped the boy for following too closely to his (as he said) “marked car,” as if being marked as a LE car is any different than any other car.

The second cop in the video is a disaster.  He ends up giving conflicting orders to the man, and then not just muzzle flagging him, but unholstering his weapon and pointing it directly at the man while emotionally yelling and screaming.

I think it’s a fair assessment to say that PDs in America are mostly filled with under-educated, overly-emotional, mentally unstable bullies, criminals and sociopaths.  It is incredibly dangerous just to be in the vicinity of cops these days.  “You’re never in more danger than when the police are around, and no situation is so bad that it cannot be made worse by the presence of the police.”  Clearly, at least one of the cops is a danger to society.

Witness this horrible interaction where a family member calls the police because they fear their son was going to commit suicide.  York County, S.C., deputies fired fifty shots at him, hitting with nine (that’s horrible shooting, by the way).  The family should never have called police.  That’s like opening the jail cells and inviting the prisoners to come help you.

Now, watch this video of the sociopath and the father.  Here is the contact page for the Las Animas County Sheriffs Department.

Cops Opened Fire On Suicidal Man ‘Like Cowboys From A John Wayne Movie,’ New Lawsuit Claims

3 weeks, 1 day ago

Never Call Police!

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A lawsuit has been filed against the York County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina by a man alleging that the deputies fired at him nearly 50 times during a mental health crisis while he was seated in a parked truck with a shotgun in his lap, despite his claim that he had his hands up.

In May of 2021, Trevor Mullinax survived being hit nine times, including three head wounds, as stated in the lawsuit filed earlier this month.

Police dashcam footage released by Mullinax’s attorneys revealed that the four sheriff’s deputies began firing only a few seconds after arriving on the scene and shouting “Hands!” multiple times.

Philadelphia Police Officer Shoots Man With His Own Gun While Trying To “Secure” It

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A man was accidentally shot by police with his own gun in Philadelphia’s Germantown section earlier this week.

It happened around 4:14 p.m. Monday on the 5700 block of North 21st Street.

Police say a 62-year-old man was walking his dog on a leash near 20th and Chew streets when one of two loose pit bulls began to attack his dog.

The man reportedly tried to pull the dogs apart but was unsuccessful. That’s when police say the man shot and killed the attacking dog.

The man, who was licensed to carry, then walked home to the 5700 block of North 21st Street to take care of his injured animal.

At some point after the gunfire, the man was able to flag down a 14th District officer to report the incident.

According to police, the man told the officer that he had just shot the dog around the corner and that his gun was in a holster on his side.

The officer told the man that he would have to secure his weapon, and the man placed his hands above his head so the officer could gain access to the weapon, authorities said.

While trying to remove the weapon, authorities say the officer accidentally shot the man in the leg.

A firearm could be SAO, DAO, SA/DA, hammer fired, striker fired, with a frame-mounted safety or without, carried with one in the chamber or not, half cocked or fully cocked, or not cocked at all, with a modified competition trigger or factory trigger, among many other idiosyncrasies and differences.

It is a stupid policy to disarm someone by handling their weapon unless there has been a crime.  Touching another man’s weapon is the dumbest thing a police officer could do in just about any situation.  I honestly cannot think of an exception to this rule.

I’ll reach out to the police commissioner’s office to see if that’s formal policy for the Philadelphia Police Department, but I probably won’t hear back.

And remember boys and girls, “You’re never in more danger than when the police are around.  Get away from them as quickly as possible.  No situation is so dangerous that it cannot be made worse by the presence of the police.”

Cops: Defenders of Liberty

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Via WiscoDave.

They couldn’t have cared less about the man’s legally obtained firearms.

A Furtive Movement is Not a Crime

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Watch the entire video.  Furtive movement.  That’s their excuse for arresting and throwing a man in prison for a year after they had let him go.

This is the stuff of school yard bullies, whether they bullied little boys and girls, or got bullied, they learned it without learning that you don’t do that.

They’re learning this somewhere – probably in police academy, or perhaps from the public prosecutors.  A furtive movement is reasonable excuse for beating someone up, or illegally detaining them, or throwing them in prison.

This is the same category as the cops in NM who shot an innocent homeowner dead after going to the wrong house.

An experienced investigator in officer-involved shootings who viewed the footage said he understands why Mr Dotson would have a gun ready after getting a knock unexpectedly late at night.

However, the officers believed they were going into a domestic violence situation and they are taught domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous, said Edward Obayashi, who is also deputy sheriff and policy advisor for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office in California.

He said officers on domestic violence calls can find themselves facing people “hell-bent” on killing officers or being killed by officers themselves.

“I’m not saying this is the situation here,” Mr Obayashi said.

“But the officers definitely — based on their training and experience nationwide — are taught this. As soon as they saw the gun, instinctively that’s exactly what went through their mind.”

They’re a gang, and the gang leaders are teaching them all the wrong things.  I’ll say it again.  My son did room clearing in Fallujah for seven months, and never shot any innocent people.  It’s possible to be a man, not to be so timid and scared, and to do this the right way.  Unleashing cops who have been trained to be unaccountable monsters has ruined their reputation.  And properly so.

Don’t talk to cops.  Don’t open the door for them.  Get away from them as soon as possible.  “You’re never in more danger than when the police are around.”  Calling cops to a scene only makes it more dangerous by orders of magnitude.

Cherokee Indian Tribal Council Votes to Make Body Cams Go Away

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Do you recall this near execution by the Cherokee SWAT team?  So the solution to all of this, according to the tribal council, is to remove body cams.  After all, NC law (where Roy Cooper is the Gooborner) states that video can only be released to the public by court order.

The ordinance was submitted by Neadeau (police chief), and states “It is not feasible nor in the public interest to subject recordings made by body-worn and in-car cameras to the EBCI’s [Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian’s] public records law…”

A more blatant and obvious lie cannot be imagined.  Consider the assertion: it’s not in the public interest to be able to hold the police accountable for unwarranted raids or public executions.


You’re Never in More Danger Than When the Police Are Around

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 3 weeks ago

Good Lord.

First up in this most recent but awful recent procession of the ugly and parade of the vulgar is a report from New Mexico.

The New Mexico State Police released additional information Thursday on a deadly shooting that happened the day prior in Farmington after officers mistakenly responded to the wrong home and shot one of its occupants to death.

In a Thursday statement, the NMSP said an officer with the Farmington Police Department fatally shot the victim, identified as Robert Dotson, 52, after responding to a call for a domestic violence incident at around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Farmington police officers responded to the area but visited the wrong address.

“Once on scene, officers mistakenly approached 5305 Valley View Avenue instead of 5308 Valley View Avenue,” the NMSP said. “Officers knocked on the front door of 5305 Valley View Avenue and announced themselves as Farmington police officers. When there was no answer at 5305, officers asked their dispatch to call the reporting party back and have them come to the front door.”

The addresses are located across the street from one another. Police said the occupants of 5305 Valley View Avenue opened the door armed and an exchange of gunfire ensued.

“Body camera footage shows as the officers backed away from 5305 Valley View Avenue, the homeowner, Robert Dotson, 52, opened the screen door armed with a handgun. At this point in the encounter, officer(s) fired at least one round from their duty weapon(s) striking Mr. Dotson,” police said.

The NMSP added: “After the initial shooting, Mr. Dotson’s wife, also armed with a handgun, fired from the doorway of the residence. Once again, officer(s) fired. Once she realized that the individuals outside the residence were officers, she put the gun down and complied with the officer’s commands.”

If one doesn’t know who is at the door making a commotion, it seems to make perfect sense to go armed.  But in fact it doesn’t.  If police can shoot you with immunity for simply being in possession of a firearm, then the RKBA doesn’t exist at all.

Second, the wisest counsel would say don’t open the door for police.  Just like you never talk to the police without a lawyer, you don’t open the door for the police.  Simply don’t do it, especially if you’re in possession of a weapon.  Don’t let your dog[s] out or they will also get shot by Barney Fife.  Ensconce inside your home and assess the situation, but don’t believe for even a single second that the police are there to protect your safety.  In fact, there is no situation so bad and so dire that it cannot be made worse by the presence of the police.

The second event up in this obscene spectacle comes from Florida.

Two police officers in Clearwater, Florida, were suspended following an incident wherein they both shot at each other in the darkness. They responded to a call about a man firing a gun in his backyard. They approached silently, in the darkness, positioned themselves, and when the man fired a round, they both essentially mag-dumped at each other. One of the officers was hit.

According to the Tampa Tribune:

Reid fired 18 rounds and Woodie fired six, according to internal affairs documents. Reid fired toward where he saw a “muzzle flash,” believing that direction to be Wassman’s location. However, he did not see Wassman, internal affairs documents say.

Woodie told internal affairs he saw a person in dark clothing holding a gun and believed he was firing at Wassman. However, one of Woodie’s bullets grazed Reid’s arm, and officers also found four “projectile materials” from Woodie’s rounds in a neighboring home.

The original body cam footage can be viewed here.

The violations of extremely important rules of safety are so stark it boggles the imagination.  Don’t shoot if you don’t know what you’re shooting at.  Know your target and what’s behind it.  The Supreme Court decision in Tennessee v. Garner, and so much more that it’s just not productive to lay out all of the failures here.

Third up in this display of foolishness comes straight to you from the FBI and SOCOM.

Members of the FBI and the US Army Special Operations Command who were conducting a training exercise in downtown Boston raided the wrong hotel room and detained the person inside before realizing their mistake, the FBI said in a statement to CNN.

The FBI said its Boston division was helping the military with a training exercise around 10 p.m. Tuesday “to simulate a situation their personnel might encounter in a deployed environment.”

“Based on inaccurate information, they were mistakenly sent to the wrong room and detained an individual, not the intended role player,” the FBI said.

[ … ]

An officer with the US Army Special Operations will lead the investigation into the incident, Burns told CNN Friday. The investigation will be an administrative fact-finding inquiry, but it can result in recommendations that could lead to judicial proceedings under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

It’s a wonder they didn’t kill anyone.

Good grief.  Have things gotten so bad in SOCOM that they have to take lessons in how to screw up from the FBI?  My son did this for real among real bad guys in Fallujah and could teach them how to do this right.  Better yet, there are tactical trainers out there who make a living doing this (here you must be careful since there are also some fakes, like the FBI, and also some trainers who don’t believe in the RKBA and would tyrannize the American people).

The point is that the FBI is the very last place SOCOM should go for training.  If they have fallen to that level, America’s armed forces are truly in trouble.

I knew a sergeant in a local PD who knew that I have a penchant for 1911s.  He told me once that he wouldn’t trust any officer in his department to carry or decock a hammer fired pistol, even if it’s a backup pistol to his service issued firearm.  Of course, you must know what you’re doing with a striker fired gun too, but he’s a wise man to restrict his officers to something he thinks they can handle.

You’re never in more danger than when the police are around.  Do everything humanly possible to get away from them as quickly as possible.

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