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Bird Flu In The News

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Are you a bit puzzled reading articles like this discussing the affect of Avian flu on wild ducks and geese?  Do you understand yet why you can’t find chicken at the store?  Listen to this.

There are two schools of thought on things like this.  One school says, “Well, it’s been a mighty strange several years now, hasn’t it?  A bat got AIDS and passed the virus on to humans in a market which all the world got, they had something called Agenda 21 where the richest men on earth plus health professionals and former military generals talked about pandemics just before all of this hit, there is mass migration from South of the border which threatens to crash the American system, the masked the servant class for two years, war is happening in Eurasia, and now they’re saying C19 was just a rehearsal and the real pandemic is coming which will kill half of the world.  Guess we need to continue to listen to the experts.”

Then there is the other school of thought that says, “Something very foul is afoot.”

The Truth About The Covid Vaccines Is Darker Than You Know

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 2 weeks ago

First, as I’ve said before, no one keeps closer track of money and statistics than actuaries who work at insurance companies, not even Las Vegas mathematicians.

This report is bracing.

Since the beginning of the plandemic, the powers-that-be have told us to “follow the science.” But perhaps a better indicator of what’s really happening would be to follow the money. And if you really want to get an accurate view, the money to follow is in life insurance. They know about death better than anyone. It’s what they do.

We reported in January about the insurance executive caught admitting there had been an inexplicable 40% increase in mortalities in 2022. They tried to walk that back, but the cat was out of the bag and it has been verified as being true. Now, a former Blackrock portfolio manager has taken the insurance cover-up and blown it wide open.

During an interview with Kristi Leigh, Edward Dowd gave us multiple bombshells. One that may have been missed came at around the 27-minute mark when he revealed plenty of evidence of mortality dramatically increasing.

“Bottom line is, they saw an acceleration in mortality in the second half of 2021, okay. Given the ‘miracle vaccines,’ that should not have occurred.”

He detailed how OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison revealed the facts during a Chamber of Commerce meeting. The information was not supposed to get out to the public, but it did and it blew up.

“In fact, he put some meat on the bones,” Dowd said. “He said a 10% increase would be a three-standard deviation event. 40% is a once-in-200-year flood. And what you need to understand about insurance companies is they make their money giving whole life policies because they can predict death rates, which are pretty steady.

Second, there is this very important video that details how researchers have determined that mRNA enters the liver, enters the nucleus of the cells, and gets converted into DNA.  At the moment, they have numerous concerns: genomic toxicity, various cancers, the placenta route, and auto immune diseases.  Here is the original paper.

Finally, via WRSA, this is a very important Epoch Times article entitled The Truth is Coming Out about Covid Deaths.

When this is all said and done, there will be many people who knew and will be culpable, and many in the medical community who suspected and said nothing, and then there will be the victims.  The people who knew should be held to account.  The people who suspected and said nothing violated their oaths and should leave the profession.

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Current VAERS Mortality Count

BY Herschel Smith
3 months ago

More than 20,000.  Here is the data.  More than 1.1 million adverse event reports.  Here is the data.

Now, multiply those numbers by 20.  VAERS underreports by a factor of 20.

Take it all under advisement.  I didn’t make these numbers up.


The Insurance Actuarial On The Vaccines

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 1 week ago

Zero Hedge.

A few key observations:

  • Mortality worsened in 2021 vs. 2020 despite widespread vaccinations
  • A spike in Mortality among younger, working-age individuals coincided with vaccine mandates
  • The spike in younger deaths peaked in Q3 2021 when Covid deaths were extremely low (but rising into the end of September)

On Tuesday, financial insurance company Unum reported that their Life segment saw an increase of 9% in their ratio of payouts vs. premiums (Benefit ratio), a 17.4% increase in 2021 vs. 2020 despite widespread vaccinations, and a 13.3% increase over 2019.

[ … ]

On Wednesday, Dowd noted that funeral home company Carriage Services saw a 28% increase in September 2021 vs. 2020, and a 13% increase in August vs. the same period. Funerals and cremations are up 12% and 13% respectively on the quarter.

And no, it’s no from Covid deaths.

No one on earth keeps closer track of probability and statistics and money that an actuarial working at an insurance company.  No one.  Without the actuarial, they go bankrupt

Dr. Robert Malone Proves His Case

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago


The curious case of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is often sited. Densely populated, relatively poor, and they have absolutely crushed the COVID-19 death curve.  Widespread availability of a package distributed throughout the region, rumored to contain the repurposed drug Ivermectin, have often been credited for this amazing success.  But until now, these rumors have remained unsubstantiated.

As I mentioned recently on the Fox segment in response to the unprovoked attack by Mr. Berenson, a close colleague of mine recently returned from a vacation in the region.  Prompted by my specific request that she seek out evidence of the contents of these “care packages” which have been made available throughout the region, she returned with the following photograph of the list of ingredients.  As is often observed, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, without further ado, I am glad to finally be able to provide photographic evidence of what is responsible for the miracle of Uttar Pradesh.  I have nothing more to add, other than that an apology is owed (By Mr. Berenson and many others) to the many brave physicians who have persisted, against enormous coordinated media and governmental pressure, to prescribe this agent as a key component of the staged early treatment protocols responsible for saving countless lives across the USA and the world.

So I’m guessing now that Berenson will apologize to Dr. Malone.  Right?

Oh, and score a big win for IVM.

My Bout With Covid

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago

About four weeks and a few days ago on a Friday, my wife and I drove to another city to take care of my mother in the ER of a hospital.  She was there for something other than Covid.  By the end of the day when we left, she had a test come in positive for Covid.  That was on a Friday.

By Monday I started suspecting that I was very sick, and I got on Ivermectin early on.  Tuesday my wife and I took a Covid test, and it was positive.  I didn’t need a test.  I knew.

Tuesday was the day I wanted to die.  It was the worst day of the bout.  My kidneys ached and hurt and I just suffered back pain along my kidneys like I had never experienced.  Apparently, there is a lot of stuff produced from this disease that your body is having to expel.  This disease leaves behind an enormous amount of biological trash for your body to take out.

Wednesday I was a bit better, and Thursday just a bit better.  Coming back from this is a slow process.  By day ten or so, while I was dealing with a lot of head congestion and still coughing a bit, I had essentially beaten the bug.  Or so I thought.

My coughs weren’t frequent, and they were always productive.  I never went into coughing fits.  But this was just the first stage of the disease.  The second one begins around day 10 – 12.  It’s the inflammatory stage of the disease.  The tendency and temptation is to think you’ve beaten it and stop your treatment protocol.

That’s a mistake.  Don’t do that.  I did for a couple of days and regretted it.  I just about took a sharp left turn and got back on my treatment protocol.

Here’s another mistake.  I’ve lifted weights ever since being on the power lifting team at Clemson.  I tried to go back to the gym too early.  I was doing resistance exercises at day ten of the disease.  Don’t do that.  If you get Covid (I should say when you get Covid, not if), your body is trying to fight the disease.  It doesn’t need to repair muscle fibers too.

I’m still in the gym, but I do it just a little less frequently now, maybe three days per week.  I’ve always walked, but I changed my routine up to preferentially walk instead of lift weights.  I walk now two or three times per day, at least a mile each time.  A brisk walk in the cold night air was always beneficial for me, clearing my lungs and head almost immediately.

My treatment protocol was as follows.

Heavy Vitamin C

Heavy Vitamin D

Heavy Zinc / Copper (the Zinc can’t be absorbed without Copper).

Frequent (two or three or even four times per day) Sodium Bicarbonate nasal wash.  I hate it, I’d never done it before, but listen to me for when you get this disease.  There is no substitute for a sodium bicarbonate sinus wash.  There is no other way to rid your sinuses of this crap.  This was an indispensable part of my treatment protocol.

And finally, Ivermectin

Also listen to me on this for when you get this disease.  Do not wait to find IVM.  Get it now.  Do not delay.  You absolutely must jump on top of this disease with both feet.  Delays may be deadly for you.

Now I’m in the third phase of the disease.  Getting my stamina back.  Like I said, I still do resistance exercises, I just don’t have the endurance or wind I did before this.  It’ll come back gradually.  Last Saturday was the first day in four weeks I got out of bed and said, “I feel great today!”

Michael Yon sent this out yesterday.

Important note that just came in: Military medical professional just told me to stock up on HCQ. Source said we gonna need it 2-3 months from now. Get now. (Remember in January 2020 when I said this would happen to grocery shelves. Just do it on HCQ. Get your HCQ now. I we are wrong, you are out a few dozen dollars and I apologize in advance. Got to keep my readers alive — y’all keep me fed and operating).

I believe him, and I have IVM in the house (I will never be without it – that’s the degree to which I’m a believer in it).  But I don’t know how to get HQC.

Here’s a caution.  IVM can screw up your gut bacteria (it did with my wife), and she is having to restore it with probiotics.  Just be aware that this can occur and be prepared to deal with it.  That didn’t happen to me.

For readers.  Let us know if you come down with this disease.  We can add you to the prayer list.  I have to say, Fauci has created a bad bioweapon.  It was wicked of him to do so.  He is a servant of Lucifer.

You can beat it, but you must use the proper protocol (except for those who for whatever reason do not seem to be affected by it).  Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and YMMV.

Here’s a sad fact.  You might have read reports of a man who was in the hospital with Covid and the hospital refused IVM to him, his family going to court to press the hospital into giving him this life saving treatment?  Do you recall that report?

Yea, well the court refused, and he passed away.  He was a friend of mine and a good and Godly man.

The Covid Narrative Is Falling Apart

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago

First, Israel appears to be overrun with Covid diagnoses.  Remember that Israel is the most vaccinated country on earth.

Military whistleblowers – some of whom have provided their names – appear to be challenging the narrative based on their experiences.

It’s certainly falling apart in South Africa.

Nkengasong laughably tells us the country’s “high vaccination rate” is partially responsible for the decline in Omicron cases. A “high vaccination rate,” in this case, of… wait for it… 27.3 percent.

Granted, 27.3 percent is higher than the meager 10 percent full vaccination rate for the rest of Africa. But given these low percentages, especially by Western standards, one would be forgiven for thinking Covid-19 was raging like a wildfire across the continent, overwhelming hospitals and leaving massive levels of death and severe illness in its wake.

Except, that’s not the case at all. Not even close. In fact, deaths per million are surprisingly low for the vast majority of countries in Africa. Tunisia, a small country of 12 million, leads the pack at ~2,200, and only five others—South Africa, Namibia, Seychelles, Eswatini, and Botswana—are even above 1,000. That’s a stark contrast to the United States’ ~2,600, Brazil’s ~2,900, or Bulgaria and Hungary with more than 4,000 each.

Still, according to World Health Organization regional emergency director Abdou Gueye: “Although Africa appears to be emerging from the peak of its fourth pandemic wave, vaccination which is a pivotal measure against the virus remains far too low. About 50 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated. In Africa, this is just 10 percent.”

After a peak of 37,875 reported cases on Dec. 12, 2021, South Africa—‘home’ of the Omicron variant that now dominates the globe—has seen its case numbers decline steadily since. How can this be? Nkengasong, to his credit, tells a partial truth by partially crediting natural immunity. He should have stopped there.

Via WRSA, this piece on the willingness to admit now that there are serious side effects in many people from the jabs.  Do make sure to watch the video.

And speaking of the willingness to admit to side effects, this article from JAMA begins the long and arduous process of beginning to unwind what we have done to our people here in America.  For some reason, while Canadians and the Brits are willing to go up against their rulers, here in America we are good subjects of the king, who says “suck up the narrative,” so we suck up the narrative.

Except there is now a JAMA article that begins this process of truth-telling.  The results aren’t astonishing, nor is the data.  What’s astonishing is that the article even exists.

There will be much more truth-telling in the coming months and years.  I suspect there will be more than truth-telling.

Fauci’s Continuing Mengelesque Experiments

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 3 weeks ago

This is what happens when a nation rejects God and His holy laws.

Example 1.

The study that first caught the public’s attention about how taxpayer dollars are being spent involved grafting aborted baby scalps onto the backs of rats, who were then deemed “humanized.” The study, which was funded by Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health, includes graphic photos showing little infant hairs growing on rodents’ backs, the same way they would on a healthy child’s head, as well a note about where researchers obtained the baby scalps …

Example 2.

National Institutes of Health paid $205,000 to study transgender monkeys just as the omicron variant of COVID-19 was sending untold numbers of Americans to the hospital.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — the division headed up by celebrity medical spokesmodel Anthony “Doctor” Fauci — gave your tax dollars to Scripps Research to try and find out why transgender women are so prone to HIV infection.

I know what you’re asking: “Who amongst us, for 200 large, wouldn’t put a monkey in a dress?”

[ … ]

Since transgender monkeys aren’t actually a thing — or are at least very difficult to find outside of sketchy urban hipster neighborhoods — Scripps had to make their own.

In December, the century-old research nonprofit received the money to subject “male monkeys to feminizing hormone therapy to study how it impacts the monkeys’ immune systems,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

There’s just one problem. OK, there are so many problems we’ll never count them all, but the most serious problem might be that monkeys can’t catch AIDS.

You can read the rest of the disgusting story if you want to.

Ivermectin: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 3 weeks ago

I have dozens and dozens of articles in my e-folders discussing the health benefits of coffee.  But this isn’t about coffee.  It’s about Ivermectin.

Your colon, which is also known as the large intestine, plays an incredibly important role in your health. As part of the digestive tract, bacteria in the colon are responsible for the final breakdown of food material before it passes into the rectum and is excreted through the anus.

New evidence published in Frontiers in Pharmacology show the antiparasitic medication ivermectin may have a new application in the treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC). Researchers are hopeful this may have a positive impact on colon cancer deaths. Colon cancer is the third leading cancer diagnosis and third cause of cancer death in the U.S.

According to data from the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 149,500 new cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed in 2021 and an estimated 52,980 people will die. This represents 7.9% of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in 2021 and 8.7% of all cancer deaths.

There are modifiable risk factors associated with colorectal cancer. For example, lifestyle factors over which you have control that reduce your risk of colorectal cancer include your diet, alcohol consumption, activity level, weight and history of smoking.

Wrongly vilified as a “livestock drug” by the media in the treatment of COVID-19 with “scant evidence it works,” researchers have found a new use for this Nobel Prize-winning medication. As the research team wrote in the published study, although CRC is the third most common cancer worldwide, it still lacks effective therapy.

Past research has demonstrated that ivermectin also has anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antiviral properties. To test the influence ivermectin may have on colorectal cancer cells, the team used cancer cell lines SW480 and SW1116. Both are epithelial cell lines from the large intestine in humans.

The researchers used multiple tests to determine cell viability and apoptosis after exposure to ivermectin. They also measured reactive oxygen species levels and cell cycle. To explore the effect on proliferation, the researchers used different concentrations of ivermectin on the cultured cells and found cell viability decreased in a dose-dependent and time-dependent manner.

The ivermectin also altered cell morphology, demonstrating a decrease in cells after just 24 hours and a loss of their original shape. Cultured cells were also exposed to concentrations of ivermectin after which cell viability and apoptosis were measured. The researchers found an increase in apoptosis indicating a dose-dependent effect.

Additionally, the researchers measured the activity of Caspase-3 that plays a vital role initiating apoptosis. They found that ivermectin increases Caspase 3/7 activity in both cell lines in a dose-dependent manner.

Source (more at the link).

Uh oh.  The FDA and big Pharma won’t like this one tiny little bit.  They hate you and want to see you die.

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Lies About Ivermectin

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 3 weeks ago

Zero Hedge.

A bill working its way through the New Hampshire legislature would allow residents to receive ivermectin from pharmacies with a prescription of a doctor or an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) for the off-label treatment of Covid-19.

House Bill 2011 would allow pharmacists to “dispense ivermectin under the delegated prescriptive authority of the physician or APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses), specify a mechanism to document screening performed and the prescription in the patient’s medical record, and include a plan for evaluating and treating adverse events,” reads the bill. “Any such prescription shall be regarded as being issued for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice.”

Indeed, ivermectin already may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives from India to Brazil.

Co-sponsored by Rep. Leah Cushman (R), the New Hampshire bill would require pharmacists to provide patients with a “standardized information sheet written in plain language” that would note the importance of follow-up care.

“Nothing on the information sheet shall discourage the recipient from using ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,” reads the bill.

On Tuesday, a state House committee heard arguments for and against the bill.

“Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by the FDA for use in preventing or treating COVID-19,” said Steve Ahnen, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Hospital Association.

Arguing for Ivermectin was Dr. Paul Marik with Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, who resigned his position as Professor of Medicine with Eastern Virginia Medical School following a reprimand from the Virginia Board of Medicine for proscribing drugs to people who were not his patients.

Some key excerpts from his testimony can be seen below via Granite Grok:

This is not controversial. It has been made controversial by politics and special interests.

I’ve been practicing critical care for 35 years.

I’ve published over 600 peer reviewed papers.

After penicillin, this is the second most important drug ever produced. It has saved hundreds of thousands of lives across this planet in poor underserved countries. So, we’re just going to talk about Ivermectin.

It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines.

3.7 Billion doses have been dispensed to humans, to human beings… not horses.

This is a remarkable drug. It has broad spectrum anti-parasitic, effective against a whole bunch of parasites, and as we heard, it is very effective against RNA viruses: HIV virus, zika virus, influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, what makes this a truly astonishing drug, and there is no other drug like it, it is a potent anti-inflamatory drug.

And if anybody knows about Covid, Covid goes through stages. A viral replicative phase to a profound inflammatory phase. That’s why Ivermectin is unique in that it treats across the spectrum of SARS-CoV-2.

It’s safe and well tolerated.

Ivermectin acts on a number of different pathways to inhibit viral replication. This is not theoretical. This is shown in the lab and this is shown in patients … it kills the virus. So any assumption that it doesn’t is false propaganda.”

You’ll see an 83% improvement in prophylaxis trials. 66% improvement in early trials. 34% improvement in late trials. A 52% reduction in mortality. It reduces mortality by half.

More via Granite Grok:

Dr. Marik left no stone unturned, and addressed the FDA’s propaganda statement, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it. You should not use Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19 using the drug Ivermectin which can be dangerous and even lethal.”

So that is an outright lie. It’s dishonest and it’s an outrage.

As we’ll see, this is a highly effective drug, and Ivermectin has never killed a single person. It is one of the safest drugs on this planet.

What is really interesting is Ivermectin is safe in 79 countries in the world. Let me say that again… it is approved in 79 countries.

Let’s look at Covid-19 vaccines in one year: 14 thousand deaths and over two million serious adverse events. This does not include the 20,000 deaths in the VAERS database which is probably a tenth of all deaths due to the vaccine. This is their data.

So somehow the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are safe and effective, yet Ivermectin is a dangerous horse deworming medicine. That is an absolute outright lie. The data speaks for itself. This is not my data. This is from the WHO.

More people have died from Tylenol, which is an over-the-counter medicine, than Ivermectin. As I said, it is one of the safest medications on this planet.

Reminder: IVM enabled India to stomp out Covid.  IVM enabled Brazil to stomp out Covid.  IVM is safe.  IVM will save you from this disease.  IVM is effective.  IVM will not harm you.  The FDA doesn’t want you to have it.  The FedGov hates you.

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