The Paradox and Absurdities of Carbon-Fretting and Rewilding

Herschel Smith · 28 Jan 2024 · 4 Comments

The Bureau of Land Management is planning a truly boneheaded move, angering some conservationists over the affects to herd populations and migration routes.  From Field & Stream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft plan outlining potential solar energy development in the West. The proposal is an update of the BLM’s 2012 Western Solar Plan. It adds five new states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming—to a list of 11 western states already earmarked…… [read more]

H.R. 127

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

The text of bill H.R. 127 is up, and boy is it a doozey.  It’s the entire package of awfulness the controllers have wanted forever.

So here are some takeaways for this bill, but I’ll link the FPC summary momentarily.

Federal registration of all firearms.

A national gun registry.

Limitations on types of firearms.

Federally mandated insurance, expensive, and managed by the FedGov (some $800 per year).

Psychological evaluations by state-approved psychologists for approval to purchase firearms.

Those evaluations are extended to family members (including former spouses).

Prohibition of person-to-person transfers.

Prohibition of standard capacity magazines.

From the FPC.

Summary: Establishes a nationwide gun registry that is searchable by the general public, mandates licensing to own or possess a firearm and requires a psychological evaluation prior to obtaining such a license, and institutes magazine & gun bans. 

The bill text is finally out and HR 127 is worse than we were even speculating.

HR 127 establishes a federal firearms registration system that will be accessible by federal, state, and local governments, including the military – even the GENERAL PUBLIC! The system will track the make, model, and serial number of all firearms, their owners, the dates they were acquired, and where they are being stored.

You read that right. HR 127 would make public your most private information to anti-gunners who can then dox, harass or even attack you while knowing full well every intimate detail of your self-defense systems. 

The system will also track firearms loans, including the ID of the loan recipient and for how long it is being loaned. This bill applies retroactively, so current firearms owners will have three months to supply their gun information to the federal government from the bill’s effective date.

HR 127 also establishes a federal licensing requirement. Applicants will have to be at least 21, undergo a NICS check, complete a psychological evaluation, complete 24 hours of firearms training, and pay $800 for firearms insurance from the government.

TRANSLATION: You not only have to PAY the government for the privilege of owning guns already in your possession; you also have to convince an anti-gunner that you deserve to keep your rights!

For the psychological evaluation, a licensed psychologist will interview individuals’ spouses and at least two other family members or associates to “further determine the state of the mental emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.” Licenses will be denied to individuals hospitalized for issues such as depressive episodes; no duration for license disability is specified, and it does not matter whether the individual sought help voluntarily.

And who gets the say in whether you can exercise your fundamental rights: the Attorney General, who will in all likelihood be Merrick Garland – an anti-gun extremist previously nominated to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama.

HR 127 will also establish licensing requirements for the display of antique firearms and for the right to possess “military-style weapons.” To display an antique, applicants have to prove they own an antique firearm, describe how they will display it, and demonstrate that they have “safe” storage for it. To possess a “military-style weapon”, applicants will have to undergo 24 hours of safety and live fire training. It is unclear whether this training is in addition to the base 24 hours of training required to possess firearms and ammunition. “Military-style weapons” are defined as they are under assault weapons bans like those in California and New Jersey – weapons are identified by name or because they possess two or more features found on commonly owned, modern semiautomatic firearms such as an adjustable stock, pistol grip, etc.

Finally, HR 127 also criminalizes the possession of “large-capacity magazines” (those carrying greater than 10 rounds) and “ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater.”

Presently, there is no grandfathering clause in this legislation. Meaning you will have to choose between keeping your magazines and being fined and sent to prison.. potentially for decades!

Importantly, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to comply with this legislation. The bill doesn’t even specify how any of these measures will be implemented. Instead, it tasks the Attorney General with creating systems for enforcement while still holding gun owners to ironclad compliance dates.

Reddit/Firearms is discussing this here, here, here, here and here.

I suspect one of the intended consequences of this legislation is that there would be massive noncompliance.  Larger manufacturers like Daniel Defense and Aero Precision would undergo large layoffs and cutbacks, while smaller manufacturers would simply go out of business.

Merely purchasing a firearm from an FFL would involve FedGov paperwork, and noncompliance will involve not purchasing from an FFL.  This would have a large effect on the firearms market – again, all intended.

New Pistol Red Dot Sights

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

Shooting Illustrated has an article up on a new Bushnell red dot sight, but I like the newest Burris red dot sight, the FastFire 4.  Thank goodness we don’t have to witness James Reeves in his sickening girly shorts he seems to want to wear for the camera.  He’s sitting behind a table.

Being new, I don’t think the market is exactly saturated with these products at the moment.  This is a Shot Show installment in lieu of the real Shot Show, so I suspect this is the introduction of the release.

The Incompetent And Criminal Anthony Fauci

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

As I’ve pointed out before, the SARS-CoC-2 virus began at Fort Detrick, with research on gain of function (GoF) being performed at the University of North Carolina between a professor there and the woman who managed the Wuhan institute of virology.  From there the research went to Harvard, and from there to Canada, where after more research the woman managed to spirit off with the genetic material and the knowledge on making these awful little monsters.  The RCMP opened an investigation of the matter.

Until about 2015 the woman did speeches, spoke at conferences, and made PowerPoint presentations on her work to great applause (especially in China).  Around that time, the whole thing went dark, she no longer made presentations and didn’t speak in public about her work, and the program took on a military role.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is an admixture of SARS and bat-SARS, with HIV in the spike protein.  In fact, Australia concocted their own immunization drug and program, and victims were testing positive for HIV.  So they stopped the program.

Anthony Fauci’s organization, the NIH, knew in 2005 that HCQ was an effective therapeutic for this disease, but fought its use in the U.S. despite the copious studies proving what the NIH had claimed in 2005.  Since then, the number has been expanded to over 230 studies.

All of this information you know from reading the pages of this web site, and you’ve known this information for approximately a year.  It’s nice to see others finally catching on.  Via David Codrea, this article discusses some of the same things.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is “the highest-paid federal government employee in the U.S. – surpassing even the president,” Fox Business reports, with a salary of $417,608 in 2019. This information was not volunteered but came from a Freedom of Information Act request by Dr. Fauci also surfaced in a January 24 Fox News Steve Hilton segment, on another theme the wealthy bureaucrat has been reluctant to discuss.

Gain of Function (GOF) research, “improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease,” and as Nidhi Subbaraman explains in Nature, “involves making pathogens more deadly or more transmissible.” The National Institutes of Health banned GOF in 2014 but revived it in 2017, ignoring scientists who warned of the risks.

As Hilton explained, dangerous gain of function research carried on all over the world with funding from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The recipients included the Wuhan Institute of Virology and in 2018, the U.S. State Department warned of risky tests with the bat coronavirus. Despite the warnings, the NIH approved a grant of $3.7 million to the Wuhan Institute. That money was channeled through NIAID, the NIH division Fauci has headed since 1984.

As Angelo Codevilla explains In “Dismounting the COVID Tiger,” documents are emerging that show complicity between Fauci and the development of the virus itself. The documents include. “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence,” project 1R01A1110964-01, which helpfully provides the costs to American taxpayers. Media sycophants never pressed the evasive Fauci on details, and Congress failed to hold hearings on the Wuhan funding.

In January, 2020, when the virus began to spread, President Trump imposed a ban on travel from China.  Fauci was “was adamantly opposed to the travel ban,” Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro told Miranda Devine of the New York Post. Fauci later agreed that the travel ban saved lives, not the first time he has reversed himself.

Fauci earned a medical degree in 1966 and his bio shows no advanced degrees in molecular biology. In 1968, Fauci hired on with the NIH and 53 years later he’s still the boss at NIAID. For the late Kary Mullis, who earned a PhD in biochemistry from UC Berkeley and in 1993 won a Nobel Prize for invention of the polymerase chain reaction, Dr. Fauci should not even be a government bureaucrat.

“This man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if it’s got a virus in there, you will know it,” Mullis explained. “He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he’s in.”

Anthony Fauci is a criminal and a murderer.  To boot, he’s an incompetent boob and a goober who seems barely able to construct a complete sentence.

But in America, incompetent goobers get rewarded and criminals get rich.

Ammunition Shelf Life

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

Shooting Illustrated.

Once the ammunition is purchased, where and how it is stored will determine how long it will be viable for its intended use.

Heat and moisture are the two most prevalent enemies of ammunition, followed by chemical contamination.

Temperatures consistently in excess of 150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit tend to affect the propellant in a negative manner. These temperatures can be reached in car trunks, metal buildings or other uninsulated enclosures subjected to direct sunlight—especially in the southern tiers of the United States.

Anytime ammunition is subjected to continuous exposure to moisture, corrosion is likely to occur, which degrades the performance or disables the usability of the cartridges all together.

Chemical contamination is sometimes the silent killer of ammunition. Although much of today’s quality ammunition is protected by sealant-treated primers and bullets during manufacture, exposure to penetrating oils or cleaning solvents will degrade the sealants over time, thereby neutralizing the priming compound, the propellant or both, rendering the cartridge useless.

Ammoniated solvents used for removing copper from a bore are detrimental to brass cartridge cases, even with minimal exposure. Since brass is 70 percent copper (with the remaining 30 percent being zinc), ammoniated solvents can create a dangerous condition causing the brass to crack without having been fired. This could cause a hazardous pressure release during firing due to the weakened condition of the brass case.

Ammunition storage can be as simple as storing it in a safe area similar in environment to the office within which you work or the home in which you live. Keeping the temperature and humidity levels similar to what is comfortable for you and the family is an easy way to stay well within the range suitable for ammunition storage.

Many individuals who purchase and store quantities of ammunition are served well by storing it in sealed, military-surplus ammunition containers. Kept in a climate controlled, secure location, away from unauthorized personnel, these containers will preserve the ammunition indefinitely.

The reason there is no expiration date on a box of currently manufactured ammunition is because, when stored properly, it is projected to have an unlimited life span.

As an aside, I personally have fired ammunition loaded more than 100 years ago with excellent results. Advancements in primers, powder, cases, projectiles as well as in storage containers and accessories have improved the reliability of ammunition to a point that, properly treated, there is no reason for concern for your ammunition’s longevity.

Use of a sealed container (like a safe) along with desiccant would also help.

The Lampooning Of The U.S. Military

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

It’s nothing but a joke at this point.

Women in the U.S. Army can soon wear nail polish, lipstick and earrings as well as their hair in more natural hairstyles thanks to what the Army calls “major revisions” to its regulations.

In addition to relaxed grooming standards, women in the Army who are breastfeeding or pumping will also have the option to wear an undershirt.

Not to mention what the concept of women in the military, or even worse, combat MOSs, is doing to capabilities, the idea of hair, necklaces or rings on people is absurd in this context.

Every man who has spent time in an industrial setting around rotating and moving equipment knows better.  Hair or anything hanging on your body can get caught and pull you in, decapitating you.  Lanyards to hold IDs and other equipment around your neck has to have a “break-away” strap.

My son told me about one guy in the Marines who ignored that standard, jumped off the back of a truck, and got his ring caught on something, pulling his finger off.

Except that this isn’t really a joke.  It’s real.  The destruction of the U.S. military is nearly complete.

What a gaggle of clowns.

Home Made Tinder Tabs

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

I’ve used cotton soaked in Vaseline before as a fire starter, but usually kept it in some sort of jar.  I like the idea they present.

Rex Reviews The Primary Arms 1-8x24mm FFP Platinum ACSS Griffin

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

He likes it, and claims he knows a number of active duty folks who do too.

For me, this scope seems expensive compared to some other ones that can be had for less cost (like the Arken Optics models now).  Also, while I’m sure this scope is worthy, I find myself more interested in their 5X prism optic.  Readers can weigh in on the prism optic if you have any experience with it.

A Bleak Assessment

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

Matt Bracken offers up these possibilities.

1. The Left being stopped kinetically, as in Chile in 1973. This is not possible in 2021, because the military is fully cucked, “woke,” and tilting hard-Left. Battlefield warriors are being replaced by social justice warriors. Americans holding traditional conservative values are being intentionally driven out of the military. This is the true purpose of forcing the Left’s trans insanity into the military, transforming it into a hard-Left organization whose leaders and troops consider the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be obsolete parchments penned by white racist slave owners. Don’t look to the military to stop the current slide into Communism, they will be fully on board with it.
2. An eventual full-out Communist victory leading to a Stalinist “deep winter” end state like Cuba or North Korea. This is unlikely because A. the conservative Right is too well armed, and too well trained in military special operations to be defeated kinetically, and B. the federal government is too weak, with an American economic implosion looming as trillions of digital fiat dollars are created out of thin air.
 3. Economic implosion leading to a collapse of federal power, a breakdown in food and fuel distribution, leading to a civil war that will resemble Weimar Germany colliding with Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda at the same time. This new civil war, unprecedented in its horrors, might eventually lead to some type of pyrrhic conservative victory, but only on top of the ashes of the American constitutional republic, and at an enormous cost in lives lost and property destroyed.

That’s an extremely bleak assessment.  But it does appear that a massive realignment is taking place with the dropping of Facebook, Twitter, etc., and migration towards other platforms.  It’s even happening with Amazon.  This post by James Wesley Rawles is telling.

In addition to quitting the Amazon Associates program, I will also cancel my own Amazon Prime membership (now $119 per year), cancel my Amazon account, and stop making any new blog links to Amazon products. And I’ll try to come up with a script that will automatically rip out the thousands of Amazon links that are in SurvivalBlog’s database. (We now have more than 31,000 archived articles, columns, and letters.)

I encourage you to read the rest of his article.  This is a big deal for him – this means turning away money.

Also make sure to read the comments (at this reading there are 202 comments).  This is occurring everywhere.  It may or may not be enough to affect Amazon.  I doubt it.  But what it does do is show that given an information war, a mass migration is occurring within that domain.

The two sides have self-identified, and there is no turning back.

.44 Magnum For Self Defense

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

I have a problem with his conclusions because of the large difference in sample sizes between persons shot with the .357 magnum and .44 magnum.


BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 5 months ago

“Systematics is necessary if men are to think intelligently and logically.  Without the concept of systematics and the God it sets forth, we cannot hold to a rational and understandable universe nor to any meaningful order therein.  Unregenerate man’s reason and logic operate against the background of chaos and a meaningless void, so that reason and logic are in essence more than irrational: they are absurd.  Systematics not only makes reason reasonable, but it declares that there is a necessary and meaningful connection between all facts, because all facts are the creation of the sovereign and omnipotent God and are thus revelations of His purpose and order.  The idea of preaching the whole counsel of God is only a possibility if systematics is a reality.  Otherwise, there is no necessary and real connection and unity in the Word of God, and we have instead a developing, changing word and plan under different dispensations.  We have then a fragmented word, not a whole counsel which is necessary and authoritative unity.

Thus, without systematics there is no word of God, and, indeed, no such God as His revelation in Scripture sets forth.”

Rousas J. Rushdoony, “The Necessity for Systematic Theology.”

Systematic theology isn’t dry or boring.  Theology is “talk about God.”  If you dismiss or don’t like theology, it is the God of that theology who may be your real enemy.

For systematic theology is simply the arrangement of Scripture, and the translation and exegesis of that Scripture, that bears on various subjects, such as the nature of God, who He is, what names by which He calls Himself (e.g.,Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehova, Adonai, etc.) and what that tells us about God, the trinity, the person of Jesus, soteriology, who man is, the federal headship of Adam and what that means for man, from what man must be saved, God’s plan to do just that and how He accomplishes it.

We cannot simply make up out of our imaginations doctrine about God when He has revealed Himself in the Scriptures, nor can we fabricate out of whole cloth what we want to believe about God, how He communicated with us, and what we must do to have joy in obedience.

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