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Guns N’ Champagne

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 11 hours ago

USA Today:

French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo published a new edition Tuesday with a defiant front cover addressing the attacks in Paris.

The cover shows a man riddled with bullets quaffing an alcoholic drink. The headline reads: “They have weapons. (Expletive) them. We have champagne.”


Something tells me that the French won’t be any better prepared for this kind of event next time.

Prior: Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago

News from France:

The terror and carnage that struck France last week was terrifying for everyone, but even more so for the young children who don’t quite understand what happened.

One such confused young Parisian voiced his fear when a reporter came to speak to him, leading to a heartwarming exchange between him and his father.

The video is in French, but begins with the journalist asking the young boy if he understands what happened Friday night when terrorists struck, killing at least 130 people.

“Yes, because they’re very very very mean,” the boy replies. “The bad guys aren’t very nice. And we really have to be careful because we have to change homes.”

His father smiles, and quietly responds, “No, don’t worry, we don’t have to change homes. France is our home.”

“But there are bad guys, Daddy!” the boy retorts.

“Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere,” his father says.

“They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad,” the boy counters.

“Well, they have guns, but we have flowers,” the father replies.

“But flowers don’t do anything,” the boy argues.

“See all the flowers?” his dad asks. “They’re to fight against the guns.”

“Are they there to protect?” the boy asks. “The candles too?”

“There you go. It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday,” his father says.

“The flowers and the candles,” the boy understands, “they’re there to protect us.”

There the reporter picks back up, asking, “So are you feeling better?”

“Yep, I’m feeling better,” the young boy concludes.

Something tells me that the French won’t be any better prepared for this kind of event next time.

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No Viable Reason For Quieting The Sound Of Guns

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 2 days ago

Central Maine:

I agree that gunfire is a loud noise. What is curious is what is the actual benefit of making that noise less audible?

Is it to avoid hurting the shooter’s ears? Is it to not scare off nearby wildlife? Is it so people don’t know a gun is being fired in their immediate area?

Understandably, when James Bond wants to do away with an evil villain, it’s to his benefit to do so with a bit of stealth.

The state of Maine just passed a law that allows people with possibly no conceivable training in firearms to carry one among unknowing people. Before this law, people who wanted a concealed weapons permit had to be totally vetted by a number of state agencies, including the state police and/or their local police chief. Now it’s go to a gun shop, pick up a 9mm and a shiny concealed holster, and off they go.

The insanity continues with lessening the sounds of a firearm being used nearby. That means game wardens would have less opportunity to arrest night hunters, neighbors wouldn’t be sure how far away they are from guns being fired, and careless hunters would have more opportunity to fire closer to neighborhoods than legally allowed.

As a past hunter and active skeet shooter, I wear ear protection, practice safety to the highest degree and am well-versed in the safe handling of firearms. I wish I could say the same for the masses that tramp through the woods and walk into public places with a seriously dangerous machine that they may not know how operate, thus causing potential danger to themselves and an unknowing public.

A quiet gun. No one seems to have a viable answer for why we need one, except that it might mean more sales for gun sellers.

Well thank you Mr. Fudd.  With friends like you, who needs enemies?  Actually, I jest.  I consider you the enemy.  In fact, come to think of it, I think you’re lying.  I don’t think you’re really a past hunter and active skeet shooter.  You sound just like a collectivist, statist windbag who’s making things up for the sake of drama.

But if you are, you got yours, didn’t you?  And you don’t trust anyone with guns except you, your Fudd buddies, and the cops, even if we all lose our hearing, outside or inside at the shooting range.  Do you?  And don’t give me that crap about wearing hearing protection.  We both know better.

We both know that even with ear plugs and muffs, it’s better for us all to have suppressed weapons.  It’s better for our quality of life as we grow old, and it’s better for long term health costs for our progeny who must watch over us.  But that doesn’t matter to you, does it?  You’d rather sacrifice our hearing, preferring that Mr. Fudd pal around with other Mr. Fudds in the woods once a season, and go shoot clays a couple of times a year.  Are you a member of an an exclusive country club too, Mr. Fudd?

Does the encroachment of technology scare you, Mr. Fudd?  Does freedom offend you?  Good.  I hope you’re appalled at the likes of me.  As I said, I consider you the enemy, just like the collectivist windbags.  So don’t bring up anything else about being a hunter and clay shooter.  I’m not interested.

Virginia Beach Police Captain Shoots Fellow Officer While Cleaning His Gun

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 2 days ago

Camden County, NC – A Virginia Beach Police lieutenant was accidentally shot by a VBPD captain on Wednesday evening during firearms training, according to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

The officers were conducting firearms training at Academi, located at 850 Pudding Ridge Road in Camden County.

At the conclusion of the training, Captain Michael Ronan was cleaning his weapon and it discharged, striking Lieutenant Johnny Gandy in the arm.

The victim was taken to Chesapeake Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. He was treated and released and is recovering at home.

No criminal charges are expected. However, the Virginia Beach Police Department will complete an internal investigation and review training and safety protocols.

Gosh, I hate it when that happens to me.  I remember the last time I shot somebody while cleaning my gun around other people, gun loaded and everything.  It sucked because they did a “safety protocol investigation” and all that crap.  No charges though.  I’m glad the dude I shot understood that shit happens.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 6 days ago

David Codrea:

While massive spending appears to have paid off against Parrish, but not against Sturtevant, Republicans holding on to all of their seats in the Senate is a major disappointment for both Bloomberg, who saw that out-of-state money isn’t everything, and McAuliffe, who will not be able to establish a “progressive” legacy in Old Dominion much beyond the destruction he’s already done there. But there are also lessons to be learned for Republicans in general and gun owners in particular …

Read the rest of David’s analysis.  Clever and well-researched, concerning who won and who lost, and what role gun rights played.  As a sidebar comment, I know good folks from Virginia, and their only answer to Terry McAuliffe is that it was those folks from Northern Virginia who elected him to begin with.  If Virginia doesn’t watch it, you’re in danger of becoming too bifurcated to continue when the times get rough, as they doubtless will in the future.  How can two men walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)

Via Mike Vanderboegh, an interesting history of the M1 Carbine.

“It was an easier gun to carry than the Garand,” Wicklund said. “It was shorter, it was lighter, it was reliable, it was easier to shoot and easier to clean and it had a 15-round magazine. It was easy to tape two magazines together and get 30 rounds to fire. Stopping power was not there with the carbine, but you could fire it more times.”

Well, I’ve got mine.  If you don’t have one, you should get one – soon.  But I will offer the caveat that the reliability is a function of the ammunition you feed it.  Feed it crappy ammunition, you get crappy performance.  Feed it good ammunition, it’ll function as long as you can.  Of course, it’s like that for all guns isn’t it?

Mike also notices this: “Of course this got a top-of-the-page link on Drudge. Now I am the leader of an “anti-Muslim militia” and my rhetoric “overlaps” with “white supremacist groups” that I have fought all my life.”

Hey, it’s from  What do you expect from a gaggle of gargoyles?  I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Attention is good, and those who spend ten minutes trying to understand any of this will know the truth much better than explained by Raw Story.

Jerry Miculek Does Terminator M1887 Shotgun Spin Cock

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 1 day ago

Florida Sheriffs On Open Carry

BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks, 1 day ago

Count Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams among the overwhelming majority of county sheriffs who said they oppose a measure that would allow concealed carry permit holders to openly carry firearms in Florida.

The Florida Sheriffs Association provided results of an email vote on the issue, as reported by the News Service of Florida, that resulted in 47 sheriffs saying they oppose the proposal, 10 saying they support it, five abstaining from a vote and five couldn’t be reached.

A spokeswoman for Williams confirmed today that he voted with the majority.

A majority of the Florida Sheriffs Association opposes measures (SB 300 and HB 163) that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry guns. In an email vote between Friday and Monday afternoons, 47 of the state’s sheriffs opposed the bills, 10 were in favor, five abstained and five others could not be contacted. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, representing the association, said Thursday that a number of sheriffs are against the measures because of philosophical reasons or simply the concept. Gualtieri added that other opponents would prefer changes, such as a need for additional training of permit holders, a better definition of where people couldn’t openly carry guns and a requirement that openly displayed firearms are secured. “There is absolutely no requirement that it be carried in a holster,” Gualtieri said. “If someone is walking down the street, open-carry, with his .45(-caliber handgun) stuck in their back pocket, somebody could just come up and take it out of their pocket. That’s not safe.”

Bob Owens states:

A person acting in an otherwise normal, rational and law-abiding way should not be stopped merely because his shirt rode up, or was too tight, or she simply felt more comfortable carrying a firearm outside the waistband instead of concealed.

Perhaps if Florida law enforcement hadn’t abused existing laws to punish law-abiding concealed carriers who accidentally exposed their firearms I’d feel more sympathy for them, but they have… and so I don’t.

45 of the 50 states allow some form of open carry.

It is absurd that Florida does not.

Yes, it is absurd, but given Bob’s opposition to Texas open carry, frankly I’m not sure where he stands on the issue.  But abuse of concealed carriers isn’t the reason to support open carry, and I wouldn’t be more supportive of the Sheriff’s opposition to the proposed law under any circumstances.  Bob wants them to develop a more coherent case for their opposition, and I don’t think there is one to be developed.

So the Sheriffs are concerned about people taking guns from unsecure holsters (non-retention holsters or those not in positive control of their firearms, I guess)?  Well, this is a stupid concern and doesn’t represent a coherent case for opposition to the law.

It’s a concern for folks openly carrying, but not LEOs.  Since when does anyone oppose a proposed law that recognizes use and carry of a piece of property because a thief, larcenist or petty crook can steal your property?  That makes no sense.

Do we also oppose ownership of automobiles because criminals can steal them?  Sometimes people are responsible with their cars, and they still get stolen.  Sometimes they drop their keys in a parking lot and thus they get stolen.  We don’t change automobile ownership and use laws because someone drops their keys.  And to be sure, the easiest way to perpetrate a mass killing is with a car, instantaneously and without LEO intervention.

I think Bob should clarify his position on open carry.  I support it without reservation, and there is no coherent argument against its legality.  If Bob wants to clarify what this “coherent” opposition to the legality of open carry is, I’ll assess it.  As for the Florida Sheriffs, I don’t really care what they think.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks, 1 day ago

David Codrea:

Demographic Death’ of NRA Just Another Big Media Myth,” economist, author and Crime Prevention Research Center Founder and President John Lott writes in a “Perspective” piece for Investors Business Daily.

He’s addressing a Washington Post analysis by UCLA School of Law Professor and author Adam Winkler, which claims changing demographics will diminish the National Rifle Associations’ political influence.

We don’t know true gun ownership rates and how they have changed because we can’t rely on people admitting true gun ownership to pollsters, Lott argues.  What we do know is “concealed handgun permits and gun sales have soared.”

We also see support for “gun control” has fallen in spite of currently experienced demographic changes, more people believing they are safer with a gun in the home, and a rise in urban gun ownership, including among blacks, Lott tells us.

[ … ]

The question Lott could have addressed, but did not, is how are all these people he and Winkler are talking about voting?

Good Lord!  What kind of dope is John Lott smoking?  Regular readers know I soured on John Lott from way back, and then his argument with me over open carry in Texas (along with his chicken little “the sky is falling” attitude about what we might lose in Texas if we support open carry), put me over the edge.  He’s as much of a negative influence on the gun rights community and a sellout as Alan Gottlieb.

Bet you didn’t know there was such a thing as a .9 mm gun, did you?  Honestly, you would think respectable outfits would require that their writers know at least a little bit about their subject.  But this is Salon, not a respectable outfit.

This is an awesome thing, but you need to get yourself a serious fighting rifle, ma’am.  An AR-15 will do just fine.

Rush Limbaugh comes along in his thinking, but he’s not quite there yet.  He should have articulated that the reason we don’t like Hispanic laborers paid low wages isn’t because hard workers deserve more, it’s because we don’t want to fund their health care, SNAP and welfare for the benefit of corporations (which is nothing more than corporate welfare).  Furthermore, Rush hints at it, but doesn’t say it and may not see it as clearly as we do.  Our attitude is one of scorched earth.  Burn it all down.  If the GOP is as much of a sellout this cycle as it has been lately, then end the pain and suffering now and burn it all down.

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Another Remington Lawsuit

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Courthouse News Service:

(CN) – The Eighth Circuit revived a wrongful death claim against the Remington Arms Company stemming from a 2008 hunting accident in which a South Dakota man died.

The man’s wife, Carol O’Neal, sued Remington in December 2011, claiming a defect in a bolt action rifle the company manufactured caused it to misfire, killing her husband.

On November 9, 2008, O’Neal’s husband, Lanny, loaned a Remington Model 700 .243 caliber bolt action rifle to his friend, Mark Ritter.

Ritter later told investors that after spotting a deer, he moved the safety lever to the fire position and without his pulling the trigger, the rifle discharged. The bullet hit Lanny O’Neal, traveling through his stomach, spleen and left lung.

Despite their immediately calling 911 and getting O’Neal taken to a hospital, he died later that afternoon.

His widow claimed that Remington was aware a defect in that particular model rifle would cause it to fire without pulling the trigger once the safety lever was released.

She cited that minutes from a 1979 Remington safety subcommittee meeting, at which the defect in certain guns manufactured before 1975 was discussed and a possible recall considered. However, that meeting ended with attendees deciding against a recall because it would have required Remington to gather some 2 million guns ,when only 20,000 were known to be susceptible to the condition.

Remington argued that O’Neal couldn’t prove that the defect that caused the rifle to misfire was present at the time of it being manufactured. According to the gun maker, an alteration to the gun after purchase could have caused the misfire.

Complicating matters was that O’Neal, after being denied by two lawyers in her quest to pursue a wrongful death claim, had the gun destroyed because it reminded her of the tragedy. It wasn’t until several months later that she learned of the possible defect.

A federal court granted Remington’s motion for summary judgment, but the Eighth Circuit on Wednesday overturned that ruling, sending the case back to federal court.

In a 2-1 decision, the three-judge panel found that since South Dakota law allows a plaintiff to prove a defect through circumstantial evidence, O’Neal had presented enough circumstantial evidence to prove the defect was present at the time of manufacture.

“The fact that the subject rifle was used many times without incident from the mid-1980s through November 2008, and then suddenly inadvertently discharged, is consistent with the unpredictable manifestation of the inherent design defect in the Walker trigger,” U.S. Circuit Judge Kermit Bye wrote for the majority.

“In sharp contrast, if the subject rifle had been modified or altered prior to the mid-1980s in a way which would cause it to discharge when the safety lever was moved from the safe position to the fire position without the trigger being pulled, it is highly unlikely the rifle could have been used as many times as it was over the span of the next twenty-plus years without incident,” Bye said.

Oh dear.  This just gets worse and worse.  I’m not commenting on the gunsmithing accuracy of the court’s decision.  The problem is that Remington didn’t come clean on the Walker Fire Control System when they knew about it, they hid it, denied it, and sent their lawyers to argue with victims.

This was their destiny, and they chose it when they decided to be lawyers rather than engineers and gun manufacturers.  It was their destiny.

Other Resources:





Poking The Dragon

Update On The Remington 700 Settlement

Things You May Not Have Known About The Remington Walker Fire Control System

Maine Constitutional Carry

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Legal firearm owners in Maine are now allowed to carry concealed handguns without a permit in the state thanks to a new law effective Thursday.

The statute, referred to by Second Amendment rights advocates as a “constitutional concealed carry,” applies to both residents and non-residents who are 21 or older, or military members age 18 or older, reported the Associated Press. That means that anyone who is not otherwise banned from possessing a firearm can now carry a concealed handgun in the state without a permit.

The law also authorizes a person to possess a loaded pistol or revolver while in a motor vehicle, trailer or other vehicle being hauled by a motor vehicle.

[ … ]

The police chief of Portland, the state’s largest city, issued a warning Thursday, saying that police officers and the community are now much less safe due to the law.

“This is a poor piece of legislation that we’re all about to suffer through,” Portland Police Chief Mike Sauschuck said, according to local news station CSH6 Portland.

Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Kansas have passed similar laws, while Vermont has never required a concealed carry permit. New Hampshire also passed a similar law to the one enacted in Maine, but it was vetoed by Gov. Maggie Hassan.

Butt-hurt, the police chief is.  It’s simply appalling in his mind that “the only ones” might not be the only ones recognized to carry a weapon, and they get no control over it, except insofar as the state issues permits to purchase.  But small steps are better than no steps at all.

Here’s a prediction (and the wonderful thing about predictions is that people remember them and those making the predictions can be held to account).  There is no suffering about to happen.  The Portland police chief is telling fairy tales and make-believe.  And he should be the one held to task when I’m proven to be right.

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