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What Is A Reticle?

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Before you say you know it all and skip this article, there’s more here than a simple explanation. This will be a helpful start toward intermediate knowledge for those trying to learn more. It turns out there are many types of reticles. This article, in classic Widener’s fashion, provides a brief overview of 8 or so. One good thing about this format that they use is it provides a basis for further research into the areas within an aspect of firearms you need to know or have an interest in. You’ll learn something here.


Many shooters select a rifle scope by researching its magnification, lens system, and physical specs. But it’s also important to consider the scope’s reticle in the decision-making process. Admittedly, it can be the most confusing part of choosing a scope. There are many types of reticles available on the market. Unless you’re a seasoned professional shooter, the subtle differences might be difficult to navigate.

At the very least, you should have a general understanding of reticle types. Once you know the different types, you’ll be able to easily match the rifle scope options to your hunting or shooting activity. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is A Reticle?

A reticle is a set of fine lines or fibers inside an optical device. The markings help you with aiming, measuring, or pointing. When you look through a rifle scope, the reticle is the cross, dot, or pattern that you see.

Originally, reticles were made from real hair or spiderweb, and the name “crosshair” stuck. Although optics can be traced back hundreds of years, the first practical rifle optic was invented between 1835 and 1840. After 1850, several U.S. manufacturers produced the sights that would become standard equipment for Civil War sharpshooters, basically the country’s first snipers.

Although the standard crosshair reticle was effective, shooters and equipment evolved to the point that they needed customizable reticles. The modern rifle optics industry was born, and mounted optics became more of a standard feature. While there are too many reticle models to provide an exhaustive list, we’ll look at several of the most popular types, beginning with the one that started it all.

The rest is an interesting primer on the various types.

Gunsmithing: 5 Ways To Remove Frozen Screws

3 weeks ago


Details about each method at the source. I would never have thought of welding a rod to the top of the screw so you could get a good grip to remove it. I’m sure readers have plenty of experience with stuck screws.

  1. Use a torch
  2. Use penetrating oil
  3. Re-cut the screw slot
  4. Drill the screw
  5. Welding

If you work on firearms long enough, you will run into screws that refuse to budge. With the correct screwdriver and the proper force, a screw should move. If it doesn’t, stop. Go through this checklist: Is the screw a properly fitting screw? When was the last time this screw was moved? Has Loctite been applied? If you don’t know, is it a screw that is likely to be locked in place? (The most common places you will run into screws locking in place will be on scope mounts. People who don’t know how to properly tighten a screw will use Loctite when it’s not needed.)

Tennessee (Real) Constitutional Carry

3 weeks, 3 days ago

I’ve met Representative Russel and heard him speak on other issues as well. The current Tennessee Constitutional Carry is not actual Constitution Carry. But, considering incrementalism TN is on its way. This bill would be very close to what many other states have. In TN open carry of long guns is restricted. This bill would remove that restriction, among others. The way things work in TN, the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee is a critical step in getting legislation to the full House floor.

The best part is when the witnesses all but admit they have no constitutional (TN) authority to oppose gun laws.

Via WoG, Video via TFA; both call for support action from Tennesseans.

protect and serve with fire

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Found on social. It looks like they tased him in a puddle of gasoline that they created when they attacked a man who had nothing to do with an initial call to the police about motorcyclists with guns. Reports indicate that he’s a 26-year-old FedEx employee. He’s not expected to live. There may be more details by now that readers can relate.


Defend yourself, but don’t ‘stand your ground’

1 month ago

Opinion on South Carolina Stand Your Ground, Source:

As a martial artist, I am passionate about the right of people to defend themselves. And in my years of teaching the martial arts, I have had a number of students tell me about how they have had to use force to protect themselves and loved ones from harm. But they always tried to avoid using force, because martial artists know how precious life is — even the life of an aggressor.

Martial artists believe that one should always walk away from conflict, if possible. This is why we only use force reluctantly and only as a last resort.

Also, if force must be used, we know we should use only the amount of force necessary to end the threat and allow us to get to safety.

These principles are dear to me, which is why I oppose stand-your-ground laws.

These laws allow those who use deadly force to be exempt from criminal prosecution, even if they could have easily and safely retreated from what they perceived to be a threat.

Before Florida passed the first stand-your-ground law in 2005, the United States legal tradition already protected the right to self-defense, but only after a person had done all that he or she could to avoid conflict, including backing away from the aggressor and attempting to retreat to safety.

Using deadly force to defend oneself in a public space was only allowed after one first tried to retreat or if retreat was simply not possible.

Stand-your-ground laws differ from what is known as the castle doctrine, which applies to people dealing with an intruder in their home. I do not believe anyone has an obligation to retreat from a home intruder.

The author uses a lot of the word but after claiming to believe in armed self-defense. His argument is, in one way, correct. Avoidance is always the best choice; avoiding crowds is solid advice. But he goes on to wrongly claim a difference between Castle Doctrine and self-defense anywhere. If you have the right to defend yourself in your home, you carry that right anywhere. It’s your right and does not belong to a location. Locations don’t have rights people do. We acknowledge here that the home has a degree of expected sanctuary in the Bible, but men also have to defend their life right anywhere they may be, thus the right.

The object of self-defense is to get the assailant(s) to disengage. If not being where you shouldn’t solves a threat problem, don’t go. If leaving solves that, then leave. Nothing in the Stand Your Ground Doctrine allows the offensive use of weapons or tactics, which is the argument against Stand Your Ground that always shows the ignorance of the man making the case. His opinion, as stated in this piece, is no different.

And he makes the proportional use of force argument. There’s no way to know what would have happened if X or Y, or Z. Proportional use of force is an impossible standard that will get people killed. But the evidence of either murder or self-defense can be determined. Proof is required, not a would have-should have. Arguments against Stand Your Ground also wrongly assume that turning your back is wise. It’s not; never turn your back on a threat.

Again, getting the assailant to disengage is the proper self-defense training standard to teach.


1 month, 3 weeks ago

This one looks like murder. She had the chance to leave and didn’t but stopped, opened the door, and shot.

We’re speculating but strongly suspect that she drew a handgun in the few moments when she first pulled away. Also, it appears that they may have known each other. Extracting yourself from a situation is preferable to what was done. The object of self-defense is to get the assailant to disengage; this was accomplished had she kept driving off.



1 month, 4 weeks ago

Takes her time. Makes sure of a clean shot. Well done.

I don’t think this is the US, but it doesn’t matter; the lessons you can learn are what’s most important.


New Releases of the Marlin Lever Actions Rifle

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 1 week ago

It’s good to see both the demand and response by Ruger/Marlin. It’s good that the 30-30 is finally coming out. I expect they’ll be scarce as hen’s teeth for a while.

7 Tips for Trigger Press Mastery

4 months ago

Handgun Basics:

Having good trigger discipline and mastering your trigger press are essential aspects of being a responsible gun owner. Time and time again, the news keeps breaking stories about individuals shooting other individuals—and sometimes themselves—by accident. Such unfortunate events are often linked to poor trigger discipline.

On that account, this post will shed light on some of the best trigger press mastery tips that you can work on today in order to improve your trigger control and overall trigger discipline.

Let’s jump right into it!

There was a lot of work put into this article. Read it at the link.

The Primary Arms SLx MD-25 ACSS Red Dot – The Do-Everything Optic

4 months, 2 weeks ago


The old adage of “You get what you pay for” when it comes to optics is becoming less and less true every year – especially with optics like the Primary Arms SLx MD-25.  We have entered somewhat of a renaissance of electro-optics, which began, roughly in the early 2000s with the wide adoption of optics like the Aimpoint M68 and EoTech by the US military.  The civilian market quickly caught on, especially as the unholy 90s “assault weapon” ban came to an end in 2004, and ARs and other modern rifles came back in a big way.  Now, ‘iron sights’ and ‘back up iron sights’ on an AR are almost synonymous, as almost every AR or AK you’ll find on the range or at a training class is sporting some kind of optic as its primary sighting system.

There once were generally two choices:  A high dollar ($400+) option from suppliers like EoTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, and Leupold; and a budget option ($150 and under).  The budget options were, generally speaking, of somewhat poor quality and overall lacking in reliability, durability, fit and finish, and features.  Companies like Holosun and Primary Arms have very much bucked that trend in recent years, however offering quality, durability, reliability, and features that can hold their own against many higher-end optics, at a fraction of the price.

Primary Arms SLx MD-25

One such optic is a new red dot from Primary Arms, called the SLx MD-25, which retails for $170 for the 2 MOA dot model.  If you’re short on time, the best way I can describe the MD-25 is that it’s a budget competitor to the Trijicon MRO, with a much more versatile reticle.  The MD-25 is what I would call a ‘mid-sized’ tubular red dot.  It’s dimensionally larger than a micro dot like the 20mm Aimpoint T1 or Holosun 503, but still smaller and lighter than the Aimpoint 30mm models like the CompM4/M68.

The MD-25, like the Trijicon MRO, features a 25mm window, thus giving you an optic with a near micro-like weight and size, but increasing the window size half way to that of a full size 30mm optic.  Going from a 20mm micro dot: what effect does the extra 5mm in glass and viewing area actually have?  When I shot three rifles I had with different sized optics mounted on them – one with a 20mm Holosun 503, one with the 25mm MD-25, and one with a 30mm Aimpoint PRO – I found that my ability to quickly find the dot from awkward shooting positions where my head wouldn’t be perfectly lined up behind the glass was considerably improved going from the 20mm to 25mm optic, but not noticeably better going from the 25mm to 30mm window size.  25 millimeters seems to be a kind of sweet spot of lens sizes for tubular red dots, at least for myself.

If you decide you like the idea of a 25mm red dot and want to know what you can expect to get for that $170 dollars – here are a few for the MD-25:

Many more features and attributes are reviewed at the source. What’s your “best” optic, and why? Of course, the platform matters. We’re using the Holosun 503cu on AR platforms. The price is good for an average self-defense shooter. This reminds, we need to get spare batteries.

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