Religious Exemption To Mandatory Covid Vaccination

Herschel Smith · 24 Aug 2021 · 13 Comments

I authored this paper for an individual who wishes that the name be removed.  The name has been redacted from the copy provided here. In order to assist the reader with a framework for understanding this paper, it should first be emphasized that it is written from a very specific theological perspective.  The necessary presuppositions are outlined at the beginning. It could of course be objected that there may be other (what I am calling "committed Christians") who do not hold one or…… [read more]

AR-15 Zeros And Trajectories

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 18 hours ago

Via WRSA, this thread at is great.  Thanks to the guy who worked so hard putting this all together.

I got it all the first time around (make sure to study all of the graphs and read the discussion carefully).  If you’re unaccustomed to working with Newtonian physics, it may take you a time or two through it.

My complaint: He addresses only 55 grain bullets, and doesn’t seem to make much of barrel length.  I’d like to see this thread expanded to include 68, 75 and 77 grains.  A lot of guys are shooting heavier bullets now.  That affects velocity, and thus changes everything.

But that’s a minor complaint.  To be sure, I haven’t put together anything like this for readers, so I have no room to complain.  I’m sure he put an awful lot of work into this, so he doesn’t need complaints from the peanut gallery.

North American Arms Commits Suicide

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 18 hours ago

Mom-at-Arms has the news.  Gun Feed also covers.  North American Arms decided that they don’t care about you or your beliefs.

“I don’t believe the vaccines are safe”.  How much data, gathered over what period of time, will it take to put this false narrative to bed?

“I don’t believe the vaccines are effective”.  While there have been some, few instances of people contracting COVID after having been vaccinated, the effects they suffer are, almost without exception, an order of magnitude less severe than they would have been otherwise.

“I have already contracted the disease and so I already have some level of immunity and see no benefit from vaccination”.  Right on the first count, wrong on the second; you can be certain that your immunity will only be bolstered with a vaccination.

“I am afraid of suffering side effects from the vaccination”.   While some have reported this to be the case, there are stunningly few and the effects are modest/weak and very short-lived.

“My circumstance puts me at a heightened risk from being vaccinated”.  I don’t know what circumstance that is; it most certainly does not apply to those attempting to become pregnant, for example.

“I have a history of adverse allergic reactions”.  Maybe.  That alone has a taint of legitimacy.

“I claim a religious exemption”.  For the life of me, I can’t understand the basis of such a thing.  What religion would advocate against something that will protect your life and that of others?  Certainly none that I’ve ever heard of.  Go ask the Pope.

“I can’t afford it”.  Bullshit; it’s free.

“I don’t know where to find it”.  Are you living under a rock?

“I’m a freedom-loving American and I simply don’t want to”.  Ahhh, here we go.  This is far and away the most frequent – and lamest – excuse.  Even Donald Trump, the poster-child for the selfish exercise of frequently nonsensical individual freedoms (“I’m not wearing a mask because I don’t want to”.) has been vaccinated and has encouraged other people to do so as well (NB he’s also previously contracted the disease, above).  As a member of a society, you have an obligation not to threaten the health and well-being of others, particularly when doing so comes at no risk or expense to you.

I’ll admit I enjoy no small measure of schadenfreude reading stories of those stubborn people who find themselves stricken and on death’s door, suffering from their earlier foolish decision not to get vaccinated.  I look at it almost as a Darwinian effect, helping cleanse our gene pool.  Excuse my lack of sympathy.  Too bad.  Completely avoidable.  Didn’t have to happen.

I will ask the pope nothing at all.  He’s an unbeliever and godless communist and has an adviser who is a Gaia worshiper and atheist.  Besides, I’ve written on this subject and if the author of this stupid and ill-informed missive took the time he could have studied the issue as well.

When a writer gets to the point that he’s telling people (he doesn’t even know) that he doesn’t care if they live or die, something has gone badly wrong.  It’s time to take a long break and stop writing.  Something is deeply disturbed and wrong in the soul.

He also doesn’t seem to be very well aware of the real data on adverse reactions (see also here, and here, and here).  It doesn’t really matter.  He’s just aping the crap he hears on CNN.

Either way, he’s jettisoned his following, defenestrated them, thrown them out the window.  He doesn’t care any more for whatever reason.  He tried to apologize, but it fails.

Good job, dummy.  You just destroyed your business.  Go find another job now.

I’ll file this one under gun control.

FFP Versus SFP: What’s The Difference?

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 19 hours ago

TTAG has what I consider a very good explanation on FFP versus SFP (although we’ve covered that before as well).  It’s worth lifting a bit out.

As you may have gathered, first focal plane scopes place the reticle in front of the magnification lens, resulting in a reticle that shrinks or grows as the magnification is adjusted. That means the reticle’s tic marks or gradations always cover the same minutes of angle or milliradians, regardless of the magnification level. The measurements of the reticle are accurate at any magnification.

So your holdovers are correct at any magnification.  That’s the upshot.

That can be really useful for rapid ranging or engagement at distances without dialing the magnification up or setting the turrets. While that might be of limited use in a more simplistic reticle, with a mil grid like the HorusVision Tremor or the Schmidt & Bender GR²ID reticles, there is little need to manipulate the turrets once the optic is zeroed.

The shooter can accomplish all adjustments using holds. But those holds would be dependent on magnification in a second focal plane scope. In contrast, the shooter can range, engage, and adjust at any magnification with a first focal plane. It makes engagement far quicker. That might be much more of a tactical consideration than for, say, competition or hunting. But it is still a valid consideration.

In many ways, this choice does depend on your budget and requirements. Many with a sniper background (including the author) still question the point of a second focal plane variable optic. Others argue that the reticle on a first focal plane optic gets too small at lower magnifications and too large at higher, obscuring the target.

So there are downsides too.

Minimalist Survival Kit

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 18 hours ago

That’s extremely minimalist.  Too small for me.  I’ve outlined what I usually carry into the bush before: rubberized poncho, redundant means of fire start, light, knife, poncho, cordage, water, emergency food, and large bore handgun.  Including a container to boil water is smart.

Notice that when he mentions bank line, he shows you twisted line.  There are two types of bank linetwisted and braided.  Decide for yourself which one you want.

Finding The Lands

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 19 hours ago

For those of you who are custom gun makers and/or reloaders. issues vaccine mandate for all employees, including remote workers

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

Armed America News.

by Anonymous:, one of the industry’s top websites for gun-related news, reviews, and a not-too-new firearm and accessory marketplace, has recently implemented a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all employees, including remote workers. While the move has been seen as forward-thinking by some, others aren’t so convinced that it was such a smart move.

The company announced their decision the last day of September in a company-wide email that was sent out less than an hour before close-of-day. The company, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, is mandating that all employees provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before November 15. Without it, employment with will be terminated as of that date.

While two exceptions are provided — or rather applications for exemption — some employees have little faith in them. The medical exemption, for example, provides a list of conditions which are not considered valid reasons for opting out of the Covid vaccine. This includes any autoimmune disorder. Just to reiterate, even if you are immune compromised, still requires you to get the jab. And then there’s a religious exemption, which has historically been a “can’t touch this” kind of document. The religious exemption wants employees to identify and explain their sincerely held religious beliefs which preclude the vaccine, in addition to indicating whether you have asked for such an exemption from previous employers, the outcome of that exemption, and the company with which the religious exemption was submitted. They also require you to explain “whether you are opposed to all vaccines, and if not, the religious basis on which you object to the Covid-19 vaccine in particular (as opposed to other vaccines).”

We should always be careful with anonymous sources, but in this case an inquiry was made to Mr. Greg Minkler who responded and stated “no comment.”  If it wasn’t true, it would have been easy enough to deny it and renounce such a mandate.

This is an awful look for

I’ll wait, but until I learn otherwise, I’ll never link again, and won’t even read them.

If this is true, they are dead to me.

Bipod Recommendations

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 19 hours ago

At Outdoor Life.

They cover Magpul, Caldwell, Javelin, Warne and Harris.

I don’t like the Magpul, and frankly I’m not sure I really like any of them.

I do like the Accu-Tac bipod, but of course it’s more expensive.  There’s no accounting for taste, except that mine tend towards the more expensive for whatever reason.

Do readers have suggestions on bipods they like, and why?

Intel On The Covid Vaccine

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 19 hours ago


According to comments on this post, Intel approached this in a fairly unique and smart way.

Intel offered a cash incentive to inform the company of vaccination status.  Apparently, they became so concerned at that point (presumably based on feedback) that the CEO made the declaration you see above.  You can’t quickly replace the sort of electrical engineers and programmers Intel has under their employ.

Good for them.

NRA Circling The Drain

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 19 hours ago

Jeff Knox at Ammoland.

Cotton and LaPierre conspired to keep the meeting as sparsely attended as possible, moving the scheduled meeting from Houston to Charlotte, then not promoting it at all, and finally, setting up a ticketing service that reported the event as “sold out” almost as soon as the “tickets” were made available. Nothing about the meeting ever appeared in any of the NRA’s magazines, but they did, in a minimal nod toward technical compliance with New York law, publish two or three small notices in a local Fairfax, Virginia weekly newspaper. Information was belatedly added to the official website, in such a way as to be hard to find, then a few emails were sent out, but apparently only to relatively new Annual Members, who would be the least likely to be concerned about all of the accusations of financial chicanery in the Association, and who can’t even vote on most matters at a meeting.

In the end, the meeting room was only set up for between about 400 and 500 people, but counts by multiple attendees came in at between 120 and 140 people. That’s barely enough to comprise the 100-member quorum needed for a legal meeting. And almost half of those attendees were NRA Directors, many of whom were accompanied by their spouses, easily accounting for close to two-thirds of all attendees. Directors also got advance notice of the meeting and registration requirements, along with encouragement to bring friends and supporters.

With all of that, it was not at all surprising when a complex resolution from the floor by Director candidate Frank Tait, calling for a vote of “no confidence” against Wayne La’Pierre and others, and calling for their resignations, was blocked by a parliamentary move by Director Joel Friedman of California, with the support of 75% of the members present.

Seriously, what’s this guy smoking? Revenues are down dramatically. Membership is down dramatically. Influence on the Hill has all but disappeared. The headquarters building is mortgaged to the hilt and reported to be suffering from serious structural problems, particularly with the roof, which is reportedly leaking so badly that ceilings on the top floors have collapsed, forcing some offices to be relocated. Even Lloyds of London has refused to extend their liability insurance coverage for officers and directors. And the trial phase of the New York Attorney General’s suit against the NRA and its top executives is scheduled to begin in just a few more months.

[ … ]

I now believe that the NRA is a lost cause. The “leadership” has effectively shut out dissenting voices, ignored valid, serious concerns, promoted corruption and incompetence, and stifled member participation. They’ve blown off documented and self-admitted breaches of NRA policies and basic business practices, as well as clearly criminal activities, yet they continue to claim that they are stronger, healthier, and moving in the right direction, like never before.

Moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

We’ve known that for a long time now, those of use who pay attention to things.

Honestly, the sooner the entire thing collapses, the better off we’ll be.  The NRA has done nothing to help gun rights in America, and has done an awful lot to harm them.

Good riddance to the corruption and lies.  Be gone.

Military Action On The U.S. Southern Border

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 19 hours ago

But not of course by U.S. troops, who stood and looked while enemies of the U.S. launched machine gun fire into the country from Mexico.

Because no one cares enough to stop it.

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