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New North Carolina Law on Firearms in Places of Worship

BY Herschel Smith
2 hours, 15 minutes ago

From a reader, source.

Concealed carry gun owners in our state are now allowed to have their firearms in places of worship; even if they are held on school grounds. They can also now carry guns on some school properties, during specific times. The new law also launches a two-year statewide awareness initiative for safe gun storage and gun lock distribution programs.

This is referring to Senate Bill 41.  It doesn’t require that the weapon holder get permission from the church to carry.  It requires that the church conspicuously post that no weapons are allowed before prohibiting the carry of weapons, as it should.

They had to override a veto by the Goobernator of NC, Roy Cooper.

Liberal activist shareholders set to sue Smith & Wesson as part of ESG push to cripple gun manufacturers

BY Herschel Smith
2 hours, 26 minutes ago


Liberal activists are preparing to file a lawsuit against the board of one of the largest gun manufacturers in the United States, alleging that the company exposed shareholders to unnecessary liability by selling and promoting AR-15 rifles and thus violating their fiduciary duty.

In a draft of a lawsuit viewed by Fox News Digital expected to be filed this week, liberal activist shareholder plantiffs alleged that the board of Smith & Wesson “knowingly allowed the Company to become exposed to significant liability for intentionally violating federal, state, and local laws through its manufacturing, marketing, and sales of AR-15 style rifles and similar semiautomatic firearms.”

The draft explains that the company’s board has expressed “unwillingness to exercise any oversight whatsoever” when it comes to manufacturing and marketing AR-15s, which the shareholders say has exposed the company to unnecessary liability.

The lawsuit is the latest in a series of moves made by liberal activists across the country using the legal system to go after gun manufacturers as a part of a larger movement known as environmental, social, and governance (ESG), which puts pressure on investors to be more “socially conscious.”

[ … ]

Two of the plaintiffs in the case are led by Sister Judy Byron, an anti-gun activist who recently participated in drafting a statement from the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, where “investors representing $634 billion in assets” called for pressure on gun manufacturers and companies associated with them “to review their operations, supply chains and policies and take meaningful action on this public safety concern.”

Sisten Judy Byron.  Part of a false and anti-Christian church, pushing a false agenda, destroying the hard work of good men, and ruining the lives of millions.

Here is Jared Yanis on the subject.

S&W will need to play rough in order to turn this threat out before it takes roots or they’ll end up another Remington.  Kill this movement in its infancy inside your group of shareholders.  Hire the best lawyers.  Buy them out.  Boot them out of meetings.  Boot them out of stock ownership if possible.  Amend the rules if needed.

Play rough.  They already are.

Remington Ilion Plan To Shutter The Doors Forever

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 2 hours ago


A gun factory in upstate New York with a history stretching back to the 19th century is scheduled to close in March, according to a letter from the company to union officials.

RemArms, the current version of Remington Arms, will close its facility in the Mohawk Valley village of Ilion around March 4, according to the letter sent Thursday. The letter said the company “did not arrive at this decision lightly,” according to the Observer-Dispatch of Utica.

Remington, the country’s oldest gun maker, began making flintlock rifles in the region in 1816. The factory site in the village dates to 1828, with many of the current buildings constructed early in the 20th century.

More recently, the company faced temporary closures in Ilion, bankruptcy and legal pressure over the Sandy Hook school massacre. The current company no longer makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifles used to kill 20 first-graders and six educators in the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut in 2012.

Investors doing business as the Roundhill Group purchased the Remington-branded gun-making business, including operations in Ilion and Lenoir City, Tennessee for $13 million. Owners announced plans in 2021 to move the company’s headquarters to Georgia.

Union officials called the news this week disappointing.

“The workers in Ilion enabled RemArms to rise from the ashes of the Remington Arms bankruptcy in 2020-21,” United Mine Workers of America International President Cecil E. Robert said in a prepared statement. “Without these workers and their dedication to producing the best firearms in the world, this company simply would not exist.”

I have a completely different take on things.  First, they had bad lawyers for the Sandy Hook lawsuit. Next, they ensconced in a gun control state and left only when it was too late. Third, they didn’t acknowledge and correct the errors and malfunctions of the Remington 700, even when they duplicated weapon discharge in their own labs without anything even being near the trigger. Fourth, they never got a handle on poor QA.

Fifth, and maybe the most significant error, they never left a union state to move to a right-to-work state. The union can blame it on others all they want to. When you extort employers rather than allow the market to set wages, this is the result.

Savage Enters The 1911 Market

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

Savage enters the 1911 market.  They have a .45 ACP gun and a 9mm gun.

I hate cheaply made firearms, and I hate the idea of paying $3000 or more for a 1911.  I like the price point of around $1500 for a 1911.  It doesn’t appeal to folks looking for a steal to get a good 1911 (there is no such thing as a 1911 for cheap, just cheaply made 1911s), and it doesn’t break the bank.

If they work right, I’d like one of each, but it’s very easy for manufacturers to make bad 1911s.  Has anyone had a chance to shoot either of these builds?

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Oregon Court Declares Magazine Ban Unconstitutional Under The State Constitution

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

Here is an article on the ruling.

454 Casull vs 44 Magnum

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 4 days ago


In 1955, Smith & Wesson and Remington teamed up to introduce the .44 Remington Magnum, and gun writer Elmer Keith was a great inspiration in the cartridge’s development. The .44 Magnum’s starring role in Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movie gave it immediate credibility and fame. It is, however, a handful to shoot, which is why it’s common to find used .44 Magnum revolvers being sold that come with a half box of ammo. Many shooters find they’re just not quite the man Inspector Harry Callahan was. Fortunately, .44 Magnum revolvers can also safely chamber and fire .44 Special ammunition, which has much less offensive recoil. In factory ammunition, there are more than 50 .44 Magnum loads to choose from, and about half as many .44 Special loads.

The 44 Magnum does not use a 0.44-caliber bullet. The bullet diameter is actually 0.429-inch in diameter, but, 429 or 430 Magnum just does not have the same ring to it. The cartridge is loaded to a maximum average pressure of 36,000 psi, which is about twice that of the .44 Special. As powerful as that seems, the .357 SIG is actually loaded to a higher pressure. The .44 Magnum has been used to successfully take every game animal on earth, and it’s a personal protection favorite with those who like to tromp around in big bear country. Marlin and several other manufacturers currently offer lever guns chambered for the .44 Magnum.

[ … ]

The .454 Casull was not approved by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) until 1997, and their standard specifies a maximum average pressure of 65,000 psi. This is absurdly more than the .44 Magnum, and it’s where the .454 Casull finds all its power. The cartridge can push a 200-grain bullet to more than 2000 fps. By comparison, the .45 Colt is only loaded to a maximum average pressure of 14,000 psi. In a 50-ounce revolver, .454 Casull is intimidating to shoot with full-power loads, recoiling with around 36 foot-pounds of hand-numbing and wrist-twisting force. Rossi and Big Horn Armory both offer lever-action rifles chambered for the .454 Casull.

If power is your main consideration, there’s no comparison; the .454 Casull is the clear winner. With its most powerful loads, the .454 Casull can generate nearly 2,000 foot-pounds of kinetic energy at the muzzle. This puts it in the same class as some popular rifle cartridges, but with bullets weighing twice as much. However, with high performance +P+ ammunition, the .44 Magnum is not that far behind the .454. Take note, however, there is not a SAAMI standard for +P or +P+ .44 Magnum ammo. Dirty Harry’s cartridge will not shoot quite as fast or hit as hard as the .454 Casull, but like the .454 Casull, the .44 magnum is capable of handling any critter you want to tackle.

I find shooting a .44 magnum wheel gun quite enough, and after a couple of wheels of ammunition I’m ready to put it away.  I shoot it enough to know what to expect.  The power is great for the bush, but I don’t think I want to sport a .454 Casull handgun.

However, I would surely have a lever action rifle in 454 Casull, except that Big Horn Armory charges an arm and a leg for their rifles.  I know Rossi makes a rifle, but it surely doesn’t have the looks of a quality gun.  Henry doesn’t make one in that caliber either.

Ruger has several revolvers in 454 Casull but their choice is certainly limited.  That the selections in 454 Casull are so limited seems to me to limit the use and popularity of the cartridge.

The Real Reason Why Half of S&W M&P 10mm’s are Duds

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 1 day ago

I have several remarks before you watch this video.

First, I’m neither a S&W fan nor a detractor.  I don’t like the gap between the M&P frame and slide, and never have, so I don’t have any.  Next, I don’t know the real reason their 10mm models are duds, nor even if they are.  I will say, however, that the first video of someone shooting one shows him firing it limp wristed.  In fact, he is using almost “cup and saucer,” which will never cycle the firearm correctly, or at least, it reduces the likelihood that it will.

Then finally I’ll observe that I’ve never heard any complaints about the Springfield Armory 10mm handguns, despite how much grief they take over Reddit/Firearms and Reddit/Guns.  I simply don’t get why the grief – the only one I ever had was a fine, well-functioning machine.  I just don’t use striker-fired pistols.  If Springfield Armory sold a hammer-fired option I might consider it.  In fact, I think they do in the 1911 model.

But I don’t have a 10mm handgun anyway.  I just don’t see the point because it would be so redundant with 450 SMC and .44 magnum.

Shotgun Shooting: How to Lead

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

Admittedly, this is the hardest thing to learn, and the easiest thing to lose if you don’t stay in practice.

Veridian Green Dot Sights

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

I get ads all the time, most are worthy of ignoring.  Some interest me, like this one.  This particular model comes in the RMR footprint which is important to me.

I’ve heard that the green dot is easier on the eyes and easier to pick up.

For those of you who have actually used Veridian sights for pistols or shotguns, what are your opinions?

Related, this is a good rundown on the best pistol lights.  Since I have used Streamlight, it’s easy to ignore the fact that SureFire also has some nice models.

“Who in God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?!?”

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Well, that’s interesting.  The town clown is at it again.  I seriously had never thought anyone could come up with something like this. I guess one could go all over the spectrum in the thought-experiment with this, from “I want one of those,” to “Maybe somebody has been slamming the forward assist too many times and I’ve never had to use it at all,” to “I don’t think I would want to pull that trigger, no sir, no way, no how.”

Anyway, here it is. The only serious thing I can think of to say is that Eugene is rolling over in his grave.

@nra “Who is God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?” —Joe Biden #nra #secondamendment #2a #trump #biden #joebiden #kamalaharris ♬ original sound – NRA


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