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BLM Rioters In Hollywood Chase Down And Attack Driver, Police Detain Driver

BY Herschel Smith
3 hours, 31 minutes ago

Gateway Pundit.

The LAPD later tweeted that there were no injuries and that all drivers and victims have been identified.

There is only one victim here, i.e., the driver of the Prius.  You see the vice that the rioters coupled with the police put drivers in, right?

You cannot escape.  You must endanger yourself and if necessary, take a beating or get killed.  If you try to drive through, you get detained for crimes, even though the only real crimes have been committed by rioters.

The real shame here is that rioters didn’t get run over.

10 Best Ways To Defend Yourself Against Civil Unrest

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 3 hours ago

Shooting Illustrated.

Is your personal security worth the price of 3 seconds? Based on interviews with perpetrators who are now sitting behind bars, the most common denominator of victim selection is found to be an “unsuspecting victim.” That is, someone unaware of his or her surroundings and unsuspecting of a pending—potentially lethal—attack. This observable unawareness clearly labels you as a potential victim. You can think of this as a giant blinking neon sign pointing directly at you, reading “PICK ME” in the eyes of an attacker.

[ … ]

Situational awareness amounts to nothing more than observing your environment. We have a tendency to have our faces buried in our smartphones, texting or talking and completely detached from our immediate environment. From the predator’s perspective, this is equivalent to watching an ostrich with its head in the sand—easy prey.

[ … ]

Keeping a few medical supplies on hand could save your life or the life of another. A basic gunshot-wound (GSW)-trauma kit, including a tourniquet, combat gauze, control elastic wrap, chest seal and a space blanket should comprise the basics. The form/size of your kit should be a factor in your consideration. Is it compact enough for everyday carry? Will you carry it in your purse, in your car, keep one at your office?

Bottom line with a GSW kit is to win the fight, “stop the bleeding, help them breathe, warm not freeze and get ready to leave.”

[ … ]

Failing to create space, the defensive “A” answer, your very next option is to use whatever physical means at your disposal to get yourself into a position so that you can get out of danger with the least degree of injury. Inescapably, the one-word description for this is to fight.

Fighting is not easy. Fighting is not pretty. Fighting is pure violence of action. It transcends all language and cultural barriers. It requires full mental and physical commitment. It may be throwing a hammer at your assailant’s head or a scalding-hot pot of coffee in their face or slamming the point of scissors into your attacker’s left eye to cause a distraction. Whatever it takes to immediately fight your way out is always better than the alternative.

A few practical tips and pointers.  The best of all to me is, “Stay away from crowds.”  Don’t drive into it.  Find another way home, or to church, or wherever.

So What’s Happening In Louisville?

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 3 hours ago

This should be a decent smattering of indication.

Michael Yon’s Observations On Primitive Graffiti In Portland

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 2 hours ago

Michael Yon is back in the states from Thailand.  His recent Patreon entry is fascinating and informative.

When you are assessing the situation in your area, Watch the Graffiti.  Make photographs.  Remember what you can.  Valuable.

As I travel through America, I will make thousands of photos of graffiti.  Watch for patterns.

Example: if I see certain graffiti in Seattle, and then see same again in DC, but nowhere else, that can be a clue.

Don’t just walk by graffiti.  That’s like walking past the prints and poo on the jungle floor without stopping when you are tiger hunting.

Often I just photograph close and also establishing shots for later study.

In this case, I stopped here in Portland to photograph.  This fellow quickly arrived and started talking about 9th Amendment, and Veteran issues.  He was aggressive, erratic, rambling like the graffiti.  He began to read for me.  Unfortunately, I did not think to ask if he wrote this.

Bottom line: this is just near the Federal Courthouse that has been attacked for about 100 days.  Many police casualties.

This scribbling is par for the base-level art and messaging in the area.  This area has the most primitive protest-graffiti I have seen in my years of war and conflict, including hundreds of violent protests, some far more violent than here.

The finest messaging I have seen has been Hong Kong, and Thailand.  You knew exactly what they wanted.  Specifically.  Not some general ramble or idea like “justice,” or “black lives matter,” or “anti-fascist.”  In Hong Kong, as example, it was FIVE DEMANDS NOT ONE LESS.  And they would list those specific demands.  Clear,  concise, and memorable.  Bite sized for meme-ability.

I watched many live stream videos of the fighting in Portland before I got here.  I still have little idea what they want after watching for several months.  In Thailand or Hong Kong, you’d know specifics in 5-10 minutes.

In 2020, I have not seen a single person analyse this graffiti.  If you have, Please leave a comment.  I want to see their findings and opinions.

I’m not aware of any analysis of the graffiti in Portland other than Michael’s.  This caused me to pause and consider what he said for a few minutes.  Allow me to extrapolate if I may.

These people are homeless, drug addled, mentally and spiritually ill and vacuous, perhaps combined with under-educated liberal arts majors who have never been held to account by a single professor, paid by outside provocateurs (like George Soros).  “Here’s another $100, do it again tonight, and come back and I’ll pay your drug or food money or apartment expenses again.”

None of these people work for a living.  None of these people can construct coherent sentences, or even coherent, meaningful art.  The images in their head are completely incongruous, mixed up and messed up, with no thoughtful or considered theoretical framework.  The people in Hong Kong, Thailand or virtually anywhere else can do better than this.

By the way, I give a little to Michael and you should consider that too.

Considering Your Tactics, Techniques And Procedures In The American Civil War II

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 1 day ago

The Gateway Pundit.

A Nebraska bar owner that killed a rioter has been charged with “terrorism” and “manslaughter” by a District Attorney who initially admitted it was blatant self defense.
The DA has also admitted that they were “pressured” by local activists and politicians to bring the charges.

The bar owner, Jake Gardner, has now been indicted by a grand jury on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault and making terrorist threats.

On May 30, the 38-year-old bar owner confronted a group of rioters outside one of the bars he owns in Omaha and was knocked to the ground.

“From there, he fired two warning shots and tried to get to his feet, prosecutors said. As he did, Gardner got into a fight with one man, James Scurlock, 22. The two scuffled before Gardner fired a shot that killed him,” Yahoo News reports.

The incident prompted a wave of further “protests,” particularly after Donald Kleine, the Douglas County attorney, determined that Gardner had acted in self-defense and declined to bring charges.

“A week later, Kleine said in a statement that after hearing from local residents and elected officials he would welcome an outside review ‘in this rare instance.’ He added, ‘I made a decision and I would not change that decision based on everything I know today,’” the Yahoo report explains.

Douglas County District Court Judge Shelly Stratman then appointed a special council, Fredrick Franklin, an assistant U.S. attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Omaha, to handle the case, though they said they expected the same outcome.

Instead, Franklin bowed to pressure and dug up evidence and came up with charges.

“The manslaughter charge, he said, is related to Scurlock’s death; the attempted assault charge resulted from the second warning shot Gardner fired; the charge of making terrorist threats is linked to ‘a verbal confrontation’ that Gardner had with Scurlock, Franklin continued,” Yahoo reports.

War has been declared on you, your family, and your possessions.  You’ve seen enough instances like this to know how it’s going to go down.

You behave according to traditional Western and Biblical jurisprudence, and then the unthinkable happens.

You’ve been baited into a response.  Every action has been videoed.  A prosecutor charges you with some crime, or even decides not to.

The family of the one who has been shot gets on local television and cries and talks about what a “good boy” he was, and how he had such a bright future, complete with smiling pictures of the boy and local pastors talking about volunteer work he did.  It will all be covered by local talking heads in suits and pretty dresses, who look sad while listening, and show the utmost unction during the interviews.

Local politicians, who want to get reelected and need all the votes they can muster, pressure prosecutors.  The prosecutor changes his or her mind and convenes a “Grand Jury.”

Grand juries don’t have the same protections for you, are unconstitutional, and were constructed to get presumed convictions where they otherwise couldn’t (after all, a real jury would conclude, then why else would a grand jury have indicted someone?).  It doesn’t take a unanimous decision to indict on a grand jury.

The judge watches the local news too, and appoints a “special council” to investigate and prosecute your actions.  You get convicted, or even if you don’t, you spend your life savings and go bankrupt defending yourself.

This all happens if you use traditional TTPs to defend yourself and your family, even attempting to warn rioters with warning shots because you don’t really want to harm anyone, under the assumption that America is still a civilized and just society, not at war with itself.

Arrested For Brandishing A Weapon Inside Your Own Home

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

This is where we are today.  Prosecutors will arrest homeowners for brandishing weapons inside their own home, but fail to turn police loose on rioters who threaten the homeowners.

Plan TTPs accordingly.

WiscoDave sends this update.

As we reported yesterday, on Tuesday evening, a Trump supporter was arrested for holding a shotgun by the window of his own home as it was surrounded by a mob of far-left lunatics — and it turns out it wasn’t this group’s first time showing up at the home of a random person to “protest” and intimidate.

Antifa Reality Check: This Is A Problem Of RUF/ROE

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 5 days ago

Via WRSA, this piece from NC Scout is must read.

“Me and three of my buddies were in Portland this weekend, got attacked by Antifa. There’s a Twitter video with millions of views on it. They ended up on Hannity and Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro etc., of us getting beaten with bats and rocks the size of cantaloupes thrown at us, getting spit on etc. We were all carrying pistols as well. Opportunity, ability and jeopardy, we were in a deadly force situation and we could easily articulate the use of deadly force, but they had pepper sprayed us. They were using industrial strobe lights on us, etc. We couldn’t PID our target and what lied beyond it, They did a great job of taking our situational awareness away, it was fucking incredible.

Bro my perspective on this changed so much.

The reason we were there wasn’t to counter protest or some shit, **** and *****, two of the guys with me, one of which is a bronze star and Purple Heart recipient. They’re both in the hiring process for the Portland Police Department. One is from Ohio and one is from Virginia. They both flew in that day just so they could come check out the city before they move their families across the nation.

[ … ]

But in all the training that I’ve been through my life, I’ve never been in one where in the first five seconds of the scenario you’re blinded with a strobe light and sprayed with pepper spray…. That changes everything. They were throwing these rocks from 15 feet back in the crowd, you couldn’t see who the fuck through it, etc. things like that…. It’s just a good talking point for guys that carry concealed, but you need to think through all these different scenarios.

It got way worse after that video ended, they chased us for 11 city blocks. They had a convoy of about 25 vehicles that cut us off at the next intersection, They had scouts on the corner with radios, they had a drone following us, they had a bull horn calling us Nazis, and the crowd was following a red strobe light that was up in the air on a stick, so they would announce Nazis and then people would follow the red strobe light, That video is just the beginning, I’ve got a fucking fractured hand from a baton, everyone of us has black and blue bruises up and down their legs and back, I had a guy spit in my face from 6 inches away, call me a pussy and a coward for not doing anything about it, and then tell me that he was going to find where I live, rape my mother, rape my children in front of me and then kill me.

[ … ]

Bottom line: don’t go to an Antifa protest where you can put yourself in that situation. And if you find yourself in that situation, expect them to employ tactics that take away your situational awareness, and complicate the use of force continuum.”

As I’ve said before, Antifa/BLM is highly trained and experienced with their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).  The patriots are simply going to have to do better than this.  Furthermore, there is some thinking and hard decision-making that needs to occur before too much longer down this road.

Many former military have been trained in this sort of difficult tactical situation.  My son, a former Marine, trained his “boots” this way because that’s the way he was trained.  Getting gassed was a routine occurrence, and he trained his “boots” in shooting skills not by letting them sit in safety, security, comfort and peace on sunny, breezy days at the range, but by hazing them and striking them with the butt of his rifle for every errant shot.  I asked him, “How did that work out?”  He responded, “Every one of the boots under my charge scored expert rifleman.  Every … single … one.  You’d be surprised what a good motivator pain and stress is and how well it prepares you for combat.”

Many of us are not former Marines.  In fact, most of us are not prepared for what lies ahead if Antifa/BLM bring their party to the suburbs and begin to burn businesses and homes.  They think it’s justified, the police won’t stop it, and so there is no deterrent or reason for them to cease and desist this behavior.

Professor Reynolds says this concerning the street riots.  “BLOCKING STREETS IS DANGEROUS, AND STEALS HOURS FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES WITHOUT COMPENSATION.”  (Reynolds also says “Molon Labe” when it comes to giving up his home, a threat one wonders if he would carry through on given his knowledge of the difficult legal circumstances surrounding defense of property with lethal force?).

I submit that this doesn’t even come close to the problems the rioting entails, not even nearly.  For some, there is no just compensation.  A baby gets born in a vehicle with the cord around her neck, without medical care, and perishes.  An ambulance isn’t able to get to the hospital and a heart attack victim dies.  On a lesser scale, a father has promised his child that he will be there for his child’s last concert, or school presentation, and cannot make it because of a road riot.  You can fill in the details of thousands more hypothetical instances, but in any case, generations of hate develops.  This hatred doesn’t go away with an election.

Concerning businesses, a BLM march was recently had in Boiling Spring, S.C., in which owners of businesses stood outside their places of business with rifles, ready to defend their property.  Few saw the problem, but I did.  This mirrors so many other such instances of this sort of thing it’s impossible to count.

But what would these owners do in the event of looting, burning, and destruction of private property?  Businesses that perhaps took generations to build, burned down in an instant because of road riots.  What if these riots transition to neighborhoods?  What is a father to do if he sees his home being torched?  It’s more complicated than simply file it with insurance.  Insurance cannot possibly ameliorate the destruction of family and school life such destruction would entail.

There are two states in America where one can legitimately defend property with deadly force, Texas and Missouri.  And in Missouri, because of Soros-backed protecutors, the McCloskeys cannot even go into their own yard carrying guns without being dragged into court.  So regardless of how the law reads, a prosecutor can change everything.

The labyrinth laws of self defense in America and the dice throw of prosecutorial discretion have made it to where the typical American can do nothing to stop this destruction to even their own private property.  Antifa/BLM knows this, and has leveraged these laws in their favor.

American laws concerning self defense and defense of private property were written for men and women who no longer exist.  They are an artifact of a simpler time, a time when men believed in the difference between right and wrong, and usually acted in a manner worthy of being called men.  As John Adams remarked, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.”

My son executed warfare under what I consider an immoral set of RUF/ROE (immoral to him and his unit, that is).  Regardless, he still managed to do his job, and do it well.  But even his RUF/ROE wouldn’t have allowed road riots and the destruction of private property.

The incident cited above in Portland is really only a problem because of rules for the use of force and rules of engagement.  The problem isn’t that Antifa/BLM are enemy forces (they are), but that prosecutors are enemy forces as well in such instances, and the police, who won’t act to stop the acts of violence because they are beholden to the politicians, will follow their orders to the letter and arrest you if a prosecutor says to do it because you defended your property with lethal force.

You see, this is all a problem of RUF/ROE.  It was for these guys in Portland, and it will be for you if you attempt to defend your property.

Unless people decide to change them.  And that’s what I expect to occur in the future.  Open confrontations in the roadway will cease after the arrest of Kyle Rittenhouse and others, and men standing outside of their businesses with ARs will be replaced by men hiding under Ghillie suits, around the corner, and using stand-off tactics and weapons from 400, 500, or 600 yards away, or even further.

This article is posed merely for analysis purposes and as a thought-experiment.  It outlines not what I recommend, nor what I wish to see occur, but what I strongly suspect will occur.

Good men, home owners, fathers who want to protect their families, and business owners, are progressively being backed into a corner.  I suspect they will not allow themselves to be put into a position of no escape from that corner.  At that point, the Antifa/BLM project becomes very dangerous for everyone involved.

Antifa Flash Bangs

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 5 days ago

Via Matt Bracken.  “These LE and .mil-only flashbang grenades can kill if misused.
How did Antifa get them?  Hey #FBI, are you on the case, or is he your asset?
It would be nice to know, before the M193, 262 and 855 etc start to fly.”


Comprehensive, Time-Spliced Video Of Kenosha Event

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 5 days ago

I’ve already written extensively on the Kenosha event, here (“What Started The Event?), here (“No, I Absolutely Do Not Stipulate That Kyle Rittenhouse Shouldn’t Have Been In Kenosha”), here (“What Does It Take To Be A Writer For Slate?”), here (“Three Criminals Shot In Kenosha, WI, Identified”), here (“Candid Observations At Reddit Concerning Kenosha, WI, Gun Battle”) and here (“One Rioter Gets Half His Arm Blown Off With Rifle Fire”).

But I can barely keep up with the breathtaking speed and dizzying accuracy of the analyses at both and Reddit/Firearms. has comprehensive analyses at both this link and this one (the first being first in the sequence, the second being updated but different).

Reddit/Firearms also had a good analysis up, which has been taken down by the awful moderators, but which I lifted here (for the most part, although the loss of comments is regrettable).

The best video I’ve seen to date is a time-spliced video built and posted by a Redditor and dropped out as an MP4 file.  Here is the link (if the link gets taken down, I downloaded the full video and will repost).  Allow me to explain why I’m lifting some of the prose and explanation.  This is “fair use,” as I do not make a penny off of this web site.

Second, I’ve seen far too many valuable, creative, informative discussion threads removed by awful moderators to trust that it will be there in the future.  They could send me a certified letter signed by an attorney declaring that it will never be removed, and I’d still not trust them.  With that said, I will be lifting only parts of the explanation by the author, and I encourage you to go to the balance of the explanation and the comments (which are equally informative).

The Reddit/Firearms thread is here.

The entire thing is a single synced shot, with the exception of the part after the shooting where the entire clip from Regg’s stream of the shooting is played again, and a few seconds at the beginning showing CJ’s shot of Kyle leaving the gas station. Other than that, everything can be considered sequential, synced within about .05 seconds.

The first clip is mostly in there for irony’s sake, and to show that he was wearing his shirt properly earlier, but it’s part of a larger confrontation which started when rioters got angry at the gas station defenders for putting out a dumpster fire. (first shot fired at 3:49)
Joseph was there, and he was very angry at people.
That may have been what prompted him to start chasing Kyle (long time after this incident happened) when he spotted him 50ft outside the gas station parking lot, or Kyle may have started running on his own, drawing people to chase him. Either way, he appears to start running with the extinguisher about a second before “burn inside” is yelled”, dropping it a few seconds later.

[ … ]

Highest quality video of the chase and initial shooting:
Second set of shootings:
Another shot of the shootings, plus a thread with aftermath (unused):
Kyle leaving the station:
CJ’s stream, the guy who provided first aid (7:30 for first shots): (this is the libertarian who went viral the night before, he has a few statements about the situation in other posts)

Auxiliary footage (there’s more video from earlier in the night on their FB pages):
Aftermath Gore:
Lakota’s footage, since he was following CJ:
RT footage, relevant bit at T minus 6 where Kyle asks the cops to go north to his workplace:
Gaige’s POV (if anyone has his entire stream, let me know):

That’s all I’ll lift.  There’s a lot more at the link, and as I said, I encourage you to visit the link and watch the entire video (linked above), multiple times if you have to.  I have.

It’s obvious to me that Mr. Rittenhouse attempted to put out a fire caused by Rosenbaum, Rosenbaum didn’t like it (because he was trying to expand the fire to nearby buildings and police vehicles), and went after Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life, and then others gave chase.  Kyle was on the ground when the rest of the shooting occurred, in one instance defending his life against an attack with a skateboard (which could be lethal in an attack to the head or spine), and in another instance against a convicted felon with a pistol who was advancing towards him (and who unapologetic and later claimed that his only regret is in not emptying his magazine into Kyle).

If you still don’t understand how this went down, I encourage you to go view the video again.  In the exchange, he killed a convicted sex offender (and also convicted arsonist), a wife beater, and wounded (and took out of the fight) another felon.

There’s another aspect that hasn’t been discussed at all, and that is the police interactions with the militia before this event went down.  Watch one of those present explain it to you.

Let’s be clear.  The founders were deeply opposed to a standing army, and the police have become that standing army in many instances, especially with militarized tactics like SWAT teams and no-knock raids.

I’m not opposed to the use of militia to aid “peace officers.”  That’s how the founders intended it to work.  I’m also not opposed to what the Kenosha police told the militia, nor their intended use of the militia (assuming this report is true).

What I am opposed to is the arrest of Kyle Rittenhouse in this instance given that he was doing what was expected of him (and also acted only in self defense), and the office of the DA filing charges of murder against Rittenhouse.  The DA (Michael Graveley) will now use his office to conduct lawfare against the very people with whom the police made a bargain that very day.

But you can be sure of one thing.  Graveley’s office will make sure that the U.S. Department of Justice investigates the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Kenosha, WI: What Started The Event?

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 6 days ago

It’s easy to say that St. Jacob Blake was the start, but he was only the pretext for the violence in Kenosha.

Most of this comes from good friend Len Savage, via  As it turns out, Kyle Rittenhouse attempted to do what he came for, i.e., protect property.

“Kyle apparently ran up at the gas station and provided a fire extinguisher that put out Pedo Boy’s dumpster fire that he was pushing into the gas station … It pissed pedo boy off and they attempted to ambush and set the kid on fire to teach him a lesson…”

Then came screams of “get him.”  They wanted to burn things, Kyle tried to stop it, and for that they chased him down.

This was all in self defense, as his lawyers are pointing out.  Oh, and they’re not done yet.  They want to know where he is.

If this Twitter post gets taken down, here is an archive of it.  I wonder if some DA will take this case up?

Before all of that, the very start of another video shows the cops telling people to go home since “they are civilians.”  Nothing pisses me off more than hearing that.  Cops are civilians too.

Any questions on the sort of people you’re dealing with?  Three convicted criminals got shot, one a wife-beater, another a pedophile, and finally one who came after Kyle with a pistol in his hand (who could not legally own that weapon), who were chasing Kyle down after he tried to stop burning of businesses, something the cops wouldn’t do themselves.

This may be one of the most videographed CQB events in history.  Kyle won.  That makes them angry.  It makes Antifa/BLM angry, and it makes the Kenosha DA angry.

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