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New Hampshire Man Chokes Coyote To Death After It Attacked His Toddler

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 15 hours ago

News from New Hampshire.

A New Hampshire man fought and killed a coyote on Monday, police said, bringing a spate of attacks to an end.

Ian O’Reilly, from Kensington, choked the coyote to death after it attacked his two-year-old child. The same coyote is believed to have bitten a woman in the buttocks earlier in the day, and attacked a car.

The coyote targeted O’Reilly’s family while they were walking on a trail near Kensington. It bit one of O’Reilly’s three children, prompting the father to kick it. O’Reilly then throttled the animal.

“There was no interest in it going away,” O’Reilly told Boston 25 News. “[I] ultimately had to make the decision to become the aggressor and jumped on it, attacked it and [got] it to the ground.

“When I was able to get on top of it, I put my hand on its snout so it wasn’t able to attack me. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground, so I shoved the face into the snow and then eventually was able [to] put my hand on its snout and expire it through suffocation.

“Ultimately one hand on its windpipe and one hand on its snout did the trick.”

O’Reilly was reportedly bitten in the arm and chest. His child was wearing a bulky snowsuit and was unharmed.

“The coyote attacked a young child, and the child’s dad went into protection mode and suffocated the coyote until it succumbed,” police said.

New Hampshire’s fish and game department was testing the coyote for rabies, according to 25 News. O’Reilly received shots for the virus.

This may be a similar case to the recent event with the California mountain lion.  Shooting at the cat would have been danger close and a mistake of centimeters means life and death for his little boy.

The only other option would have been to jump him and shoot the Coyote point blank range.  I’d probably have tried that, but it’s difficult to say unless I was in that circumstance.

California Mountain Lion Attacks Boy, 3; Dad Fights Back By Hurling Backpack

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 16 hours ago

Via reader Richard, news from California.

Emergency crews responded to Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Lake Forest, California, Monday afternoon for a reported mountain lion attack on a 3-year-old child.

The child suffered injuries to the neck as a result of the attack, according to the Orange County Fire Authority who said the family of six was walking in the park with the 3-year-old in front of his father when the feline came out of nowhere and grabbed the child by the neck.

The father threw a backpack at the mountain lion, at which point the animal dropped the child in lieu of the backpack and jumped up a tree, the Orange County Fire Authority said.

While it’s tempting to say that I’d like to hurl a .45 ACP 230 grain fat boy at the cat, this instance is one where you’ve got to do something different.

Shooting at the cat that has your son in its clutches isn’t so smart.  If he’d had a gun he could have jumped the cat and shot it point blank, but you’ve got to have a lot of confidence in your shooting ability to hit a moving target and not shoot your own child.  A mistake of centimeters means life or death for your son.

Kudos to the father.

House Cat Fends Off Three Coyotes In L.A.

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 16 hours ago

Via reader Fred.  News from L.A.

You learn two things from this video.  First of all, Coyotes have lost their fear of other Coyotes and now work in packs.  This is learned behavior, along with an admixture of Wolf DNA.  Don’t go out unarmed.

Second, cats.  Even when I walked my 90 pound Doberman Heidi (before she passed away), when she tried to screw with local cats I always pulled her back.

I’d say to her, “That cat will claw your eyes out girl and I’ll be walking a blind dog.  Learn what you can mess with and what you can’t.”

I would have turned her loose on Yotes, other dogs, or two-legged assailants.  Not cats.

Good Lord, I miss my girl.  So much.

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Coyote Attacks Little Girl On Backyard Swing Set In North Carolina

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 1 day ago

From reader Wynn A, news from North Carolina.

Two people were hospitalized Monday in central North Carolina after being attacked by what is believed to be a coyote.

TV station WXII is reporting the victims were a father and daughter.

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office is warning people that the animal is still on the loose. It’s the second time this year that a coyote attack has been reported outside a Davie County home.

Before I even looked at the caption I said to myself, “That Yote is rabid.”  There’s only one solution to a rabid Coyote.

Just because you’re in your backyard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry.

Coyote Attacks 5-Year Old Boy In Chicago

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

It’s not just gangs.  It’s lone attackers as well in Chicago.

A 5-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Wednesday after a coyote bit him several times outside a nature museum in Lincoln Park, CBS Chicago reports. Police said the boy was near the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum when a coyote bit him “multiple times” around 4 p.m.

A Fire Department spokesman said the boy was bitten on the head and was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital to be treated. His condition was stable, according to police.

After the attack, the coyote took off running north. CBS Chicago reported the coyote was still on the loose Wednesday night. Police drove squad cars along the running paths in the park of Lincoln Park with their spotlights shining.

[ … ]

In recent days, several coyotes have been spotted walking the streets of Chicago. While attacks on people are extremely rare, dogs have been targets.

Yes.  That’s right.  Extremely rare, just like attacks from Mountain Lions and Bears.  All of them.  Extremely rare.  Just like attacks from feral gang members.

Why would you ever carry means of self defense when attacks are so rare and the cops are there to protect and defend you, being heroes of the community and all that, responding within seconds to any threat?

Isn’t that what the controllers in Chicago tell you?

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US Will Stop Sending Explosive-Detection Dogs To Jordan, Egypt After Several More Canine Deaths

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks ago

Stars and Stripes.

The U.S. is temporarily halting a program under which bomb-sniffing dogs were sent to countries in the Middle East after a report released Friday found at least five more of the specially trained dogs had died in Jordan and Egypt following poor care, mistreatment or negligence.

One of the dogs in Jordan died after overheating in June, and another was poisoned by insecticide sprayed near its kennel in September, the report by the State Department’s Inspector General said.

Three of 10 dogs the U.S. has provided to Egypt in the past year have also died — one from lung cancer, one from a ruptured gall bladder and one from heat stroke, the report said.

The announcement that the program is being stopped comes months after American inspectors found that at least 12 of the U.S.-trained canines sent to Jordan under an antiterrorism program had died from medical problems. Others were overworked, unhealthy and forced to live in kennels with “barely existent” sanitation, the officials said in an evaluation released in September.

At the time, the IG called for the U.S. to stop sending dogs to Jordan until a plan could be put in place to ensure the animals’ health and welfare, but State Department officials refused to do so. The department’s top security and counterterrorism officials said at the time their divisions were taking steps to improve monitoring of the health and training of dogs provided to foreign partner countries.

But the IG learned through a hotline complaint after the original report was published that two additional dogs had died in Jordan of “non-natural,” preventable causes.

“The death of two canines from non-natural causes — namely, hyperthermia and poisoning — since June 2019 raises serious questions about the Department’s contention that it has taken adequate steps to protect their health and safety,” said the report released Friday.

A third dog in Jordan was infected with leishmaniasis, a preventable disease spread by sand flies, officials told the IG in October. Last year, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois provided to Jordan had to be euthanized after being infected by the same disease.

Jordan is the main recipient of U.S.-trained bomb-sniffing dogs but several other countries have also received canines under the program, which has been running for some 20 years.

Two of the deaths in Egypt were not previously disclosed to the IG, the new report said. Egypt had denied U.S. officials permission to visit the kennels or the airport where the animals would work, and would not allow U.S. mentors to accompany the dogs to Egypt for in-country training.

[ … ]

In its earlier evaluation, the IG said the department could not provide detailed information about programs in nine other countries which had a total of between 75 and 100 dogs as of last September.

In August, the State Department repossessed 10 dogs from Morocco because they were not being used for their intended purpose, the IG said.

Oh.  Okay.  It all makes sense now.  The State Department is responsible for this grotesque program.

Now see, this really pisses me off.  We’ve bred wolves (and then dogs) for millennia to be our under-foot partners and companions, always with us, faithful and loyal to us to the end.  This kind of treatment in return is an abomination.  End the program … NOW!  Totally and completely, no second chances, no modifications, no alterations.  End the program.  That’s the only thing I’ll accept.

A good man has regard for the life of his beast, the evil man doesn’t.  The State Department is evil for doing this, among many other reasons.  The article has pictures of starving dogs that I can’t bring myself to embed.

So the U.S., under the flag of foreign relations, spends a ton of money training dogs to detect explosives, sends them overseas to be used, and instead of taking care of them, they are abused by their handlers if used at all for their intended purpose.  And after finding that out, the State Department refused to stop the program.

Why does the State Department exist?  Rex Tillerson made this major mistake, among many moderate and smaller ones.  When he fired an entire floor of employees from the State Department, he should have emptied the building and permanently shuttered it.  It’s good for nothing at all.

So the intent is to detect explosives?  The Arabic culture disrespects dogs?  Fine.  Let those countries explode to hell and back.  I don’t care.

My own Marine who did a tour in Fallujah in 2007 came home disgusted and repulsed by the obscene and revolting treatment of dogs in middle eastern culture.  If you look at dogs the way they do, I look at you the way I look at the middle eastern culture.

There.  Is that clear enough for you?  On both accounts?

Dean Weingarten: Mountain Lions Are Another Reason To Go Armed

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 1 day ago


Mountain lion populations are on the increase and pose significant threats to unarmed humans.  Mountain lions were involved in a flurry of interaction with humans in the last two weeks of 2019.

On 26 December 2019, Gary Gorney was hunting pheasants with his two dogs, in the Custer Mine hunting area near Minot, North Dakota. His dogs alerted him to something ahead. Instead of a pheasant, a large female mountain lion charged him out of the grass. He shot and killed the lion with his 9mm pistol.

[ … ]

On the last day of the year, in 2019, near the Pine Canyon trailhead, a few miles Northeast of Tucson, Arizona, Pima County Sheriff deputies discovered three mountain lions were feeding on a human body.  The three lions were unafraid of people. The lions did not flee as officers approached. They were feeding on the body within sight of human homes.

[ … ]

In the week before Christmas, 2019, mountain lions attacked five pet dogs in the Wood River Valley in Idaho.

Dean could have added the fact that Idaho has seen a rash of pet killings and a mountain lion was killed while eating a pet dog on January 3, 2020.

But hey, the tree huggers say that this kind of thing is extremely rare.  So there’s that.  Say that to yourself when you send your pet out to play or go hiking or backpacking.

Massachusetts Bans Hunting Contests Targeting Coyotes

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 2 days ago

News from the Northeast.

Critics of the contests welcome the ban. They say the contests inflict needless pain by encouraging the killing of animals for cash or prizes.

“Participants of wildlife killing contests often use unsporting and cruel techniques – such as calling devices that mimic the sound of prey or even pups in distress – so that they can lure shy coyotes and foxes to shoot at close range,” Laura Hagen, Massachusetts state director for the Humane Society of the United States, said in a statement.

All of you boys who have worked so hard on your Turkey calls to lure those shy gobblers didn’t know you were using an unsporting and cruel technique, huh?

May the pet owners of Massachusetts get what they so richly deserve with these duly elected rulers.

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Can You Really Kill Feral Hogs With An AR-15?

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 3 days ago

Nina Pullano.  The actual title of her piece is Scientists: No, you cannot kill 30 to 50 feral hogs with an automatic rifle.

So while the hype raged on, Inverse turned to the science to see if McNabb’s statement had any truth to it.

Turns out an automatic rifle would simply not be an effective way to get rid of the feral pigs ravaging parts of the country. That’s according to pig experts and Clemson University researchers Shari Rodriguez and Christie Sampson.

“They’re difficult to get rid of in a way that doesn’t educate them on our methods of mitigation,” Rodriguez told Inverse at the time. If you trap and remove most of a particular group of hogs, the others will quickly learn to avoid your tricks next time. To get rid of them, you have to get rid of the entire group.

“So while you may get an animal or two [with a rifle], it’s a drop in the bucket,” Rodriguez said. “It really does nothing to decrease the population of hogs.”

“Also, because hogs are so smart, they will habituate to that method and begin avoiding areas where they think they might get shot,” she said. “It’s not a long-term, sustainable solution.”

Instead, governments need to take feral hogs into account in policies that protect livestock from carnivorous predators, the researchers said.

Hmm … and this passes for research in academia.

Okay, so we have a few things to cover, Nina, Shari and Christie.  First of all, an AR-15 isn’t an automatic rifle, at least, not unless it’s a machine gun that was registered before 1968.  No one uses that for hunting.

The rifles in question are semi-automatic, and if you’re hunting a large population that groups together, that’s the preferred method.  Furthermore, no one with any sense would prefer to have a bolt action rifle if a group of hogs enters your neighborhood and you need to protect your children.  People have indeed been killed by feral hogs, and even in the daytime hours.

The question being addressed by the researchers and you are two different questions.  You’re asking if it’s possible to kill a lot of hogs at one time with an AR-15.  Well of course it is.

At his farmhouse, Campbell goes to his gun safe.

“It will hold about 40 guns, and I’ve got about 25 in there. But I’ve got some really neat guns,” Campbell says. “I’ve got my grandfather’s .22. I have an STW. I have an AR-15. I have a Smith & Wesson .22-250.”

Some of the rifles are for deer. Campbell has many beautiful shotguns because he is an avid duck hunter. He uses the AR-15, which is essentially the military’s M16, to hunt feral hogs. We go out back, and the judge lets fly with the semiautomatic.

“I’ve got a night vision scope on it. And the hogs only come out at 2 o’clock in the morning. There are certain spots they come out at. I drive up very quietly. I’m normally only 200 yards out, and I turn on my little trusty night vision scope and I smoke ’em. All of ’em,” Campbell says. “I can shoot 30 shots in eight seconds, and I’ve killed as many as 26 out of 30 shots at night with that gun.”

The question being addressed by the researchers is one of the strategy of population control, and that’s more complicated.  What they’ve suggested, to wit, “governments need to take feral hogs into account in policies that protect livestock from carnivorous predators,” is completely infeasible, impractical and too expensive.  It also wouldn’t do anything to protect the indigenous species, protect the potable water supply, or prevent crops from being destroyed.  You do realize that all of your food comes from land where these hogs are a problem, right?  You do realize that entire crops have been destroyed and farmers run out of business because of feral hogs, right?

They eat the eggs of the sea turtle, an endangered species, on barrier islands off the East Coast, and root up rare and diverse species of plants all over, and contribute to the replacement of those plants by weedy, invasive species, and promote erosion, and undermine roadbeds and bridges with their rooting, and push expensive horses away from food stations in pastures in Georgia, and inflict tusk marks on the legs of these horses, and eat eggs of game birds like quail and grouse, and run off game species like deer and wild turkeys, and eat food plots planted specially for those animals, and root up the hurricane levee in Bayou Sauvage, Louisiana, that kept Lake Pontchartrain from flooding the eastern part of New Orleans, and chase a woman in Itasca, Texas, and root up lawns of condominiums in Silicon Valley, and kill lambs and calves, and eat them so thoroughly that no evidence of the attack can be found.

And eat red-cheeked salamanders and short-tailed shrews and red-back voles and other dwellers in the leaf litter in the Great Smoky Mountains, and destroy a yard that had previously won two “‘Yard of the Month” awards on Robins Air Force Base, in central Georgia, and knock over glass patio tables in suburban Houston, and muddy pristine brook-trout streams by wallowing in them, and play hell with native flora and fauna in Hawaii, and contribute to the near-extinction of the island fox on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California, and root up American Indian historic sites and burial grounds, and root up a replanting of native vegetation along the banks of the Sacramento River, and root up peanut fields in Georgia, and root up sweet-potato fields in Texas, and dig big holes by rooting in wheat fields irrigated by motorized central-pivot irrigation pipes, and, as the nine-hundred-foot-long pipe advances automatically on its wheeled supports, one set of wheels hangs up in a hog-rooted hole, and meanwhile the rest of the pipe keeps on going and begins to pivot around the stuck wheels, and it continues and continues on its hog-altered course until the whole seventy-five-thousand-dollar system is hopelessly pretzeled and ruined.

So as to the question of lethal removal, here is your answer.

Lethal control works. Alaska uses aerial wolf control to manage wolf populations as well as long term hunting and trapping seasons with generous bag limits. Wolves will have dramatic impacts on moose and caribou populations if allowed to increase in numbers unchecked. Natives in western Alaska will tell you that there was never any moose in western Alaska until wolf suppression was initiated. Moose in Alaska have been expanding their range because of wolf (lethal) control. State Fish and Wildlife personnel use aircraft to control wolf populations. Abundant moose and caribou populations are the result.

Your pig problems could be managed the same way. Aerial lethal suppression coupled with an open hunting season on pigs until you achieve the numbers, in terms of managed populations, that you want.

If eradication is your goal, then lethal removal is the only option. If the State is serious, your pig problem can be solved.

Remember, countless millions of bison, packs of wolves, plains grizzles and the prairie chickens (extinct,) were removed from the great plains with single shot front-stuffers (in large part.)

The scoped AR seems IMO, to be the best platform for ground based pig control. What fun!

As long as leased hunting property owners make money on hog hunting, as long as the use of firearms in suburban areas is frowned upon, and as long as ignorant people are taught that there is any other method to deal with this invasive species, there will be a feral hog problem.

When people get serious, for example, when there isn’t enough food to go around for urbanites, they will decide that feral hogs need to be killed.  Until then, researchers are tilting at windmills.

This video shows what a scoped AR can do to feral hogs, even in daylight.

Something tells me you’ve never been in the bush before, have you Nina?

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Bear Takes Walk Through VA Neighborhood On Trash Night

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 3 days ago

News from near the viper’s pit.

HAYMARKET, VA — The middle of the night is a perfect time for a black bear to go wandering through a neighborhood in a Washington suburb. Chances are slim the bear will come into contact with a human, making it easier for the bear to enjoy the sights and search for food without interruptions.

[ … ]

If a bear is in your yard and it approaches you, make yourself look big and make loud noises. Remain at a safe distance and throw rocks to make the bear feel unwelcome.

Yes, chances are slim.  And that’s exactly what I recommend you do, folks around the beltway.  Scream and throw rocks to make it feel unwelcome, if you can find any rocks after Pedro has manicured your lawn.

Meanwhile, I suppose governor Ralph “Kill the babies give me all your guns” Northam is proceeding apace to ensure you are incapable of any defense against Mr. bear, so just don’t go out anywhere at night.  Or let your pets out.  Perhaps poochie the dog can take a crap on your carpet.  Is that okay, mommy?

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