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BY Herschel Smith
7 hours, 10 minutes ago

If you have to beat a dog in order to train him or her, you’re stupid and wicked and have no business being around animals or humans.

But this dog seems to have recovered from abuse quickly.

I demand to have my belly rubbed, and I’m badder than you.

Nothing wrong with a good pool party.

Good boy.

Don’t mess with bull elk, especially if they are rutting.


BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 8 hours ago

Big dog versus Cobra.  Good Lord!  That dog has guts, but seems to know the risks.

If dogs are more courageous than snakes, cats are quicker.

Dog and puppy rescue.  Just in time.

Everybody loves good music.

What a jerk.

Dogs are smarter than cows.  Hey, they’re probably smarter than many humans.

Even injured, the honey badger fights off the leopard.

Man it’s eerie when wolves howl.  And man those wolves are big.

@arcticfoxdaily Ngl, this is pretty freakin’ awesome and it never gets old ❤️ #wildlife #rescue #sanctuary #wolfdog #wolf #howl #fyp #animals ♬ original sound – Kimberly DeFisher


BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago

Feeding a falcon from your window.  It’s amazing that he’s gained the trust of that bird.

He’s okay, but he was remined to carry a big bore handgun, wasn’t he?

Stevens hightailed it back the his truck to grab a hoodie that he hoped would protect him from the swarming pests, but as he hiked back, he noticed a Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks employee eyeing him from a distance. It was a biologist working in the area who’d been observing Stevens’ hunt from afar. From his vantage, he could see a large grizzly bear stalking in on the hunter and his kill.

“I walked out to where my car was parked and he drove down there and he said, ‘Do you know you have a grizzly stalking you?’,” Stevens says. “I was just shocked.” The biologist told Stevens that another group of hunters had been watching as well, and they’d alerted FWP because they were concerned for his safety.

“They said that as soon as I shot that deer, the grizzly picked up his head. He must have smelled it immediately,” he recalls. “It started coming straight on a line for me. I was really lucky that I got out of there when I did.”

Stevens had left his bear spray at home that evening. He had a handgun, but it was just a 9mm. “I’ve become so comfortable with that area and have been hunting it so often,” he says. “I didn’t wanna carry my big .45 around with me because I didn’t think I’d really need it. In hindsight, I should have thought that through a little better.”

I don’t mind carrying around my .45.

Bird shot just isn’t sufficient for bears.  I have no explanation for how you would avoid a situation like this.  Bird shot is certainly a second or third or fourth choice.  Reaching a large bore handgun would be my first choice, but this attack was from close range.  Actually, my first choice would have been 00 buck, but you don’t hunt upland birds with 00 buck shot.

Earlier this week, a man was hunting upland birds along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front when a grizzly bear charged him from roughly 15 feet away. According to a press release issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), the bird hunter escaped the harrowing encounter without injury after firing his shotgun multiple times, injuring the bear and causing it to flee the immediate area.

I just don’t think I’d get into a pet skunk.  WiscoDave is pretty oddball with his pet pigs, but I don’t even think he would like this.

Oh, oh, it’s my human.  I love you so much!


♬ original sound – rachel

Watch me.  This is how you do it.

@northernreachnetwork Little Tiny Tim being taught to walk with e legs like his foster bro Nemo. His amputation was today. He is doing well. #puppytiktok #northernreachrescuenetwork #rescue #dogsoftiktok #puppies #tripod #love #cute #puppies ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

I guess best buddies come in all shapes and sizes.

@brehillboyette Milkshake was in such a rush to get in the pond but STILL WAITED FOR HER COW ❤️ #fypシ #farmlife #bestfriend #furandfeathersfarm #fluffycows #minicow #3bestfriends #ducksoftiktok ♬ original sound – Bre Boyette

This bald eagle has a fish large enough that he can only swim it to shore.



So What Exactly Was The Plan If They Had Caught The Bears?

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

They’re lucky that sow didn’t claw their eyes out and then rip their hearts out and eat it in front of the cubs as an object lesson.

I await comment by “The Alaskan.”

Via WiscoDave.

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BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 1 day ago

I’ve immensely enjoyed watching the Osprey family in Boulder, Colorado, for the season.  I saw the chicks when they hatched, watched them fledge, and watched them learn to fish for themselves, all in a single season.  And now they’ve migrated, all individually.  You might have seen images or video of the mother protecting her eggs in a hail storm.


Here are some other images.



Chick #3 hatched last, and had to fight for every morsel of food.  Every now and again when I saw dad bring in a fish and hand it off to mom, I’d scream at #3 to go get some.  This made for an interesting lunch break for me.  But he did learn to fight for himself, and was a big as the rest when he fledged and then eventually left the nest to migrate.  He was also first to learn to fish for himself.

And finally, one of dad himself, the big boy, the feeder and protector of the family.  He did have to chase away interlopers.


All the chicks lived, fledged, and presumably they all learned to fish.  I’ll see mom and dad again next year.  They mate for life and nest in the same location every year (after running off the squatters).



BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks ago

I may have shared this before, but it’s always a good watch when I stumble upon it.  From the comments: “The honey badger popping up after getting free from its coils and then going after it was probably the most gangster thing I’ve ever seen in the animal kingdom.”

Antelopes scale the cliffs and rocks.

And those wolves must have been mighty hungry to go after calf with a full grown, healthy Bison defending. From about seven years ago.

Just Like Dogs Were Meant To Be

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 2 days ago

Just like dogs were meant to be, and with human companions.

I’ve thought about rescue Greyhounds before.


3 weeks, 5 days ago

Herschel, you’re gonna need a bigger litter box.

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BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks, 1 day ago

Big bear fight.

Alligator versus Python.  I don’t like either one of them.

An Alaskan island of feral cattle.

Working animal, Natural landscape, Water, Sky, Grazing, Grass

Mule Versus Horse For Game Hunting

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago


On the other hand, every horse is an individual, strong or weak, stupid or smart, slow or fast, placid or panicky. Moreover, horses respond to how well or poorly you ride them. If you saw at the reins, yank on the bit, flop around in the saddle, or kick constantly, you will soon be riding a very unhappy horse who will be thrilled to scrape you off its back by way of a low tree limb.

Horses are flesh and blood, and wear out. The average elk-hunt cayuse will probably be close to exhaustion by the time you get him, leg-weary and suffering from weeks of a poor diet. Have a heart and don’t beat on him. On the other hand, many horses loaf when they can get away with it, and a tap with a Field Expedient Equine Motivational Device (a switch, which you cut) will remind him of where his duty lies.

Horses are subject to panic attacks. For much of their history, they were what was for dinner, and so if something spooks them, they react instantly, either by kicking, or bucking, or stampeding. If you’re in the saddle when this happens, you’re in trouble. I’ve never known anyone who spent a lot of time with horses and did not get bashed, but good, at some point. Getting bashed is part of the mule vs horse equation no matter which side you take, but in my experience, horses employ a wider variety of ways to bash you.

The mule is a hybrid, produced by mating a male donkey, or jack, with a lady horse. Mules were familiar 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, and were originally imported and bred in America by George Washington, who was first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen, and first to ask “Why don’t we have mules?”, and do something about it.

Most mules weigh between 800 and 1,000 pounds. They come in all colors and can range way above or below those weights depending on the size of their dams. The creatures benefit from a phenomenon known as hybrid vigor; they inherit the best qualities of both the horse and the donkey. The list of ways in which mules outshine horses is so long as to be embarrassing.

Mules are stronger than horses. They can carry more weight and carry it farther without breaking down. During World War II, pack mules served the U.S. Army in Sicily, Italy, and the China-Burma-India Theatre, wherever there were mountains that Jeeps could not navigate and heavy loads that had to be carried over them. In Korea, the U.S. Army ignored mules, but the Chinese Army did not, and our G.I.s used captured mules, feeding them the cereal packets from their own rations. Special Forces used mules in Afghanistan, and at one point SF troopers could take a course in mule management at Ft. Bragg, N.C.

There are reasons for all this.

  • Mules are smarter than horses (which is not all that difficult) and have better memories.
  • They can subsist on less feed than a horse, and poorer feed.
  • Their hooves are smaller, and harder, than a horse’s, and mules are much surer-footed.
  • They can work in heat that would founder a horse.
  • Mules live longer than horses and are more resistant to disease.
  • If you treat them with kindness, they’ll bond with you in a way that horses won’t.

Mules don’t react to the world in the way that horses do. In the face of perceived peril, a mule will not panic and go thundering over a cliff. He will stop and think about the situation, and if he decides that whatever is afoot might be dangerous he will go no further. Mules, I’ve been told, will never do anything that might hurt them, and their legendary stubbornness is actually a form of self-preservation. (Mules will also balk if they’re confused or have no idea what you want them to do.)

I love horses, but I’ve ridden a mule before at the Grand Canyon (horses were too skittish to use near the big drops), and let me tell you, they are much bigger and stronger than horses.  Yea, a bit slow to react to neck reigning, but still mine was responsive to me because of my time training quarter horses, and there isn’t any situation where I had heavy weight to carry out West or up North where I wouldn’t rather have a mule with me.

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