The Paradox and Absurdities of Carbon-Fretting and Rewilding

Herschel Smith · 28 Jan 2024 · 4 Comments

The Bureau of Land Management is planning a truly boneheaded move, angering some conservationists over the affects to herd populations and migration routes.  From Field & Stream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft plan outlining potential solar energy development in the West. The proposal is an update of the BLM’s 2012 Western Solar Plan. It adds five new states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming—to a list of 11 western states already earmarked…… [read more]

Frisco, Texas, Police Department Off The Chain

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 2 weeks ago

Watch the entire video.  Here are my initial thoughts.

“It was an honest mistake.”  No, it was honestly a dumbass mistake.  A different state – literally, the officer entered the wrong state into his database.

You’d think that brandishing a firearm at someone and the reckless endangerment that entails would necessitate some personnel error reduction training.  For example, they should be using STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review), self-checking, independent verification, repeat backs, phenetic alphabet, and a whole host of very simple tools to prevent these sorts of stupid errors.  From wrong tag numbers to wrong-home SWAT raids, the error rate among cops has to be higher than even in the medical or pharmaceutical professions.  As I’ve pointed out before, they could take a page from the books of commercial nuclear power generators and the airline industry.  Imagine if we held cops to the same zero error-rate as FFLs?

Second, that cop who was shouting orders is much too dramatic for me.  He needs to take his finger out of the trigger well and calm down.  It’s not okay to muzzle flag people at the range, but for some reason cops think it’s okay for them to do it to innocent people.

Third, the policy is stupid.  It would had been much more effective if they had simply gone up to the window and knocked on it and asked some questions, perhaps revisited their initial work to come up with the wrong state tag.

Finally, having the people walk backwards on a freeway is about the dumbest thing they could demand. The individuals they’ve stopped have absolutely no way of knowing that they’re correct that the freeway has been shut down. After all, they’ve been stopped for no reason at all by an idiot who entered the wrong state into his database. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. My bet, however, is that a DA would have refused to charge them if someone had been run over because of “qualified immunity,” which as we’ve seen before is an unconstitutional abomination borne out of DAs and the judicial bench protecting their own.

This is just stupidity in action.  Watch as these cops make enemies of people, abandoning any hope of having people talk about “supporting the blue.”  It’s happening all over America as police departments hire the lowest IQ people they can find, and cops abandon the constitution and continue to listen to their dumb police academy trainers.

Here is their contact information.

Water Filtration For The Hunter And Backpacker

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 2 weeks ago

American Hunter.

What was supposed to be a short walk last fall turned into a lot more. Lost or misdirected depends on which one of us you ask, but either way it was a long slog through a thick swamp. It was below zero earlier that morning in Maine but had warmed up, and I was overdressed. I had pounded through my one bottle of water pretty fast. I had no trouble finding more, but remembered that the stream I was following originated in an active beaver dam. Beavers carry giardia. I’ve had it before and I never want it again. I was very thirsty by the time I got back to the truck and more interested in water than hunting. You can be sure I had a way to make water safe in my backpack the next day.

Hunters have two concerns: camp water and field water. Camp water must be safe to drink, wash dishes, brush your teeth and even make coffee. Hunters in the field also need an easy and lightweight way to make water safe to drink day to day. No water supply, no matter how remote, is safe to drink.

Be cautious about water that guides or other people insist is “safe.” They may have developed an immunity to the impurities in the water.

This is certainly true.  I once worked at a Christian camp in the mountains of S.C., and our water was fed from a spring but stored in a concrete block house that had to be contaminated with various sorts of microorganisms.  Working the entire summer there brought immunity to whatever contaminants were in the water.  By contrast, campers sometimes had stomach illnesses for the first few days of their stay, and sometimes the entire week.

I also passed an AT through-hiker on the trail once and asked him what he does for water.  He said, “When I see water I face-plant in it and drink as much as I can.”  He hadn’t had any problems, and this encounter happened in Virginia.

It’s always best to pre-filter any water to remove the chunks and debris. Coffee filters work great for this. T-shirts are okay, but dirty underwear is a poor choice.

Large debris and turbidity must be removed.

In Camp
• Boiling: Perhaps the best known and easiest way to deal with contaminated water is boiling the water. Boiling will kill bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. At high elevations, though, the boiling point of water drops. To be 100 percent sure, boil for at least 10 minutes at sea level and add 10 more minutes for every 1,000 feet of elevation.

• Chemicals: Water purification chemicals are usually either iodine- or chlorine-based. But most are not 100 percent effective against giardia and cryptosporidium. They are best used in conjunction with a filter.

One of the best and least expensive chemicals you can use to purify drinking water is regular, unscented 5 percent to 8.25 percent household bleach. Mix one-half teaspoon of bleach per 5 gallons of clear water. If the water is cloudy, double the bleach. A slightly stronger mix, 1 tablespoon of bleach per 1 gallon of water, is great to disinfect dishes and cooking areas.

Aquatabs tablets are used all over the world to kill off waterborne germs, but they are chlorine-based and alone may not be effective against giardia.

Potable Aqua iodine tablets are the iodine-based treatment. Because iodine tastes awful, the kit comes with two bottles of tablets; the second has ascorbic acid to remove the taste. It’s not a good idea to ingest this much iodine in your water long-term, but for a few days or weeks it’s fine.

• Filters: Filters are the best choice for safe drinking water for hunters. A gravity fed, high-capacity filter will work at making safe water all day if it is tended well. These work well for a camp-based operation where water can be filtered into a large holding tank or a clean 5-gallon jug.

In the Field
The key here is to carry something lightweight and portable in a backpack or pocket to treat the water you find as you hunt. There are three choices:

• Chemicals: The two-part system used by Aquamira Water Treatment Drops uses chlorine dioxide, which is what municipal water systems have used for years. The company says it will kill off giardia and cryptosporidium, making this a good choice for hunters. As with any chemical treatment, it takes time to work. I once used Aquamira Water Treatment Drops while packing out a sheep in the mountains of Yukon. I was thirsty and my companions were impatient, so I drank it too soon, before it had time to act, and wound up with a stomach bug.

• Ultraviolet Purification: Ultraviolet (UV) light works on DNA and prevents microbes from reproducing. (I wonder if we can use it on Congress?) Without reproduction, the microbes become far less dangerous.

Water treated with UV still contains microbes. They remain present in the water, but their means for reproduction are turned off, so the water is safe to drink.

UV works best with clear water so pre-filtering is a good idea. The UV light must be able to penetrate the water. The upside is UV adds nothing to the water for you to ingest. Also, the amount of water it can handle is almost limitless because as long as the unit remains working you will never run out.

Steripen is the best-known company for consumer UV water treatment. I carry one of the company’s rechargeable units in my backpack when hunting as it weighs almost nothing. It’s also a good choice for travel in Third World situations where I sterilize the hotel water before drinking it.

• Filtration: Portable filters are designed for backpackers, hunters and other people on the move. They are relatively light and fit easily in a backpack and are available at most outdoor stores. If you are in a North American wilderness situation or even in most rural locations, water that is filtered is pretty safe to drink.

I have three water filters.  One is a larger pump filter for quantity, the next size down is a Sawyer squeeze, and the smallest one is a Life Straw.

Do the Life Straws actually work?  Yes, they do.

Rossi R95 Lever-Action Rifle

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

Well it finally happened.  Rossi actually came out with a nice looking rifle, with a pistol style grip, fairly good looking Walnut stock, with at least the appearance of a good fit and finish.  At least that’s what you’d conclude from the picture.

Rossi R95 lever action rifle full length facing right on white background.

Right now it’s in .30-30.  It might be nice to have for a price point < $1000 (street price will be lower).  I expect it will be “unobtanium” for the time being, but time will tell how they meet demand.

So the next step for Rossi will be to make one of these in Walnut, with the pistol style grip, chambered in .454 Casull.

CZ Next Generation CZ 712 G3 Target Shotgun

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

At Recoil they have a short assessment of the new CZ 712 G3 shotgun.

GunMagWarehouse also has a writeup.  Before pushing this to the web sites, CZ had the sense to send a gun to Target Focused Life for review.  Here is his writeup, and here is his video review.

BLUF: A few nits here and there, but overall a good review of a reasonably priced shotgun.  Gun Dog Magazine also has a review.

Professor Mark Smith Assesses The DoJ Frame And Receiver Brief To The Supreme Court

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

He finds some problems and dishonesty.

Americans have a God-given right to make machinery, including machinery that propels a projectile.

Department of Justice Goes to Supreme Court Over Vacated Frame and Receiver Rule

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

If you recall, a federal judge completely vacated the ATF’s frame and receiver rule, and after appeal to the Fifth Circuit to issue a stay on the judge’s decision, the Fifth Circuit told the ATF that they weren’t likely to prevail.  It’s a bit more complicated than that, because there were non-challenged provisions vacated along with the stupid main points of the frame and receiver rule.  But the ATF doesn’t care about that, and neither do the plaintiffs.

Well, the ATF got their panties in a wad over all of that and had a girl-fit, and they have sent this to the Supreme Court.

Here is their paperwork.  Most of it is laughable.  In fact, it’s so stupid that I’m not going to lift prose out of it.  You can read it for yourself.

Let’s rehearse this again.  What the ATF is saying is that they don’t want people to be able to do what the colonialists did back in the days before and preceding the war of independence.  That is, make their own machinery, if said machinery can propel a projectile.

The FedGov wants them all serialized, because guess why?

I’ve said it before.  I consider the entirety of the serialization schema to be immoral and unconstitutional.


Building Rifles At Rock River Arms

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

I can vouch for what they’re saying.  Rock River Arms produces exquisitely built rifles, capable of very good accuracy and precision (repeatability).  They make fine machinery.

There are two things that I think have held them back.  First, being in Illinois, and second, their slightly longer lag time at adopting new things (e.g., light forends).  For a long time, their forends were extremely heavy and a bit clunky.  No more.  They’re up with the rest of the industry on that.

I also dislike the fact that they haven’t yet made a rifle in 6mm ARC (but that goes back to what I’m saying about being slow to adopt new things).

I’ll make one final comment.  At one time they only made a polymer 1911 (which in my book is no 1911 at all).  I see that their catalog now includes some very nice 1911s, but the prices are extremely high, even exceeding the Dan Wesson price range.  They’re into the Wilson Combat price range, and it makes me wonder how many of them they sell.

New ATF “Zero Tolerance” Policy

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

Epoch Times.

Having failed to pass gun bans to curtail Americans’ purchases of firearms, the Biden administration appears now to be attempting to restrict the supply of guns, with a new “zero tolerance” policy at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that has put nearly 2,000 gun sellers out of business in the past two years, according to one lawsuit. 

Starting in 2021, the ATF implemented an aggressive agenda in its inspections of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs), in many cases permanently revoking licenses over what defendants say are minor clerical errors. 

“This is an end-around gun ban, because you start putting gun dealers out of business and now all of a sudden it’s very difficult for people to purchase firearms,” Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America (GOA), told The Epoch Times. GOA filed a lawsuit on July 11 against the Biden administration in response to the ATF’s zero-tolerance enforcement.

The GOA lawsuit is requesting that the courts issue an injunction to end the ATF’s zero tolerance policies and “declare that the [ATF] has acted unconstitutionally, arbitrarily, capriciously, and contrary to law, in the establishment of and/or application of standards for revocation of federal firearm licenses.”

According to the ATF, the agency revoked 88 FFL licenses in 2022, compared to five that were revoked in 2021. 

But a recent GOA court filing states that, “in addition to revocations, ATF has coerced and intimidated an ever increasing number of FFLs into ‘voluntarily’ ceasing operations. In fact, the number of FFLs who discontinued business following a compliance inspection increased from 96 in 2020 to 789 in 2021 (the year that ‘zero tolerance’ was adopted) to 1,037 in 2022, an overall increase of more than 1,000%.”

Here is the GOA lawsuit.  Our buddy Stephen Stamboulieh is involved in this.  Godspeed to Stephen.

Here is a video of a home FFL in Texas trying to fight the power.

Look folks, it doesn’t matter if you’re a manufacturer, distributor, store-front FFL or home FFL.  Certain things must be done to stay in business.  You must be error-free.  You must engage in the tools for reduction of human errors, STAR (stop, think, act and review), independent verification, self-check, etc., etc.  You cannot mark down the wrong serial number on a Form 4473.  This is the case not because it’s the moral or right thing to do.  I consider the entire schema of firearm serialization to be unconstitutional and immoral. Furthermore, those who enforce this unconstitutional and immoral practice are communists.

You must do it to stay in business.  Obtain help.  Hire another worker to check behind you.  Make it the sole responsibility of one of the workers to check the forms.  This is your livelihood.

By the way, the error rates from lowest to highest in industries is as follows. (1) Commercial Nuclear Power where tens of thousands of manipulations are performed each day, from opening or closing valves, turning pumps on or off, venting systems, calibrating transmitters, and so on, (2) The Airline Industry (whose error rate is higher than nuclear power, but still relatively low considering all of the flights and equipment manipulations every day), (3) the Pharmaceutical Industry (whose error rate is very high according to an executive with whom I talked), and finally, (4) The Medical Profession.  A Major Study by Harvard and Johns Hopkins found that over 800,000 Americans are killed/seriously injured every year due to medical errors and misdiagnoses.

But they want to shut down the FFLs.  You must be better than them.

Department of Justice Caught Bribing States To Pass Red Flag Laws

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

You know what will be done about this illegality?

That’s right.  Nothing.

Why Would Anyone With Any Sense Enlist In The U.S. Military Today?

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 3 weeks ago

From the clownish behavior of the generals simping for the Woke crowd, to the obscene pullout of Afghanistan, to the lower PT standards of all branches of the military, to the recycling of female candidates for Ranger school, to Marine Corps officer candidates who have to use GPS to pass the land navigation course, to the rusting ships, to the crashing ships at sea, and on it goes.  How could it get any worse?

She, along with a ten other Marines, a Soldier and a Sailor, was killed by the enemy doing exactly what you see in this picture – helping the innocent.

She was 23; she was 2-years old when the attacks of 911 started the path down to where she found herself that day in service to her nation.

All that makes the following unbearable.

Nicole Gee, 23, was one of 13 service members who died in a suicide blast at Kabul Airport in 2021 alongside 170 desperate Afghans seeking to leave the beleaguered country.

Gee’s body was first flown to her hometown of Roseville, California for a ceremony.

But her family was told they would be responsible for taking her body to her final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery, Florida Representative Mills claimed.

Honoring Our Fallen, a nonprofit which helps the families of fallen American service members, paid for the family to move Gee’s remains to Virginia using a private jet.

Mills’ office said the option for the defense department to decline to pay for the transportation of her body was allowed by a change to last year’s National Defense Authorization Act.

It states the secretary of Defense may provide a fallen service member’s family ‘a commercial air travel use waiver for the transportation of deceased remains of [a] military member who dies inside a theater of combat operations.’

Republican politician Mills said the Defense Department should pay for transporting the bodies of those who have died serving their countries and not their families.

‘Typically, our fallen heroes are flown back home for a solemn service and then laid to a final rest at Arlington Cemetery with the utmost respect and honor,’ he told Fox News.

‘It is an egregious injustice that grieving families were burdened to shoulder the financial strain of honoring their loved ones.

So now in the middle of the obscene surrender and pullout, a woman (who shouldn’t have been in combat anyway) died, and the family has to sustain the burial cost if they want her buried at Arlington.

Who with any sense would enlist in or seek a commission in the U.S. military today?

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