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Sotomayor Is A Detestable Woman

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 22 hours ago

Loathsome, she is.

Justice Sotomayor made some awful comments in the discussion when she compared unborn babies to dead people.

She argued that the notion of fetal pain is “not founded in science at all” — a claim which has been debunked.

Sotomayor compared fetal pain to involuntary spasms in brain dead people, specifically talking about dead people whose feet have moved.

Alexandra DeSanctis hit the nail on the head when she said, “It says a lot about Roe that one of its defenders on the Court is defending the decision by comparing an unborn child to a dead body.”

She is callous, grotesque, loathsome, awful, terrible, hideous, shameless, revulsive, vile, repugnant and foul.  The stench of immorality of people like her will fill the smoke of hell.

The Salvation Army Declares Themselves To Be Utterly Irrelevant

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 4 days ago

It was bound to happen.  Most of the American Church is already utterly irrelevant, having declared that they no longer believe in the infallibility of Scripture, the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, the substitutionary atonement, and other necessary doctrines to be considered relevant and orthodox.  After defenestrating doctrine, they picked up parity in income as their raison d’être.  In other words, they adopted full orbed Marxism.

The Salvation Army has followed suit.

The Salvation Army wants its white donors to give it more than just money this Christmas season. Its leadership is also demanding they apologize for being racist.

It’s part of a push by the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter, an activist group working to, among other things, “dismantle white privilege” and “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

The Salvation Army’s Alexandria-based leadership has created an “International Social Justice Commission” which has developed and released a “resource” to educate its white donors, volunteers and employees called Let’s Talk about Racism. It asserts Christianity is institutionally racist, calling for white Christians to repent and offer “a sincere apology” to blacks for being “antagonistic.. to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.”

“Many have come to believe that we live in a post-racial society, but racism is very real for our brothers and sisters who are refused jobs and housing, denied basic rights and brutalized and oppressed simply because of the color of their skin,” one lesson explains. “There is an urgent need for Christians to evaluate racist attitudes and practices in light of our faith, and to live faithfully in today’s world.”

Here is one response, but it doesn’t go far enough.

Entitled An Open Letter to The Salvation Army, Koukl prefaces the post by informing TSA that he is terminating his monthly donations and directing them to another organization. Koukl is also the founder and president of the Stand to Reason, a non-profit religious organization that “trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed defense for classical Christianity.”

“There is a massive number of academics—Black and white, Christian and non-Christian, atheist and theist—who have raised the alarm against the aggressive indoctrination and, frankly, bullying of CRT—not to mention the racial essentialism inherent in the view, the false witness it bears against virtuous people, and the general destruction it continues to wreak on race relations in this country. CRT has set us back 50 years,” he continued.

[ … ]

General Brian Peddle, CEO of The Salvation Army announced the initiative in February through a video in which he said “it examines racism through the lens of scripture, church and world history and guides gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world and yes, on our Salvation Army.”

“As we anticipate having courageous conversations about race please join me in working toward a world in which all people feel included, valued and loved on Earth just as they are in heaven,” Peddle stated in the one-minute video.

[ … ]

“Repentance solely for the fact that you’re white, we don’t think that’s very productive,” Xu told Newsweek, who also noted that 60 percent of those served by The Salvation Army are from ethnic minority communities. That’s a statistic he told Newsweek he discovered by talking to Commissioner and TSA National Commander Kenneth G. Hodder.

Here’s the thing with the SA that’s so crazy—these people spend their entire lives serving the poor,” said Xu. “There is absolutely no reason to even suggest or insinuate repentance for their supposed complicity in racism.”

“I have a real problem with that website and the resources that are suggested readings—to my mind they do not accord with what I’ve seen at the SA,” said Theroux, who has spent more than 25 years in a governing role.

“They’re silly notions that are not going to resolve the disparate conditions of people.” Rather, Theroux said there are concerted actions people can take rather than “spending a lot of time and effort in training or gnashing of teeth.”

“I don’t think it advances real solutions and real solutions are needed,” added Theroux. “Jargon like systemic racism and whiteness being a sin is a smokescreen for correctly diagnosing the problems and addressing them in a meaningful way that will resolve them.”

You see?  Even responses to the Salvation Army are poor.  And note again that the Salvation Army wants people to feel as loved on earth as they are in heaven.  This is universalism and it is false doctrine.  If a man is not saved by grace, through faith, he is not loved in heaven.  He will suffer eternal damnation.

So here is the proper response.

This false doctrine is in vogue everywhere, from unattenuated Marxism (Marx was an atheist and is in hell today), to black liberation theology (James Cone, who was an unbeliever), to it’s disinfected and cleaned up white man version by N. T. Wright.  Tom Wright teaches warmed over Wesleyanism, but replaces the doctrine that you can lose your salvation and need to be able to say “I don’t drink, smoke or chew or date girls who do” (thus you partner with God in your salvation) with the doctrine that justification is based on the “life lived” (rather than now through the shed blood and substitutionary atonement of Christ).  Rather than chewing tobacco, Tom Wright is concerned with whether you help the poor and erase disparate incomes.

It’s all heresy.

The Gospel isn’t about disparate conditions of people.  That has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

The Gospel isn’t about finding what’s productive in your estimation.

The Gospel isn’t about diagnosing what man thinks are his problems.

The Gospel is about teaching man his real problems.

He is lost.  He is a sinner because he has violated the laws of a Holy God and thus committed cosmic treason.  He cannot save himself.  He is dead, and dead men don’t approach God.  God redeems His own by sending the Holy Spirit to quicken their hearts and receive Christ.  Salvation is of by grace, through faith.  Man is justified only through the shed blood of the ultimate substitutionary atonement, the death of Christ.  He is assured of the resurrection because of the resurrection of Christ.  He is assured of ultimate and final victory because of the ascension of Christ to the Father.

Any further discussion of things he does after salvation is because a man loves his Lord and shows the fruit of faith; works are not the cause of justification.  All real problems are so because God says they are, not because man says so.  Proper world and life view is based on the Scripture, and only on the Scripture.

Your income, or the income of someone else, has nothing whatsoever to do with whether you’re saved, or how you should treat them.  God is no respecter of persons.  He is the creator of the universe, and His only begotten Son is truly God and truly man, the only savior and way to the Father.

That is the Gospel.

Nothing that was said by the Salvation Army even approaches that, and thus they have become a sinful organization.

Refrain from giving them your hard earned money.  Save it for those in need around you – friends who have lost work, church members, missions, and so forth.

Theological Ignorance

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Ignorance from Vox Day.

And while I am as skeptical as any atheist about those whose demono-calvinism interprets every unfortunate or unpleasant event as being the result of evil intervention in their lives – you know what I mean, the sort of individual who requests an exorcism because “I feel a little blue today” and believes the Lego brick he stepped on the night before was personally placed there by the Prince of Hell – there is a very strong stench of sulfur about literally everything related to both Covid and the vaxxes.

Good Lord.  This is so messy it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, I don’t know a single Calvinist who has ever requested an exorcism because “I feel a little blue today,” or for any other reason.  And Calvinists are neither Roman Catholics nor Pentecostals.

Second, Calvinists don’t interpret every unfortunate or unpleasant event as a result of evil intervention in our lives.  In fact, quite the contrary.  “Father fortune” and “Lady Luck” are evil notions, and the Holy Scriptures do not countenance notions of causation from unknown sources.

“For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not yet been done, saying, “My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure.” Isaiah 46:9-10.  “We have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,” Ephesians 1:11.

To be sure, God does allow His children to suffer for a period of time when they make poor choices, but always to their benefit.

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose,” Romans 8:28.

While we agree with him that there is something very wrong with the Vax, he sounds like a high school freshman when trying to write about things theological.

He says, ” … you know what I mean.”  No, I don’t know what you mean.  Nothing you said makes any sense at all.  It’s a mish mash of confusion, ignorance and poor writing.  It might be wise for him to steer clear of the more complex issues and focus on things he can understand.

John Piper Speaks For God On The Vaccine

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Or so he seems to think.  Via Vox Day.

My point is this: Don’t be enslaved by fear of man. Don’t be enslaved by the fear of breaking ranks with ideological allies. The old name for this is peer pressure. You are free.

You have considered the risk of COVID as you watch hundreds of thousands of people die.
You have considered the short- and long-term risks of the vaccines as you watch millions get the shots.
You have compared the frequency of hospitalizations and deaths of those with and without vaccines.
You have thought hard about the implications of fetal cell lines in the production and testing of the vaccines.
You have rejoiced at the increasing evidence that natural immunity, developed after recovering from COVID, is as effective as vaccination immunity.
You have pondered the likelihood and unlikelihood of conspiratorial conjectures.

Your conscience is increasingly clear. It says, “Get vaccinated.” But there is this niggling fear of looking left wing, or progressive, or Democratic, or compromised, or woke!

So, my message to such folks is this: “The children are free!”

Yes.  It’s just that simple.  Don’t worry about the “implications” of the use of aborted babies (he calls them fetal cell lines).  The term fetus is Latin for baby.  It’s enough to say that you’ve “thought hard” about it.

It’s one thing to say you didn’t know.  It’s entirely a different thing to know and say merely that you “thought hard” about it.

I thought hard about it too and came to an utterly different conclusion.  I am also free.

The Sovereignty Of God

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Via Survival Blog.

“To say that God is sovereign is to declare that He is the Almighty, the Possessor of all power in heaven and earth, so that none can defeat His counsels, thwart His purpose, or resist His will (Ps. 115:3). To say that God is sovereign is to declare that He is “The Governor among the nations” (Ps. 22:28), setting up kingdoms, overthrowing empires, and determining the course of dynasties as pleaseth Him best. To say that God is sovereign is to declare that He is the “Only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords” (1 Tim. 6:15). Such is the God of the Bible. How different is the God of the Bible from the God of modern Christendom! The conception of Deity which prevails most widely today, even among those who profess to give heed to the Scriptures, is a miserable caricature, a blasphemous travesty of the Truth. The God of the twentieth century is a helpless, effeminate being who commands the respect of no really thoughtful man. The God of the popular mind is the creation of a maudlin sentimentality. The God of many a present-day pulpit is an object of pity rather than of awe-inspiring reverence.” – Arthur W. Pink, The Sovereignty of God

Pink’s book is a classic and a must-read for serious Christians.  If you haven’t bought and studied it, tell your spouse that would make a great Christmas present.

Informed Consent

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

Via Michael Yon, a discussion of informed consent.

Our attorneys have completed a legal “deep dive” on c19 vaccines. Some things are clear:

Under any definition, c19 vaccines are experimental. Any state agent engaging in forced medical experimentation without informed consent is incurring civil and criminal liability for which there can be no valid or lasting indemnification or legally conferred immunity. Any crimes committed are personal to the state actor and these are crimes that can have no statutes of limitation.

All health care workers engaging in medical experimentation are required to ensure that there is no coercion and that there be informed consent. It would be extremely difficult to provide informed consent under the best circumstances under these conditions, but I see no evidence that this is being properly done. This is a personal obligation and breach of these duties creates personal liability and exposure with statues of limitation that never run.

Health care workers have a human right not to engage in medical experimentation under coercion and without informed consent and the way the laws are framed, the duty is between health care workers and patients. These rights are not currently recognized, or they are intentionally ignored in many situations, but lack of enforcement and punishment of crimes is irrelevant to duties, breach of duties and whether or not a crime was committed.

Michael observes that “Coerced Medical Experiments Are Criminal Acts.  Any doctor or lawyer who says otherwise is at best a quack.”

Note that the religious exemption I authored discusses this in detail – not the legal side of things, but the religious and moral side.

Proper informed consent is necessary for proper provider/patient relationships, and the lack of informed consent doesn’t obviate religious duties of the patient either.

Agreement to accept the shot without forcing proper informed consent is to become a stumbling block for others.  It is to entice to sin, and it is thus sinful itself.

But then, most readers probably didn’t really study my exemption paper.

Just Doing My Job

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 2 weeks ago

In the land down under, there is a lot going on, mostly led by the hard core workers.  Truck drivers started this, and I want to know if they’ve hit the roads again and if so, why?  Why aren’t truckers refusing to drive to deliver logistics to the tyrants?  John Guandolo observes:

In 1996, Australia passed significant laws which severely restricted an Australian’s ability to purchase and keep effective firearms.

Now, Stalinesque police and military personnel in Australia – some of whom openly say they disagree with the lockdowns, but are “just doing their job” reminiscent of nazi gate guards – are the oppressors ushering in an the era of slavery in Australia.

Who is behind all this?

It is worth noting the significant Chinese business ventures in Australia, and the Chinese population in Australia – almost 8% of the overall population in a nation of only 25.8 million people.

With the proximity of China, it is not a hard stretch to see Australia may be in China’s sites.

For citizens, the answer in Australia is the same it is in Europe and the United States.

Citizens must resist tyranny and defend liberty at all costs.

Yes, citizens must resist at all costs.  And yes, the Chinese control over Australia is one big reason I am opposed to sharing nuclear and defense technology with them.  But let’s get to that big point he made about the cops.

… some of whom openly say they disagree with the lockdowns, but are “just doing their job.”

That’s like saying I am an engineer and professionally opposed to designing building and bridges that will fall and kill people, and violating rules of ethics, but I’m just doing my job when management tells me to cut corners.

No, and a thousand times no.  No, no, no, no, no.  I will not listen to that, and I wish I could be there when a cop said something like that – or has ever said “I’m opposed to gun confiscations in America, but if the order comes, I’ll just do my job.”

Go ahead.  You’ve made your choice, and the decision is to do something immoral for money.  You’re no different from a whore.  If you’re a cop, listen to me.  If you would violate the second amendment for your job or retirement, you’re a whore, and a relatively cheap one at that.

It shows that not only does the person have no scruples, but the lack of scruples shows that the person does not honor the Lordship of Christ, and thus doesn’t have the savior.

As it will be with all American cops who violate their oaths, it will be for Australian cops who forcibly kidnap people or their children to be sent off to camps or forcibly jabbed.  You do not have authority over a man and woman’s child.  God has given that to the family, not the state.

You will pay for your 30 pieces of silver with your soul.  You will be in eternal torment for your choice.

Persecution Of Christians In Islamic States

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 2 weeks ago

Raymond Ibrahim.

  • “The State Department has blocked us every step of the way. The State Department and the White House have been the biggest problem.  Everyone else, everyone else, has been working together, putting aside differences and trying to get these people to safety. The State Department and the White House have blocked us every single step of the way. In fact, an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night and told not to accept any of these people… We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out, who are marked not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they’re converted Christians.”   — Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson Tonight, August 26, 2021.
  • Although nearly 80 percent of all persecution Christians experience around the globe is committed in the Islamic world, Afghanistan is actually the worst of all Muslim nations.
  • According to the World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations in which Christians are most persecuted for their faith, Afghanistan is the second-worst nation in the world, followed on the heels of the worst nation, North Korea…. That report was published nine months ago — when a U.S.-supported government ran Afghanistan. Since then, matters have only significantly worsened for Christians….
  • Even worse, because U.S. and Western leadership are careful not to show any interest in Christian minorities — a sentiment that goes hand in hand with Western acquiescence to “Islamic sensibilities” — they are more prone to turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians than even some Muslim governments.

There is more from Tony Perkins at FRC.

They take turns staying awake, praying and walking the floor while others sleep — blissfully unaware, at least for a few hours, that they are being hunted. They have no passports, no visas, and very little of what they need most of all: hope. For these Christians, in a safe house deep in Afghanistan, time is running out. Together, they live in fear of a single knock on their hiding place door — from the Taliban.

“It happened so fast,” Sarah said. “We had many plans for preaching the gospel with other brothers and sisters…” Now, their plan is to just survive. Even that, they know, will be difficult. To the despair of rescue groups and humanitarian workers, the small population of Christians in Afghanistan has seemed to vanish — almost overnight. Some have fled to the hills, others have retreated into the shadows — turning off their phones and hunkering down in whatever undisclosed locations they can find. Some have just gone missing completely.

For people like Jean Marie Thrower, those are the ones that haunt her. “People… are going missing and getting killed every day.” On the ground, her Afghan Rescue Crew hears the harrowing stories of desperate parents. “We have had people shot, beheaded. They’re taking the kids. If you’re on the run, and they find your family, they’ll hurt your family and put the word out in the neighborhood that ‘we’ve got your brother or son or daughter.’ They cut off the heads of two boys that were nine and ten.” The Taliban is executing Christians faster than her organization can find them. “We started out with 300 three weeks ago, and we’re down to 55.”

The orphans, if they’re lucky enough to be left behind, are starving. Thrower talks about two little girls who managed to hide after their parents were murdered — but eventually, they got so hungry that they ventured out to the market. “The Taliban found them, raped them, and beat them.” In villages where the families didn’t have time to escape, “The Taliban are going door-to-door taking women and children. The people must mark their house with an ‘X’ if they have a girl over 12 years old, so that the Taliban can take them. If they find a young girl and the house was not marked they will execute the entire family.”

While this White House is busy patting itself on the back for Afghanistan, calling it an “extraordinary success”, 7,000 miles away fathers are handing guns to their wives and daughters so that they can kill themselves if the terrorists come.

Don’t be deceived.  This is the true face is Islam.  Every Muslim imported to the U.S. feels exactly the same way about Christians.

This is coming to the U.S. whether from imported haters of Christ or from communists in the deep state.  American Christians have lived a pampered life.

This will soon be coming to an end.

Prepare now.

The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, & Authority

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

A more thoughtful, studied, intelligent and Biblical statement on these matters you will not find anywhere.

The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, & Authority

The Theology Of Resistance

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 4 weeks ago

David Codrea linked three good reads today that are worth passing along.  Thanks to David for that.



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