Is This On Purpose?

1 year, 6 months ago

People are starting to learn that the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 under the New World Order are real, yet they still blame the “elected” puppets in Washington. Yes, they intend to starve you, freeze you, and reduce the world population by 90 percent. Believe that they mean what they say and prepare.

The New Order is not operating under the same basic well-intending heart toward improving the state of mankind that “normies” are. That premise is wrong because folks can’t see evil, won’t call sin what it is, sin, and refuse to recognize that genocide is what they intend. It’s the “normies” biggest blindspot, thinking that those in power actually care about your well-being the same way you care about others.

TPTB are not stupid; they’re evil. Or technically, they are evil and therefore appear to be stupid to the gullible, who scoff, denying that the devil is real. Evil is willful, ordered, cunning, and subtle and operates a global system with its own domain, the kingdom of death and hell (Revelation 6:8, 20:14).

People’s inability to “get it” will cause them to be continuously strung along, always looking for governmental policy decisions or a newly elected savior to rescue them and their families, never understanding that the US Government is an arm of the Global Order. Please accept this truth and prepare; globally, elections are being manipulated.

The US, for the first time, is importing more agricultural products than exporting. Here are just a few things to keep in mind. Note cascading effects:

Shortage of diesel fuel, thus high cost

Gas and diesel refinery capacity limitations

Refineries shutting down as upgrades and compliance are too costly due to regulation

Fuel shortages for large-scale farming operations

Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals shortages, including Tamiflu / we wonder if there are agricultural animal antibiotic shortages as well?

Butter and milk shortages

Baby formula shortages are ongoing

Concrete and other building supplies

Coal plants are being shut down, and hydroelectric dams are being demolished.

Four dams near the California-Oregon border will be demolished. The hydroelectric dams blocked poor little fish from swimming to their ancestral homeland, er, homewaters. “Build Back Better” doesn’t include any actual building back.

The cost of running electricity to rural areas will begin to be unsustainable, driving people into urban centers where they can be controlled. The day is soon coming when raising a family outside the urban areas will be illegal. They won’t ban it outright, but without power, water, and sewer, child protective services and other armies of petty, well-paid do-gooders will force you to live as they prescribe. Moving everyone into controlled urban population zones is a stated goal.

The dams produce less than 2% of PacifiCorp’s power generation — enough to power about 70,000 homes — when they are running at full capacity, said Bob Gravely, spokesperson for the utility. But they often run at a far lower capacity because of low water in the river and other issues, and the agreement that paved the way for Thursday’s vote was ultimately a business decision, he said.

PacifiCorp would have had to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in fish ladders, fish screens and other conservation upgrades under environmental regulations that were not in place when the aging dams were first built. But with the deal approved Thursday, the utility’s cost is capped at $200 million, with another $250 million from a California voter-approved water bond.

“We’re closing coal plants and building wind farms and it all just has to add up in the end. It’s not a one-to-one,” he said of the coming dam demolition. “You can make up that power by the way you operate the rest of your facilities or having energy efficiency savings so your customers are using less.”

Just use less, freezing and starving, or move to Portland or San Francisco, where everything will be fine?

Reading the article, we note how “aggrieved” parties are manipulated by the communist Democrats and Republicans to drive the agenda 2030 plan. Fish and rivers have more rights than you. The notion that the US government suddenly cares about some fish or the Indians it genocided is ludicrous, and everybody knows it.

Writers, serious men and women, have got to stop blaming these actions on Democrats and Biden. We have the very best minds and writers on our side, but frankly, when they blame a political party, they sound ill-informed at best or, worse, like government propagandists for the Republican arm of the Globalist-run communist regime. And stop using the wrong words. The TPTB are not stupid, crazy, or insane. The correct term is evil, and their actions are sin.

2030 is seven years away!

H/T Survival Blog and Instapundit


  1. On November 24, 2022 at 9:19 pm, luke2236 said:

    Ummm…last I looked, indians werent genocided. In fact, ‘we’ pay for darn near everything for them and they have WAY more rights than we do. Period.
    But otherwise, pretty spot on…

  2. On November 24, 2022 at 10:21 pm, Dan said:

    The SELECTED puppets….nobody gets elected anymore… are just that. Puppets.
    Replace them and nothing of importance will change. The people TRULY in power
    do not stand for election, are totally unaccountable legally and are for the most
    part anonymous.

  3. On November 25, 2022 at 2:19 am, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Re: “The cost of running electricity to rural areas will begin to be unsustainable, driving people into urban centers where they can be controlled. The day is soon coming when raising a family outside the urban areas will be illegal. They won’t ban it outright, but without power, water, and sewer, child protective services and other armies of petty, well-paid do-gooders will force you to live as they prescribe. Moving everyone into controlled urban population zones is a stated goal.”

    The ruling class/globalist elites are waging war against the rest of humanity. That is not conjecture; they have said so in unambiguous terms, and every day the mountain of real-world evidence grows higher still. When does humanity begin fighting back?

    The fact that the war is being waged using irregular means, such as depriving the population of the necessities of life rather than actually shooting at them, does not change this fact in the least.

    In 1999, two senior (full) colonels of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, published a study in book form, “Unrestricted Warfare,” whose subject was how an aspiring world power like the PRC could beat a “technologically-superior opponent” which everyone took to mean the United States, in a war between the two powers.

    That was almost a quarter century ago, and Communist China is no longer inferior to the U.S. in many areas of technology and her manufacturing base is bigger and better than that of the U.S. in many ways.

    The authors specifically state that the dividing line between the civilian and military is blurry, if it exists at all, and it is difficult in the modern world to determine where war starts and ends. They pointedly suggest that for China, no method is off-limits, and that western ethical norms governing conduct in warfare are obsolete and outdated and do not apply to China.

    The book is vitally-important for understanding what is happening in today’s world, and over the years since 2019-2020. Why? Because there is iron-clad proof that the U.S. government/ruling class, as well as those of other western nations, has been cooperating with the Chinese. Relations between the U.S. and the PRC are now strained, but Dr. Anthony Fauci is known to have diverted U.S. taxpayer funds (from the NIH budget) to the lab in Wuhan in order to conduct gain-of-function research -which, by the way, is illegal in the U.S.

    It seems certain that there was at some point a quid pro quo between the western oligarchs (Bill Gates, et al.) and the Chi-Com government. The former colleagues have parted ways now, or it appears as such, but there is plenty of evidence proving that they collaborated closely at one time.

    Are the Chi-Coms still allies with their former WEF buddies, and just acting the part of enemies, or is the split genuine? The latter, apparently, but the play isn’t over. There are several acts yet to be seen.

    SARS-Co19 may have been intended as a biological weapon all the time. Gain-of-function research is illegal in this country because it is so dangerous. GoF seeks to engineer pathogens – viruses, bacteria, etc. -which are more-lethal than those found in nature. Typically, they are triggered by exposure to some signal or stimulus in the environment, such as chemical pH, temperature, or other factors.

    Liang and Xiangsui discuss chemical and biological weapons in their book, so it is not far-fetched to see the Chinese government, perhaps in cooperation with foreigners, hatching such an operation.

    The senior Chinese communist leadership, including President Xi Xinping, has spoken about the need for China to expand our horizons beyond her borders and attain more living space. A comment which echos what Herr Hitler and the Nazis spoke of in the 1930s with Liebensrum, “room to live”….

    The globalist plan to herd people into the cities may be paired with a planned Chinese occupation of all or part of North America. The scuttlebutt is that the Russians and Chinese have already divided the pie between them – Russia will get Alaska and parts of Canada, and the PRC the lower 48 states.

    Australia and Canada have been disarmed to a greater extent than the U.S. so if the other side is contemplating an operation, they move against these softer targets first.

    But, whether the globalists/WEF are in league with the Chinese or not, their plans are evil and unjust and wrong, and must be stopped. Those looking for culprits for what is happening around us who point fingers at the Democrats and even the GOP, need to cast their gazes higher: Politicians in today’s world are often hired help. The globalists and Chinese sure as heck own Joe and Hunter Biden, I’ll tell you that.

  4. On November 25, 2022 at 2:41 am, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ luke2236

    “Ummm…last I looked, indians werent genocided.”

    The Cultural Marxists on the left have made that accusation many times over the years in an attempt to gaslight ordinary Americans into hating their own history and their own country. Don’t fall for it…. because it is utter nonsense what they are saying. The usual leftist lies.

    And when speaking of history, as usual, they twist and distort it into something it isn’t. The story of the European colonization and conquest of North America is a heck of a lot more nuanced and shades-of-grey than those clowns on the left claim.

    Some folks may not like it, but it is a fact of history that dominant civilizations displace less-dominant ones. It predates western nation-states way back into the antiquity and even human prehistory. Tribe A is stronger than Tribe B, so the first group fight and win against the second, and the losers come under control of the winners, if they survive at all. Tribe B is thrown off their land and has to move someplace else.

    The “Native Americans,” a.k.a. American Indians, were playing these games of power and dominance long before Christopher Columbus and his men set foot in North America after making landfall. Revisionist historians and others with an axe to grind act as if it was a paradise here before the “evil white man” arrived…. ever see “Dances with Wolves,” that flick from the 1990s? Cinema example of that very thing.

    But the fact of the matter is that the Indians were every bit as vicious and aggressive to one another as they were to outsiders. Yes, while it is true that they formed federations or groups of tribes which negotiated settlements and learned to live in harmony, they also fought brutal wars and did things like slowly roasting the losers to death over a fire or boiling captives in oil or doing vivisection (dissection) upon still-living human beings.

    Humans commit atrocities in wars… it’s a simple fact of life across the centuries. It is an ugly and brutal part of the history of human conflict, there’s no escaping it.

    European civilization triumphed in the New World because its people were more-resourceful and its societies more dynamic. While there were massacres such as that at Wounded Knee, everyone conveniently forgets when the red-skins massacred whites in turn! As noted, atrocities are an ever-present and ugly side of war, and everyone does it at some point or another.

    European diseases slew more Indians than actual fighting did. Native Americans did not have any exposure to illnesses like small pox, so when it was brought to North America, it cut a swath through the ranks of Indian tribes all across the U.S.

    Many tribes lack the genetic make-up to metabolize alcohol (EtOH) properly, also, which is why alcoholism is so deadly in that demographic group. These individuals and peoples lack the alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) enzymatic pathways to break-down alcohol that Europeans possess. They can metabolize it, but much more slowly.

    Simple demographics played a part, too: Those Europeans settlers and the ones who followed them were extremely fecund and simply out-reproduced the native population. And as the saying goes, demography is destiny.

  5. On November 25, 2022 at 12:30 pm, PGF said:

    I’ve been on several reservations. The one percent of the ruling class of Indian live very well indeed. Notable is the tax racket the whites allow through casinos. The rest, not so much. That’s why I’ve stated in the past here, that the left rulers in Washington desire a nationwide reservation for us but not for them.

  6. On November 25, 2022 at 5:13 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:


    Re: “That’s why I’ve stated in the past here, that the left rulers in Washington desire a nationwide reservation for us but not for them.”

    You’re absolutely right, no matter what name by which they call it. The name or description I’ve heard is neo-feudalism. That’s the goal towards which the ruling class globalists and billionaire oligarchs are working. A small, fabulously wealthy and privileged group of people at the very apex of humanity, a small but prosperous technocratic class to run things, and the rest of humanity mired in abject poverty, misery and bondage as de facto slaves or serfs.

    It is a little known but essential insight that military affairs drive social organization to a degree many people do not realize. The last great paradigm shift occurred around the time of the Peace of Westphalia, in 1648. This marks the birth of the modern nation-state, according to many scholars.

    Heretofore, in the medieval era of the Middle Ages, kings and other nobility had retained private armies of mounted knights on horseback, as the knight was the dominant force on land battlefields. Technology changes, however – such as the invention/development of gunpowder small arms and cannon, and the compound bow – spelled the end of the mounted knight as the driving force on the battlefield.

    Henceforth, armies would be much larger and composed of commoners – as warfare now shifted to a paradigm which favored this development. Kings and other leaders needed the help of commoners to defend their kingdoms, as there were not sufficient numbers of knights or other members of the martial caste to do the job.

    Modern nation-states developed in parallel with mass conscript armies, usually built around a core of professional officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs), which takes us well into the 20th century.

    However, with the rise of special operations forces and their primacy as a warfighting tool, and other new weapons developments such as UAVs & drones, artificial intelligence and the digital revolution, the ruling class now believes that the cooperation of large masses of people is no longer required to protect their interests. Mass conscript armies are expensive and since the rulers believe that they are no longer needed, or at least needed in the same form, this shift accounts for some of the changes being seen now in how the U.S. military is structured and how it is used.

    Especially the fact that part of the is now de facto a jobs program for the diaspora of the Democrat Party, and only part of the force actually pulls its weight when it comes to fighting and being the tip of the spear. Expect these trends to continue, as the ruling class continues to remodel our society.

    What does this have to do with rural America and rural Americans? Well, plenty, especially since rural America has customarily provided some of the best fighters and soldiers in our armed forces over our history as a nation. In particular, the fact that the powers-that-be are now seeing those same rural Americans not as a resource or national asset but as a threat.

  7. On November 25, 2022 at 11:01 pm, george 1 said:

    I am always amazed that many on the right still ask the question. Of course it was on purpose. Biden/Obama stated in the 2020, campaign that they were “Ending fossil fuel.” It was probably the first time since Calvin Coolidge a politician did what he said he would. They say they are transitioning to “clean energy”, knowing full well that their is nothing viable to transition to.

    Same for the covid crimes. They withheld cheap cures for the virus while forcing a deadly so called “vaccine” on people. There are millions who still think it was just a mistake or done for profit only. If it was just for profit TPTB would not have had to deploy a vaccine that has already killed about one million people in the U.S. They could have just sold a product that did not work but did not kill.

    The truth is most will not survive what is coming. I talk to very few people who have a complete grasp of what is happening to us and the evil behind it.

  8. On November 25, 2022 at 11:56 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ george 1

    Re: “Same for the covid crimes. They withheld cheap cures for the virus while forcing a deadly so called “vaccine” on people. There are millions who still think it was just a mistake or done for profit only.”

    Most people are – what is the term? – “normies”… folks who more-or-less go through life on auto-pilot, living mostly in their immediate surroundings and seldom getting beneath the surface of what surrounds them. Almost all of these people are good people, whose only flaw is that they lack the capacity to understand the evil around them.

    Perhaps they are in denial about it. Normalcy bias is a real phenomenon, you know…. since yesterday things existed in a certain way, it is inevitable that today and tomorrow will follow the same pattern, and so on.

    Such people are not to be mocked, well – not too hard, anyway! – as tempting as it might sound. Without them, society could not function during normal, peaceful times. However, it is difficult for reality to penetrate that thick shell of denial at times, sometimes frustratingly so for those who see what is happening and are trying so hard to warn others!

    And bear in mind, too, that the deep-state spends an inordinate amount of time, money and effort making sure that Joe/Jane Sixpack do not penetrate that thick layer of fog and dysinformatzia that they are constantly producing to obscure things.

    Re: “The truth is most will not survive what is coming. I talk to very few people who have a complete grasp of what is happening to us and the evil behind it.”

    I hope you are wrong, but fear you may be right. Of course, I’m a historian and historians are professional worriers anyway! What is it they say in the special ops community, “The event is the test!”? Keep talking, keep informing others, trying to open their eyes, red-pilling folks…. because it matters. Sometimes, just a few well-placed questions will do the trick, or “Did you ever notice …” and so on. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

  9. On November 27, 2022 at 1:55 pm, elysianfield said:

    “TPTB are not stupid; they’re evil…”

    What you are seeing, ladies and germs, is a Utopian Dream.

    The Russian Revolution was based on Utopian concepts.

    Mao’s China, and his “Cultural Revolution”, was Utopian.

    Pol Pot’s efforts in Cambodia were Utopian.

    Jim Jones and his group sought their Utopia.

    Fascism a Utopian dream.

    Utopians truly believe that they are bettering humanity. They do not believe they are evil, but that YOU are, for not sharing their beliefs and concern for humanity.

    Of course, there will be issues, losses, perhaps even some inhumanity in the quest for betterment.

    Hundreds of millions have died in the 20’th century in Utopian quests. Untold millions more will probably have to be “struggled” before the world becomes a better place.

    The WEF has a Utopian agenda.

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