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A History of Gun Control in Canada

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 5 months ago

From a comment at this video.  I have not checked each statement or date.  I’ll leave that to some enterprising Candian reader.  But assuming it’s all true, remember, the controllers in parliament are there because they are elected.  There’s a solution for this.

And by the way, if you’re a man living in Canada and have done nothing compared to this woman to protect and defend gun rights in Canada, you should be ashamed of forcing women to take the leadership role you should have had to protect and provide for your families.

Shame.  Abject shame.

A history of gun control in Canada.

In 1913, you required us to have a permit to carry a handgun. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1920, you required us to have a permit to possess any firearm, regardless of where it was stored. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1932, you required us to provide a reason (only two were permissible) for having a handgun. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1934, you required us to locally register our handguns. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1938, you required us to renew our registration every five years. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1951, you required us to centrally register our handguns. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1969, you designed the classification system so certain firearms could be prohibited on a whim. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1977, you prohibited automatic firearms. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1979, you introduced screening and safety courses. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• By 1994, you required a photo and two references to apply for a Firearms Acquisition Certificate, imposed a mandatory 28 day waiting period, made safety courses mandatory, expanded the background check and screening, reclassified certain firearms, introduced regulations for storage, transportation, and use, and prohibited standard capacity magazines. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1995, you introduced licensing to have and buy firearms, and to buy ammunition. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1996, you required us to get your Authorization to Transport certain firearms, and authorizations to carry certain firearms in very limited conditions. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 1997, you regulated shooting clubs, shooting ranges, and gun shows. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2001, licensing became mandatory. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2003, you required all firearms to be registered. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2015, you introduced firearms prohibitions for those convicted of domestic violence. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2019, you passed C-71, which would pave the way for circumventing parliament, and to ignore the experts’ analyses (law enforcement, firearms functional experts, community groups, etc.) which you claimed to base policies on, in any further restrictions. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2020, you prohibited some 1500 models of firearms for absolutely no reason than political pandering and cowardice in addressing escalating violent crime. We complied. There was no discernible reduction in violent crime.

• In 2021, you reduced judicial consequences for those illegally using their illegally acquired and already prohibited firearms. It didn’t affect us, as it didn’t apply to us, and violent crime rates continued to climb at an alarming rate.

• In 2022, you banned the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns. We complied. Violent crime rates continued to climb.

• Also in 2022, you proposed this latest piece of absolutely useless, enormously costly, and completely counter-productive measure of prohibiting even hunting rifles and shotguns, even though the statistical significance of them or their owners being involved in violent crime registered at the extreme right of the decimal place. And yet violent crime continues to escalate. So, what compromises or concessions are we willing to make at this point in what has been over a hundred years of faulty logic, intentionally deceptive public messaging, malicious and misdirected prosecution, and bad faith negotiations, while completely ignoring the contributing factors and root causes of those most at risk of violent behavioural trajectories, AND increasing your leniency for those who actually commit horrifically violent crimes? Absolutely none.

But remember.  This isn’t about public safety.  You never really believed that, did you?

Canada – Two suspects are at large after stabbing at least 25 people in 13 locations

1 year, 8 months ago

Ten killed in Canadian stabbing spree. Also here.

At least ten people have been killed and many others injured, after two assailants went on a stabbing spree in multiple locations in a rural area of Saskatchewan province, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed on Sunday. They warned that the suspects were still at large, and armed and dangerous.

“We have located 10 deceased individuals in 13 locations in the community of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskatchewan,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

The police official added that “several additional victims have been injured, 15 of which at this point have been transported to various hospitals,” noting that there “may be additional injured victims who transported themselves to hospital,” and urging them to come forward.

“We believe some of the victims have been targeted, while others have been attacked randomly,” Blackmore added.

Good thing nobody had a gun, or somebody could have been seriously hurt.

Why is Canada euthanising the poor?

1 year, 9 months ago

From WRSA  comes an article about “assisted suicide.” As morality decays, it’s incumbent upon those maturing in Christ to be able to argue, from the Holy Writ, why these things are wrong. You must teach your family to both understand why and be able to articulate the reasoning using the text of the Holy Bible as the grounds for their argument. It’s not enough to intuit that killing is wrong; the basis must come from God’s Law-word, that His law being the ultimate authority, the laws of just men would again one day prevail.

American Christianity is woefully ill-prepared for what’s coming. You are the very best Christian that somebody knows, and if you have no answer for the cause of God by Jesus Christ, then you’re part of the problem with the Church.

The first man, Adam, sinned against God. Adam is the “one man” in Romans 5:12 below. When sin, by Adams’s transgression, entered the paradise of the Garden of Eden, death also entered in. From that moment forward, all men were born sinners; therefore, it is appointed unto men once to die (Hebrews 9:27).

“Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned” – Romans 5:12

Beyond our scope here, still, it’s necessary to note that the sin curse affects everything; from that day, our planet with all its systems, gifted by God in precious dominion, is dying and with it all living things. No, it’s not global warming.

Since last year, Canadian law, in all its majesty, has allowed both the rich as well as the poor to kill themselves if they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the ever-generous Canadian state will even pay for their deaths. What it will not do is spend money to allow them to live instead of killing themselves.


It only took five years for the proverbial slope to come into view, when the Canadian parliament enacted Bill C-7, a sweeping euthanasia law which repealed the ‘reasonably foreseeable’ requirement – and the requirement that the condition should be ‘terminal’. Now, as long as someone is suffering from an illness or disability which ‘cannot be relieved under conditions that you consider acceptable’, they can take advantage of what is now known euphemistically as ‘medical assistance in dying’ (MAID for short) for free.

I have bad news for you all; it’s well beyond reasonably foreseeable: your condition is indeed terminal. The simple answer to the headline is sin. If you don’t accept that sin is real, a violation of God’s law, then you’re not a Christian. Man is totally depraved, each one a sinner. For this sin, the consequences (Wages – Romans 6:23) are death. Your Sin has earned you death. Sin is the cause of death. Not that you could have kept yourself from sinning; you’re a sinner, born that way. Perhaps it’s not your fault, but like your eye color, tough cookies, that’s the way it is. Rejecting these doctrines means, to you, that Jesus was crucified for nothing. Your theology is wrong; you remain in your sin without Christ and are headed to eternal damnation.

“Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.” – Ezekiel 18:4

Holy God created every soul; they are His; none aren’t under His jurisdiction to do with as He pleases. Those in their sin, not reconciled to God by Christ, die eternally.

Soon enough, Canadians from across the country discovered that although they would otherwise prefer to live, they were too poor to improve their conditions to a degree which was acceptable.

That sentence reads like advertisement propaganda for more and better socialism. The poor have always died earlier on average than those with resources. If an individual can help, that’s one thing, but a state is a process, a system without a soul of compassion. If this tugs at your heart, that’s a good indicator, but the State has no heart! Note how we’re not abusing Scripture to make a case for socialism, but that’s what the American Church does. They are not Christian; they are Statists; reliance on the State for life makes the State your god.

Not coincidentally, Canada has some of the lowest social care spending of any industrialised country, palliative care is only accessible to a minority, and waiting times in the public healthcare sector can be unbearable, to the point where the same Supreme Court which legalised euthanasia declared those waiting times to be a violation of the right to life back in 2005.

The article fails to point out that the government has travel restrictions for those that might seek healthcare abroad. The report also fails to note that the government withholds cheap and readily available medications that save lives.

Back in the old days when grandma was dying, the church and family pitching in financially, the local doctor also having accomplished some charitable effort would simply say there was nothing more to be done. The government was nowhere in this, and that’s as it should be.

But why would anybody be surprised by what’s become of Western Civilization? Unable to make the connection between the mass murder of those yet to draw their first breath to now killing of the old and infirm will lead to the government ridding themselves of all those they deem, Undesirables. This is headed to America.

Many in the healthcare sector came to the same conclusion. Even before Bill C-7 was enacted, reports of abuse were rife. A man with a neurodegenerative disease testified to Parliament that nurses and a medical ethicist at a hospital tried to coerce him into killing himself by threatening to bankrupt him with extra costs or by kicking him out of the hospital, and by withholding water from him for 20 days.

A “Medical Ethicist.” Perhaps the medical ethicist could tell us what the “final solution” is for these undesirables. You can read the article. Canada is a communist country, plain and simple. There is no other term for it, none.

Ultimately God is the Judge of the quick and the dead. All men face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). The Canadian government sees itself as a god and arbiter of good and evil. The problem, circling back to the beginning, is that man is totally depraved, each one a sinner, only evil and wicked. There is no other conclusion to man as his own god than mass murder.

Being unable to state the cause and consequences of something makes one frustrated and angry. It’s far better, dear Christian, to know the truth and be able to articulate it so that you don’t react in anger but in the love of Christ to reestablish justice by His Law-word.

Trudeau Announces New Gun Control For Canada

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 12 months ago

A collectivist is never happy with the status quo.

Trudeau introduced Bill C-21, which the prime minister’s office said “puts forward some of the strongest gun control measures in over 40 years,” noting a rise in gun violence.

[ … ]

If passed, the legislation would make it no longer possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada.

In other words, we’re capping the market,” Trudeau said at a press conference.

Trudeau added that the Canadian government will require long-gun magazines to be permanently altered so they can not hold more than five rounds and ban the sale and transfer of large capacity magazines.

In May 2020, Trudeau ordered a ban on 1,500 assault-style weapons, including M4, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles …

For our friends to the North, you’ve got a fight on your hands, but you knew that anyway after the trucker revolt.  Trudeau is no doubt feeling his oats after he got the government to do his bidding on financial pressure against truckers and their supporters.

The “conservatives” are probably too outnumbered to stop this.

The Boy King Rescinds The Canadian State Of Emergency

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

It’s an emergency!  March out the jackboot thugs to beat people up!  Wait, I was wrong, that was yesterday, today everything is cool.

The only real emergency is the horrible pols who allowed the boy king to do this to begin with, and who continue to allow him to impose capricious things on the people for the purpose of subjecting and enslaving them.

May God call down his most holy judgment on the person of Trudeau and his family.  May God terrorize his nights, and make his days hollow and empty.  May God cause his life to be misery upon misery, ending in either his repentance or his being swallowed up in death in a Christless eternity.  May God overthrow the kingdoms of this world and shine His holy light upon the sins of wicked men who deny and defy Him with high handed sins.  May He bring His government upon the world and show men who truly rules.

The imprecatory Psalms are part of the holy writ.  They are not used nearly often enough.

Is This The Canada You Want To Live In?

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

Unfortunately, because of the lack of training by the church, poor theology, laziness in ensuring that the pols are held accountable, bad parenting and the Marxist universities, far too many Canadians do want to live in a society like this.

But the tide may be changing.  Patriot Canadians are awake now to just what the police are like and whose side they’re on.  They will always do whatever is necessary to ensuring the continuing viability of the existing state and governmental authority, no matter how evil it is.

Canadian authorities probe leaked messages of police allegedly celebrating injuring protesters

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

Fox News.

“Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground,” one member of RCMP Musical Ride allegedly wrote. Musical Ride is described as an RCMP group assisting “front-line police operations by building positive relationships, supporting recruiting efforts and promoting the RCMP’s image in communities in Canada.”

“okay we can give out free hugs and unicorn stickers,” the RCMP member allegedly said after receiving pushback for his “jackboots” remark.

“Don’t kick all of them out until next weeks group gets our turn,” one member of RCMP Musical Ride allegedly said in the group chat accompanied by a photo of a beer, Rebel News reported.

“just watched the horse video – that is awesome,” the RCMP Musical Ride member allegedly wrote.

Hey Canadians, you’re watching and listening aren’t you?  Tell me you’re watching and listening?

Do you believe that they love and support you?  Or do you believe that they identify more with the effete, latte drinking ruling caste?

Cowards And Communists Rule Canada

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

Seen at Instapundit.


They have cast themselves into the camp of “We mustn’t take actions that will topple the government.”  Therefore, they have assured the eventual toppling of the government, probably in a bit more dramatic way than it could have been.

The Party In Ottawa

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

Little boy “big hair” would have you believe this is just a few malcontents pulling this off.  But a few malcontents couldn’t pull of something like this.  It’s grass roots, required little planning, and includes virtually all walks of life (except for the police, who will do the bidding of the globalists).

This is called swarm behavior.  I hear retired generals, aspiring Lt. Colonels and pretend-scholars discuss swarm behavior all the time.  They have no idea what swarm behavior means.

It’s taken from the behavior of things like bees, where subtle signals between insects inform them of circumstances, share intelligence, and illicit innate behaviors as if a symphonic masterpiece was being performed without direction.  It could be chemical or pheromone signals to attack or move the hive, it could be a single bee performing a “waggle dance” to tell other bees where food is or where a potential new hive could be, or many other things. Swarm behavior has nothing to do with lots of people or insects crowding around. Generals and Lt. Colonels are mostly idiots, as are most “scholars” of warfare.

In this case, the swarm occurred because signals were seen and heard, people watched, and people responded the way their heart told them to. That tells you something about their heart, what they’ve endured the last couple of years, and just how much they’re willing to tolerate. There is no leader to speak of. This is the workers deciding when they’ve had enough.

Food is everywhere, horns are still honking (in spite of the court order to stop it), and the court order to return fuel to the truckers has added to their stores to extend the stay.

So far, life is good.  Big hair is scared.  He cannot turn this off. There is no spigot to close or switch to flip. The parliament is scared.  The globalists are scared.  They’ve lost control.  Control is everything to them.


Here’s How You End The Protests

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago

Zero Hedge.

We are on day eight of this occupation. Our city is under siege. What we’re seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem. This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness. We need a concrete plan to put an end to this,” said the chair of the board, Ottawa City Council member Diane Deans, at the beginning of the nearly two-hour-long virtual discussion.

So the answer is given to her.

Protest organizer Benjamin Dichter says people who are unhappy about the honking should be contacting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and ask him to lift COVID-19 mandates.

“To anybody who is annoyed, we apologize. Please call Justin Trudeau, his office, and get these mandates lifted, and we’re out of here,” Dichter said at a press conference in Ottawa on Feb. 6.

Trudeau has refused to meet with the protesters.

Oh, you mean give up our power?  That’s what it’ll take? Um … no.  We want somebody to go in and shoot people.

Or something else, mind you, like wet operations, or agent provocateurs.  Canada has an intelligence service, doesn’t it?  At some point, Trudeau will turn his dark hats against the people with false flag events.  Watch for it.

Meanwhile, WRSA has some advice for the protesters in light of that fact.

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