The Paradox and Absurdities of Carbon-Fretting and Rewilding

Herschel Smith · 28 Jan 2024 · 4 Comments

The Bureau of Land Management is planning a truly boneheaded move, angering some conservationists over the affects to herd populations and migration routes.  From Field & Stream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft plan outlining potential solar energy development in the West. The proposal is an update of the BLM’s 2012 Western Solar Plan. It adds five new states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming—to a list of 11 western states already earmarked…… [read more]

LaPierre Made a Career of Second Amendment Compromises

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago


“I admired Wayne LaPierre 20-30 years ago,” a comment left on The Captain’s Journal, a blog I frequent admitted. “Yes, he screwed up and started living high off the hog on the members’ dime… But there were some great victories… during his tenure, particularly the proliferation of shall-issue CCW and constitutional carry…That was all grassroots NRA lobbying.”

“Yes, they were wrong for supporting NICS and some other things, but I think it is unfair to tag Wayne’s tenure with some of the Fudd [stuff] the NRA supported in the past, like the NFA,” the poster continued. “The NRA once had the loyalty of a LOT of Democratic members and Democratic politicians… The NRA now has ZERO influence in places like New York, California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts… Wayne deserves to be held accountable… by the Board of Directors and the members, not by Letitia James or any… so-called court of ‘law.’”

Such sentiment is not unique among gun owners. Unfortunately, it’s also not correct.

Read the rest at Firearms News.

Smith & Wesson Releases .44 Magnum Lever Action Rifle

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

I’m sure that SHOT show just around the corner has nothing to do with the timing.

It’s a nice looking gun, but polymer furniture and currently only in .44 magnum.

There is a very much nicer version of this in what looks to be AAA fancy walnut, but of course, for $3499, and it’s a limited edition which means it was a limited run of inventory.

Nice job. Now do a less expensive walnut version of your lever gun, and do .454 Casull.


Ohio police used flash-bangs during raid of home with toddler on a ventilator inside, body camera footage shows

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago


Police in Elyria, Ohio, deployed exploding flash-bangs while raiding a home last week while a toddler on a ventilator was inside, newly released body-worn camera footage shows, and the mother says her child was harmed during the incident.

Yeah, I’ll bet.

Footage from eight officers’ body-worn cameras was released Tuesday by Elyria Mayor Kevin Brubaker’s office, which has requested an outside investigation into the January 10 incident and how the search warrant for the home was obtained.

Police believed stolen guns were also taken to the residence where the toddler and mother were staying, and the officers were searching for the weapons, the report said.

Later that day, officers entered the home with guns, a battering ram and flash bangs, according to bodycam footage.

“It was very fast-paced,” the mother, Courtney Price, told CNN on Wednesday. “I didn’t have time to process anything.”

Price was alone with her son when she first heard a knock at the door, and she thought it was her uncle, she said. But as she approached the door, she could see police officers through the glass.

“All I seen was lights flashing and smoke coming into the house,” Price told CNN affiliate WOIO.

Redia Jennings, Price’s aunt, told WOIO she and her husband have rented the home for the past year, and the person police were looking for has not lived at the residence for more than a year. His family now lives down the block, Jennings told the station.

Police in Elyria, Ohio, deployed exploding flash-bangs while raiding a home last week while a toddler on a ventilator was inside, newly released body-worn camera footage shows, and the mother says her child was harmed during the incident. Courtney Price's son Waylon

His hearing is likely irreversibly damaged.

Here is the team.

Fat boys, kitted up for playing soldier-boy, after having conducted an ill-conceived raid, the ill-conceived warrant having been obtained from an immoral judge. But hey, at least they’ll be able to go home and tell mommy they “got some” today just like the Georgia cops who threw a grenade into a crib and almost killed an infant.

These sorts of raids are immoral. How long with the American public tolerate them being legal?

I guess just like the ATF hates dogs, cops everywhere hate babies.


Another SWAT Raid, Another Flash-Bank Thrown at a Baby

Grand Jury Recommends No Charges In Georgia Police Raid That Severely Injured Toddler

How the great Canadian gun compromise was destroyed

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

Tim Thurley.

Gun control groups had gotten most of what they’d wanted. That wasn’t surprising. They had actively participated in drafting legislation and worked directly with senior bureaucrats. Allan Rock’s policy advisor called their contributions “very instrumental.” In 1995 Heidi Rathjen of gun control group PolySeSouvient said, in response to Pierrette Venne’s question about what the group would do if Bill C-68 came into effect, that “…if [Bill C-68] is passed as it was tabled, without major amendment, then, as far as we are concerned, after what we’ve presented today, we will no longer fight for a federal legislation.” No major amendments were made. In 2015 she essentially re-endorsed their 1995 position, and blamed their continued activism on Harper-era tweaks and the post-1995 invention of “new” “assault weapons” — though many of the “assault weapons” her group wanted banned were on the market decades prior to C-68, were not prohibited by it, and remained legal until 2020.

C-68 was touted as the “end of the struggle to strengthen gun control in Canada.” While some advocates pledged to continue a push for a total ban on the remaining murkily-defined “military assault weapons,” the compromise was set. Subsequent Liberal and Conservative governments accepted the core philosophy and most core elements. The 2004 Conservative manifesto retained all of the central components except for the controversial, expensive, and ineffective  registration of hunting guns, a position eventually supported by Trudeau the Younger.

Gun-control groups used to be realistic about the scope of their goals and the Canadian way of life. They acknowledged hunting and sporting use, the importance of having “a supply of ammunition in the home” for predator defence in rural areas, and maintained that the Chief Firearms Officers should have discretion over license issuances or revocations when a person has been rehabilitated, a policy which C-21 would abolish. They didn’t even push for a total ban on handguns. In turn many gun owners came to see licensing as a point of pride. They saw it as a badge of honour indicating they belonged to the safest and most trusted citizens, clearly set apart from the criminal class and even safer than the general public.

[ … ]

These groups consider removing firearms from society an unalloyed good, yet consumer demand shows plenty see it differently. There are 2,300,000 licensed gun owners in Canada who rely on firearms for needs as diverse as agriculture, sport, wilderness protection, trapping, investment, heritage and hunting. Fifty thousand jobs and billions in GDP rely on them. Loss of livelihood is bad enough, but we also cannot ignore the loss of life that economic harm entails or that every dollar we spend or lose here could be spent on a nurse we do not employ, a soldier without proper equipment, or a diversion program for an at-risk youth.

For fun, I once roughly estimated the building costs for central storage units using comparable public contracts. It came to just over $600 million, before any operational costs. Six hundred million bucks is a lot of money in any scenario, but here’s the kicker: that’s for only 20,000 guns, in just the Northwest Territories. Where guns are critical to food security. Canada has about 12.5 million firearms. There’s a reason almost no serious comparator uses central storage, even in far smaller countries.

No one, especially the central government, is going to foot the bill for central storage of firearms, and especially not locked down and manning those storage locations with guards and stewards.

Rather, the goal is just to make all firearms illegal.  His work to compute the cost was a waste of time.

Notice how proud gun owners were of their licensure – and notice how earnestly and honestly gun owners negotiated the new laws.  But there will never be “end of the struggle to strengthen gun control in Canada.”  Governments don’t care one whit about “sporting” applications of firearms. They are trying to protect and ensure the survival of government, of the elitists, of the rulers, not a way of life or the ability to defend home and hearth. That’s why self defense with a firearm in Canada is illegal.

Negotiation and compromise is the road to hell.  Just don’t do it.  Ever.

The Funny Arguments Gun Controllers Make

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

Funny, that.

Samuel Alito argued that several hundred thousand stun guns meant they were in common use.

If someone had asked me to make observations about this issue, I would have said “No one can credibly argue that teachers shouldn’t be armed,” or “No one can credibly argue that schools need multiple, unlocked points of ingress,” or “No one can credibly argue that cops have the right to, under the color of law, prevent honorable and brace men from entering a premises to save their child.”

There are so many intelligent things to say.  These are only a few of them.  However, Jennifer Mascia is somehow able to find the most idiotic thing to say.

Federal Appeals Court Issues Ruling Recognizing Right To Carry For 18 Year Olds

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 4 weeks ago

Americans as so stupid, ignorant, stolid and uneducated. How could this ever have been in question? Most of the men who fought the loyalists at King’s Mountain were of average age of 14 – 15, and were men enough to travel there from “over-mountain.”

The founders knew what they were doing. All rights in the bill of rights are individual, including the second amendment. In order to make sure everyone knew why they were writing the 2A, they explicitly stated it. Every individual must be able to muster, so they have the right to keep and bear arms. Stay way from our ability to call an army of our own if we want to. For no other reason than we want to, but there’s good enough reason given the nature of man to rule badly over others.

Florida Republicans Kill Open Carry Bill

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 4 weeks ago


Florida House Speaker Paul Renner is shooting down any hopes of Florida becoming an open-carry state, at least for now.

During last Thursday’s remarks to reporters, Renner said while he supports the idea of open carry, it would be unlikely to see a law get passed this year.

“I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment across the board in many aspects,” said Renner. “There’s not an appetite in both chambers to get that done.”

Renner’s comments come after Rep. Mike Beltran, R-Riverview, filed legislation to make changes to the state’s current gun laws, including allowing people to openly carry firearms on college campuses.

“We always have to measure whether it’s worth the committee [and] House floor time to pass a bill that would be controversial that would take a lot of time, that we know is dead on arrival.”

The bill(HB 1619), would also allow guns to be carried in certain government buildings and at voting polls. The proposal comes just a year after the state made it legal for most Floridians to carry guns without a permit, as long as it’s concealed.

It was the first bill submitted when they came back into session. They had plenty of time to work on it.  What a bunch of pusillanimous cowards and spiritless, lying scoundrels.

Cops are against it, and that would be enough for the bootlickers to stop the bill, but they enacted gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting and they won’t reverse course now. They would be seen as the duplicitous punks they are. So along with NY, Hawaii, California and Illinois, the communists in Florida (you know, the “law and order conservatives”) have left it all in place and don’t even mind telling you they don’t care about it immediately after the bill was filed.

Here is more perspective.

Greg Abbott’s Armed Troops Block Border Patrol

BY Herschel Smith
3 months ago

That’s the headline. Sounds ominous, yes? As if a pro-immigration correspondent wrote it.

Here’s the real story.

“I’m glad for what Gov. Abbott is doing, because what it’s allowing us to do, we’re able to deploy our resources to other areas that we haven’t been able to patrol for several years now. And so, that’s allowing us to go after the gotaways—that segment of the people that cause a great deal of problem here in the United States,” he said.

“What he is doing is operating as a force multiplier. It is very good what he is doing for the American people. It’s something that President [Joe] Biden should be doing but he refuses to do because, again, he cares more about his base than he does about the American people.”

The NG is blocking the area used for staging of illegals to enter the US. And even that’s not the complete story. The Border Patrol is being used by DHS to facilitate the crossing of illegals.

Not only that, treason isn’t limited to the border patrol. It’s happening with LEOs too.

But boys and girls, remember to “back the blue.” Because they have your backs.

I Screwed Up, Concealed Carry “Insurance” Is Useless

BY Herschel Smith
3 months ago

You’ve got to give him credit for honesty and integrity.

Some time ago I looked into the caveats and stipulations and decided the same thing myself.

Deer Hunter Success Rates Vary By State

BY Herschel Smith
3 months ago


Hunters successfully harvesting at least one deer, 22-23 season.

  • South Carolina: 71 percent
  • Tennessee: 65 percent
  • Texas: 64 percent
  • Mississippi: 61 percent
  • Rhode Island: 61 percent
  • Kansas: 59 percent
  • Georgia: 57 percent
  • Virginia: 57 percent
  • Oklahoma: 56 percent
  • North Dakota: 53 percent
  • Louisiana: 51 percent
  • Michigan: 50 percent
  • West Virginia: 50 percent
  • North Carolina: 47 percent
  • Arkansas: 46 percent
  • Missouri: 44 percent
  • Iowa: 42 percent
  • South Dakota: 42 percent
  • Wyoming: 42 percent
  • Montana: 41 percent
  • Ohio: 41 percent
  • Utah: 41 percent
  • Florida: 40 percent
  • Indiana: 40 percent
  • Nebraska: 40 percent
  • Pennsylvania: 40 percent
  • Arizona: 36 percent
  • Idaho: 35 percent
  • Minnesota: 32 percent
  • Nevada: 31 percent
  • New York: 30 percent
  • Illinois: 29 percent
  • New Mexico: 29 percent
  • Kentucky: 28 percent
  • New Jersey: 28 percent
  • Wisconsin: 27 percent
  • Massachusetts: 24 percent
  • Washington: 23 percent
  • Vermont: 21 percent
  • Connecticut: 19 percent
  • Maine: 19 percent
  • New Hampshire: 18 percent

In case this helps you plan your next deer hunt.

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