Irrational Christian Bias Against Guns, Violence And Self Defense

Herschel Smith · 22 May 2016 · 31 Comments

Several examples of Christians opposing all violence and means of self defense have been in the news lately, and I can't deal with all such examples.  But three particular examples come to mind, and I first want to show you one example from Mr. Robert Schenck in a ridiculously titled article, Christ or a Glock. "Well, first of all you're making an immediate decision that if someone invades your home, they are going to die," Rev. Schenck replied. "So you are ready to kill another human being…… [read more]

Only Cops Can Commit The Crime Of Home Invasion

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

News from Virginia:

It was late on a Saturday night, and Elena DeRosa and her husband were watching TV in their southwest Roanoke County home. Suddenly their dog was going nuts. Seconds later the doorbell rang, and there was loud pounding on their front door — boom, boom, boom.

Because nobody they know ever uses that entrance, the couple feared they were targets of a home-invasion robbery. They’d read about one of those in Roanoke County just the week before, she said.

So DeRosa and her husband (whom she asked me not to name) went for their handguns. He was out the side door, armed, before she got to her gun. As she grabbed it, a bright light beamed into their sunroom.

Then the shouting began, DeRosa said. Someone ordered her out of the house. The light was in her face. The next day, this is what she wrote on her blog, in a post titled “My Life Matters.”

“Whoever it is, they are not lowering the light so I look away from it and see my husband to my left staring down the barrel of a gun while a cop shouts to him to put his hands on his head. WTF? The light gets lowered as I’m being yelled at to step out of the house, and for the first time I see cops, many, many cops all over my yard, guns pointed at me and my husband.

“I quickly put my [handgun] on the shelf inside and step out to the shouting, ‘Put your hands on top of your head, hands on the head!’ while three of them advance on me, their guns drawn and pointed.”

It was the Roanoke County police. The date was July 23. And the couple wanted to know why the police were at their house, pointing guns at them. And why they looked like a SWAT team.

“Finally a female cop states, ‘We got a report you assaulted someone.’ ” The DeRosas replied they’d been home peacefully, all night. Both were patted down by police.

“Then it dawns on me. ‘What address are your [sic] looking for?’ ” DeRosa wrote. “She says our four house numbers. ‘Yeah, but what street? This is Sugar Loaf Drive. Are you looking for Sugar Loaf Mountain Road? That’s two blocks down!’

“I try to point the way but I’m told to keep my hands up. She looks at her pad then all the cops start looking at each other. Then, only then, do they ask our names.” The couple told them.

At that point, DeRosa later told me, the officers all looked at each other with “Oh sh–” expressions on their faces and ran for their cars. There was no apology, no nothing, DeRosa said. They sped off into the night.

So what the heck happened? It’s a worthy question, because under the circumstance, some law-abiding citizens minding their own business in their house could easily have wound up shot or dead. Now, we have some answers, as a result of an internal investigation initiated by DeRosa after the incident.

Three officers went to the wrong house, said Assistant Chief Jimmy Chapman. The dispatcher had sent them to an address bearing the same street number, on Sugar Loaf Mountain Road rather than Sugar Loaf Drive.

But when an officer entered the address into a GPS, the DeRosas’ address was “the first one that popped up,” he said.

Geniuses, each and every one.  I reckon no one has ever heard of independent verification or QV&V (quality verification and validation to ensure the accuracy, fidelity and veracity of your information).  Guns drawn, people muzzle flagged, and innocent people put at risk, and had there been a home invasion by gang bangers, the poor folks inside wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.  Oh well, Justice Breyer says we don’t have a right to self defense anyway, because, “the children.”

Remember, boys and girls.  Only cops can commit the crime of home invasion, because they are just like you, only better and more special.  It’s illegal for you to do this.

Reddit And The Autists Joins The Fight Against Hillary

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

Wynn Anderson writes via email with the following link about #Anonymous, Reddit and 4Chan joining forces with Wikileaks to unleash retribution on the Clinton campaign.  The web site prevents me from copying their post and pasting here.  It’s worth a look.

This has been going on for some time, and this specific Reddit page isn’t the first to take on Hillary.  The Donald has been active for quite some time.  In fact, it’s a true statement that the Autists associated with Reddit are Hillary’s worst enemy.  And if you aren’t aware of the pattern recognition abilities of autistics, you should be.  Reddit makes big use of autistic folks who do this voluntarily and seemingly without tiring.

If Hillary does win the election, her reign will be problematic to say the least.  You don’t want the Autists against you.

Pistol Malfunction Due To “Stovepipe” Round

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

Of this post, Leigh Haines writes the following via email.

I’ve seen this happen when an individual “limp-wrists” an automatic by not holding it securely enough. It was a S&W Model 59 that was clean, well maintained, and running quality brass. Five different people shot it with no issue, but the next kept having jam after jam. After watching him for a minute, I had him tighten his grip, and the failures lessened. I say lessened, because this particular individual lacked sufficient forearm strength to maintain a proper hold on the grips. As he got tired, he would loosen his purchase on the pistol – allowing the recoil to rotate it in his hand, rather than cycle the slide. Needless to say, he didn’t get to shoot the 1911.

New Brunswick Man Shot In The Face By “Misfiring” Rifle

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

News from Canada:

BOIESTOWN, N.B. — A New Brunswick restaurateur has survived after a misfiring rifle showered his face with bullet shrapnel.

Douglas Lyons said a bullet exploded in the chamber as he tried to load his Savage Axis .30-06 rifle Sunday while testing it in the woods ahead of a planned hunting trip.

“The firing pin fired and blew that shell up on me, and that’s what hit me in the face,” Lyons said Wednesday from Boiestown, N.B., where he owns the Tipsy Canoe restaurant.

“The covering of the bullet and the powder and all that stuff in there came up and struck me on the side of my head. Cut my face open there quite a bit.”

Lyons said he had dropped his four sons off at Sunday school and went to the woods with some friends to sight his rifle. He took his gun from its case, and tried to load it, but the bolt wouldn’t lock.

The firing pin went off as he pulled the bolt back on his third attempt, the bullet still in the chamber, he said.

“The barrel was pointed away from me. It was quite a moment. The gun went one way and I went the other,” he said.

Lyons said he bought the gun a year ago at a store in Fredericton, and said the firing pin should never have fired in that position.

He drove himself out of the woods, despite his friends’ pleas not to, and his wife later drove him to a hospital in Fredericton.

He said he had lost a lot of blood, and felt light-headed and cold by the time he got to hospital about 90 minutes after the misfiring. Doctors found and removed most of the shrapnel, although he said they want the swelling to subside before they take the final piece out.

Lyons remains in a lot of pain, he said, but is mostly glad the damage wasn’t worse.

“My ears are still ringing, I’ve still got a friggin’ headache, but the main thing is I’m still around here to talk it about I guess,” he said. “It could be worse, I could be blinded or whatever, right?”

“The firing pin fired.”  This is a strange writeup and it isn’t clear to me what happened.  Here is a picture of the round still in the gun.


So what is your judgment?  What did this guy do – try to slam the bolt into battery and end up striking the primer with the firing pin?  You can visit the URL and see pictures of his shot up face.

Carrying Out The Trash

BY Herschel Smith
3 days, 4 hours ago

Tomorrow is trash day, and I always roll the cans out.  Sometimes I have to roll the trash out of this web site too.  Keith Perkins, of Bangor, Maine, at,, made an ass of himself today at this post.

I did what I always do with those I suspect of being trolls.  I gave him enough rope to prove it.  He started by insulting my readers.  He moved from there to demand that I stop covering politics and religion, asked me if I was “willfully ignorant,” and then made ridiculous claims, viz. “Christians burn Christian churches all the time …”  He finished by refusing to substantiate his claims, but demanding that I substantiate some claims that I supposedly made but cannot locate.

The original intent and import of the post is salient and important.  With the coming Islamic invasion, those of you who are “cross worshipers” (you know that’s how they refer to you, right?) will have to consider how you protect your families, homes and churches.  Their Mosques are considered by them to be armories and forts, preparing them for battle and logistically sustaining them.  That’s why they had no problem emplacing weapons of all kinds in them during OIF.

As for Keith, he is a liar.  He didn’t really come to TCJ for firearms news and tutorials like he said, he came as a troll.  He also lied about not coming back because our views clash.  He did come back.  His email and IP address is banned now.  It’s always a smelly job to carry the trash out, but someone has to do it.

D.C. Versus Heller Versus Toddlers

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 3 hours ago

In tonight’s debate, Hillary said this: “What the District of Columbia was trying to do was protect toddlers from guns.”

Here is the URL to the Heller decision.  Here is the URL to the oral arguments.  Extra credit to any reader who can find reference to the words “toddler,” “baby,” or “child” anywhere in the decision or oral arguments.  Hint: CTRL-F works for PDF.  Take it away folks.

Kyle Lamb On Stronghand Only Reload

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 3 hours ago

This is an interesting drill.  I imagine that the point is that you have suffered an injury during close quarters battle and need to reload.  I don’t of any range anywhere I have ever gone to where you would be allowed to do something like this.  Obviously, he has his own private range.

Common AR Rifle Handling Errors

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 3 hours ago


At our Urban Rifle (Carbine) Courses, most students bring ARs, as you might imagine, but we see dozens of other types/brands, some of which I was heretofore only marginally aware, so many are the companies, worldwide, making small arms today.

But my colleagues and I, Dave Spaulding, Tom Givens, Mas Ayoob, James Yeager, Frank Sharpe, Manny Kapelsohn, Jeff Chudwin, Clint Smith, Freddie Blish, et al continue to see repeated handling errors, which during a genuine encounter for which we train, will be fatal!

Some students pick it up right away. Others fumble repeatedly. Most “get it” eventually, training themselves to avoid common AR rifle handling errors!

We instruct students to grab the 30-round magazine (which most use) with the support-side hand as they would a pop-can and smartly insert it into the magazine well. Then, strike the bottom of the newly-inserted magazine. Then, grab it and tug downward, trying to pull it back out.

When the magazine stays in place, it’s good to go.

Conversely, when it comes right back out again, it was never locked in place correctly!

I’m not trying to cast doubt on experts and their recommendations for gun handling, but perhaps this has to do with poor quality guns and poor quality magazines.  But I’ve put thousands upon thousands of rounds through ARs, and I’ve never once had a magazine fail to seat, and I don’t routinely strike the magazine on the bottom.

What about your experience with the AR?


So Why Isn’t Someone Talking To Him About Barrel Harmonics?

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 3 hours ago

At this reddit/guns post?


By mounting the light directly on the barrel, he’s adding a secondary harmonic, possibly exacerbating a primary node or creating an anti-node, or creating nodes completely out of sync with other nodes, and fundamentally changing the way the barrel vibrates.  Someone needs to tell him to remove the light and figure out another way.

Rob Leatham On Pulling The Trigger Without Moving The Gun

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 3 hours ago

Yea, Rob.  Simple.  But not easy.

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