Candid Observations At Reddit Concerning Kenosha, WI Gun Battle

BY Herschel Smith
2 years, 3 months ago


As you will certainly see on Twitter today, a feral mob of rioters decided to pick a fight with armed militia in Kenosha last night, and two of the scum ended up in body bags.

A brief overview of the events: rioters antagonized militia as they stood defending local businesses (note, the guy in this video in the red shirt is the one who is later shot in the head) from looting and burning. Somehow this escalated into rioters chasing a militia member through a parking lot. He turns and fires, striking a rioter in the head (identified by same belt, shorts, and moustache from prior video; he seems semi conscious but I strongly suspect he was the one who died this morning). The mob then chases the wrong guy (see 14:15) through the streets. He stumbles, the mob converges on him, and shots ring out. One rioter is struck in the stomach, collapses, and dies on the spot. Another rioter, Glock in hand and probably not more than seconds (edit: fractions of a second, see below, holy shit) from killing this guy, gets his upper arm blown off. As is very clear in this clip the guy initially fake surrenders, then as soon as the militia member lowers the gun, he tries to draw the Glock to shoot him. Militia member gets up and runs away.

This is the most complete collection of video Ive managed to find of the events.

Lessons learned:

  • PRACTICE F****** OPSEC. The Twitter doxxing machine fired up immediately and already has the second militia member’s name, Facebook, and family information. I’m not posting it here because Im not contributing to the cycle, especially when Reddit – and unfortunately, a non-zero proportion of this sub – is full of communist subhumans. Hes only 17 years old. No one is out of bounds for them. Cover your fucking face. Wear indistinct clothing (this is a pointer that we can actually take from Antifa; the black bloc works; coordinate this with others, if possible). Do not talk to the camera. The guy filming might be nice, but the Twitter lynch mob will use it to kill you and your entire family after it’s posted there. The second militia member identifies himself by name on a stream.

  • For the first time, someone has proved that for all the buildings its burned, all the statues its toppled, and all the people it has beaten, the mob is actually composed of a bunch of f****** pussies. If it’s not 10:1 odds in their favor against an unarmed victim, they want no part of it. The second gunfire starts, they scatter like roaches. Not a single person sticks around to start a protracted fight. It tickles my ears to hear the one rioter go from tough guy who is going to beat up or shoot that kid to big, crying baby once he gets his arm blown off. Fuck these people.

  • Do not undertake these things alone. The militia were hanging together in a group, but somehow this second guy got separated. As stated before, the Antifa/BLM slime are not looking for a fair fight. They want to surround and overwhelm you. If you allow yourself to be isolated, your odds of being targeted and having to shed blood in self-defense go up exponentially.

  • If you’re going to come and expose yourself to the possibility of getting in a gunfight, that means actually be prepared to be in a gunfight. Your fighting capabilities are the sum of your equipment, your body, and your mind. Watermedical equipment (especially tourniquets, chest seals, and gauze), ammunition, hearing protection (especially electronic protection a la Peltors), a good pair of shoes, pants (ideally with knee pads), plates if you can afford them. You should be in good physical shape and well-versed in your craft. If you can’t run 2 miles in under 15 minutes, you’re too slow. You do not want an attacker, imminently about to kill you and parade your body through the street, to be the first thing you ever fire a gun at. I also highly recommend training in combat sports. In addition to the skills this gives you in close combat, it trains a mindset. In a fight, the person who is less afraid of their opponent has a massive advantage. Go watch a street fight. Watch how stiff they are and how quickly they both want it to be over. Most people are terrified to be in a fight. You can very quickly overwhelm someone is in that “stiff” stage of experience with decisive, violent action. This is as true in a fist fight as it is in a gun fight. “Violence has a purpose, and aggression is a perfectly healthy emotion” is a phrase that was beaten into me in my career. It’s good advice that has stuck with me for years.

  • credit u/ohtheyearwas1775 in comments. Slings are good pieces of equipment. Your weapon is literally your life. If the guy had fallen down and dropped his rifle, he would probably be in a coffin right now.

  • credit u/8064hatch. Organization and planning matters. The second militia member was probably isolated because there was no firm plan in place and no distinct leader around. Communications are a big help. Signal is a free, end-to-end encrypted messaging app. If you’re defending a building, overlapping sectors of fire are important, as is a proper evacuation plan (your opponents are extremely fond of fire, that should enter your calculus before you barricade yourself inside).

  • credit u/TehRoot. If you’re going to have medical equipment, you should probably… you know… know how to use it lol. That guy gets shot in the head and the immediate action plan was to put pressure on it. Pressure stops blood flow. All the bleeding was happening inside of that guy’s skull. Pressing skull fragments into his brain is not a winning strategy. Tourniquet limbs (with an actual fucking tourniquet, not your wound up T shirt), pack the junctions (armpits, groin), seal the (breathing) box. Don’t put a tourniquet on someone’s neck like a dumbass. Don’t pack shit in someone’s sucking chest wound unless you want to watch it get violently sucked into their diaphragm and kill them as they try to take a giant panic breath. If you’re carrying a piece of gear, you need to have rehearsed with it so you can engage with the actual realities of when and how to employ it.

  • Realize that the government is not a strong ally. Probably doesn’t need to be said here, but I’ll say it anyway. Your local/state governments basically determine whether or not law enforcement exists in your area. Don’t believe even 1 second of the bullshit about how “they’re doing everything they can to stop the violence.” If this were white supremacists, tea partiers, or whatever demographic the left has chosen not to like that day who were out doing exactly what the BLM insurrectionists are out doing every night, there would be a full activation of your state’s National Guard and you would have an entire infantry battalion on your doorstep right now. Notice how – with zero exceptions – every single place that is having problems with violence is a democrat shithole. Convince me otherwise.

Those are not my observations and I cannot claim credit for them.  I am reposting them here.

So to append what this astute commenter said, let me add the following.  I too noticed not only with this event but the “proud boys” who confronted the Black Bloc in Portland that they became easily separated from the group.

It may be due to lack of planning, lack of training, no real leadership, no time in grade, or whatever.  The Black Bloc is like the Taliban.  They like attack only with a mass of force, i.e., in Afghanistan, they usually attacked COPs and outposts with battalion size forces or almost that size.  See the following posts: here, here, here, and here.

They don’t like the odds when they’re outnumbered.  They tend to scatter with any real resistance.  Don’t be found alone in direct confrontations.

Doxxing is a favorite tactic of the left.  The notion that someone would carry a weapon into the city of Kenosha and directly confront the Black Bloc is, to me, ridiculous.  Law enforcement is not on the side of those who would shut down the destruction and lawlessness.  The police follow the orders of the politicians, and the pols don’t want the destruction to be stopped.  They cannot arrest their voting constituency.

I suspect that the future of these sorts of confrontations will involve face and head cover, the use of cover and concealment, and the use of cover of night, as well as the use of “stand-off” tactics.

As always, these points are discussed merely as an academic exercise, for educational benefit, and for use for those who study warfare (specifically in TTP, or tactics, techniques and procedures).


  1. On August 27, 2020 at 4:05 am, Phil Ossiferz Stone said:

    Aaaaaand the post has already been deleted by a liberal moderator/censor.

    This is why I screencap things I find noteworthy or disturbing. You never know when or by what agency things will be forced down the memory hole. Remember when Obama shut the WW2 memorial with barricades in the face of a bunch of old heroes in wheelchairs? Remember how they wrired the gate shut with barbed freaking wire? Remember how their families tore apart the ‘Barry-cades’ and piled them on the White House lawn? I do. But try and find it online now.

  2. On August 27, 2020 at 7:54 am, Herschel Smith said:


    Matters not. You have it all here. The comments are interesting, at least some of them.

    Either way, I find it useful to lift prose entirely at times when it may be deleted.

  3. On August 27, 2020 at 8:58 am, AGUY said:

    I use Bullzip/GSLite pdf printer to print screens to pdf files. Makes it easier than doing a bunch of screencaps. It’s free.

  4. On August 27, 2020 at 9:39 am, Bram said:

    “I suspect that the future of these sorts of confrontations will involve face and head cover, the use of cover and concealment, and the use of cover of night, as well as the use of “stand-off” tactics.”

    Don’t forget this:

  5. On August 27, 2020 at 10:52 am, A. Landmesser said:

    Its not smart to seek trouble but these anarchists sought a confrontation. If it hadn’t been this 17 year old it would have been some silly 80 year old.

    Knowing what the left will do be armed and be prepared to defend yourself. Its not smart to be lobotomized by a bunch of felons.

  6. On August 27, 2020 at 11:38 am, Nobody In Particular said:

    Two links to consider, for the students of history among us:

  7. On August 27, 2020 at 12:46 pm, Randolph Scott said:

    “It tickles my ears to hear the one rioter go from tough guy who is going to beat up or shoot that kid to big, crying baby once he gets his arm blown off. ”

    It makes my day when these communist MF’s die because a Patriot shot them.

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