Using Water As A Weapon Of War

Herschel Smith · 03 Aug 2014 · 9 Comments

Next City: In a war, anything can be a weapon. In a particularly ruthless war, such as the conflict that has been raging in Syria for more than three years, those weapons are often turned against civilians, making any semblance of normal life impossible. Such is the case, experts say, with the way the nation’s water supply is being manipulated to inflict suffering on the population. According to an article posted by Chatham House, a London-based independent policy institute, water…… [read more]

Collectivist Inadvertently Admits No Trust In Background Checks

BY Herschel Smith
7 hours, 47 minutes ago


It’s one thing to accept and understand that plenty of reasonable and responsible people own guns and that is their constitutional right. It is another to be so outrageously afraid of legitimate and sane restrictions that you have a situation in which it is entirely permissible to carry a loaded weapon into an event that carries a threat that the people attending it will “die screaming.”

It is terrifying enough to face a barrage of harassment and threats and continue to work and speak out. It’s harder when what ought to be fairly straightforward safety precautions cannot be taken because of permissive gun laws. This isn’t what freedom looks like. This is what the Second Amendment trouncing the First does. And as Sarkeesian explains it, “To be clear: I didn’t cancel my USU talk because of terrorist threats, I canceled because I didn’t feel the security measures were adequate.” 

The writer is of course talking about the cancellation of the feminist speech at the Utah State University due to a threat, or for reasons as explained above (in protest of “permissive gun laws”).  Ignoring the fact that the two paragraphs cited directly contradict each other and offer differing accounts of the concern, occasionally collectivists open up their true thinking to the world.  We all know what they really believe, but it’s nice to be able to point it out to those who don’t follow these issues.

On the one hand, collectivists like this want universal background checks and talk about things like “plenty of reasonable and responsible people own guns and that is their constitutional right.”  But she didn’t request or advocate that only those who had been issued concealed handgun permits be allowed to carry (trusting in not only the background check, but approval by their CLEO).  She wants no guns at all to be allowed, meaning that she doesn’t really trust approval granted through the background checks or concealed handgun permit.

Collectivists can’t have it both ways.  Either the background check is trustworthy or all guns are a menace, meaning that not even LEOs should be carrying.  On the other hand, perhaps she has inadvertently admitted what we all know.  She doesn’t really care about universal background checks.  That is only a vehicle to a national registry, the next step forward to national control.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
8 hours, 13 minutes ago

David Codrea:

That’s a different contention than the one reporter Hartocollis began the report with, having used the specific word “carry.” Purchasing a gun, as opposed to obtaining a carry permit, are quite different things in New York, which follows the “may issue” discretion of authorities. The process is even more exclusive in New York City, where permissions are extremely rare, as exemplified by high-profile ones enjoyed by the rich, famous and connected like actor Robert De Niro, “shock jock” Howard Stern, and developer Donald Trump.

Read David’s column for two reasons.  First, he is discussing the issue of New York placing more than 30,000 persons on the no-purchase list for guns.  Make no mistake about it.  If you are former military and have ever been diagnosed with PTSD, you will be on the list.  If you have ever taken any anti-anxiety drugs, you will be on the list.  This list is an obscene intrusion into the personal affairs of people by the state, and goes to God given rights to defend oneself.

The second reason you should read David’s column is for the conflation the author makes of purchase versus carry.  And this is a pet peeve of mine.  May issue states that turn gun ownership and carry on its head by favoring big donors to campaigns, those who can afford to hire expensive lawyers and well connected individuals as opposed to common folk, are perhaps the worst kind of gun control because it feigns second amendment rights while it mocks them.

David Codrea:

So on the one hand, Ashford supports letting loose raging monsters to stalk among us, and on the other, he wants to make it more difficult for their victims to defend themselves. Not that such laws slow down demonic killers like Nikko Jenkins, who, despite his “prohibited person” status, still never missed a beat getting the guns he used to slay his four victims.

Disgusting.  In my world his victims would have been able to defend themselves, while Mr. Jenkins would have been executed and thus unable to perpetrate those crimes.

Via Mike Vanderboegh, much of the economy is a mirage.

NSSF goes after Malloy.  I wish I could feel that they’re doing it for some other reason than the economic well being of manufacturers.  You know, like second amendment rights.

One of the deputies involved in destroying baby Bou-Bou’s life has resigned.

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Jerry Miculek On AR-15 Grip And Stance

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 8 hours ago

Via John Richardson, here is Jerry Miculek on AR-15 grip and stance.

I always watch and listen carefully to Jerry explain anything.  He is an extremely successful competitive shooter.  However, I have never seen him use (or advocate use of) what I’ve called the “aggressive plates forward” stance.  Jerry puts his left leg forward (almost like a modified Weaver stance).  My son Daniel taught me the aggressive plates forward stance which was and is in common use in the USMC.

Also, I see Jerry using the hand-forward C-clamp grip, although not as exaggerated as Chris Costa uses.


I have also seen Travis Haley use a modified version of this grip.  It appears that this grip technique is in common use among competitive shooters, and sometimes when trying to acquire long range stationary or semi-stationary targets.  But this technique isn’t in common use among the U.S. military.

According to my son Daniel, it’s especially not in use when performing room clearing or other close quarters battle, where raising the weapon with a reflex sight (such as an EOTech) is the most important aspect of target acquisition rather being able to sweep from side to side.

University Student Who Had Guns On Campus Gets Two Years In Jail

BY Herschel Smith
1 day, 9 hours ago

A college student who was arrested after being found with two handguns on campus and a rifle in his SUV pled guilty to weapons charges Friday in what supporters call a big misunderstanding.

William Dong, 23, the now-former University of New Haven student said he carried the handguns for protection against mass shootings but ran afoul of both federal and state charges when it was discovered he had what Connecticut law classifies as an “assault rifle.” He was arrested in 2013 on campus with the two handguns in his possession while a third gun, a Bushmaster rifle, was locked in his SUV just off campus. Dong, who worked at the time for an armored car company, had a clean record and had permits for his firearms, was the subject of a police manhunt on campus after a homeless woman saw the rifle in his vehicle at drugstore near campus and called police.

This led at the time to a campus lockdown until police found Dong and took him into custody. Upon a search of his room, police found newspaper clippings of various mass shootings, which in itself is not a crime but was seized upon by local media. When the smoke cleared, he faced charges for one count of illegal sale or transport of an assault weapon and two counts of having a firearm on unauthorized premises since the university had prohibited guns even with a permit, for which he pled guilty Friday.

“Today’s guilty plea brings an end to a potential tragedy that was prevented due to Connecticut’s new gun safety laws,” read a statement released by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) just as the plea was announced.

Of course, Malloy is lying.  The operative word here is “potential,” and under this calculus, the fact that a traffic light turned red at the right time, causing a taxi to be late which was carrying a weapons trafficker, who was scheduled to meet a broker, who was going to sell weapons to someone who might have committed a crime with them (or might not have), is reason enough to congratulate the traffic engineers on the light sequence.  Malloy is a imbecile.

It’s a good time to remind some of my readers who weren’t with me from the beginning that I don’t believe in prisons.  I believe in the Biblical ideas of restitution and retribution.  If a man steals from you, he has to pay it back times two or three.  If he can’t, he is your indentured servant for such period of time as the debt is paid.  The notion of “debt to society” is obscene.  If a man steals from you he has a debt to you, not to society.

As far as retribution is concerned, perpetrators of murder, rape and kidnapping are to be executed.  And if a man has shown that he cannot be a part of society without perpetrating violence of upon others (e.g., repeated assault), he should similarly be executed.

Prisons are for societies who believe in rehabilitation.  I do not.  And even if I did, prisons do not effect rehabilitation.  That is asking the impossible of incarceration.  The only problem with my approach is that the so-called criminal justice system in America is broken and run by officers of the court who are themselves thugs, criminals and ne’er-do-wells.

As far as Mr. Dong is concerned, he doesn’t need to be either rehabilitated or incarcerated, and ownership of these weapons should not have been illegal. The unfortunate part about his incarceration is that in order to survive it, he will probably have to become criminalized himself.  This incident will cause losers all around, with nothing good coming from any of it.

And Governor Malloy is an imbecile.

Hispanics And Latinos Favor Gun Control

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 7 hours ago

David Codrea has warned you:

Why the “gun control” groups keep quiet about illegal immigration is understandable. Those in it for the long haul, who hope and believe Americans can be disarmed within a generation, recognize that this can give them an unbeatable political majority within a decade or two, to remake the legislatures and courts and reverse all the legislative and judicial victories gained to date.

That explains motives of the gun-grabbers. But what about gun rights organizations? Why has only one national group sounded the alarm?

Also see David here for a followup.  And I have tried to explain that Hispanics and Latinos will vote collectivist because that’s there world view.

“For historical reasons to do with the nationalisation of the land under Lázaro Cárdenas and the predominant form of peasant land tenure, which was “village cooperative” rather than based on individual plots, the demand for “land to the tiller” in Mexico does not imply an individual plot for every peasant or rural worker or family. In Mexico, collectivism among the peasantry is a strong tradition … one consequence of these factors is that the radical political forces among the rural population are on the whole explicitly anti-capitalist and socialist in their ideology. Sometimes this outlook is expressed in support for guerilla organisations; but struggle movements of the rural population are widespread, and they spontaneously ally with the most militant city-based leftist organisations.”

One of the reasons for this reflexive alignment with leftism has to do with the the mid-twentieth century and what the Sovient Union and allied ideologies accomplished.  South and Central America was the recipient or receptacle for socialism draped in religious clothing, or in other words, liberation theology.  Its purveyors were Roman Catholic priests who had been trained in Marxism, and they were very successful in giving the leftists a moral platform upon which to build.  This ideology spread North from South and Central America into Mexico, and thus the common folk in Mexico are quite steeped in collectivist ideology from battles that were fought decades ago.

A very important Pew poll was just released, and The Dallas News headlined it this way: Latinos take more conservative view on pot but not on gun control.

Latinos take a more conservative view on pot legalization and a more-pro view on gun control, according to a fresh report on politics from the Pew Research Center.

About 49 percent of Hispanics polled support legalization of marijuana versus 53 percent for the total U.S. population. Liberalization of pot use is gaining support around the nation. Come January, in Dallas County, there may be some loosening on pot prosecution with a pilot project that gives tickets rather than jail time for simple possession, as we reported here.

On gun control, 62 percent of Hispanics polled by Pew say they support controlling gun ownership, versus 45 percent for the nation.

Nearly two thirds of Hispanics and Latinos are collectivists when it comes to gun rights.  And just consider – there are tens of millions of these new voters being added to the rolls considering the recent Supreme Court losses concerning voter ID laws.  This is in my estimation the most serious threat Americans face.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 8 hours ago

David Codrea:

Those are fine words. They ring true, like something gun owners can believe in. Or at least they would were NRA not helping Reid, Schumer and Durbin hold on to power by declining to endorse AQ-rated Republican Dan Sullivan in one of the key races needed to flip the Senate. They would were NRA not giving an inflated grade to Democrat Mark Begich that fails to hold him fully accountable for two Supreme Court betrayals and a host of other bad votes on gun-related issues.

David is referring to a recent NRA mailing.  Go read it for yourself.  I got it too, and it’s a crying shame when the very stated goals of the NRA are ignored in their nuts and bolts grading of candidates.  It’s like their incompetent, or dishonest, or something.

Federal Appeals Court strikes down ban on possessing guns for self defense on Army Corps of Engineers property.  The take away from all of this is that regulation of guns evolving to outright bans violates the very rights enshrined in the second amendment.  So the court says (United States Court for the District of Idaho).  I’d like to see this ruling addressed in “may issue” states where corrupt law enforcement officials turn a right into a privilege by use of discretion.

Kurt Hofmann:

Much of the video focuses on the claim that “forty percent of gun sales happen just like this [without a background check].” Right away, the Brady Campaign is counting on an audience of dummies. They need an audience incapable of discovering that the “forty percent” claim is so hyper-inflated that even the reliably, rabidly anti-gun, pro-Obama Washington Post “awarded” the president “three Pinocchios” for the clearly fraudulent claim.

It also pretends that in the presence of universal background checks criminals won’t find other avenues to obtain whatever too they wish to use to perpetrate their crimes.  I know someone who spent a number of years in Hong Kong, and he found it interesting that he would meet a number of people on the street whose faces were disfigured.  When I asked him why, he stated that a common practice of criminals was to obtain sulfuric acid and throw it in the faces of victims.

Here is a current assessment of Marine Corps attempts to test women for combat.  Not so good.  And you know my views.

Mother Jones claims that the rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011.  Is that true?  My take – ignore all of this.  The data isn’t statistically significant.  I’m not being dismissive or coy.  I mean exactly what I said.  It doesn’t meet the Central Limit Theorem and thus proves nothing.  It would have a very high standard deviation, probably higher than the mean, thus indicating that the mean can go negative (an impossible and physically absurd conclusion).

Via Mike Vanderboegh: “GOA’s brief defends the Fourth Amendment property right to the security of one’s person. If no law has been violated, then the government has no superior interest in detaining a person or seizing property, and thus the search and seizure was unconstitutional no matter how “reasonable” the police may have acted.”

I thought all of this had already been dealt with before, leading to the necessity for all stops to be “Terry Stops”?  What’s the matter with the N.C. Supreme Court, except for being stupid collectivists?

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Parents Of Baby Bou-Bou Say SWAT Raid Crippled Their Family

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 8 hours ago


The parents of a little boy critically injured when a police grenade landed in his crib are speaking exclusively with Channel 2 Action News.

They’re talking about a grand jury’s decision not to press charges against any of the deputies involved in the accident.

Channel 2′s Kerry Kavanaugh has been following story for months.

She traveled 800 miles to the boy’s new in Janesville, Wisconsin, where the family says they will continue to fight for justice.

The family told Kavanaugh that they felt like victims all over again when a grand jury announced they would not file criminal charges. They have been home in Wisconsin since July. Much has happened in the case since they left Georgia.

The family says they don’t believe the grand jury got the full story.

“It’s a relief to know we still have him alive,” his mother, Alicia Phonesavanh, said.

Two-year-old Bounkahm Phonesvanh, also known as baby “Bou-Bou,” is happy and energetic.

The toddler was burned and disfigured May 28 when a police grenade exploded in his crib during a mistaken SWAT raid on a Habersham County home.

“We want justice. We want fair justice for our family,” Alicia Phonesavanh said.

Alicia Phonesvanh and Bounkahm Phonesvanh said they feel a grand jury denied them that justice when they declined to criminally prosecute any of the deputies involved.

“The grand jury should have known the real, whole truth story before they make decision,” Bounkahm Phonesavanh, the boy’s father, said. “We read the report and when we had read that the grand jury had stated our children were in danger from the moment we moved in, my mind was blown. That’s a complete fabrication.”

The family doesn’t believe the jurors got the whole story.

“When we first saw him, I thought he was going to die,” Alicia Phonesavanh said.
Alicia Phonesvanh says that was five hours after the explosion.

“They had taken my son away in an ambulance without us knowing. They had told my husband and  I, ‘Your son is fine. He lost a tooth,’” Alicia Phonesavanh said.

Bou-Bou was burned and disfigured.

“It wasn’t a drug house. That’s why they didn’t find any drugs, no weapons, no suspects,” Alicia Phonesavanh said. “They’ve crippled my family physically; they’ve crippled my family emotionally. They’re crippling us financially.”

The family says Bou-Bou will have to have surgeries every couple of years because he has so much scar tissue.

They say doctors will also have to monitor his brain because he suffered a traumatic injury.

Queue it up.  No accountability even from the public via a grand jury, lies at the time of the raid (“He lost a tooth”), failed goals from the raid, a baby almost blown up, lies and coverup by officers of the court during the presentation of facts (i.e., the lawyers), and financially crippled innocent victims.

There you have it – that sounds about right for our corrupt and worthless criminal justice system.

Prior: Grand Jury Recommends No Charges In Georgia Police Raid That Severely Injured Toddler

Why Don’t Washington Farmers Know About I-594?

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 8 hours ago


In rural parts of the Northwest, many believe owning a gun is sort of like owning a garden trowel. You just have one or two around.

In November, Washington voters will decide on two gun-related initiatives. Initiative 594, aims to close loopholes on gun sales without background checks and fresh polls say it’s likely to pass. But in rural areas, some people are skeptical the initiative will hit its intended target.

The Ben and Frank Wolf are brothers who farm together in Palouse country in southeast Washington. They run nearly 3,000-acres. The brothers raise wheat, peas, lentils and even loads of garbanzo beans for big-city hummus.

The Wolf brothers have been busy with harvest, so they hadn’t even heard of I-594. And these brothers weren’t too excited to learn that loaning a gun to a friend, a neighbor or a twice-removed relative is going to be harder if it passes. At least, for people who follow the new law.

They say that doesn’t make much sense on this farm.

Just like loaning someone a lawnmower.

“The people who have guns are still going to have them,” Ben said. “And the bad guys who have guns or want them are going to get them one way or the other.”

I-594 says anyone transferring a gun that’s not immediate family needs a background check by a licensed dealer.

Frank and Ben say that’s a problem.

On the one hand, since these are farmers who are working for a living (unlike so many Americans now who live off of the backs of those who do work), I want to be understanding about the lack of time to stay abreast of recent politics.

On the other hand, the right of firearms ownership is one of the most fundamental God grants to us, and there will never be an end to the totalitarians who want to infringe on that right.  It is incumbent upon all men of good faith and who love liberty to monitor the aspirations of evil men and fight back to preserve righteousness.

These men, despite how busy they are, should have known about I-594, as should all other good men in the state of Washington.  And knowing, they should fight back with all of their might.  It will be easier in the long run to kill evil designs before they have become ensconced within the system of laws than live with the consequences of those evil designs.  And it will be easier for the rest of us when those evil designs have had a chance to mature and grow like a cancer.

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UK Cops To Enter Gun Owners’ Homes And Secure Weapons Using Anti-Terror Laws

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 8 hours ago



The Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO), the body that represents senior police officers in the United Kingdom, has begun a campaign to send police to enter the homes of legal gun owners to snoop on them. Many of those who may receive visits cannot understand why they would be targeted and suspect it is to discourage gun ownership in Britain.

The Countryside Alliance pressure group fears that the new initiative will target ordinary members of the public, and is due to begin on Wednesday, 15th October. The group has launched a campaign to alert Members of Parliament to the issue. The policy is also the latest in a series of ‘power grabs’ by ACPO, which is effectively a trade union, but regularly demands executive powers with little accountability to the public.

On its campaign website the Countryside Alliance said: “Legitimate gun owners are always ready to support sensible, evidence based proposals to improve firearm licensing and security. For instance we fully support unannounced checks on license holders based on specific intelligence on risk.

One stark difference between American gun owners and British gun owners is that I (and many of my readers) absolutely will not support proposals of any kind to “improve” licensing of firearms.  And the security of firearms is my business, not that of the government.

This doesn’t seem too far fetched for America, though, police entering homes to “inspect” guns under anti-terror laws.  After all, we already violate rights against illegal search and seizure and right to due process under anti-terror laws (i.e., the Patriot Act).  But here’s a word to police in America.  You try to enter homes and inspect firearms in your neck of the woods, and you may get shot.

Malloy Stands By Insults Against Mossberg & Sons

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 8 hours ago

New Haven Register:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy may have reconciled differences with the state’s teachers, but not with firearm manufacturers.

Malloy, early in his administration, insulted teachers as he embarked on education reform, when he said all they have to do to earn tenure was just show up for four years. He has since apologized and the governor now has the backing of both the AFT Connecticut and the Connecticut Education Association.

But the firearms industry is another story.

Joseph H. Bartozzi, an officer with O.F. Mossberg & Sons, in a forum piece in the New Haven Register, defended industry efforts to make guns safer.

The manufacturers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represent the trade group, vehemently opposed the state’s strict gun reform bill adopted in 2013 after the killing in 2012 of 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown by a lone gunman.

The new law expanded the need for permits, banned magazines with more than 10 bullets and outlawed 100 more assault weapons in Connecticut. Residents who had bought them prior to the ban could keep them, but they had to be registered.

The law is playing a part in the gubernatorial election between Malloy and Republican Tom Foley.

Bartozzi repeated Malloy’s statement to CNN in April 2013 on his perception of what motivates the gun industry.

“What this is about is the ability of the gun industry to sell as many guns to as many people as possible, even if they are deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background,” the governor said at the time. “They don’t care.”

In a meeting with the New Haven Register editorial board Monday, Malloy was asked if that continued to be a fair characterization.

“Pretty much … pretty fair. Otherwise they would be advocating for universal background checks. I have had discussions with people who work for Mossberg, as well as every other major gun company who have actually indicated to me, on a personal basis, that they don’t have a problem with universal background checks, but they are afraid of the NRA and they won’t stand up to it,” Malloy said.

He said the one company who did, Smith & Wesson, “was driven into bankruptcy because they did … when they advocated making changes in the gun laws. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be supporting and captive of an entity that opposes what 90 percent of Americans support, and that is universal background checks.”

In my open letter to Mossberg & Sons I told you that Malloy didn’t care about facts – facts like universal background checks have nothing whatsoever to do with crime.  I told you he didn’t care about having the input of “experts.”  I told you that this was exclusively a calculated, political decision based on Malloy’s totalitarian world view.

Now, not only is Malloy telling you the same thing, he is calling Mossberg & Sons liars and reiterating his claim that you are out to sell as many guns to dangerous people as you can.

So how long will you, Mossberg & Sons, continue to ensconce yourselves in a state where you aren’t welcome, and where you’ve been told that very thing by the Governor himself?  We know exactly where Malloy stand on the issues.  There is nothing to see here.  The surprising thing is that Mossberg continues to take the beating.

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