Status Of Virginia AWB Legislation

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 11 months ago

Via David Codrea, this news from Virginia.

Instead of criminalizing specific types of rifles, shotguns and pistols altogether, the amended bill makes it illegal to import, purchase, sell, transfer or manufacture an assault firearm, with some exceptions for gifts, guns handed down through family estates and temporary transfers to allow weapon rentals at shooting ranges. As originally drafted, the bill would have required people who already own assault firearms to register them with the state for a $50 fee. That provision has been stricken from the bill, allowing those weapons to be lawfully kept without registration.

“No one has to give up a weapon,” Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria, said at the committee hearing.

If you’ll recall, Levine is infamous for his stupidity, but he isn’t embarrassed at all.

So that’s the strategy in order to get something to pass the House.  It is to ensure that MSRs do not proliferate further than those who already own them, and beyond that, I’d suspect that they have tricks up their sleeves for how weapons are transferred to your family in wills (although for me, that would be “Son, empty my safe as soon as I’m gone”).

I do have a suggestion for Virginians though.  Although MSR builds will be illegal if this passes, I’d find a friend on the other side of the border, get some armorer’s tools, and learn to make my own.  Get your parts – all of them – from a friend, bring them back, and build your own in the future.

Am I suggesting that you ignore this new law?  Why yes, yes I am.  Because it’s unconstitutional and runs afoul of God’s laws.  The real loss here is FFLs and what they’re able to sell.  I’m truly sorry for the state they will be left in.

And no, I don’t want to hear one more word about TINVOWOOT.  I’m going to pound the guts out of the next person I hear say that.  We are where we are because we’ve failed to teach, train, and raise young men who believe in God, we failed to vote, we failed to engage in politics, and we failed to ensure a Godly republic.  American men opted instead for football games, stupid jerseys, couch sitting and television.  Politics is war.  Failure to see it that way leads to disaster.

I’ve said before that I am a Christian Reconstructionist.  God has something to say about how men live together, whether that be in art, science, politics or law.  It’s all His domain and since we are made in His image, we are to take dominion over it for His glory.  I have no sympathy for those who claim they’re going to go all tactical when so-and-so happens, while they fail to engage before so-and-so happens.  Here’s my answer: no you’re not.

Besides, if you are too frightened to use your name, engage your local LEOs and politicians and ensure a Godly republic, you deserve what you get.


  1. On February 7, 2020 at 4:37 pm, Arthur Sido said:

    Given how many anonymous experts and cold blooded killers shouting ominous threats from their keyboards our side is loaded with, one would think all of these scoundrels would be dead already.

  2. On February 7, 2020 at 7:52 pm, Fred said:

    The goal is Red Flag weapons seizures. So this Levin guy is lying, the confiscations will start the day that law goes live. And I don’t feel bad for FFL’s who are unpaid agents of the State collecting personal firearms information and transferring it to an illegal “agency.”
    Gave a talk a couple of weeks ago to about 30 folks on standing up for God, yourselves, your country, and your civilization.

    2 Timothy 3:5 “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

    Christians have the power of Almighty God but they don’t even know it and won’t use it.

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    The first thing He says is power. All power and authority has been given to Jesus, we who fear God, and hear Him have this power.

    “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

    If God is in you, and He has all power, and He does, then we must use it! I told them to get in people’s faces, to use the Lord’s Holy Name in rebuke, even in Holy Righteous Anger toward the workers of iniquity that would destroy us and drag our children and grandchildren down into the pits of hell with them.

    Proverbs 27:5 “Open rebuke is better than secret love.”
    1 Timothy 5:20 “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.”
    Proverbs 29:15 “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”
    And Revelation 3:19 “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”
    2 Timothy 4:2 “preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”
    Longsuffering doesn’t’ mean to sit there and take it by the way, it means to rebuke them over and over and over and over as many times as it takes.
    And many more such as – Luke 17:3-4, and 2 Timothy 3:16-17

    Evil MUST shrink at the name of the Most High. Evil must be made to retreat back into whatever cave it came out of. These covenant breakers and fools who change the truth of God into a lie must be made to submit. The perverters of all that is right and good and true must be made to shut up, sit down and mind the men and women of God again.

    I held back some. A younger and mostly or all male audience for this lesson would be excellent.
    Met with a campaign rep of one of the men who is running to take Lamar Alexander’s senate seat that he will not be seeking again. Got basically nothing except; MAGA from him. I need to meet the man, which is in the works.
    Met with another ADA for this county. Told him to face that I don’t like cops. We did agree that the current, ‘reasonable man fears for his life or life of others’ threshold for self defense is the right one.
    Met with a young man, vet from the sandbox, who is running for a county commission seat, not my area but still. Entrepreneur, small biz owner, sharp. I’ll leave that there.
    Found yet another person, this weekend, a little different than most, but convicted of the evil of this world as his testimony showed that the Father had allowed some people to reveal themselves to the guy. He was a little shaken, as a man should be when some of the devil’s own confronts him and not knowing how or what to do. He had some questions, notice the theme, there are no coincidences, about the authority of God over evil. Showed him some verses, and answered a few questions, and now he believes on the name of the Son of God today to the salvation of his soul. Then we talked about the power of God in him as a born again believer, Son of God, joint heir, made righteous, upright, like unto an holy people by the power of God, for in Him we live and move and have our being. Amen. I love doing this, what some call; soul winning.
    The new shooter I had on the hook got away. Need to get another one started.
    Got another thing in the hopper. Not for discussion now.
    And may this be an example unto you all.

  3. On February 7, 2020 at 8:18 pm, Red in OleVirginny said:

    For those keeping track here are the traitors who voted against their oath and the Virginia Constitution today in Committee to advance HB 961:
    Jeffrey M. Bourne (D) City of Richmond Chair: Public Safety – Firearms Subcommittee
    Occupation: Attorney

    Jennifer Carroll-Foy (D) Counties of Prince William(part) and Stafford (part)
    Occupation: Public Defender

    Patrick A. Hope (D) – County of Arlington (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Attorney

    Daniel I. Helmer D – Counties of Fairfax (part) and Prince William (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Management Consultant

    Kaye Kory D – County of Fairfax (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Project Manager (retired)

    Alfonso H. Lopez D – Counties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Partner (public and government relations/services firm)

    Clinton L. Jenkins D – Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Property Manager

    Mark H. Levine D – Counties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part); City of Alexandria (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Radio/TV pundit; attorney

    Sam Rasoul D- City of Roanoke (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Healthcare consultant
    Marcia S. Price D – City of Newport News (part)
    Occupation – ??

    Shelly A. Simonds D – City of Newport News (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Family Property Manager

    Kenneth R. Plum D – County of Fairfax (part)
    Occupation/Profession: Educator (retired)

    This info was easy – I’m sure you could find more if you wanted to have a personal conversation with your public servant.

  4. On February 7, 2020 at 8:35 pm, X said:

    Mark (((Levine))), eh?

    Tribally related to this character, maybe???é

  5. On February 8, 2020 at 6:16 pm, Montana Guy said:

    Voting? Mercy, can you cite one example where Americans got a choice to change the system to zero theft, zero debt and zero initiated aggression?

  6. On February 8, 2020 at 8:26 pm, Herschel Smith said:

    @Montana Guy,

    So we need to lay some brief groundwork for our silly little thought-game before we begin.

    As you know (if you’re a regular reader and have good reading comprehension), I am a Christian Reconstructionist. Without a return to God’s law, there is no hope for America. So theologically speaking, we will all get swept up in His judgment upon our wicked land, and your rifle won’t stop that. If we immediately stopped abortion, infanticide, corporate theft, governmental theft, confiscation of weapons, and foreign misadventures, that would be a great start and God would bless that. There would be more to do.

    Next up, practically speaking. Like R. J. Rushdoony, I believe that the only practical solution to our problems is home schooling, and in particular, Christian home schooling and pulling children out of schools of communist indoctrination. Without that, there is no hope for practical America. Horace Mann/John Dewey won that battle for the souls of youngsters a century ago. It’s time to retake that ground, and if we don’t, your rifle won’t help you.

    Next up, as to your questions, I have some of my own before I answer you (and you may even be able to find my answers in the questions I pose.

    1. I have made tens of thousands of posts. I have recommended hundreds of practical tools for resistance against tyranny, including (most recently disobedience to the coming AWB in Virginia – you read it above, or perhaps you didn’t and reflexively started pounding on your keyboard). I’ve also included the notion of active resistance to tyranny, including with the county Sheriffs or without them. I’m sure you could fill in the details.

    Now, when is the last time I listed all possible tools for resistance against evil (including all tools I’ve given in my thousands of posts), and recommended that you defenestrate all of them except VOTING? Be specific. List the post title and date. Show your homework.

    2. When is the last time a country or state was born BY ANY MEANS at all, which is still operating morally, with no corporate or government theft of the treasury, no foreign misadventures, no tyranny, and unwavering protection of the unborn? Be specific. Show your homework.

    3. Name the last calculus professor whose students graduated with perfect scores, never made an error in class, and never made another error in any mathematics labor the rest of their lives? Be specific, show your homework.

    4. Who is the last parent who, after instructing his or her children in the ways of the Lord, who spent all of their time with their children, who taught them up perfectly, found that his or her children made only perfect decisions the rest of their lives? Be specific, show your homework.

    I could go on, but I’ll leave the list at four questions.

    See how silly this thought-game is? When in doubt about your ideas, always apply your statements to something else equally (or more) valuable, like children. In number 4, if you can’t find any such parents and children, do you know of any parents who used the excuse of imperfect children to stop trying to instruct their children?

  7. On February 9, 2020 at 10:12 am, X said:

    “As you know (if you’re a regular reader and have good reading comprehension), I am a Christian Reconstructionist. Without a return to God’s law, there is no hope for America. So theologically speaking, we will all get swept up in His judgment upon our wicked land, and your rifle won’t stop that.”

    Well, this here brings up an excellent question which does not have an easy answer.

    Are we supposed to simply let the communist government crucify us like the Romans and Jews conspired to do to Jesus??? Remember, the Jews wanted to return to Yahweh’s law, which meant that they would kill the Romans and re-establish Jewish supremacy in their Zion. Jesus told them that they were not the Chosen, that their leaders the Pharisees were a pit of vipers, and that even the good Gentiles could be rewarded. So the traitorous Sanhedrin played a double game with their hated Roman enemies to get an apostate fellow Jew executed.

    But the point is that Jesus refused to fight back, because he knew that if he did, they would portray him as a violent terrorist (like bar Kokhba a century later) and use that to justify killing him. So he commanded Peter to sheath his sword when the Romans came to arrest him while praying in the Garden.

    Now, this is EXACTLY what the communist government of the United States of Anal Sodomy has planned for us when they come to take our guns. If we resist, they will claim justification to kill us as “violent terrorists.”

    So, are we supposed to lay down our arms as Jesus commanded Peter to do and allow them to execute us anyway????

    (Augustine’s answer to the question, buy the way, was that ALL governments are by definition corrupt and there is “no hope” for any of them…)

  8. On February 9, 2020 at 3:11 pm, MTHead said:

    Man is fallen. We think god doesn’t know that? Were not Jesus. So…The parable of the wheat and weeds is exactly what’s going on here. If we think god cares that much about the weeds. Then by all means let them choke you to death.
    If you believe the weeds are something you can live with? By all means go for it. See how it works.(It’s been working for years now.)
    Or maybe god wants his wheat to stand up for him and the good earth he created? And all that’s holy in it?
    As Herschel has pointed out many times.
    Were about to find out they left in the provision to destroy the magazines.
    As for me. Fear not those that can kill the body. and after have nothing more they can do. Instead, fear him that after he has killed, has the power to cast body and soul into hell.

  9. On February 9, 2020 at 3:56 pm, Herschel Smith said:


    Well, the answer I think is clear enough.

    To begin with, I think you’re truncating Augustine. His point isn’t just that “all governments are corrupt,” but that all men, all institutions, all of man’s efforts, are corrupt because of original sin. Calvin followed him and expanded those thoughts. I am a Calvinist.

    Jesus’ command to Peter had to do with one, and only one, thing. The fact that Peter was trying to stop what Jesus knew He had to do, and that was pay the penalty for the sins of His people (all believers in Christ). That was His mission, and anything that stood in His way must of necessity be cast aside. He wasn’t making a normative statement about anything. This was a situational issue. His other commands, “sell your cloak and buy a sword,” stand on their own.

    Jesus didn’t “refuse to fight back,” as that fighting the will of His father wasn’t His mission. His mission isn’t a normative statement about us.

    So what are we supposed to do? Follow all of God’s commands, including raising our children to fear the Lord, following His holy law in all matters, honoring His rules of economics to the extent we can, honoring His laws regarding how we interact with other men, being involved in the arts, sciences, family, church, media, and government in order to be salt in the world and take dominion of it for His glory. That includes being armed in order to defend yourself, your family and hearth, against intruders, foreign and domestic, who would do you harm, non-state sanctioned or state-sanctioned.

    It isn’t EITHER-OR. It’s BOTH-AND.

  10. On February 9, 2020 at 4:58 pm, Fred said:

    (One minor clarification Mr. X; I know what you meant but some may not; Jesus was not apostate, the Sanhedrin were, and they accused falsely the Lord Jesus. Just for clarity.)

    If they want to crucify you for preaching the Kingdom of God, then let them. This is to the glory of God. Jesus said take up your cross and follow me. Are you following Jesus? What is meant by that is literally; be crucified in my name for the glory of the Father. Well, how do you do that? You preach the Kingdom of God to the wicked workers of iniquity in this world, even if it means being stoned to death or strung up. If your preacher tells you not to make people angry and avoid getting physically hurt then he’s a fake, I said he’s a FAKE. Yes, they say to act like a good little castrated calf. Did Stephen say; ah guys, golly I’m sorry for upsetting you, let’s just be friends? This notion is a lie out of the pits of hell from mouths of vipers.

    Now then, if they want to crucify you because they are mass murderers lusting after the blood of men in order to attempt an utopia on earth, then blow their head in half, and yes that notion pricks your soul because you are good. The notion of killing doesn’t bother the Left and Right in the least, lest there would not be 70 million dead babies and warfare decade after decade. The cross is a grave offense but men who would be offended by your merely taking breath as though they were the arbiter of good and evil, then you have a duty to Holy God to defend what is good, did God say that he saw the sixth day as good? Did He? Is the life of men good? This is to the glory God. You are not to allow a man to supplant the first and great commandment by making himself as a god. Yes, the first commandment is enjoined.

    “Thou shalt not kill.” is enjoined. We are by no means to allow killing with impunity. No way shape form or fashion.

    How could we not make these most crucial decisions based upon God’s Holy Name being glorified. How did the church come to this, this not knowing to ask this most simple and basic of questions? Does the decision glorify God? Preventing millions of your neighbors from being bulldozed into trenches does indeed glorify God.

    Jesus’ example of going to the cross applies to preaching the gospel. We are already born again into the Kingdom of God by His final work on the cross, I pray.

    This is the confusion being sown by the American Church; that you should be castrated into the Kingdom of God, and for any reason whatsoever you should not defend what is right and good and true. This is a FALSE GOSPEL. The true gospel is that Jesus died on the cross to save the sinners soul, and rose from the dead on the third defeating sin, and death, and hell, and was seen of above 500 men. Jesus GAVE HIMSELF.

    Are you called to GIVE YOURSELF for the gospel of communism, or even to offer your family to any old common criminal? That’s retarded!!!

    Read what I wrote up top. The natural extension of that is that force would be applied against the workers of iniquity who seek to kill millions, and they do, and they seek to drag you and your family down into the pits of hell with them if it were possible. This is, if not Christians Reconstruction, at least to disallow communist deconstruction.

    Get in their face, I said; GET IN THEIR FACE!!! “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

    Is God a liar? Is He?

    Oh, I’m bearing my cross by allowing my children to be brainwashed in commie education centers. No, YOU ARE A RETARD!!!

    Oh, I’m bearing my cross by allowing commies to bulldoze us into trenches. No, YOU ARE A RETARD!!!

    Oh, I’m bearing my cross by allowing a criminal to kill everybody in the checkout line and steal the till. No, YOU ARE RETARDED!!!

    Shall I go on?

    God will be less than impressed with your passivity to mass murder, should you allow that.

    The American Church is so very hopelessly misteached. Lord, please help us.

  11. On February 9, 2020 at 5:11 pm, Fred said:

    “You are not to allow a man to supplant the first and great commandment by making himself as a god.”

    I should make a note about that since I didn’t develop that thought. That’s what communism, and all lf the ism’s seek, is man to be as god. We are NOT to allow this.

  12. On February 9, 2020 at 7:28 pm, PeanutButter said:

    We all know what needs to be done. We’re just not at the starting line yet, but we can see that mark quite clearly now:

    “Caedite eos.”

    It’s a pity, too–and it’s a lot closer today than it was last week.

  13. On February 10, 2020 at 8:58 am, Fred said:

    People need to get out of these churches that are teaching them that what Christ told Peter is some new commandment.

    I’ve been in these churches, lot’s of them, they are no better than the secondary education system that is brainwashing good little eunuchs into the religion of statism. The men know it, they must hear the Lord saying that this is false, I did, and yet they still sit there.

    This is a serious problem, this; don’t offend anybody with the gospel and truth of God and don’t fight back in the face of evil that seeks to make itself a national god. Both are lies.

    These churches are state run institutions.

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