Man Kills Three People In Belgium With Guns Of Stabbed Police Officers

BY Herschel Smith
5 years, 10 months ago

USA Today:

LIEGE, Belgium — A knife-wielding prison inmate stabbed two female police officers in the Belgian city of Liege, stole their service weapons and shot them and a bystander dead in an attack Tuesday that prosecutors fear could be terror-related.

Justice Minister Koen Geens said the assailant, who was later killed by police, was on a two-day leave from prison. Geens described him as a repeat offender who had been incarcerated since 2003 and was due for release in two years.

The attack happened outside a Liege cafe on Tuesday morning. Liege prosecutors’ spokesman Philippe Dulieu said the man crept up on the two officers from behind carrying a knife and stabbed them several times.

“He then took their weapons. He used the weapons on the officers, who died,” Dulieu told reporters. The two police handguns had a total of 17 bullets.

Dulieu said the attacker then shot and killed a 22-year-old man in a vehicle that was leaving a parking space outside a nearby high school. He then took two women hostage inside the school.

But this sort of thing is nothing new.  In Brazil the police are targeted for their weapons.  It happens in the U.S. as well as this case in the Bronx demonstrates.

So when the controllers tell you that only cops will have guns if they get their way, they are telling you [a] guns will be in the hands of men who, worldwide, perpetrated approximately 170 million murders in the twentieth century, [b] guns will be in the hands of criminals who would sooner kill you for the fun of it as to look at you, or [c] both.

Remember that.


  1. On May 30, 2018 at 12:19 am, StillSworn said:

    “a two-day leave from prison” ?? Is this so they can learn to play nice?

  2. On May 30, 2018 at 7:12 am, Duke Norfolk said:

    Two female officers. That’s key too. Two mostly (if not entirely) useless female police officers. Oh joy.

  3. On May 30, 2018 at 8:47 am, SGT. BAG said:

    USA Today failed to mention that the police women’s throats were cut while they were checking parking meters and the perp had been radicalized by Islamic recruiters in prison a long time ago.

    Minor details.

    If you don’t CCW 24/7 you really aren’t paying attention.

  4. On May 30, 2018 at 10:27 am, moe mensale said:


    Hard to defend yourself when the perp quickly comes up behind you and slashes your throat. And btw, he also managed to shoot four more cops (presumably male) in the ensuing gun battle before getting killed. I guess they were also useless. The perp was carrying out jihad, not asking for directions. Think that might be key also?

    We can argue the suitability of women in certain professions later but at least get some context before spouting off on something.

  5. On May 30, 2018 at 10:42 am, Gryphon said:

    This is why (((they))) want to Ban Knives. (instead of muslims).

    Remember the “Liberator Pistol”? Know how to Make one? No Machine Tools Needed, at all.

    And like I may have mentioned before, thanks to our Tax Dollars, nearly every Police Car in the U.S. has an M-4 “Personal Defense Weapon” and lots of Ammo in the Trunk… Learn where these ‘Mobile Resupply Points’ are parked at Night in your AO.

  6. On May 30, 2018 at 12:46 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Re: “LIEGE, Belgium — A knife-wielding prison inmate stabbed two female police officers in the Belgian city of Liege, stole their service weapons and shot them and a bystander dead in an attack Tuesday that prosecutors fear could be terror-related.”

    Note the carefully-sanitized language used, designed to obscure the identity of the attacker; that’s a sure sign the assailant was a member of one of the “protected” groups on the left, i.e., Muslim, female, etc.

    Also note that the story does not immediately mention that the two police officers killed were female. Male or female, their deaths are regrettable but the take-away message is that the MSM-propaganda mill didn’t want it known that the two officers so overcome were women, lest it call into question their suitability for such tasks.

    “Terror-related” is about as close as the mainstream media will get to saying that a terrorist attack was committed by a Muslim or group of Muslims.

    Calling this attack “terrorism,” while accurate (these slayings were intended to be terroristic) in the narrow sense, is somewhat misleading. This act was an act of jihad, a word which in Arabic means “holy war.”

    The fifty-seven nation OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) some years ago issued a position paper on terrorism in which the member states explicitly refused to condemn as terrorism any act sanctioned under sharia law. Since mainstream orthodox Islam calls upon and actively encourages acts of jihad by the believers – the shahids – against the infidels and kafirs(non-Muslims), these murders cannot, from the Islamic perspective, be termed “terrorism.” Indeed, the ones who martyr themselves while waging jihad are promised a place in paradise.

    It is critical to understand that we in the West – the non-Muslim world – are under attack . Our enemies know this, even if many westerners (non-Muslims) do not. Islam divides the world into two spheres – Dar al-Islam, which means “The House of Islam,” and Dar al-Harb, which means “The House of War.”

    A Muslim, regardless of where he lives, belongs to the umma, or worldwide community of Islam; a non-Muslim regardless of where he lives, is said to reside in the “House of War.” The mujahedeen and jihadists are sent forth into the non-Muslim world to conquer in the name of Islam – and to wage eternal jihad until the entire world is Muslim. Only then can the soldiers of Allah lay down their arms.

    To a 21st-century perspective, these beliefs may sound faintly ridiculous, even preposterous – but our adversaries believe in them and are willing to die in service of them. And they mean to kill, enslave or convert anyone who resists.

    So, kafir, what are you going to do about it?

  7. On May 30, 2018 at 1:20 pm, DAN III said:


    I pretty much agree with Duke’s remarks concerning female cops. Along with all the other masculinized females occupying or attempting to occupy traditional, male careers. What we have in fUSA and the rest of the western world is the effort to feminize and emasculate men.

    Today, the family is pretty much defunct. Woman are too busy trying to be men while abandoning their traditional roles as wife and mother. And folks want to know why today’s youth kill with abandon ? Lack of upbringing and educating children to have family values. But, hey….we. have “social justice” eh, Moe ?

    I have seen first hand the demise of combat arms morale, integrity and mission strength with the introduction of females into, hahahaha, support MOS’s that integrated them into company level combat units. Now, courtesy of soetoro-obama’s illicit administration we now have the “weaker sex” occupying combat arms MOS’s.

    The only thing that infuriates me more than the scum of government implementing social justice are males who whole heartedly endorse their own demise. Just as you appear to do.

    If anyone needs context, it appears to me to be males who support the integration of females into jobs and career fields suited for real men. The time is long past due for females to get back in the kitchen instead of believing they are capable of humping in combat boots with an 80# ruck and a 12# AR-malite.

    Yep. That’s correct Moe. I am a sexist. I despise males who have abandoned their roles as MEN. Amerikan society has replaced masculinity as a virtue and welcomed females as substitutes. Courtesy of males with a mentality such as you have displayed with your exhibited anguish at Duke Norfolk’s spot on comment.

  8. On May 30, 2018 at 1:25 pm, Herschel Smith said:

    @Duke @moe @Dan,

    I concur with all of you, or in other words, I don’t see this as either-or. It’s both-and.

  9. On May 30, 2018 at 3:39 pm, Chris Mallory said:

    Dan, saying that two women were attacked from behind and that two men would be very likely of suffering the same fate, depending upon the skill of the attacker, does not mean the person thinks women should be working as beat cops or serve in the combat arms.

    Video of the attack would show a lot. How close were the two cops to each other? Did the attacker stab one with a disabling wound then attack the other?
    Did the first get stabbed and the second blinded by arterial spray?

    I didn’t see anyplace where Moe said he thought one of the women would have won a fistfight with the attacker.

    The attacker had spent a bit of time in prison and was considered “extremely violent”. It stands to reason that he might have a bit of skill with edged weapons and sneak attacks.

    But hey, getting a few facts might make that chip on your shoulder too heavy to carry.

  10. On May 30, 2018 at 4:38 pm, Adam Baum said:

    He sure knew how to get an upgrade.

  11. On May 30, 2018 at 5:09 pm, DAN III said:


    Chip on my shoulder ? Because I believe and understand that men in our nation and society along with most western nations, are being minimalized ? Being minimalized in favor of females and minorities.

    There is a “white paper” study put out by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This document issued and compiled in 2015 under the soetoro-obama regime. In this document the VA specifically states they are going to discriminate against men. Especially against caucasian males in favor of minority males and females. The document continues to explain how the influx of “immigrants” (read illegals) into the fUSA along with more females and male minorities in the armed forces, necessitates reducing white, male employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs. This in the best interests of the VA to better mirror the influx of females and racial minorities changing the country and thus, the Armed Forces. You know it as “social justice.” Created under soetoro-obama’s regime and continuing to thrive under MAGA Trump ! In my VA facility there are 13 primary care physicians assigned. Guess now many are men ? Three (3). Just freakin’ three males doctors in primary care ! All in the name of social justice and “equality”. BTW….females make up only 13% of the Armed Forces. Yet female primary care doctors are better than 75% of doctors at my facility. Why ? Social justice. “Change you can believe in” Chris. Not competence. Not quality. Just social justice courtesy of the communist soetoro-obama.

    So Chris, while you attempt to denigrate my beliefs with your “chip on your shoulder” remark. I suggest you do something for that cranial-rectal inversion you appear to be suffering from. The fact of the matter is, those two unfortunate females murdered in the UK would be alive today if they were not invading the realm of male society. Instead, they chose to take jobs that are traditionally filled by men. They took all the benefits that the social justice warriors provided them. They paid the price for being willing participants in social justice.

    Erwache Chris. Erwache !

  12. On May 30, 2018 at 5:29 pm, DAN III said:


    My reference to the two female police officers murdered should read “in Belgium”. Not “….in the UK”. My apologies for the error.

  13. On May 30, 2018 at 6:46 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ Dan III

    Re: “The fact of the matter is, those two unfortunate females murdered in the UK would be alive today if they were not invading the realm of male society. Instead, they chose to take jobs that are traditionally filled by men. They took all the benefits that the social justice warriors provided them. They paid the price for being willing participants in social justice.”

    A harsh but correct assessment – a dose of strong medicine, as the saying goes. One may choose to ignore reality, but one cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. The SJWs will learn that lesson, if not the easy way, then the hard way.

    Men and women are not interchangeable, and do not perform equally-well in all roles or jobs. It is in the nature of men to be protectors, to sacrifice in the defense of their homes, families and civilizations. Europe is in its present predicament in part because it has unmanned itself in the name of political correctness and cultural Marxism.

    The “rough men” who used to stand upon her walls guarding her have been called obsolete and sent away – and now old Europe is paying the price for such monumental foolishness and ignorance.

    If you believe in cause-and-effect – then it can easily be seen that the Islamic conquest of Europe follows inexorably from the feminization of post-modern European society. Karma is … well, you already know the end of that statement!

  14. On May 30, 2018 at 6:51 pm, DAN III said:

    Georgiaboy61 @ 1846,

    You are always more eloquent than I. Thanks for your comment.

  15. On May 31, 2018 at 8:32 am, overhill said:

    I only saw one report that stated the killer shouted “aloha snackbar” while murdering the two meter maids.

    The lame stream media really does want to cover up jihad. Pathetic!!!!!!!!

    Long Life,


  16. On May 31, 2018 at 1:15 pm, moe mensale said:


    First off, I’m anything but a social justice snowflake or a supporter of feminism even though you just jump to conclusions, again without any context except disliking what I had to say.

    Secondly, this incident had nothing to do with any country’s military. It was a civilian police matter. Bitch all you want about the state of our military. That’s not the story here but it’s a nice red herring regardless. I’m not in favor of government bureaucrats pushing for women in front line combat units in order to satisfy some progressive utopian dream of equality for all. Beyond the obvious watering down of physical requirements there’s the potential public relations nightmare of captured female soldiers. Remember Jessica Lynch and Shoshana Johnson? That said, I see nothing wrong with women being on the “front lines” of police work if they can meet the physical and mental requirements of the positions. Two completely different paradigms with completely different requirements and expected outcomes.

    Thirdly, you have absolutely no proof and you can’t provide any proof that if those two female cops had been males, they would have managed to thwart the perp’s actions, avoid getting wounded or killed and finally subdue or kill him. Did you even bother to read the linked article I provided? Wishful thinking is all it is and you know it.

    Lastly, I’m a firm believer in two and only two genders and I respect both of them. You can continue being a misogynistic dick and despise anybody you want to, including me. I won’t be losing any sleep over it. Guaranteed.

    Herschel is correct. It’s both-and, not either-or.

  17. On May 31, 2018 at 3:22 pm, DAN III said:

    Hi Moe,

    “Thirdly, you have absolutely no proof and you can’t provide any proof that if those two female cops had been males, they would have managed to thwart the perp’s actions….”

    With that having been blathered Moe, you have no proof that MEN would not have fended off the assailant’s attack. Do you ?

    Look around you Moe. The American caucasian and negro males both, are being disenfranchised and discriminated by TPTB. Courtesy of justice warrior mentalities exhibited by folks like you.

    Yep….I do despise American males such as yourself, who willfully embrace the demise of our gender in favor of females and lesser minorities. As for your defining me as “misogynistic” (is that one of those new social justice terms ?) I take umbrage with your characterizing me as such. For you see, I am not strongly prejudiced against women. I love the opposite sex. I simply believe females have a role to play in western society. Primarily that of wife and mother. Not that of one who wishes she had natural testosterone. Not that of occupying traditional and appropriate male job roles. There is a reason God created man first !

    Oh, almost forgot….the “dick” part of your declaration. Yep….I graciously accept your calling me such Moe. Best part of a man.

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only BECAUSE ROUGH MEN stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
    – – George Orwell – –

    Sleep tight Lamb Chop.
    Now cool your jets Moe….get back in the kitchen and make me a samwich ! Real “women” have former men’s work to do.

  18. On May 31, 2018 at 3:22 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ Moe

    Re: “That said, I see nothing wrong with women being on the “front lines” of police work if they can meet the physical and mental requirements of the positions.”

    The trouble is, female applicants for LE jobs – just like those for military jobs (MOS specialties) – do not test to the same standards as men. Most LE agencies use that same sleight of hand as the military to give the appearance of parity – gender-norming – but that in no way means that actual parity in performance testing exists.

    Gender-norming functions not unlike the handicapping system in golf, which makes it possible for a weekend warrior to compete with a scratch, pro-caliber golfer. How? By awarding the lesser golfer strokes – his “handicap” – to make up the difference between the two.

    I’m certain you know how the game is played, but let’s review a bit anyway. Men and women are required to do the same physical fitness tests, i.e., such as a timed 1.5 mile run, push-ups, bench-press (1-rep max), sit-ups, sit-and-reach, and pull-ups, but whereas the men have to actually do pull-ups, the female candidates are allowed to hang from the bar for time, without actually doing any pull-ups. The men, at all age levels, are required to run faster to attain an equivalent score to the women, or do more reps or lift heavier weight, as called for by that particular PFT.

    In other words, “gender-norming” is presented to the public as a fair-and-equitable means of allowing men and women to enter the military and LE communities – without sacrificing or diluting standards. Unfortunately, it’s been a bald-faced lie right from the start, because standards were compromised right from the start.

    In the case of the military, its just been buried beneath an avalanche of politically-correct verbiage, misleading PR releases and out-and-out B.S. The only stories which the military lets see the light of day reflect well on female members of the armed forces; those which do not are buried or spin-doctored away by the media.

    To even question the politically-correct orthodoxy that women are, in every way, the equals of men – is a potential career-ender. If you aren’t on board with the “new military,” you are shown the door – retired, involuntarily-separated, or censured with loss of rank, poor fit-reps, and the like. And if they can’t get rid of you, you’ll wind up assigned to a dead-end assignment in Alaska, counting snowballs or inventorying paper clips in the supply room.

    Being part of the same local/state/federal government machine, local and state Le agencies have, for the most part, adopted the same practices as the military.

    Which is why people in my part of the Midwest routinely see female cops on duty who weigh all of 105-lbs. soaking wet, and who are incapable of dragging a wounded 200-lb. man to safety, or worse still, female cops so fat that running a hundred yards would probably land them in the nearest ER – or the morgue. In other words, people so unqualified they would have stood no chance whatsoever of becoming LE officers if not for quotas and affirmative action.

    From my perspective, the only people who have been somewhat successful in resisting the onslaught of P.C. in terms of PF and other testing have local fire departments. Maybe that’s because there really isn’t a way to fake doing a shoulder-carry of an unconscious person down a ladder. You can either do it – or you can’t.

    But make no mistake – the P.C. rot is deep. I know a lot of serving and ex-military personnel, and they can attest to that fact. Female mechanics in the USAF who lack the upper body strength to carry their own tool boxes to the flight line so maintenance can be performed. Army enlisted women who suddenly disappear or develop sudden physical ailments when heavy crates of supplies and ammo need unloading from six-by-sixes. Female USN sailors who can’t hack it in damage control drills unless helped by male shipmates.

    It isn’t as any of this is new. The Army knew as long ago as the 1980s that female recruits couldn’t perform certain tasks in basic training well-enough to pass testing. It was found that few females could complete the grenade throw test successfully, as most could not throw the grenade far-enough to escape its blast cone. Rather than admit an uncomfortable truth, Big Green ordered the test changed from a longer overhand throw to an unhanded throw of shorter length over a wall – a test much easier for women to complete successfully.

    Other tests, such as casualty care – were modified to allow teams of four women to carry a litter case, whereas only two men or even one, were permitted of the men. Some tests, which could not be modified suitably enough for women, were omitted from training entirely and replaced by tests more-suited to women.

  19. On May 31, 2018 at 3:25 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Re: “Big Green ordered the test changed from a longer overhand throw to an unhanded throw of shorter length over a wall”

    That’s “underhanded”… apologies for the typo.

  20. On May 31, 2018 at 3:39 pm, DAN III said:

    Georgiaboy61 @ 1522,

    Careful….you are headed toward characterization as a “misogynistic dick”.

    Nevertheless, the elegance in your writing is to be admired.

  21. On May 31, 2018 at 3:52 pm, Herschel Smith said:

    As I’ve said before, I just don’t think this is an either-or situation. It’s dangerous to characterize things with normative statements because there’s always the exception.

    That said, I generally think the following things are bad ideas: [1] females in the military, [2] females as LEOs, [3] empowered LEOs who take advantage of their station and run amok with SWAT raids, and finally [4] massive Islamic immigration.

    In this case we may always wonder about how the attack went down. It may be that because they were women they were perceived as weaker by the attacker (perhaps a true perception), and then perhaps this wasn’t his thinking at all. I don’t know.

    But apparently his attack was motivated by religion.

  22. On May 31, 2018 at 6:46 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Re: “Careful….you are headed toward characterization as a “misogynistic dick.”

    Hehe – well, in today’s ultra-P.C. environment, I’ll take that as a compliment – thanks!

    “Nevertheless, the elegance in your writing is to be admired.”

    As the Texans say, I’d better buy a bigger hat. Your writing is better than you think, by the way. Keep those comments coming.

    And unless I am very seriously mistaken, you’ve “been there, done that” in a way that I have not. Your insights are always welcome.

    @ Herschel

    “In this case we may always wonder about how the attack went down. It may be that because they were women they were perceived as weaker by the attacker (perhaps a true perception), and then perhaps this wasn’t his thinking at all. I don’t know.”

    Encountering women in positions of authority, or in combat, is known to enrage many Muslim males.

    During the late 1940s and early 1950s, during and immediately after Israel’s War for Independence, women were permitted to serve in Haganah, a paramilitary light infantry force. Israel stopped permitting women into any position which would expose them to the risk of capture, as it was seen that the Arabs raped and then mercilessly tortured to death female captives.

    In Arabic and other Islamic tribal cultures, prowess as a warrior in battle is a source of prestige and status. Fighting an especially-strong or much-feared enemy enhances that status, whereas fighting an enemy perceived to be weaker or somehow less-formidable (as a woman would be) is considered humiliating and degrading. An insult, in fact.

    Re: “As I’ve said before, I just don’t think this is an either-or situation. It’s dangerous to characterize things with normative statements because there’s always the exception.”

    Yes, that is true, but we are dealing in generalities here, specifically data collected across large pools of personnel.

    A case in point: Soldier Leigh Ann Hester, an M.P. assigned to the 617th Military Police Company of the Kentucky Army National Guard, distinguished herself during an action in March, 2005, when her convey was ambushed near Salman Pak, Iraq – ultimately winning a Silver Star in the process.

    Hester would seem to have what is termed “the right stuff” to function under pressure, but that in no way changes the fact that she is perhaps one woman in a thousand, perhaps one in ten-thousand, who are utterly unsuited to the duties she performed.

    If you examine the capabilities of women for combat tasks, they often fall along a normal (Gaussian) distribution. Hester clearly comes from the far right-tail of the distribution, very small in number, of women who can function in battle. The vast majority of women, however, fall within the fatter, taller part of the curve where capability and aptitude are concerned – and are, for various reasons, unsuited to the role.

    On the other hand, examining the same curve, except for men, we see that the vast majority of men can be trained to function as effective combat soldiers, and if we move to the far-right of the distribution, we find those elite warriors of our finest military units, i.e., special ops and the like. A community, which I remind you, is almost entirely male.

    In short, the typical, off-the-streets male of 18-21 years of age is far more-likely to make an effective combat soldier than his typical 18-21 female counterpart.

    I don’t want to get bogged down here in the mountain of real-world data which supports that conclusion, but if you are interested in knowing more, I would be glad to post some references useful to general audiences.

  23. On June 1, 2018 at 10:30 am, moe mensale said:


    You have absolutely no comprehension of the written word. Read my second post again. Slowly. Then go wave your hormones at someone who gives a shit. I’m not going to carry on a discussion with a brick wall.

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