Understanding The Threat

BY Herschel Smith
6 months, 3 weeks ago

I know John and have talked to him face to face, as well as exchanged email with him.  I was at a conference (or training session) he was doing in my neck of the woods, and after the presentation a lady walked up and asked him, “Really, how serious is this threat and how close are they – aren’t they ‘over there’ somewhere?”

I responded for John by saying, “There’s a training camp right down the road from you in Rock Hill, S.C.”  John nodded.  Question answered.

Now, I suspect that this isn’t really about understanding the threat, but rather, caring about it and your oath to the constitution, your family, your tribe, and your country.  The Sheriff and his lawyers aren’t dumb.  Just wicked.

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  1. On November 2, 2023 at 5:32 am, Joe Blow said:

    Was buying ammo at Rural King yesterday with 3 other customers, chatting, one responded a friend of his in LE recently attended a Homeland Security meeting – they are anticipating groups of 3 people armed with AKs (and ARs) going door to door in neighborhoods across America all at once on the same day.
    Training camps have been around for decades. Frankly I’m surprised patriots haven’t torched one yet, but… that day is likely coming very soon.
    The communities they are in know where they are. They are not assimilating into our culture, they are trying to build a parallel one. They are not welcomed where they are. If they decide to unleash violence in the US, as several of their ‘leaders’ have threatened, their camps will be burned to the ground with no survivors. You think Gaza looks bad? Piss off a redneck, you ain’t seen nothing.

  2. On November 2, 2023 at 6:46 am, Bill Buppert said:

    Recommend the novella “Day of Wrath” by William R. Forstchen for a taste of what this would look like in FUSA.

    Being armed at all times is a lifestyle choice.

  3. On November 2, 2023 at 12:17 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Brigitte Gabriel and her people at “Act for America” have reported on this problem for years, and before her, Steve Emerson and his people infiltrated some mosques and compounds in Virginia, if memory serves. David Gaubatz, the former USAF investigator and counter-terrorism operative, also did a ton of work on this issue. There is plenty of hard evidence that such camps exist, from these and other sources.

    And even then, given the long and relatively unprotected borders we share with Canada and Mexico, not to mention the lengthy coastlines on our western and eastern borders, how hard would it be to infiltrate operatives into our country?

    Here’s the real question: If the existence of jihadist training compounds on American soil is known, why aren’t the authorities shutting them down?

    In the case of the Biden and Obama regimes, their obvious Islamophilic tendencies probably explain their lack of action, but what about the George W. Bush years? Well, the Bush political dynasty were “as thick as thieves” with the Sunni Arab oil states, having done business with them for years. And we also know that the Bush White House helped spirit Saudi nationals of the royal family out of the country after 9-11 even though they were persons of interest in some cases. It can be seen that there were plenty of incentives to slow-walk the process.

    At the policy-making level, the Dept. of State must designate a given organization or group as being a threat and terroristic in nature. Until such classification is made, no action by any federal LE agency can be taken. It has been well-known for some time that Dept.of State has been thoroughly infiltrated by Muslim sleepers and sympathizers on the political left. And the Sunni Arabs have done a good job spreading around their money and buying influence and protection.

    The overarching reason for the lack of action may also be the existence of the petrodollar regime. As long as the federal government is dependent upon the Sunni Arab oil kingdoms ~ in particular Saudi Arabia ~ for the existence of the petrodollar and for their ongoing purchases of treasury bills to fund the continued operation of that government, none of the incentives line up in the right direction for taking action against these groups and their camps and training compounds. And if the authorities do move, all it would take is a phone call from Riyadh to quash the investigation.

    In other words, our country is no longer our own and hasn’t been since the petrodollar gave the Arabs a hand on the tiller steering the ship of state.

    It is also well-known that the Muslim Brotherhood and its sympathizers have tunneled deep inside much of the federal government, including the national security and military sectors. They have also bought influence on college and university campuses across the country.

    The extent of this problem is such that many organizations which would in theory have the best interests of the U.S. in mind have turned into cheerleaders for diversity and the inclusion of our enemies. In the run-up to his terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan had been visiting jihadist internet chat-rooms and handing out army business cards with “SoA” imprinted on tnem, which stood for “Soldier of Allah.” All the while, he was also being showcased as the face of the modern, diverse army. His “radicalization” was known by the authorities, both inside and outside the army, but nothing was done and you know the rest…

    For those interested, Major Stephen Coughlin, (U.S. Army, ret.), one of the foremost current experts on Islam and Islamic jihad, wrote an excellent book called “Catastrophic Failure” after Obama and company booted him out of the army. He may not wear the uniform any longer, but Coughlin is still a subject-matter expert. He got hired on at Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Frank Gaffney’s think-tank.

  4. On November 2, 2023 at 2:12 pm, Dirk said:

    Why isn’t law enforcement doing anything? Friends this is America, here you’re innocent until proven guilty. “ supposed to be anyway” . Here Muslim in possession of an AK or M4, isn’t a crime.

    Maybe a Conspiracy case could be made, not a judge out they’re going to hold a tunic crew any race, or religion without tangible evidence.

    The “ camps” are a real deal issue, it will be civilians whom will have to address the issue. Leo’s once again are minutes away when seconds matter.

    When even the corrupt FBI tells you stand by to be range mounted, that’s what wise folks call a clue.

    He’s the thing, this is not only a major city issue. The potential for door to door assaults exists in every city, which is why no agency is truly prepared to deal with problem solving.

    I have never seen so many open carry folks in my life. The old joke of pistols fighting your way to a rifle, is no longer a punch line it’s a dead serious reality.

    Hershel would love to hear from others here what their plan is at this point? How would folks here’s, response look like.

    And I support what Bill says, being armed is a conscious decision. Everyone here will do it different.

    What d like to hear is positions on carrying your rifles and ammo, vests. The rationale for that choice.


  5. On November 2, 2023 at 6:01 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Re: “Why isn’t law enforcement doing anything? Friends this is America, here you’re innocent until proven guilty. “ supposed to be anyway” . Here Muslim in possession of an AK or M4, isn’t a crime.”

    That’s how it is supposed to work, but that’s not how it actually works.

    The authorities have turned and are still turning a blind eye to the activities of these people, many of whom are a legitimate threat to this country and its people. The Muslims operating these facilities ~ many of which are thinly-disguised paramilitary training camps for would-be jihadists ~ ought to be up on charges of fomenting insurrection or at the very least deported as security risks to the U.S. The precise remedy depends on whether the individuals in question are American-born and citizens or not. My point is that there is ample evidence of unlawful wrongdoing in many ~ perhaps most ~ of these groups, yet nothing is done.

    Either the authorities are not competent to do their duty, or they have just decided not to do it in these particular cases. Either way, they have failed in their responsibility to the public. I’m sorry, I don’t see how any other conclusion is possible, even allowing the widest possible latitude in interpreting their actions.

    And the official hypocrisy here is wide-enough to drive a truck through. The current administration has gone absolutely nuts over largely imaginary crimes by a certain flamboyant former POTUS and his supporters, while they turn a blind eye to real threats right in our backyard. You do realize, don’t you, that some of these compounds have been operating on U.S. soil for decades?

  6. On November 2, 2023 at 6:09 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:


    There is a simple gambit that the Muslims have used to evade scrutiny for years, and it goes like this…

    When the imams of these radicalized mosques are speaking to westerners, to outsiders, they say all of the proper things about peace, love and understanding ~ you know, “Let’s hold hands and sing some songs!” ~ but when they are away from the public eye, the imams are delivering a very different message of hatred, aggression and jihad against the infidels.

    It’s in the two-faced nature of Islam, you see, to dissemble and even lie in front of the enemies of the faith, but to speak the truth to fellow believers when there are no kafirs around.

    Taqqiya, kitman, and tawriya are just three of the terms for deception sanctioned by Islam.
    Virtually no westerners, even the ones who should know them, in fact do know them and what they mean.

    The other deception is simpler: Since so few Americans speak Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and the other languages of Islam, their imams have discovered that they can say virtually anything they like without risk of detection. Especially behind closed doors.

  7. On November 3, 2023 at 1:10 pm, Dirk Williams said:

    Georgia, it’s not that simple, I played a small part in one of the few Muslim training sites in Bly OREGON. One of the few actually document terror camp sites. I’m amused when I hear citizens talking about the terror camp down the road.

    If there is such a camp I can assure you uncle sugar ain’t telling the citizens about it. Now local Leo’s should be involved and might share that Intel.

    One of my partners on duty that morning was Morrie Smith, in Klamath Falls OREGON made a traffic stop on a vehicle driving erratic. I responded as a cover unit. When morrie contacted the driver behind the wheel it was an afgan in full rag head gear. The vehicle was full with five afgans.

    I arrived and was approaching the vehicle when morrie advised code 4, and the vehicle motored away slowly. Morrie was shook up, told me what he had discovered. I recall him telling me those guys were bad men up to no good. They would kill me in a second if they had the chance.

    That they currently lived in Bly OREGON.

    As we each walked back to our units,,,,dispatch advised “code 6” for additional details on the driver. The vehicle was already gone for a few minutes, anyway Fed DOJ and others were wanting to chat with the driver, he was to be detained.

    Morrie advised the stop had been cleared, we both searched the area, but the vehicle was gone.

    Morrie Smith has been to I’m guessing 40/50 letter agency trainings to tell his story about meeting those guys. As to my part I literally say the backs of their heads.

    We all still laugh at the govt paying to fly Morrie all across the country for literally a four or five minute contact.

    If you care to look the incident up I think if you plug in Bly OREGON Terror camp something will pop up.

    So my point is on that morning, Morrie knew these were bad folk, yet had zero reasons to detain any of them. So he did the right thing, let em loose.

    Months later at least the driver was taken into custody when trying to leave the country. Was sentenced federally and did Fed time somewhere.

    Georgia, I get frustrated when good men like you make bold statements un substantiated. At least for my 27 years, I followed the rules, I did my best to make sound informed choices. There are far more good Leo’s then bad, and not all fed agents are corrupt.

    Also the Bly terror camp in my opinion is and was a joke, when warrants were executed they found .22 rifles, and brass. Zero 7.62×39 brass or 5.56 brass. Theirs no doubt their are real camps here, unless these guys were policing their brass, which I doubt, my guess was they were just laying low, Bly is a very small community of ranchers, and dope growers.

    I’ve had two other interesting “ events” here in Klamath Coumty and south in Calif Modoc County.

    I rolled up on a high power line road. I’d stopped to take a piss, and I say some guys about 600 y away doing something on the concrete pads holding up the high poverty lines, I’m talking the several million volt high wire rigs.

    I called for a second unit when he arrived we slowly approached. We found the guys taking the giant nuts off of the set bolts, the bolts concreted to the ground. These guys were stoned and drunk, told us they were pissed at Pacific Power and we’re going to next use their truck to topple this massive tower.

    Fucking people are nuts. Anyways you know had that ended, PP&L responded and replaced the bolts or nuts, and the lucky citizens went to jail for warrants. They were later tried federally for some federal charges. They plead out, I didn’t have to testify in Fed court.

    The third thing happened after I retired in OREGON went back to Calif, in the NE corner of Calif.

    There are three main power sources that feed Calif their power electrical and gas. The northern most location for the high towers and the gas transmission lines are in northern Modoc county, actually they’re physically in OREGON but you have to drive the Calif roads to get to this isolated place.

    Anyway one day while in my unit I stopped and spoke with the DOE maintenance guys. As I was leaving one blurted out that the last couple times he was on this power site he felt like he was being watched.

    Then another guy said yea me to?

    I didn’t think much of it, but stated I’d patrol up here more often, and I did. A few months later I was driving out had recently snowed. Out of the corner of my eye, I say a goat trail, funny thing was, I’d never noticed it before.

    I followed the goat trail up to the rock outcrop overlooking this power station. And I was stunned, clearly someone or somebody’s had been her recently. I found a rug, on a rock like someone was using it for a seat. And I found cig butts, “non filters cig butts,”.

    I don’t no many Americans who smoke none filtered cigarettes, anyways I’d just gotten a new box of Modoc Coumty Sheriff Office Business cards, had twenty thirty in my pocket. Without thinking I placed all the MCSO cards in this hiddy hole, and left.

    I did a report forwarded it to my agency and FBI Bend Or. nothing, nobody gave a shit. When I did make FBI contact the agent could have cared less, told me their major NorCal concern was the Mount Shasta bottled water facility? All I could do was laugh, whatever.

    So no tangible evidence terroists were watching, only that someone was watching, non filtered cigarettes “ which I collected three” as evidence was weak but consistent with middle eastern ways.

    I’m sorry being long winded here. As to the cops, yes sire there are some real scum bags in uniform anymore.

    After I read above that small cells were planning doing door to door kick and shoots, I contacted my old agency and confirmed that either Ncic or leds messages in fact went out regarding “ Eminent “ community terror attacks.

    So what scares me is the Eminent part of it.


  8. On November 3, 2023 at 3:48 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ Dirk

    Re: “Georgia, I get frustrated when good men like you make bold statements un- substantiated. At least for my 27 years, I followed the rules, I did my best to make sound informed choices. There are far more good Leo’s then bad, and not all fed agents are corrupt.”

    I am aware of that, and if I painted with too broad of a brush in your opinion, then my apologies. If I need to say so, I am not one of those guys who claims 100% of cops are good or for that matter bad… definitely a shades of grey situation.

    Vis-a-vis the potential Islamic terror threat, my gripe is really with political leadership and maybe federal level LE (and in particular their leaders). In particular of the left-leaning, blue-state variety. Those are the guys who are playing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” game, regarding Islam and other things if you take my meaning.

    Rural cops tend to be better than urban, but not always. Red state better than blue, but not always. GOP run areas better than Democrat, as a rule, but again there are exceptions.

    Of course, I am an outsider and not inside the LE apparatus, so my observations should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective…

  9. On November 4, 2023 at 9:54 am, mike rodent said:

    lol ……more good cops than bad cops. after 32 yrs of being a los angeles fireman, ive learned theres only 2 kinds of cops. bad ones and worse ones.

  10. On November 4, 2023 at 10:58 am, DWEEZIL THE WEASEL said:

    The masses of shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping, BARBIE-watching, bread-and-circuses Mall Zombies will not react until some Blue Hive has a Beslan moment. They are still in a dither over Matthew Perry assuming room temperature and Taylor Swift’s romance with some NFL mutant. I just hope the Beslan moment is not in my A/O, as there is a mosque in Spokane, which is not far from Kootenai County.
    I have to smile after reading the comment by Mike Rodent. My dad was a LA City firefighter for over 30 years. When I got out of the Army in 1971, I was applying with the OC Sheriff’s Department. He said: Don’t be a cop, son! Cops are lazy and stupid!” He based his experiences on his dealings with LAPD. I found out he was partially right. However, I was trained as a Peace Officer at a time when my agency expected us to be public servants. Everything changed with the contrived “WAR ON DRUGS”. That is a story for another time. Bleib ubrig.

  11. On November 4, 2023 at 4:38 pm, Sean said:

    I guess we’ll find out how deep it is, when it happens, and I ain’t looking forward to it. In Texas, it’s well known that they are here, what extent, and what Texas is going to do when they go wet, unknown. People are walking around here damned mad, and edgy right now. About what, take your pick, I don’t see any unicorn jamborees soon. I think there will be pretty good Patriot response, however it cooks off. My advice to my friends is to be better at getting down and flat, than being concerned with popping off. Once some cover is achieved, then do your thing. Been shot at before.

  12. On November 4, 2023 at 5:32 pm, Dirk Williams said:

    Georgiaboy, we have had several no nonsense dialog over the years. I speak directly to you because you’re a straight shooter. Over the years I’ve seen you are all ways willing to speak truth, share your wisdom, I enjoy our dialog.

    That we sometimes see the same incident differently isn’t odd or unusual. Your opinion or observation is yours, I respect them, I don’t want to to have my opinion. We all interrupt what we’ve seen based on our life experiences. Every-time an opportunity to learn is offered is a fantastic opportunity.

    Often I “ sense” what our differences are is based in the language, a small example “ I think” is this regarding crime. The elements of any crime across the nation in every city town, County community are literally the same. The crime may be titled differently, but let’s use a simple one. BURGLARY, the crimes title may be different across the nation, however the elements of the crime are one and the same across the nation. The elements being by definition “ Entry into a residence or dwelling with intent to commit a crime”.
    The crime at least here would be Burglary 1 or Burglary II. Other states may use words more descriptive in that area.

    What I “ Think” I’m trying to share is I think often we’re using the same words which by definition have a different meaning. And sometimes I just wrong! I’m ok with that as well. Being wrongs only a bad thing when one’s not willing to except the responsibility for his words his actions.

    A wise man once told me often “ Dirk Life really is the lesson”.


    Old friend you’ve walked in my shoes,@and visa versa. Your opinions your observations are always welcome. I more often than not agree with your views, what you’ve shared.

    Mike the LA fireman, you as-well. I value your observations as-well. I’ve seen some absolute police bullshit also. I get it you don’t like the poopoo, I’m fine with that. I don’t like a lot of poopoo bull shit myself. I’m all for accountability in law enforcement.

    Georgiaboy points out the “broad brush” part,What I take exception to disagree with is broad generalized statements all cops, all feds,

  13. On November 4, 2023 at 6:30 pm, Herschel Smith said:


    I believe it is that simple. Deception is their stock in trade. Their religious beliefs tell them it’s okay to engage in deception of the unbelievers.

    As for the local encampment, it doesn’t always have to be armed to the teeth and a military training ground. It can be educational, propagandistic, etc., teaching people it’s okay to do this or that to the unbelievers.

    It’s easy enough for them to obtain their own weapons.

    Don’t minimize the threat just because it isn’t in front of your face or because you don’t see it as an immediate threat.

    They are playing the long game.

    America isn’t even in the game.

  14. On November 4, 2023 at 7:59 pm, Mike Hendrix said:

    “The Muslims operating these facilities…ought to be up on charges of fomenting insurrection or at the very least deported as security risks to the U.S”

    They never should’ve been allowed entry in the first place. Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago.

  15. On November 4, 2023 at 8:33 pm, Retired said:

    I live in the Idaho panhandle. How do I gather information on where the EXISTING threats are? How do I do the same for knowing of a threat on the MOVE coming here? How do I learn if NGOS or u.s.gov has shipped the border crossers here?

    The obvious answer is talk to people. I’m looking for techniques for knowing in ADVANCE. Please feel free to respond.

  16. On November 4, 2023 at 8:48 pm, Herschel Smith said:

    At a minimum, it would include this. Probably much, much more.


  17. On November 4, 2023 at 11:05 pm, Retired said:

    Captain@8:48, yes more. I know there is a large Muslim population in Twin Falls, Idaho. In that city is Muslim owned Chobani brand yogurt plant.

  18. On November 5, 2023 at 2:13 am, Georgiaboy61 said:


    Re: “I live in the Idaho panhandle. How do I gather information on where the EXISTING threats are? How do I do the same for knowing of a threat on the MOVE coming here? How do I learn if NGOS or u.s.gov has shipped the border crossers here?”

    I was as ignorant as a fence post regarding Islam and its long war with the West prior to the 1990s. When the first WTC attack happened and some of the other terrorist/jihadist attacks, I got more interested and then after 9-11-01, I really dove into the subject.

    The first step in learning to think accurately and well about the subject is to accept the fact that virtually all of the so-called information about Islam and Muslims found in the mainstream media is at best incomplete and at worse, blatantly false and misleading. You are going to have to be discerning about the sources you use. There are some excellent, even superb sources in the present-day world, but if you don’t know them, you may run into trouble or at least waste time and money.

    Second, much of the historical literature and related (political science, area studies, etc.) has also been corrupted by Cultural Marxism and political correctness, and is therefore unreliable and false. A hard cutoff is hard to name, but if you want to learn the truth about Islam, you’ll have to start studying what was written and said prior to 1970 and even better before 1945. Sources which are not anti-western and anti-Christian.

    It is impossible to understand Islam without making reference to its foundational sources, namely the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sira. The Koran is the holy book of Islam, said to have been divinely revealed to the prophet Mohammed; the Hadiths are the traditions of Mohammed, who is considered “the perfect Muslim” worthy of emulation in every respect; and the Sira is the life or biography of Mohammed.

    Sharia (Islamic) law is chiefly derived from these three sources, as well as the body of commentary and scholarship which has grown up around them over the last 1,400 or so years. The seat of Islamic jurisprudence and law is found at Cairo’s al-Azar University, which has served as the fountainhead of Islamic doctrine for a thousand years.

    It is these ulema (wise old men) who determine what is and is not Islamic law and practice, not the various empty-headed “experts” in the West, many of whom don’t know the first thing about any of this.

    An outstanding source for getting started, even if you are a beginner, is the Center for the Study of Political Islam, which is run by Dr. Bill Warner, Ph.D. Warner is a physicist, but has devoted his intellectual life outside of his work to research into Islam. He has condensed his work, which is very high quality, into all sorts of guides and books. It is in English, too, which is certainly nice for those who don’t speak Arabic, Farsi, or the other languages common in Islamic areas of the world.

    Other reputable and trustworthy sources include such modern ones as Steve Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Gates of Vienna (website), David Gaubatz, Raymond Ibrahim, Robert Spencer, and Serge Trifkovic, Ph.D. Bruce Bawer and Andrew McCarthy are also very good, and missionary Dr. Peter Hammond has spent more time in Africa and other heavily-Islamic areas of the globe than most of us have at the local supermarket. Hammond’s book on his experiences in the Sudan were/are hair-raising; he was lucky to get out of there alive.

    Major Stephen Coughlin (U.S. Army, retired) is also very good, and prior to being thrown out of the army by the Obama Whitehouse, he was considered a subject matter expert on Islam and Islamic terrorism/jihad within the U.S. military. The website “The Religion of Peace” tracks goings-on in the Islamic world and the West, in particular acts of violence and repression by Muslims against their victims.

    Since the issue of Islam is so intimately tied to immigration policy, Ann Corcoran and her website “Refugee Resettlement Watch,” have been good sources. Although I don’t know the current status of her work or website. She did yeoman work at one time…

    As far as gathering information on where existing threats are, it is difficult for a private citizen to do that. You’ll know it if Muslims start to be numerous in your area, because once they are numerous-enough, they start asserting their presence. Dearborn, Michigan, a city which was once regarded as a center of the auto industry, has in recent years become famous for something else: Being an epicenter of Islam in the state of Michigan, and in the upper Midwest. The city council is Muslim, so are the police chief and many of the cops, and so on. The mezzuin’s call to prayer is hear five times a day over loudspeakers, etc.

    The difficulty for any non-Muslim is how to tell the difference between the ones which are harmless or at least are not a danger to others, and the ones that are. Now, a skeptic might counter that is true of sizing up any unknown person on the street and that is true… but when it comes to the believers, the challenge is greater because of the two-faced or deceptive nature of Islam and how its fanatics hide inside of the others. And because of the inherently aggressive nature of Islam against other systems of belief and the people who hold them.

    There is one final caveat: You will run into people who claim that as long as a given Muslim is non-violent and respects his neighbors, he is not a threat to others. Well, yes and no. He may not be a direct threat, but since Muslims tend to be rather fecund as long as he sires a family and they grow up to be devout Muslims, within a short time, their minority status has now become parity demographically or even a majority, and typically it is around that time that problems start.

    In other words, to take over or conquer a given area, they needn’t fire a shot. They’ll simply use the wombs of their women. It is that strategy which is being used to transform Great Britain and the rest of Europe. For many years now, the most-common name for newborns in European nurseries has been “Mohammed,” “Osama,” or the like. And as Mark Steyn once said, rather accurately, the future belongs to those who show up.

  19. On November 5, 2023 at 2:37 am, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ Retired

    A few more nuggets of advice and information…

    Since the advent of the petrodollar system in the early 1970s, the U.S. government and financial system (central banks and largest commercial banks) have been intimately entwined with those of Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Arab gulf oil kingdoms. In a very real sense, this nation ~ or at least its government and foreign policy ~ has not been independent since that time.

    This is because of the nature of the arrangement itself and the fact that the federal government has grown utterly reliant upon the sales of debt instruments such as Treasury Bills to the Arabs, Japanese, Germans, and others, to fund its operations.

    The petrodollar agreement itself obligates the U.S. government to militarily protect Saudi Arabia and the other members of OPEC from all threats, whether internal or external, in return for which the Arabs agreed to transact business only in US dollars. This arrangement also resulted in an ocean of petrodollars flooding into American and western banks and other businesses.

    Quite naturally, once they became dependent upon this revenue, those sources became, shall we say, solicitous and eager to cater to the wishes of their rich new friends in the Middle East. The Arabs were not at all shy about exercising their new-found clout in the U.S. and across the West. And one of the ways they did it was by using proxies in academi and elsewhere to purge anything remotely unflattering about them or Islam in general, from the public discourse, textbooks in schools and colleges, newspapers, etc.

    And since some of the largest media companies in the world, including Fox News you’ll note, have large blocs of shares owned by Sunni Arab billionaires, you start to understand how and why the news is reported as it is …. or not reported, as the case may be.

    Years ago, this was in the mid-2000s, I began to wonder why FNC (Fox) so seldom talked about Sunni Islamic jihad or terrorism or reported anything unflattering about the repressions of any of the Sunni Arab states. Only reporting on Shi’ite jihad and terror, in particular Iran and maybe Syria and Lebanon, but almost never anything else. This despite the fact that many of the most-influential and powerful jihadist/terror groups in the world are Sunni Muslim, and not Shi’ite. This is because Sunni Muslims outnumber Shi’ites and other minority sects by a considerable margin, and Sunni Islam is the commonest form.

    Well, I started turning over rocks, and found out that the second-largest stock hold in the News Corp, which is the parent of Fox News, was Saudi billionaire al-Waleed Bin-Talal, a unreconstructed Islamic supremacist and past suspected financial supporter of jihadist causes.

    Bingo! So that’s one reason why Fox wasn’t reporting anything unflattering about Sunnis, Arabs or the like. All the prince had to do was pick up the phone and complain to Rupert Murdoch and you know the rest…

    Similar incestuous relations infest the oil business, too, which is another weapon the Arabs use to assert their clout and kill stories and lines of inquiry they don’t like. Which is where you get the Bush family sneaking Saudi nations out of the U.S. after 9-11 even though some of them were “persons of interest” in the events of that day….

    The above is an analysis of why for years on end the only “bad” Muslims you ever saw in films, TV or in the news, were Iranians, Shi’ites or both. And none of this even gets into the influence the Israelis have in Washington, D.C. and how that influences perceptions about Islam, Muslims and Sunni versus Shi’ite…

  20. On November 6, 2023 at 11:22 am, Dirk said:

    Morning Hershel, the long game, correct. I’ve read the Koren, lying to us is an expectable practice for a Muslim, if it’s to better Allahs position. I’m of the opinion that, if one of those mutts is talking, their lying!

    End of the day, it’s US or THEM. When they attack, and they will attack, everybody here has two choices, engage or die!

    Us white guys will start behind the 8ball. Law enforcement will see any attacks as a matter of law. Not what it truly is. A race war.

    In this coming engagement there can be no rules. If you don’t understand that “They” will kill your wife, your children your mom dad everybody who’s white, or better said non Muslim.

    If you don’t already understand that semi trailers, wear houses are already in position full to the brim with their weapons, ammo etc etc, you’re playing the short game.

    I continue to be amused at the simple fact Americans can’t stay focused for anything for long. Unlike the ME and China.

    Long term here is maybe ten years. For them 100 years is a snapshot.

    As for the Bly camp here in Klamath County, my position is and was the govt has once again spun the Intel.

    .22s I train yearly with .22s, sqweek shooting is training, trigger control, leads, wind reading. Don’t know anybody calling it training, end of the day for me it’s inexpensive training.

    We all do it different


  21. On November 7, 2023 at 12:55 am, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ Dirk

    Re: “I continue to be amused at the simple fact Americans can’t stay focused for anything for long. Unlike the ME and China. Long term here is maybe ten years. For them 100 years is a snapshot.”

    There’s a saying that the mujahadeen used in Afghanistan which proves your point: “They have the watches, but we have the time…”

    European civilization has resisted the soldiers of Allah for more than a millennium, and in that long 1,400 year conflict, the fortunes of war have ebbed and flowed numerous times over the years, both for and against both sides.

    European civilization (and I am including the U.S. and Anglophone world as a part of that, at least for now) is in a very real way the victim of its own enormous success: We have been dominant economically, militarily, scientifically and culturally for the last 200-300 years, a period of time lengthy enough that many ~ perhaps even most ~ westerners have forgotten that the world is a dangerous place and that real evil exists.

    Since the rise of the West and its dominance, the Islamic world has been in eclipse, or at least largely so. The nadir for many Muslims was when the caliphate fell in 1921 – the year in which the Ottoman Empire, the “sick man of Europe,” finally crumbled. However, just seven years later, 20th century Islam began its resurgence with the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood by Hasan al-Banna, an Egyptian school teacher and devout Sunni Muslim.

    And with the West’s voracious appetite for oil, the Middle East soon, simply through blind luck, found itself in the driver’s seat geopolitically thanks to the massive oil reserves discovered (by western oil companies, mind you) in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in that region.

    The Arabs soon found themselves wealthy beyond imagining, and they have used that wealth in ways that benefit their beliefs and their creed. According to 4th generation warfare theory, money is among the most-potent of weapons, a fact which the sheiks have exploited to the hilt.

    While it is true that the Sunnis and Shi’ites have fought in the past, sometimes bitterly, over doctrinal issues in their creed, nothing unites them faster or more-surely than the chance to slay some infidels. That’s a fact, jack… and it is easily proven: See how quickly all that internal strife and struggle went out the window when the IDF invaded Gaza? That is because Islam requires its adherents to unite in the name of protecting fellow believers and Dar al-Islam (“The House of Islam” in Arabic), the worldwide community of Muslims. All such internal disagreements are set aside until such time as the threat, whatever it is, has passed.

    Although in the short-term, the going may get rough, I am optimistic for the future of our civilization and people. Westerners are often at their finest when their backs are against the wall. And nothing concentrates the mind better than an existential threat to one’s survival and way of life.

  22. On November 7, 2023 at 9:24 am, Retired said:

    @Georgiaboy61. I appreciate the information you supplied. Who got punished for 911? It wasn’t the Arabs, was it? The American people surely have been getting punished due to the Patriot Act.

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