Misled Little Girl Protester Tries To Spook Horse During Austin Riots And Gets Kicked In The Head

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 9 months ago

When dealing with the awful reflexive tendency of cops to shoot dogs in SWAT raids and other times (e.g., a dog barks at them), I’ve said some pretty direct things to both cops and the survival community.

If you are a law enforcement officer and know nothing about animals, are frightened all of the time around them, and cannot assert yourself at the proper time and in the proper way, there are options for you.  You can volunteer your time at local farms, ranches and dog breeders, and you can purchase and raise your own dogs.  You need to become accustomed to being around cattle, horses, goats, dogs and other such animals.  If you choose to ignore this gap in your training and life experiences, and you choose to run around frightened of everything that moves, but you relinquish your badge and gun, then who am I to infringe on your rights?  Do as you wish, and leave me out of it.

But if you choose to be that kind of person, where you ignore gaps in your knowledge and experience base, but you continue to carry a badge and gun, I think you’re a panty waist.  You are an irresponsible person who should feel bad about themselves, and you’re dangerous to those of us around you, and especially dangerous to animals.  You’re unqualified to have your job, and you are basically a liability to the community.

[ … ]

Now a note to survivalists.  You might spend time, money and energy on being prepared to survive in the wilderness, or perhaps being tactically competent.  But if your planning, education and preparation doesn’t include a moderate knowledge of and mastery over animals, then your preparations are incomplete and your calculus is faulty.  There are animals out there who truly can harm you, such as (in the West) brown bear, cougar and moose, and (in the East) black bear if they’re badly hungry, or feral hogs.

I’m not telling people to do something I’ve never done myself.

I have fallen off, been thrown off, bitten, run over, kicked, and just about anything that can happen on or around a horse.  I have ridden horses all day long, and I do mean all … day … long, and gotten on to do it again the next day.  And the next day.  And the next day.  I have fed them, herded them, doctored them, and assisted them to mate.  If you’ve never witnessed horses mating first hand (and I’m not talking about watching the Discovery Channel), it can be a violent affair.  I’ve ridden with saddles and then also (in my much younger years) bareback over mountain tops along narrow trails while running the herd).  The hardest ride was bareback and (on a dare) without a bridle, only the halter.

From the age of fourteen and beyond into my early twenties, I worked weekends and summers at a Christian camp above Marietta, South Carolina named Awanita Valley (and Awanita Ranch in Traveler’s Rest).  We trained and trail rode horses, fed them and cared for them, hiked the trails and cleared them of snakes and yellow jacket nests (have you ever been on a horse when it came up on a yellow jacket nest?).

When we weren’t doing that, we were cutting wood, hauling supplies, digging ditches, and baling hay.  My boys did the same thing, and Daniel later (before the Marine Corps) worked for Joey Macrae in Anderson, South Carolina, an extraordinary professional horseman, breaking and training horses.  I have ridden in the rain, blazing sun, and snow.  I have seen my son Joshua and his horse buried up to his thighs in snow, and watched him ride the horse up from sinking in the drift and stay on him while keeping the horse and him safe.

Why is all (or any) of this important?  Because as I tried to convey in my earlier post, it is critical to have an understanding and mastery over animals [if you care about your life] …

The same thing goes for preening, smart ass little girls who get talked into doing something stupid.  Like this girl (courtesy of reader Ned in Horses in Austin).

So listen to me girl.  Let me explain something to you.

You survive around large farm animals like horses not because they love you or just like being around you, but because you make a deal with them.  Here is the deal: the horse will not kill you, and in return, you covenant to take care of the horse.  And you have to mean it – a horse knows if you’re lying.

You learn the horse’s language, from directional signals to foot pressure to voice commands to neck reining.  You learn the “warp and woof” of how the horse thinks.  You must learn what your voice inflections, timbre, volume and frequency do to the horse and how s/he will interpret them.  The horse will know if you’re unsure of yourself and don’t know what you’re doing, and despite what you’ve been told by your idiot college professors, there is no non-binary for horses.

Mares can be handled, geldings are a little more difficult, and studs are very hard to tame and usually dangerous.  Oh, and walking up behind a horse and surprising it will inevitably lead to a kick, and that in the superlative for running up to the horse.  To the horse, you are a threat and s/he will treat you as such.

A horse can stomp you, bite you, throw you off, run over you, and (here’s the worst part), kick you.  When a horse decides to kick, if the horse lands a hoof on your forehead, you’re likely going to end up dead or with severe and permanent brain injury.

That kick was merely a warning, and it was glancing at best.  You’re very fortunate to be able to stagger away from that with minor injuries.  So here’s a suggestion.  Drop out of college, it’s probably not doing you any good anyway, and it’s running up a mountain of debt you can never pay off.

Go volunteer at a local farm or ranch, and get some real like experience working for a living and learning to handle animals.  And don’t ever do anything like that again.

Then again, if you actually learn to work, you may not want to be out among those idiot protesters anyway.


  1. On August 2, 2020 at 11:29 pm, Buck Turgidson said:

    “I wish one of those horses would stomp one of the idiot rioters hurling vulgarities at people. That would make my day – I would drink a glass of wine and celebrate.”

    What wine did you choose? ☺

    Cheers – Prost – Salut – Skål – Sláinte – Kampai – L’Chaim – …or just a Nelson “HA HA!”

    Bottoms up!

  2. On August 2, 2020 at 11:54 pm, Bad_Brad said:

    I’m sure the horse faced some sort of severe penalty. After all LE Nation wide seem to be going out of their way protecting these clowns.

  3. On August 3, 2020 at 12:32 am, grayman said:

    Are you based in Austin, if so so am I!! Did not know about this, cool to watch would have been better if she had gotten a broken bone or 2 out of it!!!!

  4. On August 3, 2020 at 7:48 am, Fred said:

    I don’t think that she got kicked in the head. She’s just holding her face because she’s a girl and not built, emotionally, to be kicked around.

  5. On August 3, 2020 at 8:23 am, Ned said:

    I’ve seen videos where people were kicked out of the frame by a horse. I’ve also seen a horse (without a bridle and bit) pick up a goat and shake it like a rag doll. (I guess Shorty didn’t like that goat)

    A spooked or angry horse can kill you. These same idiot protesters who have no fear of being run over by cars have zero respect for horses.

    But they think they are smart enough to run things.

  6. On August 3, 2020 at 9:29 am, Bram said:

    Fred – I think she might have face-planted on the pavement after getting a hoof in the ass.

  7. On August 3, 2020 at 9:37 am, Elmo said:

    Looks like she got kicked in the back after she had turned to run away and that she might have kissed the pavement when she went down. Regardless, no sympathy here. You screw with the bull you get the horn, you screw with the horse you get the hoof.

  8. On August 3, 2020 at 9:41 am, Lori G said:

    We have 9 Shire stallions on our farm weighing about one ton each. The stallion/mare pairs are mated for life and are in the pasture with the foal for the first year, then when the next colt is born the young stallions go to the bachelor herd, and the stallion/mare pair raises the next one. There is always a lead stallion, be it father or lead bachelor stallion, that is in charge and both disciplines and defends the young studs. Our stallions are not dangerous, because we raise them like nature intends. We work them, ride them and drive them all when they are old enough (we only have one that is not old enough). The ‘stallions are dangerous’ idea comes because so many idiots raise young studs without their fathers and also without older studs when they are weaned. Horses are like people in that regard; males need older males to raise them as well as ‘mommy’, otherwise they ARE dangerous.

    As an aside, that was an excellent kick; the rider barely moved.

  9. On August 3, 2020 at 9:46 am, Fred said:

    @Bram, ah, good catch. She’s still a girl and can’t even break a fall of 3 to 5 feet by extending her arms. Stay out combat little girl. But can she make a sam’ich, nurture children, and keep a man’s home because when she hits 30 that’s all that will matter, not just to a man but to her, and nobody will want her all used up and full of commietard ideology.

  10. On August 3, 2020 at 10:18 am, Fr. John+ said:

    Thank you for that insight. I’ve only ridden tamed horses three times (or is it four?) and because of my size, need a 16.5H animal. A healthy fear of horses (*like a healthy fear of any dog, until they know you/you know them) is just common sense.

  11. On August 3, 2020 at 10:45 am, ensitue said:

    As a horse person (countless injuries) I can tell you that the horse saw that girl running up behind it. Also the horse deliberately aimed it’s kick, which itself was not a full power kick but a love tap. A horse can easily kill a person w/a kick and if they are angry they will then spin and stomp the person into a bloody pulp!

  12. On August 3, 2020 at 11:25 am, Fred said:

    @Ensitue, agreed. The response from the horse was measured and made the point very well. May have heard the girl giggling and saw her smiling as she trotted up as well. Just a leave me alone love tap really.

  13. On August 3, 2020 at 12:34 pm, George 1 said:

    A lot of life lessons on this post. Great advice to the girl from Herschel if only she would heed it. It also points to one of the exceedingly bad manifestations of our time, the total shortage of and disregard for proper women. Girls are just plain not taught to be proper civilized women any more.

  14. On August 3, 2020 at 4:54 pm, Terclinger said:

    I call FAKE. I didn’t hear a chorus of “WTF!”s at the end.
    Good news, she ‘s helping to put her dentist’s kid thru private school.

  15. On August 3, 2020 at 7:18 pm, Henry said:

    That’s because this incident happened in Canada, not Austin, and had nothing to do with BLM.

  16. On August 3, 2020 at 11:41 pm, RSR said:

    Low-quality vid, but it looks like the horse kicked the front of thigh nearest to him when she was turning to run away, which caused her to face plant on the asphalt as she was trying to run away.

    I agree w/ Henry — nothing in that vid appears to be Austin in July. Am in the general AO of ATX.

  17. On August 3, 2020 at 11:43 pm, RSR said:

    *Just take a look at the clothes, the street signs, the barricade barrels, the building designs, etc.

  18. On August 4, 2020 at 6:13 am, s said:

    George 1,

    One of the biggest things that’s stuck out to me during the recent protest/riot footage is the sheer ugliness of a lot of the women involved. To be sure, the male behavior is ugly as well. It’s just more shocking to see it out of a woman. I’m talking mainly about internal ugliness, vulgarity, obscenity, seething hatred, and sheer nastiness. There is nothing ladylike or classy about them. They don’t know how to be proper ladies leading quiet lives of virtue. They are loud-mouthed, cocky, and way too comfortable dishing out “shit” to their opposition without any repercussions. I have a feeling that if someone ever truly did take the gloves off and fight back, they’d be quick to tuck tail and run as they’re generally not built to fight, either emotionally or physically. I don’t make a habit of hitting women (or anyone for that matter), but if I ever found myself somehow surrounded by an angry mob, the women would get equal treatment to the men. Seeing this makes me thankful to God for my virtuous wife.

  19. On August 4, 2020 at 11:48 pm, snuffy said:

    s, I wonder if moldylocks has been doing any protesting lately, or if getting a knuckle sandwich right in the beezer made her rethink her life choices. For many of these twats, a good thumping is the only thing that might wake them up.

  20. On August 5, 2020 at 11:58 am, s said:

    I think your are right in that a good thumping is the only thing that might help change them

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