Paul Cottrell On Covid-19 As An Engineered Virus

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

Via WRSA, this video is very interesting.  There are others that serve well as preliminary political and fact-checking background, but this video is the most well-informed analysis I’ve found.

I asked a few days ago whether Coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab, and said “That’s what I have believed from the beginning, it is what I believe today, and it’s what I will always believe unless someone presents clear and convincing evidence that persuades me to relinquish my belief.”

This informed video doesn’t dissuade me from my views.  It cements them.

His analysis is sweeping and he seems conversant on a whole host of topics, including the effect on the economy of having so much of our material and parts produced in China.  The effect on the logistics chain is enormous for a just-in-time chain when a blip happens.

He says we must bring it all home.  I agree.  If that doesn’t sound “capitalistic,” then so be it.  I’ve said before that I’m not a Ron Paul libertarian “The world is a Utopian trade platform and unicorns fart purple pixie dust rainbows over trade-friends to knit them together in love for each other” follower.  I don’t want to debate this point – it’s a value judgment, and it’s mine.  You can have your own, whatever that is.

And R.J. Rushdooy as well.  Libertarianism without a moral foundation is a recipe for disaster.  If “free trade” and “capitalism” means a borderless world where evil corporations outsource manufacturing to enemies in order to maximize quarterly earnings because idiot analysts want to play a better gambling game on Wall Street, then I’m not that.

Under the Lordship of Christ, nothing and no one is free to do anything they wish.  We are free to obey God’s commandments, which brings the ultimate liberty, and He has a lot to say about this sort of thing, including duties of company owners to their workers.  I cannot ensure that corporations are practicing righteousness, and don’t advocate holding CEOs at the barrel of a gun to force good behavior on them.

But as for the safety, security, health, protection and welfare of a country with borders, corporations who do business with enemies hell bent on destruction of our country should be seen and treated as allies of those enemies.  So should the politicians who enable that alliance.

Finally, as I mentioned before, I see the FDA as culpable in the deaths of Americans due to this virus, and I have previously mentioned that the CDC had one job, i.e., to prepare for epidemics and infectious disease.

They … had … one … job.  They failed.  They failed to model, they failed to stay abreast of the facts, they failed to ensure enough PPEs were available in the national stockpile.  Additionally, I stumbled upon this comment at another site.

Hospitals were given the green light by the government to get rid of private practice physicians. This occurred during the days leading up to the passage of Obamacare, when hospitals were initially promised they would have monopolies on patients vis a vis Accountable Care Organizations. Hospitals went on a buying spree, paying top dollar for physicians and their practices. Coupled with the expense and headaches of the Electronic Medical Record, and insurance companies and hospitals both developing so called networks, in which physicians were frozen out of contracts as independent practitioners.

Why? Because the government figured out that it is easier to control the 5200 or so hospital CEO’s, who would now be the boss of the formerly independent 750k or more physicians.

This corporate practice of medicine has led to pressure on doctors to adapt protocols and submit to busybody hospital administrators to toe the line, or else find another job. In the worst cases, hospitals start sham peer review proceedings, a weaponized version of quality review and oversight, which can tarnish a doctor for life based on scurrilous and false evidence.

Doctors should not work for hospitals. It is an inherent conflict of interest, unethical, and it is the corporate practice of medicine. The doctor no longer works for the patient, but the hospital CEO, who has a fiduciary duty. This story is a good example. Unfortunately, the AMA is all in on it, and has not represented practicing physicians and patients for years.

You can see that however you wish.  But I’ll remind you of the quote attributed to Mussolini: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”  A market void of righteousness is as much slavery as the state authority without righteousness.  You’re merely exchanging one wicked ruler for another.


  1. On April 5, 2020 at 11:08 pm, Quietus said:

    “Corporate medicine.” Huh. I had never heard of that practice, but tend to believe that it’s true. It’s easier to keep all the Docs on the same page, when they work for the hospital CEO. Wonder how osteopaths are fitting in with the New Hospitalic Order. Probably not well.

    Your best medical practitioner is the former SF 18B neighbor who you might be fortunate enough to know. Next best for people, is a good and like-minded horse vet. Then an osteopath. Option of last resort, is a medical doctor. And your best source for animal medical supplies (are you an animal?) is your local feed store.

  2. On April 5, 2020 at 11:11 pm, Quietus said:

    Oops, meant to type 18D

  3. On April 5, 2020 at 11:23 pm, George 1 said:

    “Free trade” was a con game from the start. Marx and Lenin were in favor of free trade. It drains a a nation’s wealth and lowers the standard of living thereby making revolution easier. Free trade also necessitates the free movement of people. So the countries with higher living standards are invaded by those with lower standards.

    At a certain point the invaded nation no longer really exists. Immigration is war. For example, take the war with Iraq. Our strategy was to occupy the country militarily while pouring trillions of dollars into propping up a puppet regime. We hoped to pacify the population into becoming more like us. However the make up of the population did not change and we did not attempt to change it. The results are inevitable.

    Now imagine a U.S. policy of sending all arrested illegal aliens found in the U.S. to Iraq and making them settle there. In fact to be sure the plan worked, we could give the new Iraqi citizens welfare payments that we would deny to the native population. We could ensure that the new Iraqi citizens were given preferences in jobs and education that the native population would not get. The native Iraqi population would probably not roll over to the invaders as fast as we have but as long as we kept sending in “replacements” the fate of Iraq would be sealed in a few generations, their population having been replaced.

  4. On April 6, 2020 at 7:53 am, Bob Miglarese said:

    There’s another aspect of the healthcare mess that bears mentioning because it directly affects the quality of patient care and indicates health systems’ overriding profit motive. I worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years in the payer, provider and disease management sectors. Most recently, I worked for a large “not for profit” (a real joke) hospital system here in NC, running the system’s commercial payer provider credentialing, and enrollment with Medicare and Medicaid payers. It was one of the most dysfunctional, poorly run organizations I have ever seen.

    In the 4 years I was there, I saw a sharp increase in the hiring of foreign trained physicians and other clinicians. This was one of the hospital system’s strategies to increase profits, because they could pay these providers significantly less than US trained providers, plus they could get them to work in the more rural areas which the more elitist US trained providers shunned. It was often impossible to get the medical records required to confirm their training from crap hole countries that barely had any infrastructure. But as long as we could get them approved to start seeing patients and begin the associated billing to increase top line revenue, senior leadership was getting their performance bonuses.

  5. On April 6, 2020 at 8:09 am, bob sykes said:

    Chinese ecology naturally produces pandemic viruses, and there is no need to postulate and biowarfare missteps.

    China has tens of thousands of square miles of rice paddies. These attract migrating birds and other wildlife, and people and water buffalo work in them among the birds and wildlife. The people also keep pigs and chickens next to the paddies. Viruses circulate between the animals and people, recombine and mutate. Some years all the Chinese chickens die; some, like last year, all the Chinese pigs die. Every year we have a flu pandemic. Once a decade it is severe, and once a century it is catastrophic. Besides influenza viruses, we get others like coronavirus (e.g., SARS-CoV).

    All of this has been known to epidemiologists for decades. The process of virus generation has been going on since China began growing rice, at least 5,000 years ago. There is no need for paranoia here.

  6. On April 6, 2020 at 8:22 am, Ned said:

    Here’s a short video from a guy who lives in China and who claims to have found patient 1:

  7. On April 6, 2020 at 9:52 am, Herschel Smith said:


    I linked this video in the very first line of the article.


    I have no “need” of linking CV-19 to anything. My firm opinion is that the probability rests with it being an engineered virus, by many orders of magnitude. As for paranoia, I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is a technical analysis – or did you not listen carefully to the video?

  8. On April 6, 2020 at 11:59 am, Fred said:

    What’s being done to America is being done on purpose and the people doing it have names and addresses. With or without a virus the same progrom by the same people continues. Crisis, real or manufactured, has exposed major hemorrhaging. This exposure shows that the foundation and bedrock is not sound. Far more Americans will be killed due to the ongoing revolution than by the virus. And remember, everybody who reads this has only one person to blame, and that’s themselves. This is your fault, you let this happen to your country and your lack of willingness to replace your government is The Problem. Yes, Americans are well within Biblical bounds to replace the national government under force of arms starting today, it is not an American government at all. And all of this is right back at me as well, but at least I admit it and am willing to say it out loud.

    Specifically to the economic point; all imports need to stop today, not a five year plan, today. We don’t need other countries. This is where belief on God meats the road. Everything that America will ever need is already here and it is provided by God and if you don’t believe that God can and will provide then you are guilty of heresy and maybe even blaspheme before His throne. And all foreign owned National Strategic Assets, such as the House of Saud owning the major Gulf Coast refiners and refineries, need to end today. I know, this would send the entire world in to chaos. What? That’s funny because hey; look around, how is this human controlled “order” working for you.

    Trump is socialist trash. It was only ever a long shot, the flight 93 election. Americans MUST abandon the Constitution and it’s current government and governors before they can truly be free again. You have to let it go in your heart. It doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction at this point. There is nothing left of it to have. You can’t go back. That’s not possible. YOU BLEW IT. Admit it. Nobody has read it, nobody knows what it says, nobody follows it, and nobody cares, the Constitution; it’s no contract at all. You will never be free, made free in Christ, again until you surrender your false beliefs about our state of affairs. Acknowledging, however painful, that it’s over and that America needs a new government, even if that means all of the attendant risks, this is the only way that I can see. If you say you have a duty a vote, then you don’t get to wiggle your way out of the entirety of that same civic duty. When voting no longer works, your civic duty remains. Now what? No way out but through.

    Either men stand up or get bulldozed into trenches. Pick.

    Good Blog post today, Sir. America is a failed state. Can Americans realize it before they are eating their pets?

    None of this is a function of bureaucracy or corporatism. Those are symptoms, as our host understands, the problem is Sin. This is what letting your country be run by devils looks like. You deserve everything that is being done to you. The Bible isn’t notional, or allegorical, the blessings and curses are real and happen to real people and real countries and real nations.

    Sadly, it needs to get so hard that Americans are left only able to depend upon the Grace of a Holy God, the Father of Jesus Christ, and not some fiction, not some feel goodism but the God that says He will destroy you and your land if you claim His name and then fail to comply. He is King, He is the Sovereign. You are either his servant and yay slave, or you are at odds with the entirety of creation and the created order. America made a Blood Covenant with God. This isn’t a game, this isn’t a feelings based pop culture churchian vibe, God is HOLY. America can’t unclaim Christ. That’s not how Blood Covenants work. Blood covenants can only be broken on pain of death, or by the grace of the Master to let you go. Careful here, that second thing may sound good, but you are then subject unto the devil.

    And finally(without getting sidetracked); The Holy Bible says that we are MADE free in Christ Jesus, not set free. We are not free to live and do as we would, although sin certainly can be a state of slavery, continuing to live as though we are free, is to remain in a state of sin. The notion that you are set free by Christ to do as you will is false, that’s the condition in which Jesus found you and from which you were saved. He is King, it’s His Kingdom, He is the Ruler, you do His work, and live for Him, and submit to Him or you remain in your sin.

    In John 3:3, Jesus says that we must be born again, but that’s not the end of the focus of that verse, we are born again into the Kingdom of God. Any half bright man would ask; what is this Kingdom, and who is the King? There must be a King, and rules, and duties from which your rights flow, You don’t have rights from God, you have duties to God and as your Sovereign and King, He may bless you, but even if He doesn’t, our hope is not upon this world, our hope is upon our God.

  9. On April 6, 2020 at 3:04 pm, Frank Clarke said:

    The key, often overlooked, is right there above: “…when hospitals were initially promised they would have monopolies on patients…”. If hospitals (or anyone else) developed a natural monopoly because of unparalleled service to their audience, that yields a very different outcome than when the government manufactures a monopoly out of thin air. The difference is that a de jure monopoly has no need to perform excellently or, in fact, at all, because there is no chance they can be toppled by competition.

    Give the government the power to crater your economy and it is a certainty that the government will crater your economy.

    Yes, it’s THAT simple, but by all means, go on voting for the Big Government Party.

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