A Lesson From Richmond’s Gun Rally

BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks ago

Another perspective on Richmond from a collectivist.

The guy in Richmond with the “fifty-cal” assault rifle, along with many other dress-up warriors in battle fatigues, was at the Virginia State Capitol building to challenge Governor Ralph Northam and the new Democratically-controlled General Assembly’s proposal to enact a universal background check system and a ban on assault weapons and bump stocks.

[ … ]

Reports of the protest said that, unlike in previous years at the VCDL’s Lobby Day, many of the usual counter-protestors sat this one out. The heavily armed activists succeeded in scaring off their very threatening challengers: mothers who are terrified of gun violence in schools, and the survivors of shootings. “Ooh rah,” as the Marines say. What a tough bunch—intimidating a bunch of unarmed parents and children certainly requires a full complement of assault rifles of both the handheld and siderail-affixed variety.

Perhaps the saddest part of the gun-rights demonstration was how unnecessary it really was. The most extreme advocates among them would have us believe that any restrictions on gun sales or ownership will bring us one step closer to the government seizing every gun. But the fifty-cal is a far cry from a revolver in the drawer of your bedside table. It’s difficult to imagine how it would prove useful in quickly thwarting a home invasion unless one keeps it mounted and loaded on the kitchen counter. Imagine an America where you pull up to a stop light and the mini-van next to you isn’t sporting the latest Swedish luggage rack but two semi-automatic machine guns with laser scopes and night vision.

[ … ]

My fear is that this is exactly the kind of America the guy with the fifty-cal wants. That’s why he is the perfect posterchild for the very reasonable gun-safety laws making their way through Virginia’s legislature. There is not one Democrat in the Virginia General Assembly, not one member of Moms Demand Action, maybe not even one victim of gun violence who could make the case better. He is one of the most potent reminders that average citizen should not have military assault rifles.

Still, a tiny minority, backed by the powerful lobbying force of the National Rifle Association, has effectively prevented a nationwide restriction on civilian ownership of weapons of war. That needs to change. Otherwise, all of us will continue living in danger of seeing a fifty-cal up close and in action even if we’re nowhere near a battleship.

A thorough fisking of this commentary just wouldn’t be possible without a lot of time.  But a few things can be pointed out.

As with most commentators, she knows nothing about guns.  She says, “semi-automatic machine guns,” of which there is no such thing.  There is also no such thing as a .50 caliber assault rifle.  Assault rifles, by their very definition, use intermediate cartridges, not large bore cartridges.

But getting to the issue of world and life view, her true value judgments soon become clear.  “He is one of the most potent reminders that average citizen (sic) should not have military assault rifles.”  And she mentions the revolver in the drawer.

But what if the head of the household believes that a revolver in the drawer isn’t the best firearm for defending his home?  What if he has a multi-person home invasion to deal with?  According to Ms. Weeldreyer, you’re limited by whatever she thinks.

And what she thinks is that you, as the average citizen, have no right to any kind of weapon you want.  You’re limited by the state, because, according to her, the state has a monopoly on violence.  But you see Ms. Weeldreyer, states with monopolies on violence behaved like Uganda (under Idi Amin), Turkey (in the Armenian genocide), Cambodia (under Pol Pot), the Soviet Union (under the Bolskeviks), and Germany (under Adolf Hitler).  The history of gun control is as a pretext to awful things, and if Ms. Weeldreyer wants peace on earth, as much as their can be with the wickedness of mankind, she should do some study of the mass shootings that took place in the twentieth century and see just who did it.

But she doesn’t care about any of that.  The mere sight of guns anywhere is to her a threat, and thus, with her axiom being that only the government can be threats to people, you shouldn’t be allowed access.  Finally, her husband is a former military man.  So he took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

He could start by teaching his wife and being a real leader in the home.


  1. On January 26, 2020 at 9:46 pm, Elmo said:

    I’ll say one thing for Sarah. I don’t think she could have done a better job of cramming every gun-grabber’s cliché into one article than she did. She sounds like she was separated at birth from Shannon Watts.

  2. On January 27, 2020 at 7:12 am, Red in OleVirginny said:

    She’s quite the shrew. She just needs to feed her cats and take her meds. 3d printing has made gun control extinct.
    April 2nd 1865 and Jan 20th 2020. The only 2 days in American history that the Governor fled Richmond in fear. Still makes me chuckle.
    Red in OleVirginny

  3. On January 27, 2020 at 11:04 am, Drew in Michigan said:

    Just like Adam, her husband is guilty of failing to preach the truth to his Eve. And in so doing is trying to lead us to the apple again!

  4. On January 27, 2020 at 12:46 pm, Phil Carson said:

    Walked by the 50 cal guy twice, it was awesome, the ultimate armed to the fucking teeth Shitlord. It was a sea of Shitlords and Shitlordettes armed to the fucking teeth.
    You must, if you have to sell a kidney, show up, it’s an unbelievable experience being in the company of 26,000 armed to the fucking teeth fellow Shitlords. Freemen!
    Nobody was going to fuck with us let me tell you. And the most courageous thing I ever witnessed was those who went unarmed into the kill box. It was like this electricity that was a current flowing through us, you could sense it, if they started their stupid false flag shit it was on, none of them would make it out alive, I’m not bullshitting about this, everyone was ready.
    This is profound shit. Stuff of sea changes, literally a paradigm was created on the spot.
    You must show up.
    I’m talking from experience here. I went back and forth for days, till Sunday night before, realized I was being a victim of taking council of my fears, something the regime has cultivated for longer than we been alive.
    They use fear as a weapon against our better instioncts and judgement. It pollutes out character, our honor, and our dignity as Freemen of The West.
    I believe this is profoundly transformational this experience at Richmond.
    We went from being legion but isolated, and alone, and we became A Legion of armed to the fucking teeth free Men.
    You must show up.
    Action is what matters now. We are past the keyboard stage. It’s wave our Rifles in the tyrants faces time. Believe you me, when you show up you will be empowered like you never knew existed. It really makes all the training and gear and weaponry complete. What makes those things so valuable.
    I really admire the phrase “Our Cause We Leave To God and Our Rifles”, the crux of the issue and our codes.
    Another thing that was like a zeitgeist at least for me and I think from many I interacted with and simply observed is these ruthless people out to outlaw our property and us as human’s, they don’t understand how mean good folk get when they violate our codes.
    It is a great thing indeed to show them what it is like to be denied sanctuary they choose to deny us. They do not know what to do with this. They never will. Their avarice and lust for power makes them stupid. Cunning, sly, dangerous, oh yeah, in spades, but stupid, the kind that makes natural selection possible, oh yeah fellow Shirtlords, darn straight. Guarantee it.

    Keep an eye on these clowns, on Obama and the whole lot of them. They just got a wake up call on Monday. They will deny the truth of us armed to the fucking teeth and showing up, watch them carefully, they are running out of time. And all’s they got left is the use of state sanctioned force and application of violence. They probaly will do what they always do faced with existential threats to them, double down. It is the nature of such power till it folds, and fold it will.
    Showing up armed to the fucking teeth with thousands of Shitlords is the greatest moist disruptive threat short of flying lead.
    Thats the beauty of what the 2nd Amendment is behind the words, it really works when it gets used by showing up.
    Did I say you got to show up?
    We changed the dialectic, not only that, we own the dialectic now. They no longer have power to tell us who we are, what we are. They have nothing else but force and violence, really all they ever have had, but illusions of legitimacy and hiding behind the shell of the Republic they hollowed out was the most effective weapon of tyranny.
    Not. Any. Longer.
    Hey! You must show up to be the Shitlord within to be the freeman without chains or restraints. Understand Brother?
    Those Shitlords in Lexington showed up, they had no idea what was going to happen. But they showed up. The rest is history, now it’s our turn.
    It’s actually an incredible feeling to be in the company of armed to the fucking teeth shitlords, the ultimate warm fuzzy, it’s what being a Man of The West is about, makes everything come together.
    Thats why 50 Cal Guy was laughing. Why we all where smiling. It felt Good! It felt great to be totally free Men. We knew it. Nobody had to say a word. Everyone is invited. Join The Legion Men!

  5. On January 27, 2020 at 11:49 pm, X said:

    The guy with the .50 was NOT an uber-shitlord. Quite the contrary. He was — and I hate to appear to be making an ad hominem attack here — a fat slob who, frankly, looked like a doofus, not an operator.

    More to the point, the guy is from New York, and the Barrett is illegal there because it has a pistol grip and a detachable mag, so it is an illegal “assault weapon.” (The .50 cartridge is not illegal in New York … YET, like it is in CA. At the moment it is legal to have a .50 bolt action or single-shot. But there have been .50 bans and confiscations proposed, and no doubt they’ll do it eventually).

    Anyway, the point is that the only reason that the guy was able to play show-and-tell with the .50 is because he is an FFL, and he has the gun on his dealer books for sale in other states OR to law enforcement in New York, so they can kill citizens with it. That guy’s not defying ANYBODY… he’s 100% papered up on that piece. The ONLY reason he has it is because the FEDS gave him PERMISSION to have it as a dealer.

    If that gun wasn’t on his FFL books he’d be in jail right now looking at seven years for a Class D Felony…

  6. On January 28, 2020 at 3:29 pm, Jack Crabb said:

    In a just world there would be a rusty chainsaw or a hungry hog with this tyrant’s, Sara Weeldreyer, name on it.

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