As 2A Sanctuaries Spread, Gun Control Groups Warn Of Consequences

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 1 month ago

News from Virginia.

ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) From Bedford to Botetourt, Second Amendment Sanctuaries have been popping up across Virginia. The resolutions are largely symbolic, designed to send a message to state government.

But Eric Tirschwell worries the Sanctuaries could do some real world harm.

“These resolutions are nothing more than an attempt to short-circuit the Democratic process,” he said.

Tirschwell is Managing Director of Litigation and National Enforcement Policy at Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group. He says he’s sounding the alarm now because of the rapid spread of the sanctuaries across Virginia and beyond.

“If these folks actually follow through on what at this point is really just a threat to not enforce laws, that’s where I think the real danger will reveal itself,” he said.

Tirschwell argues the resolutions are problematic for a number of reasons, most importantly, he says, because they put lives at risk.

“These resolutions could have, and threaten to have, a chilling effect on people who might otherwise use, or take advantage of gun safety laws to try to prevent harm, like a suicide, a homicide or even a mass shooting,” he said.

However, gun rights organizers say Tirshwell and other critics are missing the message.

2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement continues to grow

In statements to city and county governments across our region, citizens have argued that the resolutions are about making the Governor and House of Delegates pay attention. “Because we don’t have a voice at the state level. We only have a voice at the local level,” said one man at a Pulaski Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supporters also say the movement is chiefly about standing up for Constitutional rights.

“Don’t let Botetourt County be culpable in the death of liberties and freedoms,” said another man to the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.

Tirschwell takes issue with that, noting laws frequently decried by gun rights activists, like expanded background checks and so-called red flag laws, have been upheld in the courts.

“These officials aren’t quote-unquote defending the Constitution, as they like to say. They’re really threatening to defy it, and to substitute their own personal views of what’s constitutional,” he said.

Tirschwell says, for now, any threat posed by the resolutions is purely theoretical. However, he warns any officials who try to use the resolutions to defy state gun control laws could have a rude wakening.

“I wouldn’t suggest betting on them,” he said.

Everytown also had a hissy fit in a recent press release, saying “the gun lobby is hypocritically encouraging law enforcement to ignore the rule of law in defense of their extreme and dangerous interpretation of the Constitution.”

“Chilling.”  “Dangerous.”  But to listen to the Virginia AG, also a controller, and his interpretive legions in academia, these county laws have no effect and are irrelevant.

So which is it?  Are they chilling and dangerous, or are they completely ineffectual?

They can’t make their mind up because they fear CWII.  They know it, and we know it.  You can blame it all on them.  Any blood spilled will be on their hands.  All the controllers had to do to ensure peace and stability was leave people alone.

That … a controller cannot do.  Can a Leopard change its spots?  Neither are they able to do good, being accustomed to doing evil (Jeremiah 13:23).  They know enough to warn of the consequences, but are unable to change their own behavior.  But those consequences may not work out the way they had planned.

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  1. On December 20, 2019 at 11:04 pm, Phil Ossiferz Stone said:

    With one hand the Democrats strip away the protections of state and Federal Constitutions. With the other, they are doing this:

  2. On December 21, 2019 at 1:48 am, George 1 said:

    Phil. Yes. Immigration, legal and illegal is a far greater threat to our national security than any threat we have faced with the possible exception of nuclear annihilation. It is also the problem politicians care about the least. Our failure to control immigration will be the death of the Republic.

    The elites want this outcome as evidenced by the lack of action to get a handle on the invasion by anyone in local, State or the Federal Government. In fact, they cheer for our decline and fall.

  3. On December 21, 2019 at 7:40 am, Darrell Cloud said:

    The final goal of democracy is the dictatorship of the majority. The Bill of Rights were expressly written to protect the minority from this majority. Ten mega cities have all but captured the political process in the United States. Middle America is in the process of being permanently disenfranchised.

    History is filled with examples of how this plays out. The targeted minority is disarmed and then it is ethnically cleansed. The favorite weapon of mass murderers is starvation.

    Look to your people, look to their provisions, and look to their security.

  4. On December 21, 2019 at 7:54 am, Matt Bracken said:

    Eric T:

  5. On December 21, 2019 at 8:06 am, Phil Carson said:

    Guess they don’t like it when people push back because they are pushing us dirt people past our civilized tolerance, threatening to make us felons and terrorists because we refuse to be coerced and extorted by the power of the state? That is not any kind of law, that is exactly what it is, a threat to do bodily harm to us and put us in chains. We have done exactly nothing but abide by our foundational laws which are rooted in unalienable truths of us, our natural right to self defence, from exactly this kind of usurpation of laws that have existed from our founding.
    Our rifles are for exactly because these hoplophobe’s meddling in every facet of the sphere of their lives.
    They think themselves gods or something.
    They have divine powers of kings to create defacto law out of thin air and whole cloth at the flick of their finger, no one has a say that these defacto attainders of writ directly are pointed at, and we are supposed to shut up and do what they say because they have self anointed themselves our moral superiors.
    That kind of says it all, that they are the ones “alarmed and upset” over the consequences of their actions.
    Well tough shit.
    You made that bed jack, you lie in it. If your not careful it will be your grave.
    Go f%$k a flyin’ rollin’ donut.

    That commie crap don’t wash with me nor millions of my brothers and sisters in solidarity of liberty and we refuse to comply with their diktat in no uncertain terms.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    That absolute absence of prudence might cut it in their Potemkin utopian fantasy land, but their dystopian aggression, imposed to shove their statism up my arse is not my utopia.
    And exactly who elected this mouth piece to put words in our mouths and thoughts in our minds talking out his arse?
    If he and his ilk understood us honestly, they would never try to impose this creeping tyranny.
    That they don’t in itself is all the reason required to say BFYTW.

  6. On December 21, 2019 at 8:29 am, anom said:

    we are not a fucking democracy, we are a constitutional fucking republic…..morons

  7. On December 21, 2019 at 8:34 am, GA Patriot said:

    They are upset because they know they are going to lose, then they are going to hang.

  8. On December 21, 2019 at 9:00 am, ragman said:

    Phil asked who elected this communist? Mikie Bloomberg did, the same POS that’s running for president. He also injected hundreds of millions of dollars into congressional and local elections. Beatoff O’Rourke pulled back the curtain, he let the confiscation genie out of the globalist bottle. And once said genie is out there’s no way it can be put back in the bottle. Spicy times are coming, my friends. It’s much later than we think. Prepare accordingly.

  9. On December 21, 2019 at 9:12 am, Heywood said:

    But sanctuary cities for illegals are just fine, right. I can tolerate a lot…but hypocrisy drives me nuts.

  10. On December 21, 2019 at 9:46 am, Jablowme said:

    Funny he touts the democratic process (which we all know is a fucking joke) but apparently forgets that county sheriffs are elected officials (i.e. democratically elected).

  11. On December 21, 2019 at 9:49 am, dmv gringo said:

    “But Eric Tirschwell worries the Sanctuaries could do some real world harm.”
    The irony is staggering.

  12. On December 21, 2019 at 9:54 am, Adino said:

    If these Marxists were interested in reason, logic, and debate, then some common ground could possibly be found to discuss these issues.

    Unfortunately, the Marxists have one one desire, and that is to spread Marxism by any means necessary, and to do so they need to ensure only comrades and not Trad Americans have firearms. Hence Soros and Bloomberg and the rest of the oligarchs desire to disarm Trad America.

    And they desire a government that is weaponized against its unarmed populous (since that’s the only way Marxists putsches work.)

    If however, they could be communicated with, the first point would be that we do not live in a democracy. We are supposed to be living in a republic. A republic with a democratic process. That republic has as one of its foundational principles the inalienable right to self defense, and that self defense requires un-infringed rights to firearms. Period.

    That foundational principle of the republic is not subject to democratic processes intended to undo the foundational principles, as is the case in democracies.

    Those who do not care for the foundational principles do have rights, most importantly the right to leave the country to live somewhere that is alignment with their principles.

    It does NOT include the right to transform the nation into that of their Marxist choosing by eroding and doing away with its foundation.

    Secondly, elections bought by billionaires are not what most Trad Americans consider free and fair elections. So this Tirschwell fellow is not leaning into democracy either.

    Left to logic, reason, and debate the gun grabbers are left with no legs to stand on.

    Hence the threats of violence by those abusing governmental authority.

  13. On December 21, 2019 at 10:11 am, Phil Carson said:

    Ah, excuse me, sir, to paraphrase what you and your armed badged leg-breakers, you all so kindly remind us without fail, If your not doing anything wrong, why are you so worried about us?

    Should you not be so legitimate and rightful that you have no need to project a gordian knot of double standards upon us to deflect the truth of your hideous impositions of pseudo oh so convenient laws over us to make us all criminals totally absent of Habeas Corpus and threaten us with Posse Comitatus???

    What is to be declared next I ask?
    Honor us with special proscribed status of undesirable persons?
    Box cars, Gulag, and death camps?

    Got some news for you all, those rifles you are itching to take from us, they are for exactly what your trying to do to us.
    That #2 Amendment they got listed on that piece of parchment you all use as asswipe, it’s for shooting your foul arses when you start this shit your trying to shove down our throats.

  14. On December 21, 2019 at 1:31 pm, Wes said:

    Virginia AG picks his side….

  15. On December 21, 2019 at 1:38 pm, Bill said:

    Symbolic my ass, this is exactly what the 2nd amendment is for… I hope you Virginians are identifying where these ass hats live, work and commute routes.. Northham has 2 kids also..

  16. On December 21, 2019 at 1:44 pm, Bill said:

    Anyone interested in Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522???

  17. On December 22, 2019 at 7:02 am, Trumpeter said:

    It seems the AG could do much to ally the concerns fueling the 2A movement. Announce that the measures will be enforced only in major metropolitan counties for the first four years. Door to door warrantless searches, and stop and frisk, and rolling roadblocks, enhanced warrantless surveillance..
    All in Richmond. You can talk to us after you apply yourself to the real gunproblem.

  18. On December 22, 2019 at 8:02 am, Mark Matis said:

    Surely you know very well by now, Trumpeter, that he has no intention of doing anything even remotely like that!!!

  19. On December 22, 2019 at 10:31 am, Phil Carson said:

    Funny how the truth counties belong to the people is avoided at all costs.
    In other words the structure of republican form of government is an upside down pyramid. What then is at the top of the power structure is we the people, it is they who are subservient to that truth. They are at the pointy tiny bottom of the pecking order.

    What they are attempting to do is reverse this. And it scares the living crap out of them to see people are taking action, and it is, action, that counts. The action to employ the oft not, rarely used power of we the people.
    There is in regards to the structure of OUR government, nothing as legitimate, nothing with legitimate power, as flipping that pyramid on it’s head and putting baby genocide Ralphie and his scumbag pals in the basement, back of the bus bitchez.
    They got nothing on us. Just diarrhea of the piehole, and there’s none better at that then these scumbag usurpers and their excuse factory called the fake media. Good thing they are at the bottom and we the people on top, shit rolls down hill.

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