Agent Provocateurs In The Second Amendment Awakening In Virginia

BY Herschel Smith
4 years, 2 months ago

Kaiserworks had this to say.

Time to keep eyes open for Agent Provocateurs in the pro 2A rallies or an incident directed at an anti-2A Politician. I can tell you right now that when you see ‘breaking news’ and the badged orcs kitted up responding to some crisis, it will not be from our side. I implore those at the rallies, that if they see anyone smelling of an undercover Fed, contractor or even someone off their meds, be vocal and notify all those around you to the Trojan horse in your midst. Early warning and exposure may be the only thing that can derail a psyop or blackhat operation in progress.

It’s really a shame we are where we are, but this is a recurring theme.  See this reddit/firearms discussion thread.

As the grassroots 2A Sanctuary movement continues to gain momentum and traction in Virginia, what do you think the odds are that a conveniently timed and horrific mass shooting event will occur in VA within the next month?

[ … ]

My theory is “they” will infiltrate a crazy person into being deputized, who will then shoot up a school or something using their new deputy status to get into the property with a gun.

The black hats may be CIA, they may be Dyncorps, they may be three or four tiers deep and never known, completely removed from those who sent them on their nefarious mission.  But with the increased momentum of the 2A rights movement in Virginia, the soccer moms from Alexandria need some ideological and emotional support.

That’s how the theory goes, anyway.  And I’m not going to say that it’s wrong, just that it is so very difficult to collect meaningful and actionable facts after such events, and this is all likely by design.  The .gov hides everything behind the cloud of “ongoing investigation,” and then the MSM gets involved printing inaccurate and incorrect crap.

So here’s a quick note to the black hats.  Upon any such event, 2A supporters will blame it all on you.  Just realize that’s where we are.

Got it?  Are we clear?  And this post is now indexed and ready for linking in the future.

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  1. On December 10, 2019 at 12:45 pm, S18-1000 said:

    From what I have read/heard of past groups that got taken down by the Feds, there are several tells for a Plant or a Fed. They will be the guy advocating for one, or a combination of, the following:

    >Proactive strikes, ‘hit them before they hit us’, planning assassinations or kidnappings.

    >Any illegal conversions of semi-auto’s to full-auto, making your own suppressors, etc.

    >Bombs and explosives. How to make them, asking if anyone knows how to make them or can get them, or claiming they know how to make bombs or can get ahold of explosives.

    Anyone shouting about these three, especially if they’re someone who just showed up and is brand new to the group, is probably there for dishonest purposes. No matter how big or small your group, vet your people!

  2. On December 10, 2019 at 1:48 pm, Weepee said:

    There were police agent provocateurs in some protests in Canada a number of years ago and some in several american cities. This stuff happens. Also, I have long thought that much of this antifa, social justice and weird sexual, in your face provocations have been directed to illicit an over response from some conservative just so that can condemn us all and crack down hard. Why are right wing groups all called extremist not just by the Southern Poverty Law group but also our own police, FBI and justice department. WHERE is all of this right wing violence for heaven’s sake?

  3. On December 10, 2019 at 1:49 pm, Sanders said:

    Yep – the ones yelling the loudest about “We have to DO something!!” are always the provocateurs. Saw it in the 90’s, and saw it most recently in the “Threeper” movement with that Kerodin character.

    One of the groups that tried to recruit me in the 90’s wound up trying to blow up railroad tracks to derail an Amtrak train. That’s just out and out terrorism, in my book. Then it turned out the group was something like 80 percent undercover agents and criminal informants. I think there were only two or three true believers in that group.

  4. On December 10, 2019 at 7:49 pm, Phil Carson said:

    Feller at Zero Hedge commented:
    The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. – cabbystander

    Where are the “conservative” elected representatives by the way? Elected representatives is the key word here. Do they not conserve anything? What is so awful about politics they are mum? Crickets much? What has scared these bums from doing what their holy solemn Oaths of office required by any standard of honor and virtue?
    Well, the answer is it tells a tale, a most cautionary tale, that nobody is coming to save us, that is as it should be, for how else are we free men, and I believe that is really sinking into the collective consciousness of Freemen everywhere.
    As for those who betray us, thats What cucks do. They cuckhold. Suck eggs like a trained hound not worth a bucket of warm spit. It is their purpose.
    This is totally pertinent to the disarmament attempts in Virginia. Everything is connected with these scumbags. This impeachment witch hunt sham trial is show. Sure there’s always a few good guys, but they are the exceptions, most are too intimidated by blackmail and extortion to say much if anything. In any case what we are watching with our own eyes is unfiltered, hardly disguised in most cases now, is not a feature thats suddenly matasticized because the swamp creatures and their globohomo masters are trying to stave off being accountable to us dirt people, thats impossible in their minds, it is inconceivable, and getting the true comeuppance they have so richly deserved, Pah!
    No, it is a rancid tumor writ large, always been there, we are simply seeing the bloated festering real thing in living color, what they are, what they do, dressed up as two legged fig leafs of legitimacy, what they have been all along behind the masks, the nicy nicy face they put on in front of us has only been dropped.
    Whats is coming to light across the collective conscience of Deplorable flyover nation, is while yes what comes after Mr. Trump, or more to the point, what can be positively effected for 5 more years of MAGA, if we have a presidential election in 2020, or Lord forbid they do not JFK Mr. Trump, regardless, is there never was, that there is no voting our way out of this, or as it’s acronym: TINVOWOOT, and while the implications and all that implies as to remedies and recourse, our problems are institutional, they morphed into what we see over generations, dug in tight as deer ticks on a WV hound dog in and across every aspect of government. It really is a terminal disease upon the body politik, this elitist class of scoundrels and scalawags who infest everything government now. People with divine rights of kings who interfere and meddle in every facet of the sphere of our lives. The old Russian Soviet had a name for this class of meddlers, The Nomenklatura, a class of managerial and administrative despots of all ranks in the hierarchy of the oligarchy who serve the 1% elitist class, and they serve the Nomenklatura.

    Virginia and the acts underway to disarm Virginian’s is the watershed moment. What happens in Virginia will not stay in Virginia. WE are all Virginian’s now, Freemen who are standing our ground, or slaves to this despotism we are calling the deep state. Nobody opts out of this, nobody gets to sit on the fence with a finger in the wind. Events and circumstances left that in the dust. We are all like the pig now, committed to our fate. All that there is is there’s a fight coming and you is either one of them or one of us, free dirt people.
    The thing is keeping our nerve, the really great thing is not to loose your nerve, that is how we win. They can not beat us that way. The proof of that is all around, they push and nudge, pull false flag events, create artificial crisis as a means, they poke us with their stick of Big Government, and we have admirably, spectacularly not fallen for the manipulation so they can not stigmatize hence subvert and undermine who we are, what we are.
    We is what we is and we is, no more or no less.
    It is they who are loosing their nerve. They are so close to going full retard police state on our arses, they are drooling, chomping at the bit to catch us out and use it as a pretense to bring the hammer down. Remember Charlottesville Brothers & Sisters. The whole thing was a set-up, a completely artificial astro-turf production to create the false stigmata and narrative they require to pull of their standard plausible deniability act and do the things they don’t dare long as we keep our nerve about us. As the saying goes, Our cause We Leave To God and Our Rifles, it really means that, it really is incredibly effective, it is the legitimate thing, the moral high ground, and because we occupy this absolutely vital territory of winning hearts and minds we are unassailable, indomitable, it is they who are and will be forced to force the issue. It is so simple. It is incredibly complex to express and define. Yet there it is writ large every day across the yellow media complex. For if we where really the haters and knuckle-draggers, mouth breathers, domestic terrorists, the greatest threat to America evah, the great deplorable bitter clingers with guns and bibles, the toxic white patriarchal raaaycists and Nazi’s bigots, we who are in their fake out of whole cloth made up narratives require to be disarmed, and then genocided, one might be inclined to think, say, gee how could that be, after all it is us dirt people who created what our America is, we are who keeps things glued together, we make the things, fix the things, build the things, maintain the things, we defend the things everyday in a myriad of ways, we care about the things very much, it is against everything including what we are born into to be anything but conservers and defenders of our traditions, precepts codes and culture, just exactly please, how can we be it’s single most evil threat, it’s greatest enemy? Would not that make us a human extinction movement out to destroy the men of the west and everything about it’s awesome beautiful 2000 years of history and culture, a viable prosperous creative industrious inventive civilization in no uncertain terms?
    The answer isThey can not tell us who we are.
    They who are loosing their nerve.
    Every day as the regime takes off it’s gloves, more and more look and say, things are that bad with these actors and agents with their deep state.
    And every day they grow more angry, more frustrated, more indignant and outraged with our intransigence, that we simply, no matter the threats or the acts intended to force us to comply, we simply refuse to.
    We become manifest, and that is as it should be.
    It is our great Virginian Freemen Brothers and Sisters, in the mold of the Colonel John Mosby’s and Gen. Robert E Lee’s, of the great Patrick Henry, it is now our turn, we who are the manifest thing, for all of us to watch, admire, become forwarned and be inspired by.
    God Bless Virginia.

  5. On December 11, 2019 at 6:57 am, Joe Blow said:

    As an American Patriot I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts Mr. Carson. On some days the pen may be mightier than the sword, so we must all practice with it. If we are not allowed to have civilized discussions, discourse, and rhetoric in our news media and universities, than we must champion our own cause and publish our opinions ourselves (Thank Heaven for the uncontrollable nature of the internet).

  6. On December 11, 2019 at 12:09 pm, kaiserworks said:

    All, please copy and paste my comment / warning on the pro-freedom sites you read. I always expect the worst but maybe if “The controllers are going to pull another false flag to take the guns” becomes a meme like “Jeffrey Epstein didnt kill himself” we may just take a tool out of their toolbox. Thanks, Kaiserworks
    (Proud graduate of the Matt Bracken school of thought)

  7. On December 13, 2019 at 12:54 pm, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke said:

    Remember when Hussein Hopenchange signed the NDAA?
    It legalized fake news, false flags, warrantless wiretaps and more…fundamental transformations.

  8. On December 13, 2019 at 5:35 pm, Matt Bracken said:

    The most likely scenario that I foresee is an Antifa infiltrating the RKBA side of a rally (say, in Richmond on 1/20) and then getting to an elevated firing position near and behind the patriots. He’ll then do a mag dump over and across the patriots at the Antifa counter-rally across the way. The trajectories of the rounds will implicate the patriots. The MSM will go bat-shit crazy, and 100% blame the patriots. It’s just too easy to pull off and too effective to discount the possibility of this happening. Marxists who live the “ends justify means” credo will easily write off shooting at their side as a necessary sacrifice. As in Dallas, parking garages are the ideal urban sniper hides. They provide many shooting positions, hard cover, hiding places, and many ways to exit on foot or by vehicle or bicycles that may be staged inside or near the parking garage.
    Bracken Out.

  9. On December 13, 2019 at 9:27 pm, Butch Cass said:

    The slow burn from the Californication infestation has been working its way across the country for several years. Texas is the actual goal, Virginia will be the proving grounds for a framework. Look at Colorado? What did the Cali cockroaches do to Boulder? Had the Sheriff’s not told gubnor dorkazzz to pound sand, it would have been the first gun crazed state brought to heal. The states will continue to burn inwards to the true crown jewel, Texas.

  10. On December 14, 2019 at 10:11 am, Mother Nature is Not Amused said:

    @ Butch,

    The demographic replacement from the Panama Canal drop offs and the exodus from the glorious people’s republic of Kalifornia will sweep across the land like a biblical plague of locusts.
    Locally farmland has been swamped with tens of thousands of replacements and now driving is a spicy adventure due to two lane roads never meant for the sheer volume.
    No one seems to wonder where the food will come from when all of the farmland is stripmall, subdivision, industrial park.
    It is sad to see ducks and geese congregate in some stripmall parking lot which used to be their watering hole.

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