FBI Arrests Leader Of Militia Stopping Immigrants In New Mexico

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 7 months ago


The FBI on Saturday said it had arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of an armed group that is stopping undocumented migrants after they cross the U.S.-Mexico border into New Mexico.

[ … ]

“We’re not worried about it, he’s going to be cleared,” said Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), blaming his arrest on political pressure from Lujan Grisham.

Hopkins is the “national commander” of the UCP, which has had around half a dozen members camped out on a rotating basis near Sunland Park since late February.

This came after the New Mexico governor said this.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday lashed out at members of a militia group who are stopping migrants at the border, declaring “regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone.”

Because they’re actually detaining and arresting them, rather than letting them go at bus stops in San Antonio and other cities like Customs and Border Patrol.  We can’t allow anyone to actually enforce the law.

In other news, the Mexican military disarmed a couple of U.S. troops on the U.S. side of the border.

Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the border, U.S. defense officials have said.

U.S. Northern Command said in a statement that “five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations” this month. The U.S. soldiers were in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection [CBP] vehicle near the southwest border near Clint, Texas.

Officials confirmed that the Mexican troops were armed with what seemed to be rifles. They raised their weapons when they saw the two U.S. soldiers, and then took a pistol from one and put it in the CBP vehicle. According to officials talking to CNN, the two Americans obliged “in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation.”

That’s why they don’t want the U.S. Marine Corps on the border.  Those Mexican troops would be dead now.

But since no one in power wants to stop immigration – not the big business president, not the senate or house (the republicans in the pocket of big business, the democrats wanting more voters), and not Mexico, it won’t be stopped.

If you ever believed that immigration would come to an end at some point, disavow yourself of that notion right away, at least until the costs of covering the immigrants with medical care becomes so extreme that FedGov has to confiscate retirement accounts and 401Ks to pay for it all (they’ll “nationalize” it all, and promise to take care of everyone).


  1. On April 21, 2019 at 10:22 pm, Blake said:

    Grisham is unfit for office. Which is manifestly true of most elected officials, but this person does seem to stand out.

    Evidently, Grisham’s never heard of a “citizens arrest” wherein a citizen can arrest someone who is caught, in the act, of breaking the law.

  2. On April 22, 2019 at 6:02 am, Duke Norfolk said:

    “Grisham is unfit for office.”

    Well, yes, SHE is. My God what we’ve done to ourselves. Men have abdicated their responsibilities and authority (of course they left God too, so no wonder). It’s no surprise that we are where we are.

  3. On April 22, 2019 at 8:52 am, Fred said:

    What did they think would happen when they gave women the vote. This ought to secure my reservation, although I won’t be going, in the camps. It’s nice to know you’ve been invited in either case. It’s not a stretch from Women’s Suffrage to what we have now; nannying everything and everyone on a global scale.

    “And Jehoiada made a covenant between the LORD and the king and the people, that they should be the LORD’S people; between the king also and the people. And all the people of the land went into the house of Baal, and brake it down; his altars and his images brake they in pieces thoroughly, and slew Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars. And the priest appointed officers over the house of the LORD. And he took the rulers over hundreds, and the captains, and the guard, and all the people of the land; and they brought down the king from the house of the LORD, and came by the way of the gate of the guard to the king’s house. And he sat on the throne of the kings. And all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was in quiet: and they slew Athaliah with the sword beside the king’s house.”

    Did you catch that? “…and the city was in quiet” at peace, enmity with God having been removed.

    A cat’s head is an extraordinary and highly tuned forward array of sensors. Cheetahs use swiftness almost exclusively and therefor are lightweight and susceptible to damage so they take prey much smaller than themselves. African lions are a little different because they form a Pride and hunt in a pack. It’s easy to romanticize the stealthy and fast lone hunter that is the Leopard and the North American Lion. A leopard can carry its own body weight up a tree and the mountain lion can, if it were so inclined, casually hop up onto your first story roof. Yes the lone hunter, it’s in every action book and movie but we humans are not solitary by created nature. In the newly won supremacy of an African Lion Pride, the new and now Dominant Male kills all of the young offspring of his defeated former head and will drive off many younger, up and coming males. He does this to set his line. While not as renowned as a bear, cats have extraordinary olfactory senses and the male can smell the line of the former head on it’s young. The former chief male is not usually killed outright, but having lost its place and sometimes injured it’s now alone, it’s never long but to return to the clay from which it was taken.

    Who is killing our children? Are we a captured people now lead by a ruthless death cult? If the mass murder of children is the law what kind of covenant is that, do we have a Constitution at all? Why follow the laws of men in such a case, submit not to Sin. We have zero obligations to follow the laws of men from which we are made to sin, as all sin is against our LORD, there is a higher Law.

    If we had a Pro Life President, a true believer, what would he do? If he were a man known of God well studied in the Holy Scriptures he certainly wouldn’t wait for 9 clowns in robes to end the executions of those who have yet to draw their first breath. No, he would break down the temples of the followers of satan and go about to ensure that every last one of those directly responsible for this heathenistic barbarity be very publicly hanged from the neck until dead, yes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, organizations, judges, all of them. And he would proclaim throughout all the land that; dear Women, your vote and positions to govern end TODAY, you may not simply absolve yourselves of the ruination of our entire heritable line by calling it democratic law, you’ve lost the privilege to seek self-rule by breaking Covenant with a wrathful and mighty Holy God, a covenant made in the days while Adam named the animals. You will not kill your young, we are NOT animals!

    Free will and agency does not make you a god to determine who shall live and die that have drawn no blood. This is a reprobate abomination, a sin unto to Holy God.

    Back to Jehoiada, not wanting to sound too casual after all he was a high priest of the LORD God, but by way of friendly admiration, I’m starting to like this guy more and more. As soon as he restored rightful power in the tribal lands by restoration of the line of succession what did he do? He went all in with the LORD, and they determined by covenant in their hearts that platitudes and voting blocks and controlled opposition were of the devil. They killed the pagan opposition in defense of Life, Family, Tribe and Nation. All cults are death cults!

    A real Pro Life President that knows the LORD would firstly and foremost defend the lives of his Nations most precocious resource, it’s very future, for what future hold a Nation that kills it’s young? The purveyors, these people as I’m trying to be gracious because the main proponents of any such endeavor I say with all seriousness, must have devils; they have made a blood covenant with satan himself. How could the killing of 70 million babies be anything other?

    God is Life, as in the case from the verses above where a covenant with God was made; we’ve been drawn into an opposite covenant of death by way of National approval. There are none that are not guilty, you and I included, as the country has made law not only to permit such war crimes, YES WAR CRIMES against God’s precious souls because all sin puts one at enmity with God. There is no omission because all must fund this sin and a lack of active participation, forgive me LORD, is not defense before the Holy Christ who sits in power and glory and in judgement at the right hand of the Father over all of creation, we, if we read our Holy Bible correctly, must be found guilty. America is not going to weasel its way out of this. Action, by men is needed. If we won’t fix it, He will.

    “Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?”

    All beings brought to life arrive by the creation of God. Are God’s pinnacle creation a mere commodity or are they precious in the sight of the LORD. We know where this is headed. We see it coming all around the edges; the taking of blood from the young, not by mutual agreement to the preservation of the life of a known elder but by system, by vanity, by hobby, yes, by religion. And the selling of those killed that are yet to be born for their body parts, for “research”? And the prior attempts to take the Stem Cells of those yet born, all very clinically, scientifically, sterile, in a laboratory environment but we all know where this leads.

    First do no harm? What kind of sin is this when it’s proclaimed in the name of Science? When a people make Science their god any abomination in the name of Science is called as some common good. A nation properly run, and Christian themselves are not against Science but must be against Science as some kind of god lest you end up extracting wealth by way of carbon taxation to save the world from its own weather!?! Having evolved from monkeys, LORD help us, as this cult teaches, making us no better than the animals over which we have been gifted dominion, and the killing of children for expediency to later be proclaimed in the name of the god of science will lead to the harvesting of children as though a precious beautiful creation of Father God, known of Him before the foundation of the world, were simply any other planetary mineral resource to be devoured by a supposedly slightly smarter and more evolved troop of baboons. This is what happens when science is your god. I say again; we are not animals.

    I’m not going to go into the global death cult of the Babylonian New World Order 2.0, I can’t bear to catalog it as the imagery and ceremony deeply disturbs my mind and troubles my heart. Do your own research if you have the Spirit to handle it. There is plenty of information out there and as far as what they believe I do not know because I reject their false gods.

    Believe on the Father of creation and His only begotten son, the LORD Christ Jesus to the saving of the souls of men? Jehoiada didn’t, as the American Church does, wax sorrowfully with a phony continence about how someday the LORD will call His enemies to account, no he set his Nation aright with its proper king and went about to end the followers and purveyors of devils, and death, and cults. He didn’t wait for a so called supreme court because the supreme Creator has already spoken through His Holy Word and speaks now to us through His preserved word, His Holy Bible. There is a higher Law! Where a government of men violates God by sin there is no duty to follow it or them. Our duty is to the Creator of all life. A cult of death is not a country worth having.

    “Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.”

    The city is not in quiet, not at peace; enmity with God has not been removed. Because the American Church has failed to correct this situation and has actively participated, any rightful understanding of God’s word leads us to conclude that America has been handed over for a holy reckoning. Western Civilization will burn.

    O’ LORD all dominion and honor rest with you. forgive us not but make your judgement swift and save alive a seed that you might be glorified yet again, that the heathen would know there is a God with all power seated in judgement yet standing to welcome His saints home though we deserve it not, and if our end in this life come then let it be in the name of your Holy Son, glory be to the Father.

    We are not animals.

  4. On April 22, 2019 at 9:43 am, TheOtherGeorge said:

    “If you ever believed that immigration would come to an end at some point, disavow yourself of that notion right away, at least until the costs of covering the immigrants with medical care becomes so extreme that FedGov has to confiscate retirement accounts and 401Ks to pay for it all (they’ll “nationalize” it all, and promise to take care of everyone).”

    – It cost money to get these caravans from central America to Texas, so who is funding this (Soros?), and how is it possible that Trump is not aware of a minor detail like this if I am? Mysterious persons have been seen and photographed in these Central American countries handing out money to people and encouraging them to head to “Norte America” where there are jobs and free housing, food and welfare, and bring your children because they will not turn you away if you have family”. They are coached. Yes, it could be “Coyotes”; the human smuggling trade involved as well.
    A few years ago I would have said that your statement about confiscating 401K’s and retirement accounts and nationalizing it all to pay for the exploding costs of medical care for their “refugee” labor was over the top and melodramatic- not so now. Looking at the national debt and inflation, absolutely nothing that they do now would surprise me. Back in the 1990’s a Russian professor made the claim that the US would balkanize and split into several smaller states or nations- I can’t remember this guy’s name. I think he was on to something. This can’t go on forever.

  5. On April 22, 2019 at 11:52 am, J J said:

    The destruction of the United States must be achieved by whatever means necessary says the globalist cabals who are financing everything. Enemies all, both foreign and domestic.

  6. On April 22, 2019 at 6:03 pm, Gryphon said:

    No Surprise Here – as soon as this group got a little bit of Publicity, the feral government MUST Shut it Down. They can’t have Citizens Defending the Nation that (((they))) are Determined to Destroy.
    And like Every Other ‘Militia’ Group, it is Infested with fedgov ‘agents’.

    LWO, FTW.

  7. On April 22, 2019 at 6:34 pm, TheOtherGeorge said:


    “And like Every Other ‘Militia’ Group, it is Infested with fedgov ‘agents’.”

    – Yes, that goes without saying, really. But it is likely that the Feds were aware of that group’s activities before it got any publicity. You’d think that these guys would have taken the hint from what happened to those people up at Malheur a couple years back if not from the episodes back in the eighties and nineties when the militias were infiltrated with Fed moles.

  8. On April 22, 2019 at 7:18 pm, Gryphon said:

    T.O. George – Exactly, the Malhuer Incident was Completely a fedpig ‘Setup’ and plenty of Suckers fell for it. the original “Bundy Ranch” thing was an Opposite Example – One that the feds were terrified by – because while there were a number of “Militia” groups, the Majority of those who began to Show Up were Lone Wolves, saw it on the Internet, grabbed a Gun and Headed to the Perimeter the fedgov was trying to ‘Hold’. This is what Defeated the feds, Envelopment of their Forces until they had to either Give Up or Shoot their way Out. (((they))) realized that that would have been a “Trigger Point” that could not have been ‘walked back’.

    As for your Posting about the ‘Immivasion’ from the South, You are Correct that it is Deliberate, Planned, and Allowed By the feral government and its OWNERS. The bolshevik/communists have talked about this Openly for Decades, Flood In ‘immigrants’ in such Numbers that the entire Society will Collapse, allowing them to introduce “communism” (under a different name).

    And Yes, I’ll Bash “Gregori Schwartz” the (((jew))) for being a Part of it, but it is the Catholic and Lutheran “Charities” that do the bulk of the Work in getting the Roaches the Welfare, Housing, and Medical Care they come for. But You can still call me Racist for Despising the 75 IQ Mestizos that are Everywhere in my AO… now 65% of the Pubic School enrollment.

  9. On April 23, 2019 at 8:20 pm, TheOtherGeorge said:

    “But You can still call me Racist for Despising the 75 IQ Mestizos that are Everywhere in my AO… now 65% of the Pubic School enrollment.”

    – When did I say that? I do not despise people for preferring “to be with their own kind”. I have always considered that to be normal.

  10. On April 23, 2019 at 8:22 pm, Gryphon said:

    Forgot the /s/.

  11. On April 23, 2019 at 10:35 pm, TheOtherGeorge said:

    Ah; okay ;)

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