The Paradox and Absurdities of Carbon-Fretting and Rewilding

Herschel Smith · 28 Jan 2024 · 3 Comments

The Bureau of Land Management is planning a truly boneheaded move, angering some conservationists over the affects to herd populations and migration routes.  From Field & Stream. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a draft plan outlining potential solar energy development in the West. The proposal is an update of the BLM’s 2012 Western Solar Plan. It adds five new states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming—to a list of 11 western states already earmarked…… [read more]

Fourth Circuit Gets Amnesia And Forgets Its Own Precedents On Gun Rights

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

National Review:

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals just suffered from an outbreak of bad judging. In an en banc opinion, the court ruled that after a lawful traffic stop, the police may frisk any person who they believe may possess a firearm, regardless of whether that person possesses a concealed-carry permit. The court actually typed this sentence: “The danger justifying a protective frisk arises from the combination of a forced police encounter and the presence of a weapon, not from any illegality of the weapon’s possession” (emphasis added.) The implications were clear: Even lawful gun owners are by definition “dangerous” and can be broadly treated as such by the state.

Before I get to the sad weakness of the court’s reasoning, let’s discuss the specific facts of U.S. v. Robinson, the case that brought us to this strange and perilous place. Police received a call that a man “in a parking lot well known for drug-trafficking activity” loaded a gun, put it in his pocket, and got in the passenger side of a car. Let’s pause for a moment and note that there is nothing inherently unlawful about any of that. It’s not unlawful to walk in a dangerous area, ride in cars in dangerous areas, or carry guns in dangerous areas. Indeed, it might well be prudent to carry where the danger is greatest.

Police later pulled over the car (the driver and passenger weren’t wearing seatbelts). Given the report that the passenger might be armed, the officer asked him to step out of the car rather than dig in his pocket for ID. The passenger, Shaquille Robinson, stepped outside. As he did, the officer asked him whether he was armed. Robinson gave the officer a “weird look,” an “Oh, crap” look that the officer interpreted as “I don’t want to lie to you, but I’m not going to tell you anything.” The officer frisked Robinson, found that he was carrying a weapon, and then recognized that he was a convicted felon. The officer then promptly arrested him as a felon in possession of a gun.

So no law was being broken, but the officer was justified based on his own safety to violate the person’s right against illegal search and seizure, the right intended for situations just like this.  Now compare and contrast this decision with the Fourth Circuit’s opinion in the case of Nathanial Black.

Nathaniel Black was part of a group of men in Charlotte, North Carolina who local police officers suspected might be engaged in criminal activity. In particular, Officers suspected that after seeing one of the men openly carrying a firearm – which was legal in North Carolina – that there was most likely another firearm present. When police began frisking the men one by one, Mr. Black wished to leave, but was told he was not free to leave. Officers chased Mr. Black and discovered that he possessed a firearm; it was later discovered that he was a previously convicted felon. Mr. Black was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. Before the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, Mr. Black moved to suppress the evidence against him. His suppression motion was denied, he entered a guilty plea preserving a right to appeal the denial of the suppression motion, and he was sentenced to fifteen (15) years imprisonment. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, however, determined that the officers had improperly seized Mr. Black, suppressed the evidence against him, and vacated his sentence.

It’s legal to openly carry a gun in North Carolina, and the mere presence of a gun was no excuse for having detained him.  The Fourth Circuit reached the correct conclusion.

So I guess someone hit them on the head with a hammer and forced amnesia.  The Fourth Circuit opinion in the case of Nathaniel Black is a good one.  This most recent one is not, and if it wasn’t amnesia, perhaps they were drunk.

Connection Between Bill Clinton And Child Trafficker Laura Silsby

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

I don’t claim to do original research on this topic, as there are good folks at who are doing much better than I ever could, and besides, they have the right computer security to do this sort of thing – serious computer security.  I don’t.  But as I’ve stated, my job is to find the stuff that floats to the top, connect the dots, and then tell you about it.

This one floated to the top very, very quickly and is being heralded as the most significant find in a long time in this investigation.  I’m going to repost much of the original Voat post below, and you can visit the site yourself to see the comments and any further research.  There’s a lot of it.  I must say how stunning it is to see the massive amount of data and information these guys and girls have processed, and the incredibly good job of analysis they’ve done.

No one at the MSM is qualified or talented enough to do this, and I doubt whether anyone at the FBI or CIA has the chops or stomach for it.  The citizen researchers are doing what no one else can, and what no one else knows how to do.  This is a stunning find.

We were all shocked when we found out that alleged child-trafficker James Alefantis was connected with Friends of the Orphans, the orphanage which convicted child-trafficker Laura Silsby was given children from. The Silsby case is riddled with mysteries and inconsistencies. Many questions remain unanswered, and it wasn’t until the Wikileaks emails were released that we discovered how the Clintons had intervened in the Silsby case. The question was, why? We may have found the answer to that.

According to a blog written by Robin Forestal, a staff member at NPH, Bill Clinton had planned a private visit to Friends of the Orphans, the orphanage that child-trafficker Laura Silsby was given children from, two months prior to the Earthquake. We derived this date by comparing the photo’s filenames with other documented times (filename P1180312.jpg in relation to P1180452.JPG, which was taken on Thanksgivings). Alongside a photo of Molly Hightower and Erin Kloos of Friends of the Orphans, two volunteers who died from the orphanage’s collapse during the Earthquake, Forestal wrote:

“This is Erin and Molly on their way to see Bill Clinton at one of our street schools. This is Erin and Molly afterwards – he didn’t show up.”

This is evidence that Bill Clinton, who is famous for boarding the Lolita Express 26 times, is connected with Friends of the Orphans. No information is available regarding Bill Clinton’s visit to Haiti between November-December, while his last documented visit was during October. This points to the theory that Bill Clinton has personal connections with someone within Friends of the Orphans. To top it off, it was scheduled a few days prior to Thanksgivings, and a month prior to Laura Silsby’s initial visit to Haiti. Private matters?

This may explain why there was no investigation done into the orphanage in question, nor any statements made by a representative of the orphanage, and also why Laura Silsby was let off so easily. After all, as a reputable orphanage, wouldn’t you want to clear any misunderstandings? Because the spotlight was shone at Laura Silsby, the surrounding suspicions were buried. It was a Freudian slip by Jorge Puello, wanted child-trafficker who had represented Silsby as a lawyer in a Fox News interview, that revealed this connection.

Laura Silsby had attempted to traffic children twice, and was arrested on her second attempt at the Dominican border with 33 children. These 33 children had parents, and were gathered at Calabasse by pastor Jean Sainvil, who fled the country the day after Silsby was arrested. It was the first attempt where Friends of the Orphans came to play, when Silsby was caught trying to load a different group of 40 children onto the bus in Petionville, which is where the collapsed building of Friends of the Orphans was located, after a concerned citizen had reported to a police officer of suspicious activity.

The day after he met Silsby, Sainvil collected the 13 children from Citron. A day after that, the missionaries” bus was halted at the Dominican border and they were arrested. Sainvil, meanwhile, became sick with “vomiting and diarrhea” and decided to fly back to the U.S. on a military transport plane, he said.

“The officer said he discovered Silsby and the nine other Americans on a bus in Port-au-Prince’s Pétionville neighborhood after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen.”

Molly Hightower, 22, was on the fifth floor of a seven-story orphanage building in Petionville when it collapsed, the organization that runs the orphanage told her father Mike Hightower of Port Orchard.

PUELLO: There was an orphanage that collapsed in Haiti. It was called friends of the orphans of Haiti. And there was somebody over there that told them that the orphans had no place, no room to place them.

To clarify for any skeptics who believe this could have been a coincidence or a lie from Jorge Puello. Aside from the fact that there are around 760 orphanages in Haiti, the reason this cannot be a fabrication is because the name of the orphanage which Jorge Puello used was its English variant, “Friends of the Orphans”, which Puello could not have known unless he was told. This is because the orphanage is known in Haiti as Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs, which translates to “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”, and not “Friends of the Orphans”. The staff call it NPFS, and not even the signs outside of the building writes “Friends of the Orphans”. It’s simply not plausible.

Molly Mackenzie Hightower graduated from the University of Portland last year. Unlike many of her peers who chose to pursue a career post graduation, Hightower flew out to Haiti in June for a year of volunteering with Friends of the Orphans, which operates Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos/Nos Petit Freres et Soeurs (NPH/NPFS, Spanish and French for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”) in Haiti.

What’s the point of all of this if you don’t have the time to do all of this research and reading?  As stated by one commenter, here is the point.

So the Clintons had ties to the Silsby kidnapping racktet before the missionaries were arrested? You don’t say.

Here I was reading in all MSM that Clinton had no ties to Silsby whatsoever.

She only intervened because Jim Allen, a self-employed construction worker from Texas, wrote to her via his high-powered lawyers Reginald Brown and Jennifer O’Connor. The former a high-end DC lawyer at a prestigious firm, the latter a former ‘senior Clinton Administration aide’.

So instead of Silsby cs., this ordinary construction worker from Texas – not Idaho, mind – acquires the best defensive team ever assembled in an international case:

Brown says the group has assembled what he called a “dream team” for Allen that now includes Wilmer government affairs partner Benjamin Powell; Jackson Walker associate Amanda Bush and Mullin Hoard & Brown’s Jeffrey Ritter in Amarillo; Liberty Legal’s Hiram Sasser; and local counsel Louis Gary Lissade in Port au Prince. (Lissade is a former minister of justice and two-time president of the Haitian Bar Association; Bush is married to former President George W. Bush’s eldest nephew, George P. Bush; and Powell is the former general counsel for the Director of National Intelligence under Presidents Bush and Obama.)

Indeed.  A whole lot of high powered people got very spun up over some child trafficker who wasn’t anything to anyone, yes?  ZeroHedge posted on this very topic today.  But she was someone to someone, in fact, someone who is “special.”

In this post, the researchers have quite literally tracked down where the children came from, and performed the counting necessary to understand where she got her children in Haiti.

The MSM continues to beclown itself following the size of the inauguration crowds, what folks were wearing that day, and how everyone was looking at everyone else.  By God – look at that facial expression!  Meanwhile, people who are honest and capable are doing the job the MSM won’t do.

They should shut down every journalism school in America and restart the schools with these researchers leading them.  At least then we could be assured that something good would actually come out of investigative journalism.  Investigative journalism has perished in America except for people who are not being paid to do it.


Matt Bracken’s Warning To The Progressives

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago


The Left mistakes our forbearance, patience and, yes, tolerance for weakness, because they are none of those things, and utterly fail to comprehend us. But they should not poke in the eye too many times millions of people who make a hobby out of going into the woods and shooting and gutting 200 lb. mammals. Seriously, they shouldn’t.

As to his warning to the rest of us, he says this.

What do you think is at the end of all of the minority oppression studies and white privilege courses? The virtual yellow stars on our jackets. We are being lined up to be the next German Jews or Russian Kulaks or Armenian Turks. This is how it works, folks. First TPTB whip up the hate against the damned, in this case conservative Christian heterosexual old white men. What do you think “the knockout game” etc are all about? TPTB have been virtue signaling the genocide of the whites, starting with the CHOWM, for decades now. “The white race is the cancer of humanity” said a white woman of note. In the linked DNC article, women compete to describe how much they hate their own evil whiteness. The left is veering into madness, and sometimes that madness winds up with guillotines, gas chambers and gulags as their final solution to their hated internal enemy problem.

If you are a CHOWM, you should know that TPTB are painting a bulls-eye target on your front and your back. Words today will become action tomorrow, if this madness metastasizes.

Ask the Armenians, the Kulaks, the European Jews, the Tutsis, etc etc etc.
This is how it works. First the hate is built up in a socially acceptable way by TPTB, here, the BLM assisted by the MSM, etc.

Then later, during a social crisis, comes the mass killing, with the killers feeling perfectly justified with their actions.

So in order to understand his warnings, go read this.  Then come back and read his comments again which I’ve copied here.  Then watch this.

So for the progs among my readers (do I have any?), let me give you a little primer on Christian, Heterosexual, Old White Men to help you understand us.

We’re a little older than your buddies in social programs studies at the colleges.  Our eyesight is fading a little.  We move a little slower, some of us have arthritis, many or most of us have something to live for, including children and or grandchildren.  It’s true.

But we will only be shoved around for so long until it all ends.  So the ailments I outlined above can all be ameliorated.  If we move more slowly, we start earlier.  If we can’t see as well as we used to, we wear glasses.  If we have arthritis, we take medicine.  And we all have guns and ammunition – lots of it.

But here’s the thing.  We were taught patience and discipline as children, unlike you, but we were also taught that there are worse things than death, such as dying with dishonor or leaving no heritage to your family.  You see, we don’t believe that the human body cools to ambient temperature when it dies and then nothing else happens, like you.

We believe that there is another life after death, and so there is something to look forward to.  We won’t try ever so hard to die honorably when the time comes, because we know we will die like we lived, and with God’s help we have lived honorably, paying our own way and then some.  We will do what we always do.  We will honor God and minister to our families and neighbors.

And if the world remembers us for some action or collection of actions at our end that helped deliver a heritage to our families, so much the better, but we’ll soon be forgotten, just like you.  In a hundred years my body will have a grave marker.  But God always remembers – for eternity.  We aren’t stronger than you.  Our beliefs are.

FBI Categorizes Militia Groups As Violent Home Grown Extremists

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

David Codrea:

What They Believe: A militia is a group of citizens who come together to protect the country, usually during an emergency. Some militia extremists, however, seek to violently attack or overthrow the U.S. government. Often calling themselves “patriots,” they believe the government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional limits, or has not been able to protect the country against global dangers.

This is what interests the FBI.  No, I’m not making this up.  The CIA coupled with DynCorp and the Clinton Global Initiative is toppling countries and trafficking in weapons, money, oil and humans in Haiti and North Africa, and the ATF has trafficked weapons to the Mexican cartels, and the FBI is all in a faint over stateside militias.

The operative word here is “seek.”  Very few people actually seek something like that.  All peaceable men want to reconcile and are slow to anger.  But what we can conclude here is that if you believe in such a thing as the second amendment remedy, you’re an extremist and the FBI is interested in you.

And so the founding fathers would have been as well.  But no one cares about history any more – certainly not the FBI.

Precision Chassis Rifles From The 2017 SHOT Show

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

Ammoland does a nice job of writing up five new precision chassis rifles debuted at the SHOT show.  Except for one thing.  I’m not even interested in looking at the models unless you have a price affixed to them.  Fortunately, a commenter does this for us.

Ill save others the hassle of looking for MSRP’s. IWI doesnt even show the rifle above, Tikka doesnt show an MSRP on their site, the other three list for about $1500-to $1600, which come with a number of features standard, plus options. Ill say the obvious, put an MSRP in your press releases/ads and make sure your web site has the product you are talking about.

I don’t know if he’s got the prices right.  Some of the Bergara precision rifles start at > $2600 and go up from there – way up.  For the folks who debut these things at the SHOT show, you need to have them on the web site, true enough, and you need to stick a price tag with them.  If you’re not ready to price it, then you’re not ready to debut it.

But more to the point, if you’re getting ready to ask for > $2000 for a precision chassis rifle, you’re asking too much.  Bring the prices down or there won’t be sufficient interest to make the gun except as a special order item for professional precision rifle shooters, of which there are about 150 in the country.

AR-15 Animation

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

Very nicely done.  The music is goofy, but the video is well worth watching.

Why I Abandoned The AR-15

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago


I can no longer place any confidence in the AR-15 to defend myself in a time of disaster or urban unrest. To protect myself and my family, I have completely switched over to the AKM family of weapons—a semi-automatic variant of the legendary AK-47. I know that somewhere, someone is saying out loud that I am a dumb-ass or a communist. When I first discussed this with one of my close friends, a career Army infantryman with more than 16 months of combat duty spent with the 172nd Infantry Brigade, he just shook his head in disagreement. I remember telling him over some beers, and he just kept asking “Why?” with a look of disappointment and bewilderment on his face.

The M16A2 was my primary weapon for my entire career in the United States Air Force; I knew it inside and out. I was one of the few USAF engineers I knew who loved target shooting, going to the range, hell, I even liked to clean guns. So why walk away from a weapon platform I had used or owned for over 20 years? The answer comes down to two major reasons: supportability and simplicity.

Any military or company that uses AR-15s/M4s has much deeper pockets than I will ever have. Major corporations and military units typically have a robust supply system that can provide an individual any desired replacement part they may need. This is necessary, because the variation in parts from manufacturer to manufacturer is immense, making interchangeability difficult.

The buffer spring and buffer weights alone have more than a dozen different variations depending on barrel length and number of coils on the buffer spring. Then, stop and consider the rifling twist rates in the weapon’s barrel and what projectile works optimally in them. Here is a sample of the variations and options on buffer weights alone.

[ … ]

The word simplicity might cause people to think that the AR-15/M4 is a difficult weapon to operate, and that is not the case at all. When I use the word simplicity, I think of overall use and maintenance of the weapon. How maintenance-intensive is it? What type of lubricant do I have to use for my situation?

With the AR-15/M4, there is an entire segment of the shooting world that will  launch into heated arguments about what lubricant works best. I have seen the debates between CLP versus Frog Lube versus Fire Clean. Running the gun ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ is another topic of debate. I have even heard people who say they use WD40 or Castrol Slick 50 on their AR-15s/M4s.

Properly lubricating a weapon isn’t rocket science, but improper lubrication can lead to the weapon jamming at the most inopportune moment. In the case of over-lubrication, in a dusty or sandy area, excessive dirt and debris can accrue on the weapon’s working parts, causing stoppages and malfunctions.

Consider my selection. The AKM can be lubricated by just about anything that has some degree of viscosity. Bearing grease, lithium grease, motor oil, 80W 90 gear oil, the tears of liberals, the blood of unicorns, you get the idea. There is a scene in the video below (at about the 20-second point) where you can see an AK-47—buried in the dirt and clay of Africa for 18 years—rendered operable with only a can of motor oil.

Good grief.

And AR-15s can be made to function with a dab of motor oil too.  And he acts like there’s no such thing as AR-15 stress tests out there on YouTube.  I’ve linked and embedded so many they’ve almost become boring to watch now.

So it all boils down to this after reading this tiresome and stolid article.  The author doesn’t like to think about anything, doesn’t like variability, doesn’t like to be able to modify his gun, doesn’t like variants on a theme, and doesn’t want to have to worry about the engineering mechanics behind the rifle or proper selection of components.  Therefore, he has found himself some canned excuses to jettison the AR-15.  He’s lazy.

Eugene Stoner is unimpressed.  I am too.  If this is the best that web site can do, I won’t be returning.  This piece is not even a thinker piece that makes you ponder the more complex issues behind gunsmithing or engineering.  It’s completely un-compelling.

The telltale sign that it’s going to be a bad article was in this sentence: “I was one of the few USAF engineers I knew who loved target shooting, going to the range, hell, I even liked to clean guns.”

So there you have it – what a USAF “engineer” thinks about guns.  Stick to airplanes.  Go back to something you’re good at.  I guess.

“Why I abandoned the AR-15” are words you’ll never see here at this web site except in mockery.

New Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez Wants Austin To Be A Sanctuary City

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

From Art Acevedo, who aided the fedgov to take forcible blood draws at random stops in Travis County in violation of constitutional protections – protections from people exactly like Art Acevedo – to something apparently just as bad.


The one on the left is Abbot, the governor of Texas.  He’s a good guy.  The one on the right is … ahem … the sheriff of Travis County.  No, I’m not kidding.  She’s not a good guy.  She hates Texans.  And she hates America.  And she doesn’t look to me like she could find her way to the gun safe, much less protect anyone.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is formally demanding that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez reverse her new policy on cooperation with federal immigration authorities or lose state dollars, further escalating a showdown over “sanctuary cities” that have been in the crosshairs of Republican officials.

“This is not a pronouncement of sound public policy; it is a dangerous game of political Russian roulette — with the lives of Texans at stake,” Abbott wrote to Hernandez — whose jurisdiction includes Austin — in a letter dated Monday.

The newly elected sheriff, who campaigned on the issue, announced Friday that her department would reduce its cooperation with federal immigration authorities when they request an inmate be flagged for possible deportation. Her office said it would continue to hold people charged with very serious crimes, such as capital murder.

[ … ]

Abbott’s threat targets Criminal Justice Division grant money that is administered by his office. Travis County got almost $1.8 million from the division over the past year “based upon the commitment that federal immigration law would be enforced,” according to the letter.

“Your policy is in violation of that commitment,” Abbott told Hernandez. “Unless you reverse your policy prior to its effective date, your unilateral decision will cost the people of Travis County money that was meant to be used to protect them.”

Solution.  Fire her and throw her in the state penitentiary with the general prison population where she belongs for (1) violation of the law, and (2) theft from the citizens of Texas.

This is a prime example of collectivists.  They are literally willing to impoverish people in order to fulfill their wet dreams of statist utopia.

What is it with those folks down there is Travis County?  Do they like abuse?

Jerry Miculek At The 2017 SHOT Show

BY Herschel Smith
7 years ago

U.S. Army Chooses Sig Sauer P320

BY Herschel Smith
7 years, 1 month ago

Fox News:

The U.S. Army on Thursday awarded Sig Sauer a contract worth $580 million to make the next service pistol based on the company’s P320 handgun.

Sig Sauer beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, the maker of the current M9 9mm service pistol, in the competition for the Modular Handgun System, or MHS, program.

“We are both humbled and proud that the P320 was selected by the U.S. Army as its weapon of choice,” Ron Cohen, chief executive officer of Sig Sauer, said in a statement to here at SHOT Show, the world’s largest gun show, taking place this week in the city.

“Securing this contract is a testimony to Sig Sauer employees, their commitment to innovation, quality and manufacturing the most reliable firearms in the world,” Cohen added.

Whatever.  Color me unimpressed.  Go look at the model.  I’m not a Sig fanboi (nor a Glock fanboi), so I hadn’t really noticed the Sig pistols all that much.

This is God’s honest truth.  The first thing I thought when I saw that thing was “The slide profile is very tall and it has a high bore axis and so it will have worse muzzle flip” (well, I say God’s honest truth, but to be completely honest, this thought coincided with the thought “boy that thing is ugly”).

Now to be sure, you can look at the Sig fanboi forums (yes, here are such things), and they swear up and down that Sigs don’t have a high bore axis, and even if they do it doesn’t mean there’s more muzzle flip.  That’s a myth.  It isn’t real.  Seriously, you can’t make this up.  Go look at the forums yourself.

Well, here it goes, so listen up.  The bore axis is higher in this pistol than any I’ve ever seen (distance between bore and web of your hand in Cartesian space, here think the “y” axis, straight up and down).  The greater the moment arm, the greater the force.  That’s engineering mechanics to those who have taken courses in statics and dynamics.

Or to little boys who first learn to work a jack when they change a tire.  Amusingly, Uncle says “I also don’t disagree with picking the Sig. Or if they’d have picked the M&P. So long as they went with a striker-fired, polymer-framed gun that holds a lot of bullets. And isn’t an XD or Taurus.”

Well, that puts me about 180 degrees out with Uncle, since it eliminates 1911 and XDm, the only two guns I would want to take into combat.  I thought about that the other day (“If I had to go to combat, what sidearm would I want to take?”), and while my heart says 1911 because I shoot it better than any gun I have, my head says XDm for its durability, reliability, simplicity and 11 degree 1911-style grip angle.

I could beat on it with a sledge hammer and it would still work, I’m convinced.  All of you Glock owners out there, you realize that your grip isn’t the perfect 11 degrees, right?  And all of you M&P owners, take your pistol (make sure it has no rounds in the chamber first), look at it from the side, and observe the gap between the front of the slide and the frame compared to lack of gap at the rear of the gun.  You can even take your fingers and squeeze the slide together with the frame at the front of the gun.  It rattles.  This is true of all M&Ps.  The slide sits a full 1/8″ off the frame at the front sight.

You see, right?  Did you M&P owners do it like I suggested?  I don’t like that gap for reasons too numerous to outline here.  I don’t shoot 9mm (chamber pressure of around 35,000 psi compared to around 25,000 psi for the .45 ACP), and I don’t have Sigs.

As for other reviews, there is this one from Shooting Illustrated, and in it there are these nuggets.

One of the pistol’s features I really like is the cutouts on either side of the frame, which allow the magazine to be stripped forcefully from the frame when necessary, such as when correcting a double-feed.

Funny, that.  I’ve shot thousands of rounds through my XDm, and I’ve never had a double-feed.  Not a single FTF or FTE.  Not even once.  And then there is this.

My overall complaint about the P320 is a net that I’ll cast over nearly every SIG pistol: a bore axis that results in more muzzle flip than necessary.

Well, like I said.  So to reiterate my take on the Army decision … whatever.  I won’t be getting one.

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