Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
9 years, 2 months ago

David Codrea:

If an anti-gun, politically-connected Democrat hires a hit man to kill children to keep them from testifying that he molested them, why would you want to make it illegal for parents to defend them with tools of their choice — not just in the home, but wherever the threat materializes?

Because it isn’t really about guns, and it never was.  It’s all about the elistists being elite, keeping their apparatchiks in line, and sending the attack insects to kill the threats to the hive.  As a sidebar comment, what a discredited, disreputable, awful, loathsome group of people MAIG has turned out to be.  How could anyone with an ounce of integrity or decency be a part of that group?  Read all of David’s rundown of yet another ugly incident associated with MAIG.

David Codrea:

The pressures, some subtle, some in-your-face, to stigmatize and discourage gun ownership are all around us. Outside of firearms-related businesses, it’s like there’s nowhere in the marketplace we can get away from it, not even by indulging in escapist fantasy. Perhaps while submitting to mall disarmament demands, movie-goers can stop in at the gun-free cineplex and enjoy the latest shoot-em-up, starring actors like Irish import Liam Neeson, who in addition to praising the UK’s handgun ban and proclaiming “the Founding Fathers … would be turning over in their graves,” is also, per The New York Post, “considering … becoming a Muslim.” Or if you don’t care for his films, Sean Penn, who publicly gave up his guns (calling them “cowardly killing machines”), is also appearing in a new release titled The Gunman, where his character gets to ignore draconian European “gun control” laws as he pretends to be the stuff heroes are made of.

Maybe I’ll just go to the range, where my business and my guns are welcome. Right after I make sure my representatives are doing the right thing on freedom, and that all the ammo and gun grabs coming up through the process or bypassing it from the White House have been properly shot down.

I know, the tendency is to become depressed at losses rather than see the victories.  But David ends with the right stuff.  Call, contact, be activists, protest, write, and do what you can in your neck of the woods.  Also, send David and Kurt’s links around.  Do you recall this suggestion to Harris Teeter that they remove their no firearms sign?  Well, it worked.  The sign is down and I was told to feel free to exercise my constitutional rights at Harris Teeter.

I see that Mike Vanderboegh is having some travel difficulties (and here).  Pray for him and his influence on liberty.  I have.

Kurt Hofmann:

In other words, gun buyers are being forced to pay for the heavily armed and armored California Department of “Justice” gun confiscation raiding parties. It’s hard not to see a deliberate poke in gun buyers’ eyes: “OK, you can have your gun, but to get it, you’re going to help us take away someone else’s.”

The “Dealer’s Record of Sale” (DROS) fee.  Around these parts one FFL charges what they call their “Brady Fee,” and it annoys me.  You guys know who you are.  No names need to be mentioned.  But on your part it’s voluntary, while in the case of DORS fee it’s mandatory and goes to the state.  But this is California, and I’m not sure what comes next after microstamping.  I see egress and evacuation or civil disobedience on the horizon.

Kurt Hofmann:

Even the sponsor of the resolution that put the amendment on the ballot, Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer, claims that neither the intent nor the legal wording of the amendment supports lifting the forcible disarmament affliction from people like Robinson.

This is an unfortunate retreat on his part. By acknowledging that the right to keep and bear arms is “unalienable,” and by explicitly specifying that it is violent felons for whom the right is to be considered “alienable,” after all, the language of the bill pretty clearly does protect the right of people like Robinson to keep and bear arms.

And no one associated with the effort to put Amendment 5 into force should be ashamed of that.

No they shouldn’t.  That man has as much right to a gun as I do.

Thus ends John McCain’s genius plan to arm the “moderate” Syrian rebels.

After West Virginia, Maine appears to be the next state to do constitutional carry.  This is becoming a trend.

At Mike’s place he links Jeff Sessions on immigration, including so-called “high skilled” immigration.  Follow the links.  This is a good read.  As for one of Mike’s commenters, Paul X, he says:

“One thing that’s accepted almost without debate is that we need more of those workers, and that’s not accurate. And we’re going to prove that’s not accurate.”

Not in my wife’s experience. She tries to find high tech workers for Nike any place she can find them, both H1Bs and local folks. The jobs go begging. The reason she can’t find Americans for these jobs is because American kids don’t take hard subjects in college. At least many of the H1Bs (mostly from India) are hard workers and go-getters. They are also nice kids, as she puts it.

Sessions is just another fascist politician, sticking his nose in other peoples’ business.

Oh horse shit.  Let me make it clear, buddy boy, preserving and defending the cultural, religious, political and historical traditions and foundation for America (and in fact, the South as well) IS MY BUSINESS, and it is the business of Jeff Sessions too.  As for the notion that you can’t find programmers or other technical people here in the States, that’s what I’m calling horse shit.  Yes you can, I know some of them, and I see good, highly skilled technical people every day who cannot find work because companies listen to the worthless bean counters in finance who want to pay somebody a half assed salary to do a half assed job (have you ever called overseas to get IT support?).  Go cry me a river, and tell the bean counters they suck.

I’m in favor of stopping legal immigration (or seriously curtailing it) and deploying the U.S. Marine Corps to the Southern border to shoot people who cross it illegally.  No, you can’t really mean that, Herschel?  Yes, I do, and yes, shoot them.  Dead.  On the spot.  I guess that puts me to the right of Jeff Sessions and perhaps even Mike Vanderboegh.  I have managed to survive 33 years in industry and business, and raise four children including three boys, one of whom survived a combat deployment in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps.  What did you expect, warm fuzzies, pink blankets and self-actualization counseling sessions?

Just to be clear that I do have a heart, I’ve thought about it and have some amendments and clarifications.  First of all, let’s lay off all programmers with the CIA and NSA who spy on Americans.  That should free up some programming talent.  As for shooting all those who cross the border, I don’t really mean that for women and children.  They should be carted immediately back to the border from whence they came, and that, without delay.  If they are met by the Mexican army shooting at them (as I have heard in some instances), then they should rain hell down on the Mexican army since Mexico is an enemy.  As for the “coyotes” and boys with gang tattoos, they should be shot on the spot, even with their hands up, with their bodies left for the vultures.


  1. On March 6, 2015 at 11:53 am, Pat Hines said:

    No argument from me, Herschel, I’d end illegal immigration via citizen and US military firepower. We are being invaded from Mexico, a country that is our enemy and has been so for a long time.

    Article IV requires the US government repel invasions and also enables the militia (made up of all citizens) to do likewise using any and all methods, including the use of force that may be lethal. That the US government is failing to obey Article IV and is arresting a prosecuting anyone who is fighting the invasion, is a clear violation of Article III, which defines treason. Any US government agent who arrests a citizen who is acting under Articl IV is committing treason under Article III and may be dealt with accordingly.

    As for legal immigration, I would end it for a moratorium period of not less than 50 years, then open it up to no more than a trickle, say between 10,000 to 50,000 per year. There would be absolutely NO family reunification permitted, and of course the notion of “birthright” citizenship would end. If your parents aren’t here legally, both of them, then your birth north of the border is meaningless to us.

    I also want the older idea of state citizenship returned in full force. I was born in South Carolina, I’m a citizen of South Carolina because my parents were lawfully living in South Carolina, in fact my father was born in the same city as was I. Then there’s the voting issue for state versus non state citizens and on and on.

  2. On March 7, 2015 at 12:54 pm, Michael Ejercito said:

    We need to make the border zone a land mine field, like the Korean DMZ

  3. On April 1, 2015 at 10:16 pm, Ned Weatherby said:

    Don’t know about that, Michael, but imagine if our borders – the ones subject to invasion – were protected from invasion by the powers vested in the government and the states by the Constitution. I’d bet minefields wouldn’t be necessary.

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