Religious Exemption To Mandatory Covid Vaccination

Herschel Smith · 24 Aug 2021 · 13 Comments

I authored this paper for an individual who wishes that the name be removed.  The name has been redacted from the copy provided here. In order to assist the reader with a framework for understanding this paper, it should first be emphasized that it is written from a very specific theological perspective.  The necessary presuppositions are outlined at the beginning. It could of course be objected that there may be other (what I am calling "committed Christians") who do not hold one or…… [read more]

More Chicken Little Propaganda From Virginia Delegate Mark Levine

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

You’ve heard him before.  Old “spray and pray red hot magazine” Mark Levine.  He’s at it again.

The sponsor of an “assault weapons” ban in Virginia said he fears that the rejection of his bill Monday by a state Senate committee will lead to “mass murder.”

In a tweet following the lopsided 10-5 rejection of his legislation, Washington area Del. Mark Levine tweeted, “Senate Committee voted to study assault weapons bill for another year. We already know weapons of war don’t belong on our streets. I fear mass murder with these weapons between now and then, but I am proud of House of Delegates for doing what we could. We will be back.”

Yes, you will be back, because controllers never give up.  You’re a bunch of sociopaths who live to rule others.

And we’ll be back too.  We won’t give up, and our side is the righteous one.

And most of all, it’s likely that you’re wrong, unless of course there’s a false flag event, but even if something does happen in between now and then involving a gun or two, it’s not because of the righteous, liberty-minded people of Virginia.

It will be because of you, you heartless imbecile, for arming SWAT teams with weapons of war, for the ruination of the inner cities and creation of fatherless families with your welfare checks and SNAP payments, for your belief in the witch doctor approach to medicine and the overuse of things like SSRIs on children who don’t need them.

Yours sound like the chicken little hysterics we hear in other states where they claim that open carry will lead to “blood running in the streets” (witness Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina).

And finally for the readers, this was a win, albeit a temporary one.  You know that because the controllers are freaking out.

Rex On The Shelving Of The Virginia AWB

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Virginia Gun Laws Update: No AWB This Year

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Via WiscoDave and WRSA, there will be no AWB in Virginia this year.

Senators voted to shelve the bill for the year and ask the state crime commission to study the issue, an outcome that drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun advocates.

Four moderate Democrats joined Republicans in Monday’s committee vote, rejecting legislation that would have prohibited the sale of certain semiautomatic firearms, including popular AR-15 style rifles, and banned the possession of magazines that hold more than 12 rounds.

I strongly suspect that the 2A sanctuary movement across the state, combined with the firm intent to use it and oppose this infringement, factored into the decision.  Combine that with the question I posed to the Virginia legislators, and that should have made for a more studied decision on their part.

I posed the question in a blast email “There will be massive non-compliance.  What does that say about your laws, and how do you intend to enforce them at that point?”  And yes, I did get some responses and a lot of page visits when I sent that email out.

But no so fast.  According to this update from VCDL, there are still problems looming.

We are far from being out of the woods.   Red Flag laws, Universal Background Checks, and destruction of the firearms preemption law are still very much alive this year.

It could be that they want the legalities in place (i.e., state preemption laws) before attempting such a thing.  Also, red flag laws are possibly the greatest infringement of all, and they are still alive.  And universal background checks are just another way of saying “gun registry.”

Bedford Militia Muster

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

News from Virginia.

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — A militia muster call in Bedford County on Saturday afternoon drew hundreds of local residents willing to take a stand to protect their community and their Second Amendment rights.

On Saturday, Feb. 15, more than 500 people showed up to the militia muster call in Bedford County to volunteer their energy and their skills to the cause. As advertised in the flyer for the muster call — which was posted on Facebook on Jan. 30 — registration for the militia was open to all able-bodied residents between the ages of 16 and 55.

I  do have an issue with the age limit of 55.  I think I’m in better physical shape than 50% of those guys.

Here’s a picture.

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit Reciprocity

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Important news from Virginia.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is preparing to no longer recognize gun permits from Alaska and 24 other states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

A bill introduced this month in the Virginia’s General Assembly would strike those reciprocity agreements with states that don’t meet the stricter standards that the Democrat-run state is rapidly adopting.

The Bill is HB569.  So for visitors to Virginia, we’ll have to know these new requirements and carry non-permissively when we go there.  This may affect how you carry.

Virginia Gun Owners Have A Lot Of Work Ahead

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

This is a very important video, and I encourage Virginia gun owners to watch it all. This has only just begun, and you have a LOT of work ahead.

I have a note of clarification out to the author, and I’ll post his reply if and when I receive it.

You Have 30 Seconds To Leave Or You’re Going To Jail!

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Hey, how’s that whole oath to the constitution thing coming, Virginia Capital State Police?  I noticed that the pols ran like frightened rabbits.  I’m sure they’ll be at the head of the stack when SWAT teams go to confiscate guns.

“We Will Not Comply!”

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

News from Virginia.

Video at the link as the Virginia House passes their version of the AWB.  Shouts of “We will not comply!”

I told them in an email I wrote to every member of the Virginia House, but they don’t care.  They’re putting their stamp of authenticity on the loss of all legitimacy of the Virginia legislators.

Seems about right to me.

Status Of Virginia AWB Legislation

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Via David Codrea, this news from Virginia.

Instead of criminalizing specific types of rifles, shotguns and pistols altogether, the amended bill makes it illegal to import, purchase, sell, transfer or manufacture an assault firearm, with some exceptions for gifts, guns handed down through family estates and temporary transfers to allow weapon rentals at shooting ranges. As originally drafted, the bill would have required people who already own assault firearms to register them with the state for a $50 fee. That provision has been stricken from the bill, allowing those weapons to be lawfully kept without registration.

“No one has to give up a weapon,” Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria, said at the committee hearing.

If you’ll recall, Levine is infamous for his stupidity, but he isn’t embarrassed at all.

So that’s the strategy in order to get something to pass the House.  It is to ensure that MSRs do not proliferate further than those who already own them, and beyond that, I’d suspect that they have tricks up their sleeves for how weapons are transferred to your family in wills (although for me, that would be “Son, empty my safe as soon as I’m gone”).

I do have a suggestion for Virginians though.  Although MSR builds will be illegal if this passes, I’d find a friend on the other side of the border, get some armorer’s tools, and learn to make my own.  Get your parts – all of them – from a friend, bring them back, and build your own in the future.

Am I suggesting that you ignore this new law?  Why yes, yes I am.  Because it’s unconstitutional and runs afoul of God’s laws.  The real loss here is FFLs and what they’re able to sell.  I’m truly sorry for the state they will be left in.

And no, I don’t want to hear one more word about TINVOWOOT.  I’m going to pound the guts out of the next person I hear say that.  We are where we are because we’ve failed to teach, train, and raise young men who believe in God, we failed to vote, we failed to engage in politics, and we failed to ensure a Godly republic.  American men opted instead for football games, stupid jerseys, couch sitting and television.  Politics is war.  Failure to see it that way leads to disaster.

I’ve said before that I am a Christian Reconstructionist.  God has something to say about how men live together, whether that be in art, science, politics or law.  It’s all His domain and since we are made in His image, we are to take dominion over it for His glory.  I have no sympathy for those who claim they’re going to go all tactical when so-and-so happens, while they fail to engage before so-and-so happens.  Here’s my answer: no you’re not.

Besides, if you are too frightened to use your name, engage your local LEOs and politicians and ensure a Godly republic, you deserve what you get.

Virginia Gun Laws Update

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

News from Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee passed several gun control bills Monday morning.

Those bills tackle everything from universal background checks (S. B. 70- Background Checks), one gun a month limit, (S.B. 69- One-Gun-a-Month Limit), red flag laws, firearms and ammunition to be controlled by localities (S.B. 35- Local Authority), as well as firearms being restricted at public events.

Each bill was brought before the committee and discussed at length with some amendments included. For five minutes opposers and supporters were able to speak on the bills.

For five minutes.  The best argument against it is that it violates God’s laws.  The simplest argument they can understand is that there isn’t an army big enough to enforce any of it if Virginians are determined in their opposition.

Apparently, the AWB is struggling a bit.

Several Senate Democrats have already said they are unlikely to back the governor’s ban on so-called assault weapons, such as the popular AR-15-style rifles – a key part of Northam’s gun-control package. The House version of the bill has also not advanced.

The assault weapons legislation has drawn the fiercest pushback, as gun-rights advocates accuse Democrats of wanting to confiscate such rifles from current gun owners. Northam has said he has no interest in doing so.

An estimated 8 million AR-style guns have been sold since they were introduced to the public in the 1960s. The weapons are known as easy to use, easy to clean and easy to modify with a variety of scopes, stocks and rails.

Oh my.  Eight million is a very low estimate.  I would guess twice that number.  Anyway, reader Fred makes a good point when he says that the most dangerous thing to come out of the controllers is the red flag laws.

And listen to this statement of one communist from Arlington.

“For too many years this body has put the convenience of gun owners above all else,” said Democratic Del. Patrick Hope.

Change the wording a bit.

“For too many years this body has put the convenience of Christians above all else, allowing them freedom of speech, unmitigated access to worship and their Bibles” said Democratic Del. Patrick Hope.

How does that strike you?  They are both God-given and constitutionally recognized rights, yes?

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