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I Screwed Up, Concealed Carry “Insurance” Is Useless

BY Herschel Smith
4 months, 1 week ago

You’ve got to give him credit for honesty and integrity.

Some time ago I looked into the caveats and stipulations and decided the same thing myself.

How Scopes Are Made in the USA

BY Herschel Smith
4 months, 2 weeks ago

This is the Burris factory. It’s a cool video that shows some of the details, perspectives and machinery used in the manufacturing of their scopes. They’re good folks.

It’s nice to see scopes made in America. I wish there was more of this.

It was made clear, however, that not all Burris scopes are made in America, only their high end scopes. I would like to see a list of the scopes made in America versus overseas. I guess at the moment, the business model doesn’t support making lower end scopes in America.

If some enterprising reader wants to give us a list of the Burris scopes made in America, that would be much appreciated.

Sig Builds a Red Dot Sight Made Out of Pure Gold

BY Herschel Smith
4 months, 2 weeks ago

Or it may as well be.  $3899.

I don’t care one whit about the ability to have two dots programmed into the sight.  I also don’t care one whit about the other features.

For $3800 you can buy a Night Force scope and have enough money to buy a rifle to use with it.

I just can’t fathom why Sig would spend the effort to put out a RDS for $3899.

And in all of that discussion, you know what’s missing in its compare and contrast with EOTech?  It’s not holographic like the EOTech.

Why on earth would anyone spend $3899 on this?

For The Peace, Good And Dignity Of The Country And The Welfare Of Its People

BY Herschel Smith
4 months, 4 weeks ago

Long ago I posted on Jeremy Bryant who hitchhiked with a .357 magnum wheel gun openly carried.  He did it “For the peace, good and dignity of the country and the welfare of its people.”  I respect that. Unfortunately, the URL changed and the link went dead (the embedded video wouldn’t respond).

I quite accidentally stumbled across this video again, and I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than to commit to making gun carry commonplace among gentlemen of good character.

Do Not Shoot A Revolver This Way

BY Herschel Smith
4 months, 4 weeks ago

Stupid Getty Images.

Gun ownership among women has skyrocketed over the last few years. MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL/AFP via Getty Images

Get your thumb away from the forcing cone and cylinder gap, lady.

Gaston Glock Dead

BY Herschel Smith
5 months ago


Gaston Glock, the man responsible for developing the namesake weapon, died on Wednesday at the age of 94.

Glock developed the famous handgun in the 1980s, when the Austrian military was looking for a new, innovative weapon. Until then, the Glock company had made military knives and consumer goods including curtain rods.

Glock assembled a team of firearms experts and came up with the Glock 17, a lightweight semi-automatic gun largely made of plastic. The revolutionary design – with a frame made of a high-strength, nylon-based polymer and only the slide made of metal – beat several other companies’ blueprints and secured his upstart outfit the contract.

The easily assembled weapon became a global hit, with the Austrian winning loyal followings among police and military across the world.

The Glock has been referenced in numerous films and rap songs, including Snoop Dogg’s “Protocol” and Wu-Tang Clan’s “Da Glock.”

U.S. soldiers found toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein hiding with a Glock in a hole in the ground in 2003. They later presented that weapon to U.S. President George W. Bush.

Glock faced criticism from gun-control advocates who complained that he popularized powerful guns and made them easy to conceal and hold more ammunition.

Glock himself was reclusive, rarely granting interviews, and shunned public debate. In 2000, he refused to join other weapons manufacturers in signing a voluntary gun control deal with the United States.

At the age of 70, he survived an attempt on his life when an investment broker who managed his assets hired a former wrestler to attack him with a rubber hammer, a court heard.

Glock had grown suspicious of how the broker was managing his affairs and had flown to Luxembourg to confront him, lawyers said. He suffered seven blows to the head but fended off the assault. The broker, Charles Ewert, and the attacker, Jacques Pecheur, were both jailed.

His 49-year-old marriage with Helga Glock ended in divorce in 2011 and the pair embarked on a lengthy legal battle over alimony. Soon after, he married his second wife, Kathrin, more than 50 years his junior.

He owned a lakefront mansion and a state-of-the-art equestrian sports center in the province of Carinthia, where celebrities showed up for parties.

With divorce, alimony disputes, theft and attempted murder, it sounds like he lived a troubled life. But there’s no question as to the fact that his gun is ubiquitous.

I don’t own or shoot Glocks or any other striker fired handgun.

Federal judge denies request to block Massachusetts assault weapons ban

BY Herschel Smith
5 months ago


A federal judge in Massachusetts shut down an attempt to block the state’s assault weapons ban Friday, arguing that the law does not break with recent Supreme Court precedent that has severely shaken gun control legislation.

District Judge Dennis Saylor said the state ban keeps with “historical tradition” of gun control regulation, after the high court ruled last year in the landmark New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen decision that all gun control legislation must keep with that tradition.

“The relevant history affirms the principle that in 1791, as now, there was a tradition of regulating ‘dangerous and unusual’ weapons – specifically, those that are not reasonably necessary for self-defense,” Saylor wrote.

The judge added that the assault weapons in question are “not suitable for ordinary self-defense purposes, and pose substantial dangers far beyond those inherent in the design of ordinary firearms.”

And that, dear folks, is all it takes to prove yourself an idiot.

Not suitable for ordinary self-defense purposes.  Substantial dangers far beyond those inherent in the design of ordinary firearms. Now, try to reconcile those two passages.

No, you can’t. Because that 30-06 or 700 Rem Mag sitting in your gun safe will do far more damage than a 5.56mm round. And there were no precedents in 1791 regulating weapons, and there is nothing unusual about AR-15s when so many tens of millions of people own them.

And you know what I see after Heller, McDonald, Caetano and Bruen? I see the supreme court running away from this issue like cowards, especially Barrett. I don’t care whether the court wants to see a full stack of prior decisions on this issue. There is nothing more necessary to make this decision. All the facts are in and have been for decades.  It could be a single paragraph long. Or even shorter.

“AR-15’s are not unusual weapons in America. Therefore, they cannot be banned.”

There, I did it for them.  No muss, no fuss. It wasn’t hard. But it must be hard for them.

Small New York Town Devastated as Gun Plant Shuts Down

BY Herschel Smith
5 months ago

Epoch Times.

ILION, N.Y.—In the village of Ilion, New York, 80 miles west of the state capital in Albany, residents are mourning the departure of gunmaker Remington Arms Co. after two centuries of continuous operation.

Without fanfare, the company announced last month that the manufacturing plant would be closing its doors on March 4, 2024.

“I feel like a family member has died,” Ilion Mayor John Stephens told The Epoch Times. “My dad raised four kids on a paycheck from there for 37 years. He walked to work and carried his lunch every day.”

Mr. Stephens said no one expected the announcement a week after Thanksgiving that the plant was set to close.

On Nov. 30, at 3:26 p.m., the company notified village officials of the decision by email. The message noted that “all separations” with the village would be completed by March 18, 2024.

Likewise, the company notified its 270 employees that they would soon be out of a job.

“They brought the second and third shifts in and said they were done,” Mr. Stephens said. “They notified the first shift in person. I found out through the media. The owner’s group didn’t even contact me.”

Mr. Stephens said the company made the announcement just five months into a newly ratified employee union contract.

“To say we were shocked [by the announcement] is probably an understatement,” the mayor told Ilion’s Village Board of Trustees at a public meeting on Dec. 11.

“In my opinion, it’s unfortunate and extremely unprofessional.”

Remington Arms didn’t return messages from The Epoch Times asking for comment.

Publicly, the company attributed the plant closure in part to a hostile political climate in Albany regarding firearms production.

“I am writing to inform you that RemArms LLC has decided to close its entire operation at 14 Hoefler Avenue, NY 13357,” Remington Arms said in a letter to employees. “The company expects that operations at the Ilion facility will conclude on or about March 4, 2024.”

The Georgia-based company said it would continue to make firearms at its facility in Huntsville, Alabama, which opened in 2014, a year after New York’s passage of the Safe Act, which created stricter gun laws.

The anti-gun political climate in Democrat-controlled Massachusetts prompted competitor Smith & Wesson to move from its longtime base in Springfield to Maryville, Tennessee. The company announced the opening of its new headquarters there in October.

In Ilion, the community reaction to the Remington plant closure has been a sense of loss and bewilderment, Mr. Stephens said.

Many are wondering what will become of the 10,000-square-foot plant and the village’s Remington identity.

Mr. Stephens said residents see the two as synonymous, interwoven by history, culture, and economics.

“Remington is Ilion—Ilion is Remington,” residents here like to say.

Eric Kennedy, who runs the Copper Cafe in the downtown village retail plaza, believes the ripple effect of the closure would impact the businesses that served Remington employees for years to come.

“I’m sure it will affect us. Any time you lose jobs, it affects the area’s economy. It definitely will hurt the economy—small town, big business in the village. It’s going to hurt a lot of families,” Mr. Kennedy told The Epoch Times.

“New York state is not friendly to hunters and sportsmen. That makes a big impact. I don’t blame [Remington] for moving out of state, [but] it’s going to hurt.”

I’m sure it will hurt and it’s all extremely sad, but there are some lessons. I’m not sure why anyone would be “bewildered” by this move.

Similar to the assembly line workers at Ford and GM who believed they should make enough money to be able to send kids to college, buy a house, buy two or three cars and a boat for the lake, there is no way on earth that the wage structure can support that sort of lifestyle for pistol and gun mechanics. It just can’t and that’s the hard truth. Wages must be set by the market or they won’t last.

In this case it’s surprising they lasted as long as they did. Where Remington moved is a right-to-work state. Where Remington left is an anti-gun, anti-business control freak show. Long ago it should have caused the Remington workers to pause and ponder that they were manufacturing firearms that they weren’t allowed to carry on their persons, or weren’t allowed to carry in their car or into the field. Long ago it should have dawned on them that they were funding with their union dues the very people who would kill their business.

To be sure, corporate missteps are always harmful, but pressing on every American worker is the fact that corporate interests are not their interests. Corporate officers will never put individual workers above the price of stock. Boards of Directors will always incentivize officers to maximize profits, ROE, EBIT and stock prices. That’s what they will do. In response, unions always seem to hurry the demise of corporations. Rather, individual workers must expand their capabilities, improve their standing, earn new credentials and increase their worth. This is the American way.

There is no such thing as a stagnant, reliable work location or job function. They disappear, and workers must be prepared. And if they had wanted to keep jobs as gun mechanics, Remington probably would have been happy to hire them in Alabama.

Dehumidifiers For Gun And Ammo Storage

BY Herschel Smith
5 months, 1 week ago

This reddit/Firearms thread discusses dehumidifiers and the process of trying to keep your guns from rusting.

There is some confusion in that thread and I know this comes up sometimes so I thought I would clarify this issue for readers.

Customary dehumidifiers are nothing more than strip heaters.  What happens is that when sensible heat is added to air, it moves horizontally across the psychrometric chart and (a) increases the dry bulb temperature while also (b) decreasing relative humidity.

Relative humidity is not absolute humidity. The number of grains of moisture per pound of dry air doesn’t change when sensible heat is added (or even removed, as long as we stipulate not condensing moisture out of the air).  Changing the relative humidity changes the amount of moisture the air can contain.  At a higher temperature, the air can contain more moisture, and lower temperature lower amount of moisture.

The air contains more energy at higher temperatures and thus it’s more difficult for the moisture to condense out of the air. Try moisture removal only occurs when the air is passed across a cooling coil down to the condensation line, passing that condensate to a drain pipe (usually with a running trap that needs to be inspected at least yearly to ensure no clogging and filled with Clorox). Then when the air must be sensibly heated again, with a true reduction in absolute humidity for use in the designated space. This is what happens when you air condition your home.

Charting the Proper Psychrometrics of Humidification and ...

It isn’t usually practical to pass the air in your gun cabinet or gun safe through a cooling coil to remove moisture. The only other option for conditioning the air is to pass it over a strip heater thus changing the relative humidity, not absolute humidity.

As long as the space where your guns are located is already conditioned, i.e., your home, that’s usually not necessary. However, I do a little extra by putting desiccant in my gun safe to ensure the driest possible environment.

I don’t like the idea of a strip heat causing an increase in dry bulb temperature in my gun safe, mainly because of possible malfunctions.

If your gun safe is located in an unconditioned space like a basement, you may have to consider strip heating. The better option would be to remove your safe and put it in your home. I don’t have a safe in my garage for that very reason (and also because of possible theft).

New North Carolina Law on Firearms in Places of Worship

BY Herschel Smith
5 months, 3 weeks ago

From a reader, source.

Concealed carry gun owners in our state are now allowed to have their firearms in places of worship; even if they are held on school grounds. They can also now carry guns on some school properties, during specific times. The new law also launches a two-year statewide awareness initiative for safe gun storage and gun lock distribution programs.

This is referring to Senate Bill 41.  It doesn’t require that the weapon holder get permission from the church to carry.  It requires that the church conspicuously post that no weapons are allowed before prohibiting the carry of weapons, as it should.

They had to override a veto by the Goobernator of NC, Roy Cooper.

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