The Keystone Cops with Military Hardware

BY Herschel Smith
11 months, 1 week ago

This is just a terrible catalog of goofy, dangerous and unnecessary foibles in a very short amount of time committed by the best and brightest America has to offer.  The list is culled from many examples I have and is not even nearly comprehensive.

First up, cops in Colorado handcuffed a woman, put her in the back seat of a squad car, and then chatted with each other about the woman.  The problem is that they parked their car on railroad tracks.  Yes, seriously, railroad tracks.   The car was hit by a train shortly thereafter.  Here is video.

The most serious, necessary, and fundamentally requisite thing you’ll ever do as a worker in a manufacturing plant, power plant, construction zone, or working with lifting and rigging, scaffold building, or basically for anyone who can be held liable for injuries or cited by OSHA, is work safely.  Safety training is so important that it interrupts work activities, even critical ones.  You’re never late with safety training – ask me how I know.  You don’t climb stairs in a plant environment without holding both rails, or else if someone sees you, you might lose your job.  You never climb above a few feet off the ground without lanyards and harnesses.

It gets even more serious if it has to do with basic radiation safety, the annual retraining and testing taking a day to complete before you’re allowed in an RCZ.  If anyone ever sees you knowingly violating those protocols, security is called, you’re ushered off the premises, and management will collect your stuff and send it to you at home.  You’ve lost your job.

Those cops didn’t even think about safety.  Not the safety of the woman in the car, nor even their own safety.  Safety comes first, in everyone you do, in every activity in which you engage.  I’m left wondering if those cops would even have been able to pass basic safety training or recall what they learned while in the field.

Next up, here is a report from the great northeast.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Police tell 2 On Your Side an Internal Affairs investigation is underway after an officer’s rifle fell off a roof and onto a sidewalk during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday.

“This is something that doesn’t happen, can’t happen, nor I’ve never heard of this happening,” said Joseph Gramaglia, Buffalo Police commissioner.

Pictures shared with WGRZ by Andrew Mavrogeorgis show the officer positioned on top of the building at 560 Delaware Avenue at Allen Street in downtown Buffalo. The rifle is perched on the edge, on top of a stand, a short distance from the officer.

Gramaglia told 2 On Your Side that the officer was acting in an overwatch position, a security measure that offers the department a vantage point during mass gatherings. He said an ongoing investigation by the department indicated that a heavy wind gust caused the rifle to fall from its perch and off the edge of the building.

He does not believe the officer mishandled the firearm.

“It’s not that it was physically being handled, it wasn’t dropped,” Gramaglia said.

It was mishandled, but it wasn’t.  It dropped, but it wasn’t dropped.  But it gets better and the excuses start.

“These weapons are not something like a handgun or something where you could just pick it up and the average person would know how to utilize it,” said Jeff Rinaldo, retired Buffalo Police captain.

No, of course not.  No one knows how to use a rifle.  But the best is coming up.

“It’s not the days of old when I was on patrol and we had officers out. You’ve got to have highly trained tactical officers now in these in these situations.”

This “highly trained tactical officer” who didn’t mishandle his rifle which wasn’t dropped, mishandled and dropped his rifle.  If you did that in the Marine Corps you would have spent some time in the “room of pain.”  At least that would have happened ten years ago.  As for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Up next, they don’t know the law.  They never seem to know the law.  This video from one of my favorite lawyers (except for Stephen Stamboulieh) who explains the whole silly affair.

Next up in this parade of the obscene, Uvalde police are making excuses, the real one being that they are cowards.  “He has a battle rifle!”  Despite John 15:13, they just gave up and let someone else do the hard work, and even prevented fathers from going in to get the little ones.  What they’re doing now is figuring into the gun controllers’ calculus.

The cowards in the Uvalde Police Department that allowed a shooter to rampage inside a school for an hour before responding decided to peddle liberal gun control talking points to excuse their spinelessness.

Uvalde Police Department Sgt. Donald Page told investigators that they knew the weapon that the shooter had “was definitely an AR” and, therefore, “There was no way of going in. … We had no choice but to wait and try to get something that had better coverage where we could actually stand up to him.” One officer called it a “battle rifle.” The Texas Tribune, of course, ate this up, declaring that “The AR-15 was designed to efficiently kill humans.”

But remember boys and girls, they are the best, brightest and bravest America has to offer.

The reality is different as I’ve observed so many times before.  You’re never in more danger than when the police are around.  Get away from them as quickly as humanly possible.

And never, ever believe the myth that they’re there to protect you or your loved ones.

It’s like the Keystone cops, but with military hardware. Remember, with a simple signature of a police captain, they can go purchase machine guns and train them on you or your family … after busting down doors in wrong home raids.

Basically, this has unfortunately become the picture of cops in America.


  1. On March 22, 2023 at 11:58 pm, Historic Brawndo Czar said:

    Did they get the pronouns right? (honk!)
    The stolen valor page has one up about a major who called the police over a woman’s Fakebook post critical of the trans false religion. (honk!)
    Donut molester pension monger minions of the state are not your friends.
    You protect and serve yourself with the Second Amendment.

  2. On March 23, 2023 at 2:54 am, Hiding_Out said:

    That cop car being hit by train story is just jaw dropping. Wow. Who the hell parks right on the train tracks?

  3. On March 23, 2023 at 3:24 am, Aesop said:

    The technical terms for Sgt. Dipstick’s actions is “battery by a police officer” and “violation of civil rights under color of authority”. Criminal complaints and civil charges should be filed at both the state and federal levels. I think that sheriff’s office is going to take it in the wallet.
    Just as there are no Professor Moriarty criminal masterminds, there aren’t very many Sherlock Holmeses in law enforcement either, from street to chief. Most of them just have to smarter than the crooks (which is seldom too difficult), but none of them have to pass a bar exam either (which is fortunate for them; not so much for the public).

    I don’t expect them to be Clarence Darrow or Antonin Scalia, but you wish they’d at least be able to grasp the fundamentals of the Bill of Rights at, say, an eighth grade level, just to do their job. I’m pretty sure they cover the fundamentals, but it’s a slide show or Powerpoint presentation, and obviously a lot of them doze off for most of that lecture, or were sick that whole day.

    Basic steet-level legal competence, apparently, is a bridge too far.

  4. On March 23, 2023 at 7:55 am, William Brock said:

    You have never been in a RCZ, the clowns that I worked with for 40 years never follow any protocol.
    Half the world strives for the average IQ (the bell curve says so) and the average IQ is fairly low.

  5. On March 23, 2023 at 8:23 am, Warren V. DeCee said:

    You can be too smart to be a police officer: Jordan v. City of New London. Police officers are not required to know the laws that they are supposed to enFORCE: Heien v. North Carolina, and U.S. v. Shelton Barnes et al. “There is no situation so bad that it cannot be made worse by the presence of police.”- William Norman Grigg

  6. On March 23, 2023 at 8:42 am, Herschel Smith said:

    @William Brock,

    It’s a sign of lack of wisdom to speak of things for which you have no evidence, even more so and more profoundly with such confidence.

    I have spent many, many, many hours in an RCZ.

    So for which company did you work where … “never follow any protocol?” Did you follow your own legal responsibilities and open problem reports on that behavior?

  7. On March 23, 2023 at 10:33 am, george 1 said:

    Many departments now use a psychological test for entry into an LEO job. This has been done for quite some time. Those tests, I am told, basically select for people who will follow orders without question. This is supposedly done for order in the departments. They, of course, call it by different terminology but that is the goal. I had the opportunity some years ago to speak to a psychologist who was involved in these things.

    So, according to the psychologist I spoke to, the test that selects for “obeying orders in all or the majority of circumstances” also, as an unintended consequence, selects for persons who have less than average intelligence. He says this is because the desired selection trait is not easily removeable from the other trait. Interesting if true.

    Now I am not sure if the person relaying this information is mostly correct or not. It is not in question that the IQ level in the U.S. has dropped in the last several decades. In my old age it does appear to me that more stupid people are visible everywhere.

    I had a job at one time where I interacted with many cops. IMHO I would have to conclude that the older ones were more intelligent than most of the younger ones.

  8. On March 23, 2023 at 3:24 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    @ george1

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom… as the people become more corrupt and vicious, they will have need of masters…” Benjamin Franklin

    The Founders spoke a great deal about the link between virtuous behavior and the ability to live as free men. They also ruminated, spoke and wrote at length on the fact that ignorant people have a more-difficult time being free; that there is a very real link between intelligence and education on one hand, and the ability to live a virtuous and free life on the other.

    They regarded “freedom” as ordered liberty, and not as de facto anarchy. In other words, liberty tempered by self-discipline and virtue. Virtue in the ancient sense of the word.

    It can be seen, then, that the dumbing-down of the U.S. specifically and the West generally serves the interests of the oligarchs and the deep state. This is one of the chief reasons for the “great replacement” of Europeans by people from the diaspora of the third world. The unspoken but very real aim is that by reducing the aggregate intelligence of westerners and western nations, they will make the imposition of technocratic tyranny that much easier.

  9. On March 23, 2023 at 7:22 pm, Dan said:

    A couple decades ago a man sued an LEO agency that denied him a job because he was TOO SMART. And he LOST the lawsuit. The court ruled that LEO agencies cou!d legally select FOR the stupid applicants. We are now seeing the results of that court ruling. Only STUPID people are allowed to be cops. Because they don’t ask questions and do what the politicians tell them to do regardless of how heinous the order.

  10. On March 25, 2023 at 8:53 am, Latigo Morgan said:

    It’s been a few years, but my son-in-law applied to become a police officer. He sailed right through all the hiring tests. After the psychological/IQ testing, he was dropped with no explanation. I honestly believe it was because he was too intelligent.

    You know who didn’t have a problem with his IQ? The Navy. They took him and made him a pilot, which saved the family a bunch of embarrassment it would have suffered if he’d become a cop.

  11. On March 25, 2023 at 10:34 am, george 1 said:

    @ Latigo Morgan

    It sounds incredible but that is entirely consistent with what I was told. We see evidence of this all the time with police.

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