The Failure of the Church of Jesus Christ and 501(c)(3) Church Status

2 months, 1 week ago

[ Edit: The title of this post has been changed to more accurately reflect the actual topic. Read parts one, two, and this post while engaging your brain. Your submission to God and returning to His Law-word is what’s required to save your civilization. These three posts are warnings from the wall to you. ]

This is the third recent post about church 501(c)(3) status. Writing these posts was not our intent, but sometimes you do the work that the Lord puts in front of you. Somebody must need this.

Source via Instapundit:

That enforcement is the second element here that commands attention. The bill includes provisions that authorize the IRS to jerk the tax exemption of any church or non-profit that opposes same-sex marriage. The bill also encourages litigation to be brought against those same institutions in the court system to enforce the right to same-sex marriage.

Here’s what that means: Soon after Biden signs the bill into law, there will begin to be same-sex couples demanding to be married in evangelical churches they know to be opposed to the practice.

If the pastor refuses to perform the ceremony, the church will be sued and it will lose in court. That litigation will then be used by the IRS as justification for ending the church’s tax-exempt status, as well as the tax-deductibility of congregants’ tithes and contributions.

But that’s not all. The IRS is being primed to be ready for action against evangelical and traditional Catholic social service institutions as well. As Heritage Action for America explains:

  • Just months after Democrats used the Inflation Reduction Act to fund 87,000 new IRS agents, the Respect for Marriage Act would be giving those new agents carte blanche to harass and target religious schools and other faith-based entities that oppose same-sex marriage and eventually strip them of their tax-exempt status.

Worse, it would create a roving license to sue anyone acting “under color of law” – a loosely defined term that would include those providing government-funded or -regulated services. As a result, adoption centers and foster care providers with religious objections to same-sex marriage would have to close down.

Talk about a slippery slope! Once government becomes the source and dispenser of individual rights, there is no such thing as a “safe space.” What follows, sooner or later, is official persecution of those who demand their right to practice their faith and then speak publicly and vote accordingly.

First of all, what’s at stake is whether the Church of Jesus Christ is doing its job or not. The Church is that which proclaims the word of God, the arbiter of good and evil, right and wrong, sin and righteousness. We’re not claiming some high station; that’s one of God’s ordained purposes given to the Church of Jesus Christ. This issue has nothing to do with speaking freely about political issues or voting or participating unreservedly in the political process. This is about calling sin what it is and calling sinners to their faces by name for their wickedness by deed. Each sin is very specifically accounted for in His Holy Bible. Sin is a serious matter, a grievous condition in the heart of all men that God cannot ignore.

The President of the United States is a pedophile! Mcconnell is handled by a Chinese agent, his wife! The whole government is full of rot and sedition, wickedness, and perversion of all that is holy, right, good, and true. Should we name each one and their sin? Every last one of them needs to be hanged from the neck until dead for treason against the people but, more importantly, for treason against our holy God.

This isn’t about politics; it’s about sin, hell, judgment, eternal damnation, and the ruin of our country for its sin against the Almighty! Sin is sin, it’s a violation of God’s holy Law-word, and it is His word, by His Church, that is the final authority on right and wrong, not statutes of congress.  The job of the prophet is to tell the king the truth. If the Church of Jesus Christ can’t point out a president or a senator naming him and his sin, then it’s not doing its job of proclaiming God’s Law and demanding righteousness in the land that they might cease from their wicked way and turn to the living God through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. In repentance from sin, if they would, it might go well with us; God is watching all.

And specifically at issue is whether the Church of Jesus Christ can call a sodomite a sinner, a hellbound sinner to burn for all eternity unless they repent and seek Christ before God finally hands them over to a reprobate mind for their sin. How can they be forgiven for their sin if they don’t know what sin is? How can they be saved from hell if they don’t know they are hellbound? How can they hear except some man preach (teach) it from the Bible? Sodomy is a sin! It’s not ok, not even a little bit, and rampant sodomites overtaking your land is the judgment of God because the churches are full of men beholden to the government under the tax code, too scared to speak the truth to their false masters in government.

Sodomites, like all sinners, need Jesus Christ.

No, we won’t marry sodomites, for the very notion is absurd prima facie. Marriage is a covenant with God; those in open defiance and rebellion against Him are in violation of His covenants; they may not simply proceed as though God has not spoken. Are they daft?

So we might as well make clear precisely what marriage is. Marriage is a covenant between a man and his wife with the Lord God. There are two parties to this covenant; the man with his wife is one, and holy God is the other. It is not a contract with the State to later be disannulled. It has never been a contract with the State. Many states in America to this day do not require a license for marriage, which is correct because marriage is not a State institution; it’s the Law of God. In fact, before the 20th century, there was no such thing as a marriage license in Western Civilization. The marriage license is a communist invention.

We say good; jerk their 501(c)(3) status. The IRS should shut down all those fake churches! Understand clearly that the sword of government is judgment coming upon you! If you fight to stay as tax-exempt cooperations with the State as your master, you will learn to fear God; you will be made to comprehend! He will have no co-equals, no partners; holy and righteous is He! Holy God, please take their tax-exempt status; we pray, do it now.

Those corporations that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) are not the Church of Jesus Christ, which is His body. It would be a great pleasure to see these faulty institutions finally have to recognize their infidelity to the Lord. We long for God to take their corporate status or make them live by it. But more so that those precious few who actually hear God would take up their cross, follow Christ, reject the kings of this world, and live by the Law-word of God alone, calling sin for what it is, and sinners by name, especially if they are a public figure.

Previously we pointed this out here at TCJ:

The bottom line is that if you submit to the IRS, your local body of believers ceases to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, which is His body. You have further rejected your sovereign King, thereby committing Cosmic Treason against the Almighty, and you have taken the State as your new master in violation of the marriage covenant you made with Christ. Congratulations, you are now an adulterer that’s gone whoring with a new lover.

And prior to that, we offered a more detailed and somewhat technical explanation of taking government as your king over Christ via the tax code when we pointed out that it’s Cosmic Treason against the Holy Creator of heaven and earth.

God has three covenantal institutions, Church, Family, and State.

Marriage is the first and pinnacle of God’s ordained institutions. Charged with raising the generations under the Law-word of God that He might bless us in all our generations for obeying Him, the family is the bedrock of civilization. For it’s the raising of children to fear God that makes a civil society; morality comes from God taught by a father and mother under Jesus Christ to children. Christ is each family’s head, with the man as the leader under Christ. The State is created only to fulfill the punishment of those who violate the Law-word of God; its purpose under heaven is merely to protect our duties in service of God.

The Church is not a building, denomination, order, sect, cult, religious ceremonial trappings or procedures, or Corporation; it’s the body of Christ which are those converted by God through faith at His will, and members in particular; ye shall know them by their fruits. God’s Church are His people by marriage to the Lamb of God. You may not cheat on your husband, who knows and sees all and continue to expect it to go well with you.

We understand and do rejoice greatly that the definition of a Christian in the Bible is in no way, shape, manner, or fashion distinguishable by the laws of the men, their courts, or congresses. This is by design; Christ is King. He knows His sheep, they hear His voice, and they follow Him. Governments of men are specifically and especially excluded from any knowledge or command of His body, for it is His; Christ has sole domain and leadership of His Church. Governments (and families, for that matter) have no say in how Christ rules the Kingdom of God; it’s His and His alone to do with as He pleases. So too, do the governments of this world belong to Christ. He sets up kings, and in His wrath, He judges empires into the dustbin of history at His good pleasure. Having given us His Law-word that we might not sin against Him; by His mercies alone are our days prolonged, individually, familially, and so too His earthly kings (governments).

Another important aspect is that a man of God has no duty to marry any couple he doesn’t see fit according to the Law-word of God. This is by the design of God. But, you see, when a priest, preacher, or pastor becomes a corporate employee under the Internal Revenue Code, they lose that special and unique qualification that only God ordains. It’s holy God that calls a convert (male only) to be a man dedicated to the service of God, teaching, preaching and caring for a flock of local believers, Christ as the head of the Church. By taking corporate status, the man of God rejects and surrenders his authority to the State by becoming its hireling under the laws of men; he ceases to function as God’s prophet.

They have taken grace for license doing precisely that which brought the wrath of God upon Jerusalem in total annihilation.

The churches in America want all of the blessings with none of the work. It’s a relationship and that requires work. But moreover, it’s not one of equals. Is Christ the Captain of your salvation? Then what are you but His footsoldier. He is the Master, and you are the servant! He is the holy Creator, and you are His creation; what is the clay to tell the potter how He ought to fashion His Church by design for fit service of Him? Who are you to go whoring with the empire playing the harlot for meager and beggarly crumbs from Washington’s table when the God of the universe has stated that you are priests and kings unto Him? God owns the cattle on a thousand hills; everything that was, is, and is to come was created by Him with His stated desire to bless you in dominion to bring glory to Him, and you go, hat in hand, to Washington looking to be its kept concubine! Yes, whore and harlot are the exact right Bible terms.

We’re not name-calling; whore and harlot are holy God’s words He uses to describe precisely His people that put their reliance on kings, governments, and empires of men forsaking dependence upon Him by following His law.

There is no instance in history, both in the biblical record and after the completed Canon, in which God did not bring judgment for trust in the kingdoms of this world above Him.

Perhaps you say that it will cost those corporations a lot of money if the IRS gets involved. It’s not the corporation’s money; it’s God’s! Give the IRS every last dime and the coat off of your back as well, then get on your knees and praise God that He loves you enough to take a filthy whore like you back and make you His again by His mercy and grace.

The linked article is the third or fourth in a few weeks we’ve seen that whine and complain about how the government should be a better master over Christians. Lawyers are ruinous creatures. Stop worrying about what the government says and read God’s Law, for it is the very source and lifeblood of our foundational rights and the jurisprudence you claim to uphold. You’re not helping by trying to get the government to be a benevolent master over that which it has no jurisdiction. Most notably, you’re misleading weak and ignorant Christians into a false hope in government. That last is the most significant violation any Christian will have to account for, leading the weak and immature brother into error! Christ is King.


  1. On November 20, 2022 at 9:50 pm, Chris said:

    I remember when All Rectum Riders wanted was “Unions” …just let us have “Unions!”

    And they say Political Bologna Slicing isn’t real.

    I’m beginning to think the “Tin Foil Crowd” are Truely…

    Just cause your paranoid….
    Doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

    Anymore Gestapo Gov’t Raids Today???
    Maaaan, Truer words were never spoken !

  2. On November 20, 2022 at 9:57 pm, Frank Clarke said:

    Jesus only used whips on the money changers. What would he have used against those 87,000 IRS agents?

  3. On November 21, 2022 at 8:27 am, Dan Patterson said:

    To Frank Clarke: Belt-fed weapons.

    I would LOVE to stop worrying about what lawyers, simps, and tyrants say and do. But faced with a boot on your neck the effective response is not poetry but greater violence.

  4. On November 21, 2022 at 1:23 pm, PGF said:

    The edit at the top is not about y’all whose comments are above. Some people had commented in a manner that was neither productive nor helpful so the title was changed.

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