Raz From CHAZ Is An Islamic-Supported Thug And Rape Pornographer

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 11 months ago

That’s quite a hero they’ve selected for themselves.

We reported yesterday that the mysterious RAZ is the new Warlord and a gun runner in CHAZ.  We also know that he is connected to the Dubai government and appears to maintain a lavish lifestyle.  He also has a studio in Seattle where he no doubt produced his films.

What we can further report today is that RAZ was the lead in the movie about a white girl being gang raped by a group of black men.  This is sick!

In the production RAZ stars in, we find aggravated and sexual assault, gang rape and murder as the key components of this work of progressive art.

In the movie, RAZ is the lead role as a gansta.  He meets a young white girl at this place at a party.  The party quickly turns into a sexual assault.

The victim is choked, tries to resist, gets punched in the face and passes out.

The passed out victim is then carried to the bedroom where she is repeatedly gang raped.

Then comes a disagreement and a shootout.  Yes, and RAZ is confirmed as the lead character.

He’s not a lone actor.  He has support.

Raz somehow received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio in a building he purchased with another loan.

And Raz owns multiple luxury cars, including a Tesla, a BMW and a Jaguar XJ.

He also owns some prime real estate and rental properties.

He owns the RAZ fashion line, the Aurora Smoke Shop, a social club called “The Spot”, the Black Umbrella Corporation.  All this came from funding in sweetheart deals.

Raz’s public relations team has done a lot of work to portray Raz as a gangsta’.  Oliver Darcy from CNN has helped him in shaping his image.

Finally, and most importantly, Raz is connected to Islamists.  He is involved in the manifesto, Washington State – the first black Muslim independent state.  He also is being sponsored and has been hosted by the Dubai government.  Raz’s anti-white and anti-America rants are supported.  He also has been spotted attending the Sheik Zayed mosque.

So he has not only support, but Islamist ties.  Is anyone really surprised by any of this?


  1. On June 21, 2020 at 10:30 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    Folks on the traditional American side of the aisle need to wrap their heads around the existence of the so-called “Red-Green Alliance” and its critical role in the unrest being seen across the United States specifically, and the West generally, if they hope to understand and thereby best their adversary.

    Many westerners, even ones otherwise well-informed, believe Islam to be one of the world’s “three great monotheistic religions.” Likewise, when these people drive past a mosque, they see a structure they regard as being little different from a Christian church, Buddhist temple, or Jewish synagogue. Bombarded by a relentless stream of mainstream media propaganda about Islam which either obscures its bloody past or promotes a false image of it, many folks who ought to know better have been lulled to sleep.

    The reality is that Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world virtually since its inception some 1,400 years ago. The contention – a triumph of leftist-communist propaganda – that Islam is one of the world’s great monotheistic religions – is blatantly false. If one studies Islam in depth, as people like Dr. Bill Warner have done, it becomes apparent that Islam is remarkable for its shape-shifting, deceptive qualities and its ability to be “two-faced,” as Warner puts it.
    In reality, this two-faced quality is one of the classic means by which Muslims deceive and put off-guard their enemies and intended conquests.

    Imams at mosques across the western world, including the U.S., regularly issue public statements echoing all of the pious statements made by figures such as Pope Francis. They and other religious leaders hold “interfaith dialogs,” in which they seem all to agree that we all ought to join hands and sing songs in harmony. The reality is far-different. If one examines the oratory of these imams in their native languages, such as Arabic and Farsi, one finds that these clerics are most-often firebrands beseeching their flocks to wage jihad against the hated and miserable infidels.

    It is highly significant that within Islam, the world is divided into two main speheres: The first is Dar al-Islam (“The House of Islam” or “The House of Submission” since Islam means submission), i.e., the umma or worldwide community of Muslims, wherever they happen to reside. The second is Dar al-Harb (“The House of War”), which is the non-Muslim world, the world of the kaffirs and infidels, wherever they happen to call home.

    The Koran, Hadiths and the Sira – the three holiest sources of Islam, all call upon the believers – the soldiers of Allah – to go forth and wage jihad of the sword against the infidels until such time as all the world lies under the banner of Islam. Then and only then are the faithful permitted to lay down their weapons.

    The mosque is not merely a place of religious worship, although it is certainly that. It is also considered sovereign ground for Islam within the heart of the lands of the infidel. A forward-operating base or outpost, if you like, from which the shahids (true believers of Islam) can go forth into the heart of Dar al-Harb to wage war against Islam’s enemies. A mosque is a colony, just as it is a fortress or military installation. Ask any 11 Bravo (infantry MOS) back from the sandbox and he’ll confirm that hajji liked to used mosques, in particular the minarets, as observation posts and also sniper positions. Knowing that coalition forces were reluctant to fire upon a mosque for fear of bad publicity and media blowback, the jihadists frequently sited themselves there.

    By the way, the mosque is also considered an armory. A place to cache weapons and ammunition, things of that nature. Although the mainstream leftist media has done a fairly decent job of hiding or downplaying it in this country, it is now pretty much common knowledge that the wave of low-level warfare now sweeping Sweden, to name one example, is being fueled by weapons smuggled up from the Balkans – leftover automatic rifles, grenades and other ordnance from the 1990s civil wars – and cached in mosques in Sweden. To name one of many types of violence now common there, grenade attacks are frequent in Sweden, a nation which until the turn of the 21st century, was considered one of the most-idyllic and peaceful in Europe.

    Communism and Islam would, at first glance, seem like the most-implausible of ideological/operational bed-fellows – but in this case, first impressions are mistaken. The “Great Jihad” against America and the West being waged by the Muslim Brotherhood and financed from the Sunni Arab Middle East and the fifty-seven nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation, has made dramatic advances and significant inroads into virtually every institution of the West, whether political, economic, military-diplomatic, academic, or within the media and education.

    For reasons of brevity, a full examination of the cooperation between the Left/communists and the Muslims is not possible here, but it can be summarized much more-easily and concisely than that in the person of one man – former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama. Obama himself personifies these various systems of belief and ideologies – communism/Cultural Marxism, Islam, racial grievances and resentment, collectivist economic policies, and the wholesale rejection of western civilization and Christianity, just to name a few of the signposts along the way.

    Readers of a certain age and older will perhaps recall the name “Carlos the Jackal” from the 1970s, when this master terrorist and assassin-for-hire was most-active. Born in Venezuela in 1949 to Marxist parents, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez was radicalized and trained as a communist revolutionary from an early age. For nearly three decades beginning in the mid-late 1960s, he cut a swath of violence, chaos and terror through the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe before finally being caught by French authorities in the 1990s in the Sudan.

    In 1997, Sánchez was charged with multiple crimes, including the murder of two French policemen, tried and convicted to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Incarcerated in La Santé Prison in Paris, a high-security facility for the most-dangerous criminals, the Venezuelan later converted to Islam and in 2003, the book “L’islam révolutionnaire” (“Revolutionary Islam”) was published under his name. In it, Sánchez praised Osama Bin-Laden and stated that only by combining forces could international communism and Islam bring down the United States and the West. During this same period, he also corresponded with Venezuelan President and strong-man Hugo Chávez, with the latter praising his fellow countryman for his work.

    Although his statements on the subject are not well-known, Sánchez has been proven to be prophetic regarding the union of the communists and Islam. Although communism and Islam have much about which they differ, they and their followers are powerfully-united by two drives: Their shared hatred of Christianity and Western Civilization, and their desire to bring about their downfall, as a prelude to achieving their ends.

    Traditionalists and others who oppose this new alliance or might be tempted to write it off as insignificant or not threatening – should reconsider. During the 20th century alone, communism – as an ideology – was responsible for the deaths of some 150 million people in Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba, and in many other places.

    As bloodstained and vicious as the communists have been, they still take second place however, to the soldiers of Allah, who are history’s greatest and most-prolific killers, bar none. Since the founding of Islam 1,400 years ago, the followers of Mohammed have slain an estimated 280 million people, mostly non-Muslims, in their never-ending jihad against the unbelievers.

    Nor were these killings confined to the distant past, either. Historians regard the Armenian genocide (1915-1921) as the first “modern” genocide, i.e., the first be documented on film and in the media. In it, the Sunni Muslim Ottoman Turks slew an estimated 1.5 million Armenian, Greek and other Christians in greater Turkey and Anatolia. The Turkish government still denies that the Armenian holocaust happened and speaking of it in modern Turkey is a crime.

    As this entry is being written, Muslim jihadists in the nation of Nigeria are waging jihad of the sword against Nigerian Christians and other non-Muslims in that African nation. As of June, at least 620 Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria this year alone, and no end in sight. Since the Cultural Marxists of the Left control the western media, very little about these atrocities appears in the western press, who yawn in their indifference to the plight of the victims.

    This is just a small part of the “Red-Green Alliance,” “red” being the color symbolic of communism and “green” being the color emblematic of Islam.

  2. On June 21, 2020 at 10:40 pm, Georgiaboy61 said:

    (Part 2)

    Bringing the Red-Green Alliance down to the level of the riots, demonstrations and protests, both in Seattle and elsewhere, it has been well-known at least since the Ferguson unrest of 2014, that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were marching and protesting shoulder-to-shoulder with groups like the Islamic Students of North America and emissaries from CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations – a known front group for Hamas.

    Over the last four or five decades, the Muslims have made significant inroads into the the black community in particular, via the use of so-called “prison outreach” programs, in which imams proselytize in prisons and jails, attempting to covert inmates – in particular black and other minority inmates – to Islam. These efforts have cracked into the simmering resentments already felt by many blacks in America, and exploited them as a means of gaining converts. In Islam, many of these angry young black men find a home, since like so many of the race-baiting crowd, Islam fosters resentment and a sense of historical grievance for use as an ideological and propaganda weapon, as well as fuel for the fight to be waged against mainstream society.

    The various connections between Muslims, the communists and the Deep State are still being fleshed out, but it is already apparent that they are both deep and complex, and will be difficult to root out. Assuming,of course, that the political will exists to do the job in the first place.

  3. On June 22, 2020 at 5:37 pm, 41mag said:

    Gotta wonder what makes a woman in todays USA want to participate in a film like that.

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