Ralph “Kill The Babies Give Me All Your Guns” Northam

BY Herschel Smith
4 years, 2 months ago

Spread this meme far and wide, via email distribution, Gab, Twitter, or other social media.  H/T readers Fred  and JFP.

By way of explanation, Ralph “all your guns are belong to us” Northam has demanded all your guns, Virginians, and volunteered “comfort care” for live aborted babies (comfort care is normally reserved for application in end-of-life situations where the goal is to reduce pain and agony).

Documents uncovered from earlier this year show that Virginia governor Ralph Northam obtained talking points on abortion policy from both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

The documents were released today by Judicial Watch, which filed requests in February under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, seeking records of communication between Northam’s staff related to abortion or the abortion bill sponsored earlier this year by state representative Kathy Tran. The group also requested records of communication between Northam’s staff and Planned Parenthood or the abortion-advocacy PAC EMILY’s List.

Judicial Watch filed the requests immediately after Northam defended Tran’s abortion bill, which would’ve amended Virginia law to allow abortion later in pregnancy and, as Tran admitted in a hearing, even during delivery. In a late-January radio interview, Northam attempted to justify his support for the bill, saying: “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated, if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

You say all of that to the Almighty during the judgment and see what He thinks of your comfort care, Ralphie.

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  1. On December 11, 2019 at 9:09 am, Fred said:

    Other memes of Ralphie avail @ProGunFred on Gab. WiscoDave has an excellent one as well, check his gab feed but it’s also in ProGunFred.

  2. On December 11, 2019 at 10:01 am, Van said:

    Call me crazy, but I bet he’s a NAMBLA supporter as well…

  3. On December 11, 2019 at 12:28 pm, Phil Carson said:

    More important I’m saying is it’s looked like for a long time it was coming down to this in Virginia. Not that it would be Virginia in particular, but it was inevitable the bastards where going to select a state to go full retard hoplophobe, it is only fitting the human extinction movement would include a group of dirty stinkin’ commies who are baby genocide blood soaked despots who where installed via the system of state level vote fraud and gerrymander, it’s all par for the course with these scumbags. For instance Virginia hosts all the federal peeping fucking pervert agencies, so there’s that particular vested interest in keeping the territory of Virginia from falling into Patriot hands. Virginia has always been a terribly bitter pill for the Fabian’s, it was a critical state in the 1st war of session from tyranny, because of John Mosby and his regiment of 4th Generation warriors it remained a serious threat never subdued in the flank of the northern yankees for the entire war, and as with NH, VT, Ma, Mass, Conn Virginia undoubtably was targeted for control by 5th column deep staters to keep the people from a repeat in the first two wars of session from the yankee’s and their Fabian masters.

    The important thing here is that I know I’m in very good company of a legion of us Freemen who have made our peace with the Almighty and in our heart of hearts.
    In certain ways that really count it is fitting Virginia is the place where the 3rd war of session originates.
    One thing I’m kind of wondering about here being Virginia is the back yard of the deep state. In the kind of 4th Generation warfare thats on the menu territory is critical, either holding it or denying it, the deep state will have to commit an inordinate number of actors to holding and keeping secure for itself and it’s human resources the territory of Virginia, which because of the nature of 4th G war and the terrain it is only natural the conflict spreads into WV, iunto the deep hollows of south eastern coal fields of Kentucky/Tasewell Va. area, down thru the Cumberland Gap, south into the Smokey’s of North Carolina of Kings Mountain and like such natural 4th G warfare territory, all places which in war of session 1 & 2 where contested territory.
    The interesting thing here from a strategic aspect is where does the regime acquire the man power to take and hold territory it must if it is to retain raw naked power over the territory of the FUSA, it has squandered vast treasure in maintaining it’s illusion of legitimacy, never mind whats gone to greed and avarice, meaning their resources in materiel, weapons, and combat competent solders is a very finite resource when you consider what it requires to hold all their key territory with the level of control necessary to maintaining the jackboot of control.

    Take Virginia and multiply it say 48 times for argument sake:

    The US is one freaking huge piece of real estate, as Fred The Great said he who defends everything defends nothing.
    Every difference imaginable between maintaining raw naked, political power, when those you enslave are not shooting at you.
    Change the dialectic into a war of 4th G leaderless insurgency and or very small infantry combat squad level action, not including the inevitable so called “lone wolf” type of activity that most military experts poo poo, it’s simply human nature and kind of a American style of warfar, where the skills of gun handling, close country hunting and other hunter gatherer skills and traditions, and the self reliant stubborn nature of not a few Freemen, and the so called deep state has a tiger by the tail and it’s a critter thats not going to stop till it decides when its time to stop.

    These idiots and clowns and I mean that with complete sincerity, are causing and effecting the very kind of warfare it is the most ill equipped to deal with. Centralized regime power will end up creating more Patriots than their brain trust could concieve in the first place, mostly due to it’s inability to effectively fight counter 4th Generation war, it does not have the right resources, therefore it will as it does with all resistance to it, double down and in the case of open armed resistance to it it will employ ever more ruthless dispicable measures, creating a litany of horrors which will serve to create more steadfast enemies, more than it can thwart never mind vanquish.

    In many ways such a war these worthies are jonesing for is exactly what Dr. Liberty proscribes, the perfect proscription. Things really could not happen any other way.
    I’ll throw this out there, which I believe those of us who got a mind and have made peace with the inevitable, that because I’ve made peace with my maker and my heart for whats coming, you become cognizant of the simple realities and truths, a great cleansing of America is necessary. It is the inevitable thing because the evolution of Liberty is naturally going through stages in it’s eventual total victory, in a total war of resistance to, and over tyranny.
    Even the loss of republican form of government as founded was a componant of the natural course our Liberty is taking thru it’s growth into maturity. It is important to understand what created dirt people America is called the 5000 Year Leap because for the first time in all of history of people actual living functioning recognized Liberty was born and existed, so it is essentially a foundling in the arena of ideas and agency of the dirt people, and only the dirt people, Liberty simply, the cold hard truth, does not belong to any others.
    More people over the previous 245 years or so in America have lived under Liberty, than of all the people ever lived on earth, in all the 5000 years of known history, including the 245 years America has existed.
    I think it is reasonable, rationable to suppose with Liberty we all got a steep learning curve to live up to. This thing called Liberty, and especially it’s blessings is a BETA case of profound world changing dynamics. It is no coincidence then the tyranny breathing down our throats is happening. In my way of thinking I get the notion right now we are in the midsts of a hail mary thats been building for 245 years for despotism to once and for all liquidate Liberty and put it back in its box. But, it is a fruitless effort in the larger sphere of history. Don’t make whats coming easy or less ugly and bloody. But it’s a great thing indeed that Liberty wins in the loing run, it wins at every stage, in all it’s myriad ways and it’s blessings, which we enjoy and appreciate every day in spite of those who presume to deny us the fruits of our labors and the natural rights we hold as sacred.

    Call a cat a cat. Ralphie is a punk, a smart mouth coward, a consumate liar and poser, his associates come from the dregs of civilization, faggots, child molestors, grifters, the corrupt of the corrupt, who else would violate the trusts and codes of representative office, they are liars, thieves, usurpers, the most corrupt kind, the barrel scrapings of organized crime regime syndicates, cannon fodder of the globohomo human extinction movement. These scumbags are incapable of functioning in our prudent civilized culture of The West, the job of usurper fits them to a tee.

    Be nothing better if they all to a scumbag got the dirt nap. Who better to assure that task happens than the serfs and slaves they intend to subjugate, how fitting it is our cause and our rifles that causes their demise.

  4. On December 11, 2019 at 2:53 pm, Bill said:

    I believe his daughter and son are both being tracked..

  5. On December 12, 2019 at 4:11 pm, selecto said:

    My bags are packed and I’m ready to leave.Did it before in 67 and willing to do it again now.

  6. On December 14, 2019 at 5:28 am, Dan said:

    Just an FYI……posting this meme/images to FarceBook will run you the very real risk of getting a “time out” from the FarceBook Nazis.

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