Giffords Law Center Presents Anti-Gun Arguments That Contradict Not Only The Constitution, But Their Own Positions

Herschel Smith · 22 Apr 2020 · 4 Comments

In an Amicus Brief submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Miller versus Becerra, the Giffords Law Center and associated attorneys make the following argument. Such combat-style features distinguish military rifles and their semi-automatic counterparts from standard sporting rifles, and are not “merely cosmetic”—they “serve specific, combat-functional ends.” H. Rep. No. 103-489, at 18. The Regulated Assault Rifles include features that…… [read more]

Second Amendment Post Yanked From Nazareth Police Facebook Page

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

The Morning Call:

A Nazareth police officer went rogue on the department’s Facebook page Wednesday morning, according to borough officials, encouraging gun owners to “exercise your 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms” in the wake of a homicide and carjacking this week in Palmer Township.

Nazareth police Commissioner Randall Miller said he learned of the post after receiving a call from the mayor and had it removed immediately, acknowledging that it could have been interpreted as vigilantism.

On the police Facebook page, the department wished the public a “safe Thanksgiving vacation,” gave details of the crimes that happened Monday and Tuesday night in Palmer, and then said:

“We ask and encourage those of you who are responsible and educated enough to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Providing you can and are legally able to possess a firearm and that you follow the Pennsylvania laws and local ordinances when doing so … If when ever possible CALL 911 FIRST, if you believe you see someone or something suspicious. Do not engage and use Extreme Caution!”

A police officer must have indeed gone rogue in order to suggest that someone exercise their second amendment rights.  I’m glad that the police chief had it immediately removed, because someone might have been able to save his life or the lives of loved ones in the case of attempted homicide without the assistance of the police.  They might begin to be responsible for themselves.

Actually, sarcasm aside, it’s sad that the chief equates suspicious looking people with attempted homicide, and assumes that the knuckle dragging dirt people are so stupid that they cannot differentiate between the two.  It sounds to me like the town needs both a new mayor and police chief.  The cop who posted this on Facebook can stay.  And dump that damn Facebook page, guys.  Facebook is for making Mark Zuckerberg rich.  You don’t want to do that.

Pat Condell On How Europe Has Turned Into A House Of Horrors

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

Coming to a neighborhood near you very soon.

He Was Out There Acting As A Police Officer, When He Has No Police Powers

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago


A Converse man who used his AR-15 rifle to detain four men he thought were going to burglarize his neighbor’s home last month now finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Coty Bob McDonnell, 31, made his initial appearance Monday on a charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor, but the case was reset for next month.

Converse police arrested McDonnell on the night of Oct. 22 or early Oct. 23 after he detained the men, believing they were burglars, according to an account provided by his neighbor, Doug Stearns, and his lawyer, Daniel De La Garza.

Charging him might have a chilling effect on Texans who want to protect their property, they argued. McDonnell himself declined comment, citing the pending case.

Texas law gives some leeway to persons who believe they have been asked to protect the property of a third party, allowing the use of deadly force to prevent theft or criminal mischief, but the circumstances of McDonnell’s case differed considerably when described by police and his neighbor.

Converse police say McDonnell went too far when he chased the four down the street and blocked their way out with his vehicle. The four were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, but not burglary. They told officers they were on their way to a party, according to a police report.

A Converse man who used his AR-15 rifle to detain four men he thought were going to burglarize his neighbor’s home last month now finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Coty Bob McDonnell, 31, made his initial appearance Monday on a charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor, but the case was reset for next month.

Converse police arrested McDonnell on the night of Oct. 22 or early Oct. 23 after he detained the men, believing they were burglars, according to an account provided by his neighbor, Doug Stearns, and his lawyer, Daniel De La Garza.

Charging him might have a chilling effect on Texans who want to protect their property, they argued. McDonnell himself declined comment, citing the pending case.

Texas law gives some leeway to persons who believe they have been asked to protect the property of a third party, allowing the use of deadly force to prevent theft or criminal mischief, but the circumstances of McDonnell’s case differed considerably when described by police and his neighbor.

Converse police say McDonnell went too far when he chased the four down the street and blocked their way out with his vehicle. The four were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, but not burglary. They told officers they were on their way to a party, according to a police report.

“These kids just stopped in the roadway to change drivers,” said Assistant Chief Rex Rheiner. “He pursued them, and when he pursued them down the road is when he left the realm of protection of property.

“He pointed the weapon at them,” Rheiner added. “He was out there acting as a police officer, when he has no police powers.”

Stearns, 51, an Air Force retiree, said he had asked McDonnell to keep an eye on his house while he was out of town and gave him a key. Their subdivision has had a rash of burglaries and recently saw a Converse school vandalized, he said. McDonnell even mowed his lawn and took care of his cat, Stearns said.

Stearns said McDonnell told him he had noticed a car coming down the street with its lights off and when it stopped near Stearns’ home, three men got out and approached or entered Stearns’ driveway. McDonnell grabbed his rifle and approached them and, “They said, ‘Oh (expletive), there’s somebody here,’” Stearns said.

McDonnell prevented the group from leaving in the car they arrived in, but had put away his weapon by the time police arrived, according to Stearns.

He called the prosecution a waste of time and money.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Stearns said. “We should be able to protect our homes and do so in a way that doesn’t cause a loss of life.”

Most states don’t recognize the right to deadly force to prevent theft, but Texas does if I’m not mistaken.  So does Missuouri, to some lesser extent.

The police chief doesn’t really know how this all went down, since he wasn’t there.  I don’t know either, but there’s just something that tells me the founding fathers would have looked askance at the notion that a blue costume somehow grants powers that other men don’t have.

It seems to me that the real problem here is that the chief is offended that someone else out there sees himself empowered.  The chief would have defended until his dying breath the right of his officers to wield weapons at night in the presence of suspected thieves and detain anyone they deemed appropriate.

It’s the blue costume, folks.  It’s special.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving 2016 with family and friends and enjoy good times together.  I encourage you to ponder the things God has done for you.

I am thankful for my work, my children, my wife, the pleasures of life, the readers on this blog, and most of all, unmerited favor from God – His grace which saved me through Jesus Christ.  I am thankful to be called and numbered among His own people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marine Corps Wants To Put Suppressors On Rifles

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

In a series of experiments this year, units from 2nd Marine Division will be silencing every element of an infantry battalion — from M4 rifles to .50 caliber machine guns.

The commanding general of 2nd Marine Division, Maj. Gen. John Love, described these plans during a speech to Marines at the Marine Corps Association Ground Dinner this month near Washington, D.C.

The proof-of-concept tests, he said, included Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, which began an Integrated Training Exercise pre-deployment last month at Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.

“What we’ve found so far is it revolutionizes the way we fight,” Love told “It used to be a squad would be dispersed out over maybe 100 yards, so the squad leader couldn’t really communicate with the members at the far end because of all the noise of the weapons. Now they can actually just communicate, and be able to command and control and effectively direct those fires.”

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian Wade, the division’s gunner, or infantry weapons officer, said the Lima companies in two other battalions — 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, and 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines — now had silencers, or suppressors, on all their rifles, including the M27 infantry automatic rifles. All units are set to deploy in coming months. The combat engineer platoons that are attached to these units and will deploy with them will also carry suppressed weapons, he said.

Suppressors work by slowing the escape of propellant gases when a gun is fired, which drastically reduces the sound signature. Used by scout snipers and special operations troops to preserve their stealth, the devices are also valuable for their ability to minimize the chaos of battle, enabling not only better communication but also improved situational awareness and accuracy.

“It increases their ability to command and control, to coordinate with each other,” Wade told “They shoot better, because they can focus more, and they get more discipline with their fire.”

Readers Joe and Jack sent this to me.  I have no difficulty in believing that suppressors have this kind of positive effect on small unit maneuver warfare tactics, techniques and procedures.  Anyone shooter knows that you either wear hearing protection, or you prepare for part of your pain to be sustaining the damage to your hearing.  I can only imagine attempting to control a small unit in warfare with this kind of noise.

My only caveat with this would be what this does to (1) muzzle velocity, and (2) barrel length.  Suppressors reduce muzzle velocity, but I don’t know how much this particular suppressor affects the M193 or M855.  Even a little reduction can cause a whole lot of ballistic differences, and that in itself may cause the need for another compensating change to small unit tactics.

Finally, as my former Marine tells me, heavy front end rifles are tiring and Marines looked for ways to reduce front end weight when they can.  Reduction in this case can only take the form of reduction of barrel length, which means yet another reduction in muzzle velocity.

Frankly, I see this as a positive move for the Marine Corps, but I’d like to see more data on this before jumping to any conclusions.  Wouldn’t you?

Pizzagate III

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

Performer Majestic Ape of Comet Ping Pong is performing to a crowd.  Listen for the following: ” … and little boys, and children.”

What’s her response again?

Pizzagate Tags:

Pizzagate II

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

In Pizzagate (we’ll call it Pizzagate 1), I linked the subreddit on Pizzagate as being the front end of the work to turn over the skeletons in Pizzagate (4Chan being the source of much of the analysis, while Wikileaks is the origin of the source material that started this whole thing).

This subreddit has been deleted for alleged Doxxing.  I wish it wasn’t so because reddit is easy and fast to access, with good coding support when something goes wrong.  But the new home for the Pizzagate investigations is now

It will take some time for full migration of users and adjustment of coding to handle the additional users.  Give it this time to mature.  In the mean time, I want to point out a few developments.

One of the entries that included a lot of links for your study can be found with the WayBack Machine.

Next, The NYT did an article allegedly debunking the whole notion of pizzagate, but I won’t link it here to send them traffic because it was worthless, with absolutely no factual content or research.  There were also many errors.  This is a migrated post that fisks the NYT article.  The fisk is conclusive and thorough, but I wanted to include one specific excerpt.

MISLEADING CHRONOLOGY: Kang commits a sleight-of-hand when she reports that Alefantis “looked online to unravel the accusations” right after he and his staff started receiving hate messages. Comet Ping Pong was first stumbled upon in the wee hours of November 4th. Alefantis’ instagram and Facebook accounts started getting threatening messages within hours from overzealous idiots on 4chan.

The Vigilant Citizen article that Kang cites was posted on November 15th, ELEVEN DAYS after Alefantis was first “exposed” on 4chan and reddit. Thus, there’s no way that Alefantis did a quick google search on November 4th and found the VC article.

If Kang had done a simple google search, she would’ve seen that on November 6th (within 48 hours of exposure), Washington City Paper published “Alt Right Conspiracy Theorists Obsess Over Comet Ping Pong”, featuring interviews with “Pizza Party Ben” and James Alefantis:

All it takes for the article to be proven a lie is to find one major error such as this one.  But there are a lot more problems than this.

Thus the writer knew nothing when she wrote the article, and knows nothing now.  This NYT article is fake news.  That (Pizzagate is fake news rather than the idiotic debunking by the NYT) is what the MSM wants everyone to believe, it’s what the clan of criminals is trying to convince everyone to believe.

Yes, every man I know talks about handkerchiefs and pizza and the ages of children.  Yes, every family-oriented pizza parlor I know has drag shows.  Yes, every man I know posts pornographic pictures to Instagram.  Yes, every family-oriented pizza parlor I know has sadistic “artwork” on the walls, and every man I know hangs out with convicted child traffickers and pedophiles.

Um … no.  None of those things is true.  I don’t know anyone like that.

As a final note, I receive a lot of interesting traffic to this site, once from the executive office of the POTUS, once from the offices of the SCOTUS, many visits from military network domains (Army, DoD, Navy which includes Marines, etc.), State Department, Department of “Justice,” and on the list goes.  I got such hits when I covered rules of engagement and my son’s deployment, but I continue to and I’ve kept my original military and government readers, or I’ve lost them and added some more in their place.

Today I received one from the CIA.


So tell us why you’re here sir?  In fact, you and the NSA know all about these awful things and haven’t told anyone about the suffering children.  Such a thing might affect your comfy home in White Flint, or Bethesda.  Why don’t you drop me a line and tell me about it?  Doubtless, you know more than I do.  So why were you here?

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Denver Sheriff’s Department Fined By Department Of Justice

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

Washington Examiner:

The Denver Sheriff Department will accept a penalty from the Department of Justice after a federal probe found it wrongly made U.S. citizenship a job requirement during a recent hiring spree.

The sheriff’s department — the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado — will pay a $10,000 fine after it required applications for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens when hiring from the beginning of 2015 through March 2016. The department went on a hiring spree of 200 deputies as part of its ongoing reform.

[ … ]

The Justice Department made the announcement on Monday, saying the sheriff’s department violated the Immigration and Nationality Act without having an exemption.

Because Isaiah 5:20.

Well hell.  Why don’t we just hire the North African Muslims terrorizing Europe to be Sheriff’s Deputies?  Oh wait.  I don’t want to give the Obama “justice department” any more ideas.

Travis Haley On Zeroing Your Carbine

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

I found a lot of what Travis has to say in this video very helpful and useful.  I think you will too.


BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 6 months ago

There is so much going on a that I cannot even begin to summarize it.  You’re going to have to visit for yourself to see the developments.

But occasionally a thread is posted that needs to be preserved.  YouTube has taken to censoring, reddit has deleted threads, and Twitter is a communist organization and so it cannot be trusted with anything.  I wanted to pass this thread along for your consideration.  It is from a self-claimed MSM journalist who cannot go public.

We are told the work on /r/Pizzagate (and other message boards) is illegitimate because people are rushing to conclusions, or because they are being paranoid, or partisan (despite so many of different political complexions provably working together). The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes.

But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes? It wouldn’t be a first; after all, democide (death by government, a word surprisingly absent from conversations) was the first cause of non-natural deaths in the 20th century. Whether one is from the right, left, or center, one cannot deny government is the number one abuser, enslaver and serial-killer in History. We may honestly disagree on the ways to eradicate the phenomenon, or we may regret that fact, but we cannot deny it.

So, if the State itself is committing crimes, it is the people’s sovereign and sacred duty to expose it. Those who understand this truth best tend to become journalists. At least, that’s what drove me to the profession.

Now specifically on this work. First, there is context; institutional child abuse is already a common-knowledge phenomenon. From the Presidio affair to Jimmy Saville and the BBC, or from the Vatican’s historic involvement in covering-up pedophilia to US legislators’ documented trips on the “Lolita Express”, from the questions still surrounding Dutroux to the Hampstead doubts, the scourge has been featured in the news, movies, documentaries, art work. There have also been many policymakers, prosecutors, investigators and victims denouncing the very phenomenon; see for example British MP John Mann passionate speech before Parliament on the subject last year, or the extensive report by former undercover Interpol agent (Bannon). Indeed it is a secret de Polichinelle. So the only possible disagreement can be on the scale and systemicity of the phenomenon.

To honestly decide whether that’s what we are seeing in the Podesta emails, please have a look at this one example. Look at the invitation at the end of the thread. Ms Luzzatto is inviting people (among which are John and Mary Podesta) to a farm in Lovettsville. This is what she says:

We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

Impossible, you say? They couldn’t possibly be speaking about abusing the children! After all, what step-grandmother would offer three innocent children up for group abuse?

This is how invitee Drew Littman answers the invitation:

I’ve never had an affair, so I pass the Walter Jones test.

If you aren’t aware, Walter B. Jones has for 20 years been the U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district; in DC he’s regarded as the absurd caricature of a do-gooder, i.e. he is a noble man indeed.

Agreed, if that example was the only one, one could dismiss it as baroque misinterpretation. But there’s more, much more. Let’s not even get into the handkerchiefs and codewords – even though “cheese pizza” is a known euphemism for “child porn” (and there are abundant examples in the Podesta emails where that term is used in very strange and out-of-context manners).

How about the fact that John and Tony Podesta are old friends of Jeffery Epstein, Dennis Hastert and Clement Freud, three convicted child molesters? Who has so many child rapists as friends? Who stays friends with child rapists after they’re exposed and convicted?

How about the Katy Grannan photos plastered around the Podestas’ mansion, depicting naked teenagers?

How about Tony Podesta writing he’s “very good and a little wired” from being seated next to “the kids” on an airplane?

How about the underground vault on the Podestas’ property which admittedly allows them to watch “very complicated video pieces”?

If you are feeling ill-at-ease, that reaction is honorable. And the worse thing is you haven’t yet seen much. But for more, you’ll have to look for it. Indeed one might be breaking statutory laws by linking to some of the clues Internet sleuths have found in the past three weeks.

For example, did you know James Alefantis, listed 49th “most influential” person in DC by GQ, chef and White House regular, boyfriend of David Brock, owner of Comet Ping Pong, had an Instagram account filled with references to and depictions of child abuse and torture? Indeed it’s not just the frescoes in his restaurant or the “artists” he hosts there; it’s not even the fact his menu and the logos of three other iconic businesses next door feature FBI-recognized pedophilia symbols. No, this is about his own posts, pictures, comments and friends on social media. Again, you’ll have to look it up for yourself. It is hardly ambiguous. Indeed it is Alefantis who puts the pizza in #Pizzagate.

If that surprises you, did you know Arun Rao was caught “liking” several of Alefantis’ creepiest toddler Instagram posts? Again, that could be dismissed – only there’s all this context, and the fact Mr Rao is a Assistant US attorney, and charged with prosecuting child pornography and abuse.

And if you’re still not distinguishing the pattern, did you know that Laura Silsby (Gayler), the woman caught trying to smuggle thirty-three children out of Haiti (a country where the Clinton Foundation isn’t without controversy), whose release from jail became a personal matter for Ms Clinton, thereafter became an associate of MyStateUSA, which changed its name to AlertSense, and which is the one providing the technology to issue Amber Alerts?

Enough already. If anything I have proven the legitimacy of the following question:

Is there a systemic pedophilia problem in Washington DC, as we already suspect there is one in Hollywood?

In terms of national systemicity, the statistics are eloquent. The International Centre for Missing Children (ICMEC) estimates that 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world. Of that number, according to U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States alone — a rate of over 2’000 missing children each day — with 466,949 of those cases entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database in 2014. With a current child population (aged 0 – 17) of around 74 million in the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice figures equate to around 1 child in every 92 going missing in the United States each year.

This looks like a systemic problem indeed. Childhood disappearances outnumber cancer deaths in the United States by one third.

Therefore, given the sheer amount of leaked emails, and the suspected phenomenon’s scale and repartition, it is likely the data dumps (Podesta and other Wikileaks, Guccifer 1/2, DNCLeaks, etc.) provide some clue to the problem. Therefore, they should be investigated thoroughly under than particular lens, and suspicions need to be corroborated with other (and previously) known facts.

So, my fellow journalists, why aren’t you all looking into this? Is it easy for you to dismiss it as confirmation bias?

I’m not going to answer the question for you. At least hop on the bandwagon: this is coming out with or without your help. But remember some moments are defining, in one’s career, for one’s conscience.

I’ll conclude with two excerpts of the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (kind of our own Hippocratic Oath).

The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power.

[A journalist’s duties include] respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to him, … defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism, [and] not suppressing essential information.

… and one question:

If this doesn’t matter, what does?

Do you see?  The MSM knows all about this.  They’re ignoring it because it isn’t there find.  Wikileaks released the raw data, and Reddit and 4Chan is performing the hard work of analysis.  The MSM doesn’t like the implications of all of this for their own party, so it cannot be true.  Or if it is, Reddit is rushing to judgment.  Either way, it’s time to go home and drink wine and eat cheese at the nearest political gathering.

David Seaman had a very good video on YouTube that went viral, but it was graphic (showing “artwork” from Comet Ping Pong), and YouTube claimed that it violated their terms.  I’ll embed one below that is a little more tame.

In the mean time, what has happened today is that a researcher on Reddit/r/Pizzagate discovered over 25,000 Twitter accounts related to or following those who are involved with pedophilia.  All of these accounts have been deleted.  And the account of the researcher who found this has been deleted.  There is a massive cover-up.

Twitter has been hosting pedophilia services for child molesters.  This is how far and wide this ring runs.  So let me explain what is going to happen over the next couple of weeks.

The MSM is irrelevant.  They don’t matter, they are all liars, and they are guilty of malfeasance.  We don’t need them anyway.  This has gone viral, past tense, it has already gone viral.  It is spreading by blog post, link sharing, Reddit users, 4Chan users and word-of-mouth.  During the coming Holiday season, especially soon with Thanksgiving, families will sit face to face across the table from each other.

They will talk.  Many people don’t know about all of this wickedness in the halls of power.  They will after Thanksgiving.  Those who don’t know will be appalled, stunned, furious, grossed out, and sickened.  Pizzagate has gone viral, and it’s geometric expansion happens this week.  There is nothing the censors can do to stop it.  Nothing.

If you are involved in this scandal, if you are somehow implicated in all of this, if you’re guilty of child molestation or pedophilia, if you are a financier of any of this, or if you engage in political gain because of the blackmail involved in this, we’re coming for you.  We’re going to get you.  You cannot hide, you cannot escape.

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