Antifa And Black Lives Matter Intelligence Report

Herschel Smith · 23 Aug 2020 · 8 Comments

Just who is Antifa? The American manifestation of the "Black Bloc" isn't new.  Antifa existed before now in Europe, but appears to have morphed into a more ad hoc conglomeration of people who have certain ideologies in common, some of whom appear to have been overseas. Department of Homeland Security intelligence officials are targeting activists it considers antifa and attempting to tie them to a foreign power, according to a DHS intelligence report obtained exclusively by The…… [read more]

Marines Weigh Closing Parris Island and San Diego To Open New Coed Boot Camp

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 2 hours ago

From the annals of I hate America, God and everything good and decent, comes this from the USMC.

The Marine Corps is considering a plan in which it could close its two existing boot camp locations and funnel all recruits to a new base where men and women would train together.

Marine entry-level training is a long way off from being able to meet a congressional mandate to make its East and West coast training bases both able to support gender-integrated training in the coming years, the Corps’ top general said on Thursday.

That is leading the service to study the option of opening a third training base in a new location to which all new recruits would ship, rather than spending cash on construction projects at aging training bases.

“Nothing, the way we’re organized right now, lends itself to integrated recruit training,” Commandant Gen. David Berger said on Thursday. “If that’s our start point — and it is — we have to get to a place on both coasts, or at third location or whatever we end up with, that … there are male and female recruits around.”

Both the Marine Corps’ recruit training depots have storied pasts — particularly Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in South Carolina, which was first used by Marines in the 1890s. Hundreds of thousands of Marines have stood on the famous yellow footprints on each base at the start of their careers before earning the coveted eagle, globe and anchor and title of Marine.

But with a new law bearing down on the service to make both locations support coed training — within five years at Parris Island and eight at San Diego — the Marine Corps is exploring different options, Maj. Eric Flanagan, Berger’s spokesman told

“The question becomes, ‘Are we better off just using [military construction] dollars to create a new third site, or put that money into our existing sites?'” he said. “No decisions have been made. We’re not investing any money anywhere else. It’s just an option we’re talking about.”

The Marine Corps hasn’t yet identified a state where the new boot camp location might be located, Flanagan said. In assessing the possible change though, he said they’re considering a lot more than just the need for coed squad bays and other facility changes to support gender-integrated boot camp.

Maybe put it alongside Portland or Seattle.  It would go well there.

A once storied, dignified institution, now degraded and shamed.  It’s all going according to plan.

White Folks Get Out!

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 2 hours ago

From reader Ned.  Actually, a .45ACP AR pistol carbine would work just fine for him if I wanted to go in that church, but like him, I encourage everyone to leave. It was a Unitarian church so they teach falsehood there.  They don’t believe in the deity of Jesus, so it’s a den of hell anyway.

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Chicago’s “Census Cowboy” Caused Needless Pain And Suffering Of His Horse

BY Herschel Smith
4 days, 13 hours ago


The horse ridden for 7.5 miles on the Dan Ryan Expressway during an impromptu protest Monday by a man known as the “Dreadhead Cowboy” would not have survived without immediate treatment and may still be euthanized, according to Cook County prosecutors, who said the treatment of the horse was the equivalent of forcing an 80-year-old woman run a full marathon.

Adam Hollingsworth, 33, was held on $25,000 bond during a court appearance Wednesday after he was charged with a felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal, as well as misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct, trespassing and other traffic offenses. He must pay 10% of that amount, $2,500, to be released from jail.

Hollingsworth has also been dubbed the “Census Cowboy” for his work with Mayor Lori Lightfoot to boost census participation in Chicago. He said he rode the horse on the expressway during rush hour in support of the #KidsLivesMatter movement — an initiative that aims to raise awareness and motivate residents to fill out the census to help communities receive better funding.

But Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said the horse was ill-equipped for this ride and was run almost to death.

Hollingsworth allegedly rode the horse onto the Dan Ryan at the 35th Street feeder ramp at around 4:30 p.m. Deboni said the horse spent most of the ride galloping, but it did not have on proper shoes for the pavement, which caused bleeding and “extensive damage” to its health.

Listen to me.  Listen to me.

Needless pain and suffering.  People who live according to God’s law don’t cause it to humans or animals.  The hunter cares about the ethical kill, and eats what he kills, or kills in self defense or defense of family, home and hearth.  He doesn’t trophy hunt, or kill for the sport of it.

True horsemen know how to care for horses.  I am a horseman.  You teach them, train them, ring ride them, teach them voice commands and leg commands and reign commands, brush them, bath them, feed them, keep them in well-constructed stalls, clean their stalls, medicate them, shoe them, and get them seen by professional Ferriers.  This man is an actor – he is no horseman.

The mayor of Chicago is a thug.  The man who did this to this animal is a thug.  He rode the horse without shoes along roadways until the horse was lame and injured beyond repair.  The hooves were probably cracked and not trimmed before the ride, and the horse should never have been taken on this ride.

And by the way, Hollywood movies that show horses galloping endlessly are stupid, fake, farcical, and lies.  Riding horses that way will kill them.  You don’t gallop horses for hours on end.  No one does that.  Horses can cantor, lope and trot.  They can gallop for very short distances.  Not long distances.  They will come up lame, their hearts will explode, they will break bones.  They will exhaust, they will die of dehydration.

The man who did this to an animal is wicked.  I know this because I once trained quarter horses.  And because I wouldn’t do this to an animal.


Officer uses taser on girl outdoors at a football scrimmage … her crime? — Not wearing a mask

BY Herschel Smith
5 days ago

Via WiscoDave.  Dropped here without comment.  You know what I think about things like this.

Chad Wolf, Nominee For Secretary Of Homeland Security, Declares White Supremacists To Be The Most Persistent Threat In U.S. Politics

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 14 hours ago

After seeing trillions of dollars blown by a farcical pandemic threat and hundreds of thousands of small businesses destroyed, and after witnessing nearly a half year of looting, rioting, arson, beatings and killings by BLM/Antifa, it might interest you to know what your new secretary of Homeland Security thinks.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told a congressional hearing on Wednesday that white supremacists are the most persistent extremist threat in U.S. politics, but in Portland, Oregon the local federal courthouse was specifically targeted by protesters who had “this anarchist sort of ideology.”

He is a Trump nominee.

That means either Trump is in on the stupidity, or that he is such a bad judge of character and so out of touch with what the deep state thinks and how they undermine the republic that he rubber stamps whomever they bring to him for approval.

Man’s Best Friend

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 14 hours ago

With all the focus on two-legged threats recently, don’t forget about the four-legged kind.

Jennifer Stokya was visiting her mother in Arbor Vitae, north west of Fort Frances, when she was confronted by a bear in her backyard during a garbage run. Stokya said she lives in B.C. and just came down to visit her mother and help her with house chores.

“I stepped on the door step with full hands and fighting with trying to close the door behind me, I turned my back without looking up,” Stokya said. “Suddenly there was a loud hissing noise and a large paw whizzed past my head and it was a bear on his hind legs swiping at me.”

Stokya said she was trying to keep her dog, Dexter, from getting out the door. Although Stokya said Dexter is professionally trained to be off leash, he had been acting strange for several days and randomly growling at trees.

“Little did we know,” Stokya chuckled. “His swipe missed me and hit the garbage bag. He actually had me cornered, but thankfully the door hadn’t yet closed all the way, and Dexter pushed his way through the door and leapt into the air at the bear and successfully chased the bear up a tree about 20 feet away.”

Stokya said even while being chased by Dexter, the bear still managed to grab the garbage bag and a random loose coffee pod that had fallen out before running up the tree.

This is the season when bear sightings are most common. They are looking for food to add an extra layer of warmth before hibernating in the winter.

After calling the Ministry of Natural Resources, Stokya said they advised her to watch for the bear to come down and make noises to scare it away and make it feel unwelcome. However, the same bear came back wandering around the yard again.

“My mom spotted him first,” Stokya said. “She yelled and made noise and it didn’t even look at her. I came out and started yelling too and it at least momentarily stopped and looked at me and sniffed the air a little, recognizing me I guess. It wasn’t until my dog started growling and barking that the bear slowly ran off. I haven’t seen the bear since, but occasionally can smell that he is in the area.”

Stokya said a neighbour stopped by to warn them that he had spotted the bear behind the house when he he was driving by, so it’s still around.

“The next day the bear was back. But definitely not scared of us. I haven’t seen the bear, but definitely randomly could smell him so knew he was close by,” Stokya said.

“I was pretty shaken up for quite some time after, thinking of the close call, and how the whole situation would have been a lot different if I didn’t have my dog with me.”

Dexter’s treat for rescuing Stokya was steak for supper.

Who’s the good boy?  Dexter is the good boy.  That’s right.

Dexter is actually quite fortunate to have been a sole dog chasing a bear and to not only get away unscathed, but win the standoff.

More than one dog would have been even better.  If I lived in this neck of the woods, I’d carry a large bore handgun every step outside (and most of the time indoors).

But given enough of them, there isn’t an animal in North America who won’t run from a pack of dogs.  Even large predators will eventually give way to African dog packs.  In large enough numbers, they are an apex predator.

And our best friend.  At least, Dexter was.

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10 Best Ways To Defend Yourself Against Civil Unrest

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 15 hours ago

Shooting Illustrated.

Is your personal security worth the price of 3 seconds? Based on interviews with perpetrators who are now sitting behind bars, the most common denominator of victim selection is found to be an “unsuspecting victim.” That is, someone unaware of his or her surroundings and unsuspecting of a pending—potentially lethal—attack. This observable unawareness clearly labels you as a potential victim. You can think of this as a giant blinking neon sign pointing directly at you, reading “PICK ME” in the eyes of an attacker.

[ … ]

Situational awareness amounts to nothing more than observing your environment. We have a tendency to have our faces buried in our smartphones, texting or talking and completely detached from our immediate environment. From the predator’s perspective, this is equivalent to watching an ostrich with its head in the sand—easy prey.

[ … ]

Keeping a few medical supplies on hand could save your life or the life of another. A basic gunshot-wound (GSW)-trauma kit, including a tourniquet, combat gauze, control elastic wrap, chest seal and a space blanket should comprise the basics. The form/size of your kit should be a factor in your consideration. Is it compact enough for everyday carry? Will you carry it in your purse, in your car, keep one at your office?

Bottom line with a GSW kit is to win the fight, “stop the bleeding, help them breathe, warm not freeze and get ready to leave.”

[ … ]

Failing to create space, the defensive “A” answer, your very next option is to use whatever physical means at your disposal to get yourself into a position so that you can get out of danger with the least degree of injury. Inescapably, the one-word description for this is to fight.

Fighting is not easy. Fighting is not pretty. Fighting is pure violence of action. It transcends all language and cultural barriers. It requires full mental and physical commitment. It may be throwing a hammer at your assailant’s head or a scalding-hot pot of coffee in their face or slamming the point of scissors into your attacker’s left eye to cause a distraction. Whatever it takes to immediately fight your way out is always better than the alternative.

A few practical tips and pointers.  The best of all to me is, “Stay away from crowds.”  Don’t drive into it.  Find another way home, or to church, or wherever.

So What’s Happening In Louisville?

BY Herschel Smith
5 days, 15 hours ago

This should be a decent smattering of indication.

Kyle Rittenhouse – The Truth in 11 Minutes

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 14 hours ago

Via WRSA, this video is highly worth watching.  I had sent a note to Attorney John Pierce advising him that he needed to hire a very good media firm to capture all of the media before it was gone, and build it together into a true narrative to combat the lies.  It looks like he took my advice.

Cops: “Oh No, The Men Want To Form A Militia!”

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 15 hours ago

News from Pennsylvania.

A meeting of “like-minded and able-bodied” lovers of “freedom” and “the 2nd Amendment” from Mountain Top has been canceled after police raised concerns about what sounded like the formation of a militia.

Police spoke to the organizer of the event Tuesday morning about their concerns based on a newspaper notice announcing the event and the man agreed to cancel the Sept. 29 meeting, Wright Twp. Police Chief Royce Engler said.

“He was originally going to start a crime watch program. But the way that was worded, it didn’t sound like it was going to be a crime watch to us,” Engler said. “So we put a stop to that.”

The notice was published in the free Mountain Peaks Newspaper’s Sept. 17-30 edition.

Addressed to “all Mountain Top residents ages 21 to 65,” the notice urged interested parties to sign up at the banquet room at King’s Ristorante and Pizzeria at 49 S. Mountain Blvd. the night of Sept. 29.

Are you concerned about violence in the streets, mob rule, public safety, family safety, destruction of property and these things coming to our community?” the notice says. “Do you love America, God, and the 2nd Amendment? Support our police and want a safe community for your children and family to live in? Do you love American freedom as we have known it? If you are like-minded and able bodied, please join this cause in a proactive approach forming a Mountain Top Watch community to prepare for the unthinkable, which has already become a reality in many cities.”

Fairview Twp. police Chief Phil Holbrook said he had concerns about the wording of the notice and that he felt it sent the wrong message.

“He originally approached us about starting a crime watch, and we were all for that. A crime watch is a good thing, a good idea. The way he worded things, it obviously got a lot of people concerned and upset,” Holbrook said. “I think he just worded it wrong. From everything he said, I don’t think he was looking to start anything like a militia, or do anything like that. I think he just maybe worded it a little aggressively.”

The announcement of a Mountain Top Watch organization comes as a group of local youths has been working to hold a Black Lives Matter rally on the mountain.

Engler said he suspects the group’s formation was motivated by the rally, which has been in the planning stages for weeks.

Rally organizer Thomas Beurmann, 18, of Rice Twp., said he took the notice as a call to arms and a threat against his group’s efforts.

“It definitely seemed scary,” he said. “People (on Facebook) are saying that if something happens they’re going to go out with their guns and protect businesses and stuff, so just to see that it’s being organized was definitely a little scary.”

There are a number of significant failings here.  First of all, under 10 US Code 246, the militia exists, has a right to such, is legal, and the police chief had absolutely no right to interfere.

Second, the organizer had no right to back down because of this interference.  Third, the organizer should never have gone to the police to begin with.  It’s none of their business.

Fourth, I want to know what it means to have “put a stop” to the meetup.  What did the police chief do?  Is there a potential lawsuit here?

Fifth, given prog police chiefs like this, probably with “we’re special because we’re the police” officers working for him, any militia in this area should work more discretely and clandestinely.

Finally, give how spooked the people in this area are from mild-mannered wording like this man used, they’re light years from being prepared for what’s coming their direction.

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