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A SWAT Team Blew A Hole In My Two Year Old Son

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

By now you are all aware of the SWAT raid where in Cornelia, just outside of Atlanta, where cops threw a flash bang into a crib.  Here’s an update and first hand account, a perspective you need to hear.

After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.

Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. It’s been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he’s still covered in burns.

There’s still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs. At least that’s what I’ve been told; I’m afraid to look.

My husband’s nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn’t there. He doesn’t even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers – armed with M16s – filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.

I heard my baby wailing and asked one of the officers to let me hold him. He screamed at me to sit down and shut up and blocked my view, so I couldn’t see my son. I could see a singed crib. And I could see a pool of blood. The officers yelled at me to calm down and told me my son was fine, that he’d just lost a tooth. It was only hours later when they finally let us drive to the hospital that we found out Bou Bou was in the intensive burn unit and that he’d been placed into a medically induced coma.

[ ... ]

As of the afternoon of 6/24/2014, Baby Bou Bou has been taken out of the medically induced coma and transferred to a new hospital to begin rehabilitation. The hole in his chest has yet to heal, and doctors are still not able to fully assess lasting brain damage.

So the officer prevented a mother from assisting her screaming child who had just had a hole blown in him, and lied to her about the condition of her child.  The man who did this deserves to be hung by his scrotum until it decays and falls off.  And unless you repent, you sorry sack of shit, God will not forget your actions.  You will pay for your sins.

But hey, the cops got to push around some folks, blow a hole in a child, perhaps inflict TBI, and go home safely at the end of their shift.  Mission accomplished.  I hope their mothers are all proud of what they’ve become.  Make sure, cops, to tell your mothers what you did that night.

We’re The Only Ones Pimping Enough

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 3 weeks ago

NY Daily News:

An internal investigation has unveiled years of police corruption at Washington state’s King County Sheriff’s Office when a deputy accused of helping his wife turn tricks in Seattle was arrested for promoting prostitution.

Records show Darrion Keith Holiwell, 49, was booked into King County Jail on Thursday morning on charges of promoting prostitution, theft and a drug violation after he became the subject of the investigation while on paid leave.

Sheriff John Urquhart unraveled the complex probe at a press conference and confirmed Holiwell pimped his wife on and took 80 percent of her earnings.

Holiwell used the cash to support himself while he took paid time off for an injury, and he apparently “needed the money,” Urquhart said.

His wife does not have a record of criminal activity, but was reportedly willing to work in the escort business.

Even though the couple was going through a bitter divorce with a vicious custody battle over their children, Holiwell served as her protector when she worked as an escort. She even took pictures of her client’s driver’s licenses and would send them to Holiwell.

Other than this, I’m sure they make a very nice couple.  And remember kids, only professional law enforcement officers can be trusted with firearms and authority.

Police Officer Mistakenly Fires Rifle In Court

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 4 weeks ago

CBS Miami:

A police officer mistakenly fired his rifle Wednesday morning while in court in front of the judge.

A Miami-Dade Police Officer, according to police, was demonstrating a scenario to a judge on the 30th floor of the Lawson E. Thomas Court House around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

After demonstrating, police say the officer mistakenly fired one shot from his police issued rifle, an AR-15.

The bullet hit the floor and there were no injuries.

Hey folks, forget what I’ve said about trigger discipline.  Remember that cops are highly trained, and are the only ones who can be trusted to own and use weapons.

Rapid Reaction Force And Arming Orders

BY Herschel Smith
3 months ago

WRSA has a link on a recent North Carolina National Guard rapid reaction force training exercise.  This is par for the course concerning the use of military to police American citizens, and the theoretical underpinnings were started a while back.  It isn’t to be taken lightly.

But I think there is a little more than meets the eye here.  Let me remind you of what we discussed concerning N.G. troops on the Southern border.  From one in-line commander, there was this.

Unfortunately, I must report that “Armed does not always mean “armed” as most Americans would understand. There are various states of being “armed.” These are called “Arming Orders (AO)” which define where the weapon “is,” where the magazine “is,” where the bullets “are” and where the bayonet “is.” They start at Arming Order One which could best be described as a “show of force” or “window dressing” in the worse case.

After considerable searching, I was able to find a complete copy of the Memorundum of Understanding/Rules of Engagement pertaining to the National Guard Deployment (“Operation Jump Start”), which I could then review.

After reviewing the MOU/ROE, I contacted several senior “in the loop” National Guard Officers that I have previously served with, to determine how many soldiers would be “armed” and their Arming Order number. After confirming The El Paso Times article that “very few soldiers there would carry weapons,” I was advised that during the next 90 days, amongst the few soldiers that have weapons, no soldier will have an Arming Order greater than AO-1, which means that an M-16 will be on the shoulder, there will be no magazine in the weapon (thats where the bullets come from), and the magazines stored inside the “ammunition pouch” will in most cases have no ammunition, they will be empty.

It was also conveyed to myself that in the unlikely event that a soldier is ever harmed on the border, the Arming Order will not be raised. Every individual I spoke to envisions no circumstance where there will ever be soldiers at AO-3/4, where a magazine with ammunition would be immediately available. Instead the soldiers will simply be kept farther away from the border if needed. They will be deliberately kept out of harms way.

So the question in a case of deployment like this would be, “Are they under arming orders?”  The most likely answer is no, although it would be interesting to see the actual arming orders for the N.G. during Katrina in New Orleans (not rumor, not innuendo, but a PDF of the actual arming orders).  In the mean time, there are more pressing matters.

… in recent years, military servicemen and women — many of whom are decorated — have found themselves increasingly targeted for surveillance, censorship, threatened with incarceration or involuntary commitment, labeled as extremists and/or mentally ill, and stripped of their Second Amendment rights, all for daring to voice their concerns about the alarming state of our union and the erosion of our freedoms.

For example, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program dubbed Operation Vigilant Eagle tracks military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and characterizes them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”

For example, Jose Guerena, a Marine who served in two tours in Iraq, was killed in 2011 after an Arizona SWAT team kicked open the door of his home during a mistaken drug raid and opened fire. Apart from his military background, Guerena had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home. [Editorial Note: My link on Guerena is here].

John Edward Chesney, a 62-year-old Vietnam veteran, was killed by a SWAT team allegedly responding to a call that the Army veteran was standing in his apartment window waving what looked like a semi-automatic rifle. SWAT officers fired 12 rounds into Chesney’s apartment window. It turned out that the gun Chesney reportedly pointed was a “realistic-looking mock assault rifle.”

Ramon Hooks, a 25-year-old Iraq war veteran, was using an air rifle gun for target practice outside when a Homeland Security Agent, allegedly house shopping in the area, reported him as an active shooter. Hooks was arrested, his air rifle pellets and toy gun confiscated, and charges filed against him for “criminal mischief.”

Although no toy guns were involved in Brandon Raub’s case, his fact scenario is even more chilling, given that he was targeted for exercising his First Amendment rights on Facebook. The 26-year-old decorated Marine actually found himself interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning, labeled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for standing by his views, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys.

On August 16, 2012, a swarm of local police, Secret Service and FBI agents handcuffed and transported Raub to police headquarters, then to a medical center, where he was held against his will due to alleged concerns that his Facebook posts were “terrorist in nature.” Meanwhile, in a kangaroo court hearing that turned a deaf ear to Raub’s explanations about the fact that his Facebook posts were being read out of context, Raub was sentenced to up to 30 days’ further confinement in a psychiatric ward. Thankfully, The Rutherford Institute came to Raub’s assistance and brought about his release. Even so, within days of Raub being seized and forcibly held in a VA psych ward, news reports started surfacing of other veterans having similar experiences.

A federal judge actually dismissed Raub’s lawsuit challenging the government’s Operation Vigilant Eagle campaign and its increasing view of veterans as potential domestic terrorists as “farfetched.” Yet what may sound farfetched to the courts is a grim reality to Americans who are daily being targeted for daring to exercise their constitutional rights to speak their minds, criticize the government and defend themselves and their families against overreaching government surveillance and heavy-handed police tactics.

This is even more dangerous partly because the judicial system sides comprehensively, completely, absolutely and without reserve with the police and all of their chosen tactics.  Before it’s time to worry over the N.G. or regular troops – many or most of whom likely won’t turn on American citizens anyway – let’s remember the daily and growing threat of the police.

Remember what Kurt Hofmann and I have been saying.  The easiest, fastest workaround to Posse Comitatus is the militarization of the police.

Police Answer False Alarm, Kill Family Pet

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 1 week ago

CBS Houston:

Round Rock police officers shot and killed a family dog after home’s alarm system was activated.

Hope Lane tells KVUE-TV that her granddaughter forgot to shut the front door all the way after leaving for school, causing it to blow open, tripping the alarm.

Two officers arrived to Lane’s home Friday, entering the house and shouting verbal warnings. Round Rock authorities say when they came upon the 120-pound Rottweiler named Bullet, the dog became aggressive toward them and made threatening actions.

That’s when, according to KVUE, the officers shot Bullet a total of seven times.

The dog was taken away by police by the time Lane got back to her house.

“I thought my dog would still be there, I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard,” she told KVUE. “Who told you to take my dog away?”

Lane said 8-year-old Bullet, who suffered from hip dysplasia, is not aggressive.

“My dog is in his home, in his room, laying down chilling like he does and he takes a long time. Anybody can come in the house and be like, ‘I thought you had a dog?’ And I do, but he’s not an aggressive dog,” Lane told KVUE.

Lane added that the dog’s blood was cleaned up off the floor, but that bullet holes remain in the wall and the futon Bullet slept on.

“That tells me something is not right,” she told KVUE. “I can’t speculate what’s not right, but something is truly not right.”

They didn’t just quickly leave if the dog did indeed approach them.  Because the police don’t care about your beasts.

And This Is Why We Can’t Trust SWAT Teams

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 1 week ago


On May 29 three people allegedly approached an East Point, Georgia, apartment posing as police officers, “intending to force their way inside” when the woman inside the apartment shot one of the would-be invaders.

According to WSB-TV 2, the renter “cracked the door to take a look outside and that’s when police say the three tried to push their way inside.”

Police say said that “one of the suspects raised a handgun but the woman fired first,” grazing one attacker “on the head and the backside.”

The suspects fled, but the wounded one was apprehended.

And this, along with bad muzzle discipline, and wrong addresses, and many more reasons, is why we can’t trust police when they assault our doors.

Houston Police Department Raid Grandmother And Autistic Boy In Wrong Address Operation

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago

The video has the complete story.  Notice the same elements I point to every time I link one of these sorry tales.  Lack of muzzle discipline (if you or I pointed rifles at someone we would be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon), lack of discernment, assumption that everyone is a criminal, destruction of private property, lose of confidence in the police, and refusal of the police to apologize or explain.

In fact, notice at the very end of the video.  The Houston Police Department obviously lied to the press, claiming that police never entered the home.  As I’ve said before in the context of the reflexive shooting of family dogs in SWAT raids (parroting one of my commenters), “if you need to speak with the occupant of the home, make an appointment.”  I don’t give a damn about your evidence-gathering.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Edgewater Police Investigate Officer’s Negligent Discharge Of AR-15

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 2 weeks ago

News from Florida:

An Edgewater police officer is under investigation for accidentally discharging a rifle while answering what turned out to be a hoax call, a police official said.

Timothy Huggins, a 16-year veteran of the Edgewater Police Department, discharged his firearm as he and another officer were at a home in the city checking out reports of a hostage situation, Edgewater police Capt. Joe Mahoney said Tuesday.

And, Daniel Mease, 25, a Marine veteran who said he was at his father’s Kumquat Drive home visiting for Memorial Day, claims Huggins was careless and negligent with the handling of his firearm.

The incident has set in motion an internal affairs investigation to determine the circumstances that caused the firearm to discharge, Mahoney said.

“We want to make sure that this type of accident does not occur again,” Mahoney said.

The hostage call turned out to be a hoax, Mahoney said.

Edgewater police were dispatched to 1924 Kumquat Drive at 8:20 p.m. Monday after getting a call from Hillsborough County authorities saying that they had taken a call from a man — Robert James Ware — claiming to have a hostage at the Edgewater home, Mahoney said.

“Hillsborough County dispatchers were able to link the call to the home on Kumquat Drive and we sent our officers there to do a well-being check,” Mahoney said.

Turns out Ware, who had the Kumquat Drive home as a previous address, is in the Collier County jail, an Edgewater police report shows.

According to Volusia dispatchers, Hillsborough investigators believed the hostage call was a “spoof call” — one that displays a different number than the calling phone — but needed to have Edgewater police verify it.

Huggins was one of two officers sent to the home.

“(Huggins) had an accidental discharge of his AR-15,” Mahoney said. “The bullet went into the ground and it did not hit a home.”

The report states Huggins’ “finger was outside the trigger guard at the time of the accidental discharge.”

Mease, who said he was outside the home when the other officers arrived, claims Huggins and the other officer were about 5 feet behind him when the rifle fired.

“I told them there was no hostage situation at my father’s house,” Mease said. “I told them nothing was going on and that I had just walked out of my father’s home.”

Mease said Huggins pointed the AR-15 while the other officer aimed a Taser at him and asked him for identification. As Mease, who retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after a seven-month tour in Afghanistan, walked to his car to get his ID, followed by the officers, he heard the shot behind him, he said.

A report states Mease got belligerent when approached by the officers and got more agitated when the firearm discharged. Officers had to wrestle Mease to take away a 9-inch knife he had on his side, police said.

Now for the event post-mortem.  Someone lied on the report.  Huggins’ finger was not outside the trigger guard at the time of the negligent discharge.  Guns don’t just go off.  Someone has to pull the trigger.  I suspect that he stumbled and had a sympathetic muscle reflex, causing him to squeeze the trigger.  A person can be trained to overcome this sympathetic reaction (like my son during his pre-deployment workup as a SAW gunner), but this officer is a goofball, and few if any civilian police will ever be trained to such a level.

As for the knife, they only imagined that they “had to wrestle Mease to take away a 9-inch knife he had on his side.”  They didn’t really have to do that.  They just made that up.  They could have decided to carry only their side arm, shake his hand, and ask how he was doing.  Instead they decided to act like members of the local gang.

Finally, as I note every time I write about these events (and they happen on a daily basis in America), notice the lack of muzzle discipline.  As one commenter of mine put so well, ”If you need to speak with the occupant, make an appointment.”  They have no right to invade domiciles and point weapons at people.  In this instance the police were played for idiots, and they decided to act the part.

Another LEO M-16 Goes Missing

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 3 weeks ago

News from Melbourne, Florida.

… the Melbourne Police Department has been forced to file its own missing property report after an M-16 rifle went missing.

The rifle was given to the department under a federal program, but now it’s nowhere to be found. Police said they realized the M-16 was gone during their annual inventory check in February.

“I know people will wonder, how do you misplace an M-16?” said Sgt. Sheridan Shelley. “Well, our inventory system, since this incident, is being reviewed and changed.”

That could mean more than annual inventory checks of equipment at the department, officials said.

Melbourne police are also taking a closer look at who is allowed into secure areas.

The missing M-16 was last seen in a SWAT locker.

“The unfortunate thing is narrowing down an exact time or location when this firearm may have gone missing,” said Sheridan. “It’s very difficult.”

Yep.  People will wonder how a SWAT team “loses” or “misplaces” an M-16.  You betcha.  Us common civilians who aren’t allowed to own fully automatic weapons wouldn’t misplace ours if we had one.  In fact, I’ve never misplaced any weapon at all, ever.

Perhaps this situation is analogous to the one in Utah where a Sheriff’s deputy “forgot” that he took their fully automatic M-16 home and put it in his gun safe.

That’s it.  It’s “misplaced,” or “missing,” or someone “forgot.”

Militarization Of Police Intended To Handle Returning Veterans!

BY Herschel Smith
3 months, 3 weeks ago

News From Indiana (via David Codrea):

In an interview with Fox 59, a Morgan County, Indiana Police Sergeant admits that the increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a homegrown terror threat.

[ ... ]

Downing’s admission that the armored vehicles are partly about combating the threat posed by returning veterans correlates with similar rhetoric at the federal level.

An April 2009 DHS intelligence assessment listed returning vets as likely domestic terrorists. Just a month later, the New York Times reported on how Boy Scout Explorers were being trained by the DHS to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans” in terrorist drills.

The FBI has also repeatedly characterized returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as a major domestic terrorist threat.

Good grief!  First of all, returning veterans aren’t the problem – militarized police are.  Second, if returning veterans did decide to take matters into their own hands, if this idiot thinks that a bunch of fat ass, unqualified, keystone cop goofballs like Amerikan police would be able to handle combat veterans, he is living in fantasy world – a world of his own making because he wasn’t man enough to go to the sand box and do it himself.

Loud mouth coward.

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