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1 year, 5 months ago

Republicans, or people who vote for them, are still, in a bizarre act of idolatrous religious faith, counting on national-level voting to change things. Meanwhile, the communists are tearing at the foundations with increasing success. If you feel you should vote, even knowing your government is thoroughly corrupted, then do it; we believe there is a Biblical case for that, but let the idea go that anybody but Christ can save us now.

First, your District Attorneys continue to be replaced by communist party adherents, faithful only to Moa’s little red book.

Secondly, as we’ve warned, the defund police movement in some cities is moving to phase two of their operation. They only want control of the national security apparatus with which to destroy you. **Warning, not a family-friendly link** Hard-core violent communists are training the police to be party enforcers, which means you, dear religiously Republican voters, are being targeted for genocide.

Thirdly, these religious Republican voters scoff at the leftist State’s and City’s policies of allowing rampant crime and homelessness, never understanding that it’s being done on purpose. Crime, along with national tax policy and immigration, has been designed to drive leftist constituents into the Red States, turning formerly quiet, friendly, and quaint small cities and towns into communist enclaves, one Uhaul truckload at a time.

Why can they read this post, understand it’s true, yet live and remain in their fantasy? Shamefully, the next national-level election will be no different. Those going through the various iterations of the grieving process for America today will once more put on their denial dunce hats and start looking for a national savior by pushing the R button on the machines that are pre-programmed with the results.

Your enemy is at war, and your faith in a foundation you know has already been destroyed is silly. Seriously, it’s like watching a Benny Hill skit, and you’re the object of the caricature. Please stop; you look foolish. National politics is an open failure for all the world to laugh at in derision, and your religious adherence is making it worse. Unless you have the money and a plan to conduct a counter-communist revolution, then today should be the day you end your fantasy. Rend your clothes, stomp up and down, flop on the floor and beat your fists as much as you must, get angry and scream, cry and wail, eat a bowl of ice cream in your PJs sobbing, but end it today, no more whining and no more denial. Your country needs you, not Washington but your real country; the people who know you and love you are counting on you.

Sorry for calling you names, but seriously, stop being dodo birds.

No more politics. I love the direction that TCJ is taking;  you need a plan, practical knowledge, friends, tools, and the right spirit for what’s coming. Every moment you spend on politics is time wasted you could be spending on praying, training the young, teaching yourself craftwork, making practical application of pioneer, homestead, or survival skills, family team building, firearms and self-defense training, sharing the Gospel, deepening commitments among local trusted allies, etc., etc., etc.

Be a self-sufficient Christian. Nothing is more subversive than self-reliance, declaring Christ is King.

How Dick Cheney Created Anthony Fauci

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 7 months ago


By 2003, the Bush administration was requesting $2 billion in annual budget for biodefence — a sum that, as the Los Angeles Times noted, exceeded the combined research budgets for breast cancer, lung cancer, stroke and tuberculosis. That year, Bush announced in his State of the Union address that he would propose a further $6 billion for the development and stockpiling of vaccines over the subsequent decade, in addition to baseline biodefence funding.

The money was essential, but transforming a core element of America’s national strategic defence was as much about restructuring the governmental and human aspects of biodefence as it was funding them. In the case of research-based bioweapons preparedness, Cheney’s masterstroke was to remove the fragmented biodefence research programmes from various departments, institutes and centres, and place them under the aegis of a single institute: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led then, as now, by Anthony Fauci.

A 2003 NIAID article detailed what this shift meant for the relatively obscure public health agency: “In 2003, NIAID was assigned lead responsibility… for civilian biodefence research with a focus on research and early development of medical countermeasures against terrorist threats from infections diseases and radiation exposures. NIAID later assumed responsibility for coordinating the NIH-wide effort to develop medical countermeasures against threats to the civilian population.” While the statement is laden with references to “civilian research”, it included a crucial caveat that explains much about its role right through the Covid-19 pandemic: “Because new potentially deadly pathogens, such as avian influenza, may be naturally occurring as well as deliberately introduced by terrorists, NIAID’s biodefence research is integrated into its larger emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases portfolio.”

In other words, as far as NIAID was concerned, there was no meaningful administrative distinction between biodefence and scientific research. With the stroke of Cheney’s pen, all United States biodefence efforts, classified or unclassified, were placed under the aegis of Anthony Fauci. So important was this new command structure that a representative from the office of Scooter Libby, Cheney’s powerful chief of staff, was physically placed in NIAID headquarters in Washington during the transition to function as “a kind of political commissar” from the vice president’s office. This gave Fauci unparalleled access to not just Cheney, but President Bush, to whom he had an open channel.

Fauci now had a virtual carte blanche to not merely approve but design and run the kind of research projects he sought — and could do so with no oversight structure above him. Biodefence projects that formerly would have fallen under the authority of military or intelligence agencies were now under his direct supervision.

It’s this that explains one of the most bewildering irregularities surrounding Anthony Fauci: his compensation. As widely reported, Fauci is the highest paid member of the federal government, out-earning the President, four-star generals, senators, and Super Court Justices. His salary roughly doubled that of his own (nominal) boss, until recently, NIH director Francis Collins. Fauci’s giant pay packet can be traced back to 2004, the year after NIAID was made the country’s top biodefence authority agency. According to a report by Forbes, that year NIH deputy director Raynard S. Kingston wrote a formal memo to the agency’s director, Elias Zerhouni “to request that the current retention allowance [amount redacted] for Dr. Anthony S. Fauci be converted… in order to appropriately compensate him for the level of his responsibly in his current position of Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), especially as it relates to his work on biodefence research activities.”

Bush and Cheney gave us the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, and the broken war in Afghanistan.  Now we learn they gave us the wicked high priest of science, Anthony Fauci – and by extension, Covid and all of its destruction of the economy of the nation.  And Cheney of course gave us his horrible daughter.

Can anyone think of anything good Bush and Cheney did for America?

Game Wardens Might Be Watching You

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago

Field & Stream does a good job outlining the history of the Open Fields Act, the history of this issue, and what’s at stake.  It’s in three parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In part 3 the author writes the following.

There’s simply no getting around the fact that Hollingworth is a poacher, by definition. He has admitted to, been charged, and/or convicted of the following:

  • Chasing coots with a boat and shooting them with lead shot.
  • Shooting deer at night from a vehicle (though he insists his buddy pulled the trigger).
  • Shooting cliff swallows.
  • Shooting beavers at night on public land.
  • Baiting migratory game birds.
  • Shooting over the limit on ducks.

Hollingsworth told me that he believes that there should be some game laws—but he also said private-property owners should be able to shoot a deer or turkey any time of the year, so long as they use common sense and are shooting it to eat it, and that baiting waterfowl should be legal on private land, too, provided hunters adhere to the bag limits.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t so sympathetic.

That said, no matter how many past violations Hollingsworth has or how inexcusable they are, it is still fair to ask whether the wardens overstepped their bounds in this case. Did they go too far in planting the hidden trail camera? I think they did. And did they really need (as Hollingsworth describes it) to surround his home with multiple officers just to serve a warrant for a “stolen” trail camera? I suspect they didn’t.

Good grief.  Do you know how many bird species are included in the migratory bird act?  More than 800.  If a Woodpecker is tearing a tree apart on your property, and that tree, or group of trees, is (or are) necessary to prevent washes and fissures on your land, too bad.  You can’t kill it.  Chimney Finches or Chimney Swifts are protected.  If one gets into your chimney and dies for whatever reason, you have to live with the smell of death in your house because you didn’t drive it out of there before it died.

If a Killdeer nests in your gravel road, you can’t move it under Federal law.  I didn’t say not to kill Woodpeckers killing your trees.  I said that under federal law, you cannot do it.  These rules are stupid, concocted and promulgated by stupid and wicked men.

As for killing deer out of season, it would be nice for every man to be as well off as every other man, but that won’t happen in time and on earth.  Thus, some people just have to do what they have to do to feed their families.  I get the issue about modern game management techniques historically increasing herd size.  I really do.

But the creature isn’t above the creator.  And the creator gave man charge over the animal kingdom.  I am opposed to anything that gives government more power, because controlling men are always abusive.

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DeSantis Removal Of Soros-Backed Prosecutor In Florida

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago


On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he had suspended woke Soros-backed state attorney Andrew Warren after his declaration that he would refuse to enforce any Florida laws restricting abortion or transgender surgeries for minors.

“State Attorneys have a duty to prosecute crimes as defined in Florida law, not to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda,” DeSantis said. “It is my duty to hold Florida’s elected officials to the highest standards for the people of Florida. I have the utmost trust that Judge Susan Lopez will lead the office through this transition and faithfully uphold the rule of law.”

As awesome as it was to see DeSantis take such a stand for the rule of law, this story is even better than we thought. According to the executive order, DeSantis sent police to remove him.

As of the signing of this Executive Order, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by other law enforcement agencies as necessary, is requested to: (i) assist in the immediate transition of Andrew Warren from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida, with access only to retrieve his personal belongings; and (ii) ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida or any of his staff.

Awesome.  He didn’t engage in politics or speeches, he took action to remove the excrement.  This is even better than it appears on first glance.  From Ammoland, this guy was also rabidly anti-gun.

On Florida’s Stand Your Ground law: “As we said then, this law protects violent criminals & wastes resources by taking officers off the street and making us try cases twice – and has nothing to do with responsible gun ownership. And it’s slowed down the system, delaying justice for victims and their families.”

On Constitutional Carry: “Don’t let them fool you. This is ‘permitless carry’ – zero limits on who can carry concealed – and has nothing to do w/ the Constitution. This makes our neighborhoods less safe, and law enforcement doesn’t want it. You can’t claim to support cops while supporting this. No sane person thinks the 2nd Amendment protects owning a nuclear weapon, which means we recognize the Constitution clearly permits reasonable regulations on right to bear arms. The only issue is whether it’s reasonable to require permits to conceal – and it definitely is.”

On Modern Sporting Rifles: “Another mass shooting using a military-style assault rifle that has no place in our society. Another opportunity for us to do something. Another inevitable disappointment by our elected ‘leaders.’ And another difficult conversation with my children about their safety.”

On Florida’s preemption statute: “Who in Tallahassee is more hypocritical – extreme pro-lifers who oppose common sense gun laws that save lives, or so-called conservatives who profess local control but routinely bind cities & counties from solving local problems?”

So he’s gone now.  Good for DeSantis, a man of action.  Well, bye – you jerk.  Don’t come back.

Anthony Fauci Says If We Could Do It Again, COVID-19 Restrictions Would Be ‘Much, Much More Stringent’

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 8 months ago


“If I knew in 2020 what I know now, we would do a lot differently,” said Fauci in an interview on Monday. “The insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm, and there would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy encouragement of people to wear masks, physical distancing, what have you.”

He is a foul, loathsome little swine who looks more like a Ferengi instead of a pig.

What he’s saying out loud is that he would push more of the same that didn’t work to do anything positive for the health of America.

But the health of America was never the goal.  The subjugation of America was.  What he really means, but isn’t saying out loud, is that the subjugation didn’t work like they wanted it to, because people began to ignore them.  The science was so bad that even the most idiotic couldn’t ignore the fact that it’s unrelated to health.

Masking and distancing were school-child ideas, never worthy of serious consideration.  Not being taken seriously meant that their goals of mass population control was a failed experiment.

Queue up the next issue.

The Supreme Court On Public Speech And Religion

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 9 months ago

The title of the idiotic video at CNN is “Supreme Court further erodes the separation between church and state.”

The legacy media, and as for that matter, the cast majority of Americans, really lack any historical understanding of the nation or how and why it was founded.  Quoting R. J. Rushdoony:

“The establishments and settlements in the constituent states were definitely and specifically Christian.  In most states, single or plural establishments prevailed.  Where no church was established, Christianity as such was nonetheless firmly established.  There were religious requirements for citizenship and suffrage, religious oaths, laws prohibiting blasphemy, laws requiring a trinitarian faith, or a firm belief in the infallibility of Scripture, and laws barring unbelievers as witnesses in court.  Court decisions sometimes cited biblical law where civil law did not entirely fit the case.  In many areas, laws against unbelief were on the statute books.  A man could be imprisoned for atheism.”  Rushdoony, “The Nature of the American System.”

It’s absurd to claim that the constitution prohibits a prayer during a public event.  The very ones who signed the constitution were the ones who grew up in, and were part and parcel of, the political system Rushdoony just described.

But then, Americans don’t study history any more.  I made it through American History 101 at Clemson University without learning a single thing about American history.

Jesus, Guns and Babies

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 10 months ago


Mark Burns in South Carolina, for example, was an early Trump supporter in 2016. He’s an evangelical minister, a conspiracy theorist and pastor at the Harvest Praise & Worship Center. He’s running for Congress in the state’s 4th congressional district, and his platform reads like a grab bag of right-wing ideas:

  • Our right to bear arms is INHERENT, given to us by God almighty — NOT by any man;
  • If we don’t fix these elections NOW, America will be lost. Without open, honest, transparent elections, no other issue matters;
  • Life begins at conception;
  • Marriage is defined as between one man and one woman;
  • Critical Race Theory is Communist, anti-white Racism;
  • Vaccine and mask mandates are medical tyranny, and have no place in America;
  • The Pelosi budget opens the door wide open to full-blown communism.

A “grab bag” of right-wing ideas, you say?  It sounds like a reasonable list of things to run on to me.

The Salon writer is aghast at all of this.  Wonder what he would say if he found out I’m a Christian Reconstructionist and read R. J. Rushdoony?

Guns And The State As God

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 10 months ago

Via WRSA, this discussion was seen.  A few quotes from it, and then some remarks.

he’s yet another member of team “let’s create a state powerful enough to give me everything i want without realizing that such a state is also powerful enough to take everything i have.”

(or worse, knows this full well but presumes that it is he and his who will be wielding the whip hand and doing the taking and determining “the collective good.”)

but his argument is far more revelatory than i suspect he realizes and in it we may see both his incomprehension and the nasty shark smile of a desire to dominate by violence.

note that he cites “society” and “democracy” but not the rights that prevent democracy from devolving into that most vicious and inescapable of tyrannies, the tyranny of the majority.

and one sees glimmers of how chris sees the exercise of political power’s manifestation: to threaten violence to demand that the state do things for you. and this is telling. for the true reason for an armed populace has nothing to do with that. it is, in fact, the precise obverse.

the purpose of an armed populace is to PREVENT the state from doing things to the people against their will.

So far so good, and we can’t find anything with which to disagree.

where chris and many others like him go awry is that they do not understand rights. rights established under free contract may be positive, but just societal rights are always negative.

they state: i possess agency and so long as i am peaceful and do not violate the rights of others to such agency and property i am to be left alone to do as i will. nothing more. (but certainly nothing less)

chris and other big statists like him seek to enshrine into society some set of “positive rights” such as a right to education or to healthcare or to housing.

such rights are always and inevitably antithetical to the actual liberty of a republic because a positive right demands that others perform services or cede property to you whether they wish to or not.

this violates their basic (negative) rights to personal agency.

[ … ]

so here is the thought experiment:

if the rights of the individual are paramount, so must be the individual’s right to protect them.

to argue otherwise is to place the prerogatives of the state above the rights of the people.

and that is tyranny.

try to imagine a situation in which we the people fully cede a monopoly on the capability of effective defense against the state and still retain the ability to exercise our “right and duty” to “throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security.”

what real fundamental argument can one make that the state must have the power to subdue its people by violence and that the citizenry must be prevented from possessing the power to resist such predation?

try to imagine what such a state would look like and how you as a citizen could possibly trust it.

I take him to be a classic libertarian.  He says, “where chris and many others like him go awry is that they do not understand rights. rights established under free contract …”  And neither does the writer, I claim.

The contract is between the people.  Rights are not established in that contract.  Rights are recognized in the covenant, along with stipulations, blessings and curses.  Those curses (setting up a new system of government) are outlined in the very founding document of the country.

The writer makes some legitimate logical points when he observes that we should try to imagine what an all-powerful state would look like and why we should trust it.  However, he goes badly wrong when he says “what real fundamental argument can one make that the state must have the power to subdue its people by violence and that the citizenry must be prevented from possessing the power to resist such predation?”

That’s an easy answer.  The philosophical question of ‘The One and the Many” has been debated for as long as mankind has existed.  Recall the discussions of Parmenides, Socrates and Plato on the state, nature of reality, philosophers as kings, and other related topics.

The writer has no answer except to say that individual liberties are paramount.  We’re left with one side singing “nah nah nah nah boo boo, I’m right and your wrong, and this is my view.”  The other side repeats the song, and we’re back where we started.  Competing world and life views.

I am not a libertarian.  I am a Christian.  I honor the Lordship of Jesus, who is The Christ, the only sovereign of heaven and earth.  Individual liberties are not paramount.  The collective is not paramount.  Only the law-word of God is paramount.

Rights and duties come from the Almighty, and from nowhere else.  They come from God, and God alone.  He is the only sovereign and potentate.

I strongly recommend R. J. Rushdoony’s book “The One and the Many: Studies in the Philosophy of Order and Ultimacy.”  But in lieu of having this at your fingertips (you should order it), here he gives a very brief primer on his views of government.  Sphere authority.  Vocation, family, church, neighbors, etc., etc., with the state being only one of a number of governments over mankind, and not the ultimate authority.

He points out that the word sovereign is nowhere located in the founding documents, a statement that surprises the judges before whom he has testified as an expert witness in defense of home schooling, as the founders were studious to avoid it.

Two sovereigns cannot coexist.  If you want to listen to a 30 minute summary of Hegel, the roots of statism, the notion of the state as sovereign, the failure of the church, and proper government of man, you can do no better than this audio.  It will be the best 30 minutes you’ll spend this week.

That’s a promise.

The Buffalo Shooter

BY Herschel Smith
1 year, 11 months ago

Okay got it.  “Green.”  “Authoritarian left wing.”  Anti-Christ.

I don’t worship the environment.  I do not believe in authoritarianism.  I’m not left wing.  I’m a Christian.

Don’t you try to pin this on my people.

Rumors of Wars

2 years ago

Read Micah 7:3

Politics is a waste of time. Wicked reprobate politician A does such and such a sin against corrupt evil politician B? Why do Christians bother watching? We love our sin while reviling others. There’s a whole industry on TV around watching people so that we can tell ourselves; at least I’m not that bad. The person in the mirror is no less guilty before God.

Evil can’t cast out evil. Politicians will never solve what they purport to address because they use more sin to cover sin. It’s silly. Politics is like watching mindless morons walk around in circles bouncing off objects in their path. The problem is; they involve all of us in their nefarious plots.

War is the worst. There is always a conspiracy behind war. All wars have come with a raft of lies. Behind those lies are the lusts of the hearts of men as they desire to consume that which brings them the vainglory of money and power.

“From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” James 4:1-3

We have suspicions about why the church at Jerusalem was lusting for war, but that’s another topic. Almighty God got His vengeance and His glory against all parties involved when He ended the Old Covenant and brought in the New Covenant. Amen.

But, even today, how much more do men desire warfare? Men want wars because they lust for sins all day long. Some men don’t even care what’s at the root of a conflict; they just want to make war. None of this is of God.

Every manner of lie is told to convince the sinner, and all men are sinners, that war is good. Jesus said that the devil couldn’t tear down his own kingdom to bring about good (Luke 11:18). Even if the evil that resides in men wanted to cast out sin with all the fiber of its being, it can’t, and waring for good is absurd.

We’ll finally have the war to end all wars they proclaim. They said that having nukes would end all wars, yet the world has been at war since their first use. Governments will tell you anything to make you feel good about evil. They tell us that we’re the good guys and our cause is just. Are we? Is it? They’ll tell you anything as long as those in power can consume the spoils of war upon their lusts.

There is no good thing behind war. There is just self-defense and just defense for self-preservation in protecting hearth and home. The rest is a grave evil.

“All the kings of the earth shall praise thee, O LORD, when they hear the words of thy mouth.” Psalm 138:4

How do the kings of the earth turn to God that they no longer lust after wars? When they hear the word of God. How can the false prophets at the king’s table in America speak the truth when they are false? Our leaders are surrounded by false prophets and other “yes” men while chasing after the approval of the Oligarchs. How can they do any good thing at all? How can the rulers of this world hear the Gospel when Christians themselves lust after wars?

Dispensationalists love “wars and rumors of wars.” It’s disgusting. Preachers say it’s the end, Gog and Magog; the rapture is upon us because the State-run media said so, and you better crosscheck your Scofield bible with the newspaper headlines or live in darkness. They’re being lied to by State Propagandists masquerading as preachers. They abuse the name of our Saviour that they may also consume the money of the war machine upon their lusts. (Matthew 15:4).

American Christians wax sorrowful over abortion then foam at the mouth to bomb foreign lands for some “great good.” How can you be pro-life and pro-war? God sees your lies. The major denominations in America are organs of the State. The American Church seeks government to solve the country’s “social issues” as though they never heard of sin. Apparently, they don’t know what sin is and don’t know Him, the propitiation for it. American Christians are blinded.

All you can do is set your heart toward God, knowing your eternal station while serving Christ in faith. Christians waste countless hours on politics when they should be spreading the Gospel and building Christian communities.

“Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.” Isaiah 53:10

The pleasure of God for you prospers at the hand of Christ. The Lord Jesus was put to grief, an offering once for all, that having been raised from the grave, the Prince of Peace might rule and reign. Being made the seed of Christ, born again, brings salvation and rest. Not war, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to bring sinners to repentance.

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