Tactics For Engaging Green Light Laser Threats

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 9 months ago

Comments from Danny.

Riffing off the NPT theme, you will not defeat the horde standing in front of your domicile. Members of a NPT can operate in unison, one or two from different angles with high lumen spots to blind (especially if the spots have a strobe function) while other members of the team engage with weapons (as an obvious last resort) or with our own lasers. But blind with spots and lasers briefly and then move. Blind again from a different vantage point and move again, from the flank, the rear, etc. The goal is to spook the mob and sow fear and uncertainty. Just throwing it out there, how about blanks fired, again to sow uncertainty and hopefully a stampede of the mob. We should all have a considerable advantage regarding terrain, cover, lanes of ingress/egress in our own neighborhoods. I am not not could play a bona fide operator on TV. But I do have a very thorough knowledge of my AO in daylight or dark, can maneuver undetected, understand camo have NV and thermal to assist. Certainly YMMV and simply posit the above as a thought experiment hopefully with refinement from folks with more practical experience in hostile situations.

Oh, and pop up flares could be used as well. Much easier to launch w/o ones position being detected. Can we not also throw frozen water bottles, fireworks, wrist rocket projectiles arrows with small game tips instead of broadheads from the cover or darkness to sow fear and confusion? PCP air rifles might be a tactic when plunking them off the ANTIFA shields or helmets or vehicles (some of the recent reports of the incursions have mention support vehicles for the mob). Tire bang strips to disable the mob support vehicles? Paint balls on the windshields to limit visibility? All part of sowing doubt that your neighbor is the place to cause mayhem?

Questions, comments, observations and remarks?


  1. On August 12, 2020 at 3:44 am, Nosmo said:

    My impression is he’s saying “terrain is king” and “own your AO.”

    One could pre-position “tools of advantage,” as in buried tubing or flexible piping to discharge surfactants; a mixture of glycerin, very little water and liquid soap is quite slippery. A mob struggling to stay upright not only becomes combat ineffective, its members become easy targets.

    Targets for what? Anything from paint-filled balloons to 3K FPS projectiles, as needs dictate (a little glycerin or non-sudsing liquid soap in latex paint makes a rather clingy and slippery mixture, and power washes easily the next day).

    Add in “fun house stairs;” normal stair rise is 7-7.5 inches with all rises and runs consistent; stairs with random rises between 5 1/2-8 1/2″, especially with random length runs, are difficult to negotiate, extremely difficult to negotiate in a hurry, especially in the dark with no visual ques. Terrain modifications to funnel “visitors” onto such stairs, yet provide a hidden path around for the AO Owner, offer an advantage. Research the concept of “fatal funnel.”

    Various plantings can offer advantage, research “tanglefoot vines,” and don’t ignore the value of well-thorned plants. Adjacent to walkways and/or stairs, especially with the walkway/stairs off-cambered in their direction, and coupled with sharp-edged anchored rocks between plantings, and gravity is suddenly a defensive tool that’s on your side (“anchored” is important, one doesn’t provide free projectiles to the enemy; see: Masonry drill, rebar, epoxy).

    Terrain adjustments that allow easy movement around the perimeter by the AO Owner yet contain “visitors” in a particular area, especially passive “anti-visitor terrain features,” are relatively inexpensive, and sit quietly until they come into play.

    The list goes on.

  2. On August 12, 2020 at 7:41 am, blake said:

    Like the author, I know my AO pretty well.

    However, I have decided a mob like this shows up at my house, they get one warning and I start shooting.

    I plan to go from warning to lethal, as I don’t believe in gradual escalation or giving these people a chance to rethink the error of their ways.

    The sooner people realize that only overwhelming violence will stop this nonsense, the better off everyone will be in the long run.

    We’re well past the stage of thinking this is just a bunch of LARPers playing at commie revolutionary.

  3. On August 12, 2020 at 8:08 am, revjen45 said:

    A sling (think King David, not Wrist Rocket) can be used to launch any number of projectiles.
    Close your eyes and imagine a cloud of D-cells dropping out of orbit and landing amongst the rioters.

  4. On August 12, 2020 at 8:11 am, Ned2 said:

    One anonymous sniper would stop the rioting for good. Period.
    Why waste time with non-lethal methods? They’ll just come back for revenge.

  5. On August 12, 2020 at 9:09 am, Wilson said:

    If Trump just authorized deadly force against any person using a laser against federal LE the lasers would be put away. The public would support it.

  6. On August 12, 2020 at 9:21 am, MSG Grumpy said:

    I agree with Blake and Ned,
    When they bring their Riot, Loot and Burn Parties to my neighborhood, then our “civil” conversation has ended. It is apparent that our political royalty actually supports and encourages these RLB Parties (as long as they don’t go to their well guarded neighborhoods).

    You don’t need to kill the fly with a sledgehammer because of the fly, but because the other flies are watching.

    Spraying with dish soap has other benefits besides making ingress/egress more problematic. Notice that most if not all of the RLB Party members have googles and or glasses. Dish soap makes those eye protections a blind spot forcing them to choose to operate blind or open up to the follow up dose of CS/Pepper spray…

    MSG Grumpy

  7. On August 12, 2020 at 1:13 pm, Jorge said:

    In these times I think a really big bottle of pepper spray is a very useful thing to have on hand (especially in your car if you live in an area with antifa checkpoints).
    The front lines of these things have their carefully selected and dressed meat shields. Why so many pretty white girls in the front lines instead of the freak show crowd that composes much of their numbers? Because image is everything, they want to have the public appearance of being ‘normal’ for propaganda purposes.
    These meat shields don’t usually have all the protective gear, because it gives the game away. Pepper spray can disperse them nicely, and herd instinct can get the rest of the group on the run. The meat shields leaving exposes the violent actors and what they are doing (if any are still present). You see a guy with a laser still trying to blind you, treat him like someone trying to gouge your eyes out, because he is. Are there any lethal force statutes anywhere saying the threat must only be to life? All the ones I’ve seen include “great physical harm” or similar language, blindness is far more of a life changing event than losing both legs. The only thing you might need to explain is why you didn’t retreat. Plenty of options there, starting with the idea that you don’t have the greatest trust in the target discrimination of a psycho trying to burn your eyes out. Is he going to try to blind your kids, wife, girlfriend, neighbors, pets? Probably.

  8. On August 12, 2020 at 1:23 pm, John said:

    Food for thought:
    When zeroing for cowitness with a scoped rifle and mounted green laser in bright
    sunlight; at 25 yards I could not see the laser on a white background at 25 yards
    with the naked eye.
    Using the scope in conjunction with the laser brought the green dot clearly into
    vision at 3x. Cowitness was a breeze to set. Now think 75-100 yards where an
    opponents handheld laser is difficult to aim at a small target…

  9. On August 12, 2020 at 6:53 pm, Randolph Scott said:

    I agree totally with Blake and Ned. This is stand your ground territory(my state) and if I or my family feel threatened anytime or anywhere, I can kill the mob/rioters with no questions asked.

    My tactic to combat laser assholes is be on a roof, spot the mf’r with the laser, exhale and put a 308 pill in their head. One down. Pick out the number 2 prick with a laser… repeat.

    To quote blake “The sooner people realize that only overwhelming violence will stop this nonsense, the better off everyone will be in the long run.”

    That sentence is all you need to know about how to handle an antifa/blm mob. The only thing these communist bastards are afraid of is dying. My defense will be overwhelming violence on them.

  10. On August 12, 2020 at 7:10 pm, Danny said:

    @All Especially you Capn. You cannot know how humbled I am that a mere millwright, self funded engineer, inventor, salesman was featured on this blog, much less the thought experiment I posited generated the learned feedback I sought for the benefit of the group. I am speechless with humility.

    I was going to touch on and respond to each of your replies but I decided instead to say, let us spark our own revolution. A revolution of the minds of real men. Men that love their wife, chillins, gran chilluns, their mothers, their family. This is why. It’s simply to answer your grandson’s question on the other side of this. If it goes the way of the French revolution, no need to worry – your head will be in the basket. If not, you can say proudly, at all cost, you fought for right, holiness, justice – neh freedom. Brothers, some of you have been typing with fury from the days before dialup. Your kingdom is here, defend. I speak not to the seclurists – I speak to the Disciples of Christ. He told you 2000+ years ago the kingdom of was nigh. Will you now stand for it? If you do and lose, heaven alone waits.

  11. On August 12, 2020 at 7:20 pm, Torcer said:

    What about a hand mirror?

    Shine it back into their faces..

  12. On August 12, 2020 at 7:39 pm, Danny said:

    OK, humility over, we have work to do.

    @Nosmo, capital idea. So, brothers, we are working the template that we have a NPT. Perhaps it’s small but build on it. Dudes who don’t have one, get busy. Read up on Sam Culper FO and how you can create a NPT from an inoccuous neighbor watch program. Nosmo, caching has always been a bug out prepped thing, your idea to make it NPT thing – bloody brilliant.

    OK @Nosmo, let’s get creative on the sticky idea. Certainly we can devise slingshot launched incendiaries. Remember the sailboat funnel rubber band water baloon cannons – No? OK, I grew up on the salt water. We would the surgical bands, exercise bands to a funnel and launch water baloons on th bay over 200 yards. Imagine that, launching a frozen water bottle, a combustible cocktail, a dead possum into the mob from darkness concealment.

    Come on brothers, let’s think, let’s win!!!

  13. On August 12, 2020 at 7:59 pm, Danny said:

    OK, I read through the comments again and have a few thoughts. I am typing on a stupid tablet and am not going to give every commentor his due even though everyone so far is on the right track. Its time to get angry, its time for action but lets be smart. Brothers, I hear your frustration and stick drawn lines in your AO. Look, 25 years ago my sister’s boyfriend bruised her eye. My brother and I kicked down his door, beat him $0.50 shy of death but had the decency to call 911 when we left. I am 60 yo and 3 years ago I ripped man’s ear off on Carowinds Blvd in Fort Mill, SC just because he ran me off the road on my moto. I will never be a badass but was raised by a few; WW1 (Somme), WW2 (Bulge), Vietnam (SOG) men.

    I say that not to impress you but to say I get and have expressed your anger. But let’s be smarter than the mob. Sure, if they start popping off about throwing m – cocktails thru your babies window then shoot them in the face and suffer the consequences.

    Shit, I live in an Apt. Big effing glass windows on my eastern flank. I travel all day everyday as a sales puke. My beloved goldendoodle would die in the conflagration if the bastards ever doxxed me and firebombed my home.

    I am just saying, the bastards we face have no honor, no place in a righteous holy war for our loved ones – let’s be smart and let’s win.

  14. On August 12, 2020 at 8:41 pm, CancerLad said:

    Dry powder fire extinguisher. Acts as a (short) ranged weapon and a melee weapon. Legal in any circumstance and location. You can find them in any store or public building and even airports.

  15. On August 12, 2020 at 9:12 pm, Ozark Redneck said:

    I have discussed the use of powerful lasers against LEO with my son who just returned from Afghanistan with the Special Forces. He thought powerful smoke grenades would be useful to stop the lasers from hurting the Federal agent’s eyes. I am not sure why they do not use smoke grenades, followed by CS and followed by water cannons. Everyone of these commies has an expensive phone, why not ‘soak them’ with water? As far as home protection, totally agree with Randolph, obviously the laser can do permanent damage to your eyes so deadly force response is legal where I live. Castle doctrine/stand your ground etc. Not sure why the Fed’s have not said this is deadly force – we will response in like, other than making it into a ‘martyr incident’. Also not sure why they have not set up road blocks around the rioting to stop all incoming cars to gather info on the perp’s. I assume NSA has set up collection points to gather all cell data. Obviously, the Fed’s are looking into this, as indicated by Bill Barr’s interview on Mark Levin’s show Sunday night.

  16. On August 12, 2020 at 9:21 pm, s said:

    If they start using water cannons on the commies, they might as well pre-mix some liquid soap in there for a bath. I’m sure they smell like ass.

  17. On August 12, 2020 at 9:31 pm, Danny said:

    @Ozark Redneck, smoke, another capital idea. There are plenty of milsurp webbsites where we can buy; smoke grenades, pop up flares, blanks, etc. Can we not break a side window of an ANTIFA surveillance vehicle an drop a roman candle to create smoke from the rear because our NPT brethren have distracted them elsewhere?

    I live in a little hamlet south of a Blue city and county Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. So far, the golden horde has not made it to my Apt complex but they have committed firearm related shootings and murders near me and this was pre-BLM flailing. Know this, they hate you, I worked for 20 years in a shipyard, post1968 birth date, all blacks hated me cause I was white. Never mind I grew up working poor. Pre, not so much as they had a work ethic. It’s not the angry blacks that should concern you, its the Yankee infiltrators in your suburbs or the New South neo-carpetbaggers. Who are they, the bastards and bitches that wear masks at your local Harris Teeter.

  18. On August 13, 2020 at 2:01 am, Hudson H Luce said:

    Going back to undergrad days, when some friends and I were studying trajectories in physics class, we built a three-man – actually four, one to load – slingshot. We used thick rubber latex tubing, about an inch in diameter, about 25 feet of it, doubling back twice so that we had four bands of tubing, the finished project was six feet long. We shot at and over the residence hall across the street, 100 feet away. We had two guys holding the ends up against a window frame, one guy pulling back, and the “basket” was duct tape. We used toilet paper rolls soaked in hot water for ammo, soaked until they got to be about twice their normal size. We nailed the walls pretty good, put a couple of aimed shots through open one-foot wide windows, and shot a few over the ten story roof – they landed three blocks away.

    With some modifications, that might be useful here as well, perhaps soaking the rolls in well-aged piss – it’s sterile but unpleasant – or some other not pleasant substance… At 50 feet, a faceful of that might serve to dissuade some people.

  19. On August 13, 2020 at 5:17 am, Tom said:


  20. On August 13, 2020 at 7:24 am, WiscoDave said:

    As an idea.

  21. On August 13, 2020 at 8:38 am, Rooster said:

    PA has .22 conversion kits in stock. Why waste good ammo on the idiots storming your yard and home. You will need that once the real commies show….they are worthy!

  22. On August 13, 2020 at 8:42 am, Fred said:

    @Donk, I love this discussion. Thanks for the topic. A couple of things bother me.

    First, mob. The repeated use of the word “mob” by everybody shows either ignorance or failure to properly articulate an on-ground threat. Antifa is not a mob. They appear to be a mob to the untrained eye. They have on the ground C3I. They are being commanded, there are scouts, they use a variety of signaling methods to position troops, for general movement, and targeting of people. They do target selection in real time, within the scope of their general plan. They are actually quite disciplined in this. Go watch the vids of them in action. Educate yourselves. Some of the plans/ideas here are pretty good but most fail because you don’t know, KNOW, how they operate.

    Second, time. many of these considerations fail the time test. They may be sound in space (your property for example) but you don’t know when/if a “mob” is coming. Anything that takes significant time to arrange once you are aware of the “mob” is a no go. They move with intelligence, again, because they are being commanded on the ground based upon the real time collection of intel that some of them are gathering as they occupy or move through an area. So, anything that takes more than seconds to accomplish upon you becoming aware of them is a NO GO. Anyone, or anything that appears to be mounting organized defense against them is immediately targeted. Please think in both space and time.

    In general the right continues in its failure take the threat seriously as demonstrated by its ignorance of the threat and failure to study it like their lives depend upon it. You have work to do.

    One final thought. The laws of men vs the Law of Holy God. A threat that attempts to force you to stay within the civil laws of men while an self-declared enemy force is conducting war against you under the terms of the law warfare, can only properly be addressed one way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can conducted a war, and it IS a war against your very right to live, while staying within the false constraints civil codes. Civil codes are there for a reason, to keep civility. They do not apply to war. You must decide, and decide now and purpose in your heart, if and when your conduct within civil code constraints will be loosed. I pity America, they know not the God of law, and therefore are lost in a sea Godless attempts to understand how and when civil law falls apart and what Law comes forth during an existential threat. Holy God has ordained these laws, laws of last resort, not just for personal and family self-defense but further to the conduct of warfare. If you don’t know God’s Law of Warfare may the Lord have mercy on you, because you lose and lose badly. Your former nation is in way bigger trouble than you can imagine because of this lack of understanding. I won’t bother going into another diatribe about the mainstream churches in America. It’s their fault but it’s also the fault of you dot mil training. The linked, poorly articulated, article attempts to make this plain.

    So, you must decide; do a group of people moving with purpose and inelegance having strategic and tactical goals, constitute the loosing of civil constraints upon you before Holy God, to now bring you under His Law of Warfare in a fallen world? Heaven help us. I will be nice and kind and helpful and offer salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ for as long they allow. And when they cease to allow; Heaven help THEM.


  23. On August 13, 2020 at 9:20 pm, Danny said:

    @HLH, kudos for ingenuity.

    @wiscodave, you are legendary among Freefor even if it is only cuz Kenny trolls you via coin memes. Seriously, you are an elder father and someone whom we should listen. Your video link is exactly the feedback I was seeking. I see all of your avatars everywhere I lurk on Freefor blogs, Captains included. Do I doubt that 60 yo men like me could out flank and drop beaucuop ANTIFA dicks in the dirt due to our gun culture and innate knowledge of out AO? Nope, that’s not the point, look at the McCloskeys. They were righteous in what they did but the execution was poor. No, I get it, I am grilling and chillin with my fam and the horde comes knocking. I am acknowledging what they did but trying to stir the soup in our favor. Lets not forget, we are the good guys and God smiles on our way to honorable endeavor.

    @Fred, you doxxed me, said Donk vs Danny. I am one in the same. Partially wrong v. the “mob” moniker. Yes, they are organized, protected and funded. Yet, I know these folks. Not personally in my Charlotte AO but I know the type. Once upon a time I was a Steelworker union operator. In fact, I was an enforcer at the shipyard where I worked. NNS strikes in the 70s and 80s. Even when I was in high school my dad, uncles, grandads – union capos all – made me an enforcer there as well. Like Ada in the Peaky Blinders, I have come to understand the truth. They are a worthy adversary, well funded, true believers. Yet, they are naive, they have zero context for personal violence, holy war to which you aluded. Punch them soundly in the snout and they fold, literally on the street and philosophically as well. Mano a mano, they have no blood taste for holy war – ask me how I know.

  24. On August 13, 2020 at 9:28 pm, Danny said:

    OK, I just bragged about being a redneck toughguy. Captain honored me with a headline on his blog about my thought experiement. I engendered mucho convo and I am greatful for same. My point is fellas, the revolution to which we have been keypounding, some of us since the days before dialup is upon us. Our calling before the most high and living God is upon us. It is akin to a reverse Crusade, the Godless are aleady among us and we need to rout them out. Our grandchildren, born or unborn (in my case) are watching and will judge us accordingly.

  25. On August 13, 2020 at 9:52 pm, Danny said:

    Oh, and BTW t-Fat says he is God

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