When The Mob Attacks Your Car

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 12 months ago

See them?  Reveling in the destruction of property and the harming of an old, disabled man?

“I was at the intersection, and I got the green light. I was trying to toot my horn, thinking, ‘Hey guys, look at the light,'” Hawkins told the station.

He was blocked — and video of the incident shows he tried backing up his car and hit a person on a bicycle with the rear bumper.

“He tried to get away from the situation and in doing so he accidentally struck — and I emphasize accidentally struck — an individual on a bike,” witness Phillip Hurst told WBNS.

Video shows the bicyclist, who didn’t fall to the ground, quickly began beating on Hawkins’ car — and a bunch of other left-wing George Floyd protesters followed suit and swarmed the vehicle.

“They threw a bicycle on my windshield and started kicking my doors and windows,” Hawkins said during last week’s city council meeting, the Dispatch reported. “It scared the life out of me.”

But you see, they weren’t really “George Floyd Protesters.”  They were Bolshevik communist revolutionaries, who want your sons to be sisgendered, your girls to act like men, to destroy your property, and to burn your houses to the ground.

Stay away from crowds.  But if you get into this situation, use your vehicle as a weapon.  Run them over.  You life may depend on it.


  1. On July 15, 2020 at 1:33 am, StillSworn said:

    When coming to an intersection or moving down a roadway, always leave plenty of room around you. Pick an outside lane, never center lane. Always stop with at least one car length of space in front of you. This space is your escape route.
    If you are swarmed, they are not looking to damage your vehicle, they are looking to damage or destroy you.

  2. On July 15, 2020 at 6:15 am, BOB said:

    Pro shooter Jerry Miculek posted a video a few months back about firing through car windows (front windshield and side windows )from inside a vehicle..good reminders:


  3. On July 15, 2020 at 6:25 am, James said:

    Run them over,and,don’t forget to back up(in a panic of course)to make sure the problem is resolved for good at least on that street.

  4. On July 15, 2020 at 7:26 am, Sanders said:

    When they surround your vehicle, hit the gas and get the hell out of there. Remember Provo, Utah and Alamosa, Colorado – when the drivers got shot. These are not “peaceful protestors”.

    They will stand in front of your car, and behind it in order to say they were assaulted. They want everyone to think they are victims and bad old whitey is out to oppress them.

    Show no mercy. Give no quarter.

  5. On July 15, 2020 at 8:15 am, ragman said:

    StillSworn: excellent advice. A good rule of thumb: leave enough room so you can see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you. This technique will give you enough room to get around either a car or truck. Once your vehicle’s integrity is breached(windows broken or doors opened) it’s game on and do whatever it takes to GTHO!

  6. On July 15, 2020 at 8:58 am, Ned said:

    Those masks really come in handy for bolshevik filth concealing their identity.

  7. On July 15, 2020 at 10:55 am, Sisu said:


    Thanks for posting Miculek video.

    Two weeks ago in Utah a protestor fired into a vehicle, hitting the driver who did not intend to be part of a mob protest – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/antifa-terrorist-fires-handgun-suv-during-utah-blm-demonstration.

    I began some ad hoc research “using vehicle in self defense”. Found that Andrew Branca wrote a post in Sept. ’16 – https://legalinsurrection.com/2016/09/analysis-is-it-lawful-self-defense-to-run-down-rioters-surrounding-your-vehicle/ It appears to me to be well reasoned; however, viscerally I often find he “overthinks” given his hindsight perspective of how to “defend oneself after the fact”. That said he does speak to the issue of “proportionality”. … But I think “some number” of masked protestors, mulling around, predicated on a “cause” which recently, in similarly situated circumstance has resulted in vandalism and violence would readily meet the “threshold” of “proportionality”. … Thus, personally I think his reluctance to “inch forward ‘pushing’” protestors out of the way is very much a judgment call.

    There are references to two other videos at the end of the Branca post; and other results on the web. Unfortunately, not as much useful information as I’d like to see. Yet, too many articles of mob’s attacking vehicles and occupants. … Appears there is no one best response or approach to escaping. … Seems most if not all decisions will be “incendiary”, i.e., hold your position – eventually you’ll be attacked; move slowly – you’ll be attacked.

    Finally, the one certainty appears to be – the police will not be clearing a path for “trapped” vehicles or coming to your assistance – you’ll be on your own.

    I would like to read more of what others are thinking re: how and when to respond in the circumstances.

  8. On July 15, 2020 at 3:15 pm, brunop said:

    This is a long response to: “I’d like to read more of what others are thinking re: how and when to respond in the circumstances.” It is not based on me being a badass or having combat experience, so I’ll get that out of the way right off the bat. This is based on quite a bit of study as student, player, and coach of three things as they relate to shooting, ground-fighting/self-defense, and competitive sports, which I think apply to this question: old “Psycho-Cybernetics” and being in the “Zone”, and the OODA loop.

    I played D1 soccer in college, and in the PDL thereafter. I know that soccer is a Euro-trash commie sport, but hear me out on this. I also have spent some time on the mat, and have taken many numerous firearms and self-defense shooting classes from a wide variety of top-end instructors.

    Since the soccer player can’t ‘hold’ the ball while trying to outmaneuver the opponent, he has to do things differently than in any other sport. This is also why there are no ‘cross-over’ athletes or ‘late bloomers’ in soccer: you either grow up playing from a very young age, or you won’t be able to catch up. Catch up to what?

    Getting people to move out of the way of both the ball (which is NOT attached to your body by your hands) and your body by using their OODA loop against them. American football and other sports rely on “plays” and “assignments” – pre-choreographed movements many of which require ‘overpowering’ your opponent via speed and/or strength (Yes, I know this is an oversimplification…). Great soccer players make tiny moves with their bodies and the ball to get an opponent to act, move, (attempt to) tackle them *knowing ahead of time* that they will be doing something else. This is how the game slows down for great players in soccer and other sports (basketball, BJJ, others): when you know *before* the opponent moves where he’s going to move – because you ‘baited’ him into being afraid of you doing something else. Then you are planning the next thing with much less pressure (time, physical proximity, decision-making loops) – which lets the actor seem “in control” of the events going on around him: especially if this starts to speed up for the actor and is happening at a sub-conscious level. This is what Dr. Maxwell Maltz called being in the “Zone” (gross over-simplification), and was made famous in the 80s by Michael Jordan talking about his ‘version’ of experiencing it on the basketball court.

    If due to legal risks we have to worry about “thresholds of proportionality” and going up the “force continuum” while also escaping the increasing violence and complexity of group actions directed against us, we have to use these universal behaviors (OODA loop) to our benefit and against the people who are “Observing, Orienting, Deciding, and Acting” against our own actions.

    Our car turns a corner and we are confronted by largish group stopping traffic. We also notice that there are many other people who *could* join the crowd that has just surrounded our vehicle.

    We could start to think about options at this time. If we do, we’re going to lose. This is why the NFL actually has an intelligence test for Quarterbacks (Wonderlic), and if they score too HIGH, they are usually not suited for the speed of the game at the NFL level. This is because intelligence is rooted in the ability to discriminate (choose amongst many options) AND to notice / discover ‘new’ options that others may not have noticed. World class athletes trying to knock your head off don’t wait for the “many options review” – which is why you hear about coaches helping a QB “check down” the three or four high-probability options, only.

    If, instead, we start at the bottom of the force continuum (honking the horn) and DO NOT WAIT for the actions/reactions in series (we act [OODA loop] they react [OODA loop] we act [OODA loop] they react…) but instead make a series of actions *knowing ahead of time* that they will have a certain type of reaction to them, we can be way out in front of what happens next. We won’t be “in the Zone” (not happening sub-consciously), but it will look like it. Example:

    Honk horn is going to enrage crowd which will probably press closer. We put car in reverse and hit gas quickly because bodies pressed against car will ‘roll’ and become unbalanced if we move the vehicle fast instead of “inching along”. This will make them push against the car with their hands to steady themselves and to *push back* against the crowd behind them.

    This means that their hands are busy: they are trying to keep from getting rolled, knocked down, or crushed. You have already rolled window down a tiny bit, and are spraying OC at full rate into crowd against your window. So is the passenger if you’ve got one. You already know the crowd is going to back up – for one to five seconds either because you didn’t score a direct hit, or because a new idiot shows up for their own dose of love.

    Move car’s transmission into “D” for “Dozer” and drive forward very quickly – even if for a short period – and NOT in a straight line. Curving movement is less predictable to these folks, and car bucking forward is going to scare a bunch of semi-committed Peaceful Demonstrators.

    If you can drive away, you’re done – even if you have to drive up the sidewalk with your horn blaring the warning. Obviously don’t drive into an intersection and get t-boned, because the Commies won and you may be dead.

    If you can’t get away because there’s no room, you aren’t done yet. You know that they will be running to catch up and inflict maximum damage on the vehicle and you. You can back up at pace and scare them away from you, right before you go forward again. Staying on the move with NO delay in between is going to keep them from “Orienting, Deciding, and Acting” in an efficient manner. What if it gains you 30 seconds for the light to change and the intersection to clear up? Good. This is like the Mob Boss teaching his kid who is knocked down to the pavement to “roll without stopping” while the gunmen are trying to cap him from point-blank range:


    He lives, and he wasn’t “deciding what to do” in the moment of emergency: he was proactive and acting without stopping.

    What if you can’t go back and forth? Gotta go forward or make as much space as possible so you have time to get your firearm into play – from OUTSIDE the car – and hopefully with the car between you and the mob. Again, shooting and “waiting to see what’s next” is letting the group continue to morph and re-engage. This = Bad.

    I had a business mentor tell me once: “The best thing to do is the right thing. The next-best thing to do is the wrong thing. The worst, by a mile, is to do nothing.” His point is that momentum is a ‘thing’, and even if it isn’t perfect, we’re going to be able to adjust course and do the next good thing in a much faster timeframe.

    This applies here. Various military units use as short-hand “Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action”, but that doesn’t translate well in the court room for a civilian trying to make a defense of their actions.

    You don’t think that honking the horn is a good idea? Now put yourself in the court room and you get to tell the jury that you tried EVERY thing you could think of and EVERY THING a reasonable person would try to do to alert people to your intentions to get away from this dangerous place: you honked, you moved tiny amounts back and forth, you used pepper spray when then were attacking your windows with bricks and bats, you tried to leave the area, and then, fearing for your life as the crowd continued to hunt you, you used your firearm – only long enough to run away.

    We need to have decided ahead of time what our ‘Continuum of Force’ combined with our ‘Check Down List’ of high-probability options are going to be. And then if it comes looking for us, we don’t wait – but go faster through the list WITHOUT WAITING for a response because, like a good feint played, we KNOW what the response is going to be and what we should *already* be doing next.

    YMMV, but this is what me and mine are doing.

  9. On July 15, 2020 at 3:45 pm, snuffy said:

    To paraphrase Chef, never get out of the car, never get out of the car. Gas it and get the flock out of there.

  10. On July 16, 2020 at 10:11 am, Sisu said:

    Brunop, Thank you. As requested. Not a wasted word. A “keeper”. Linkage among seemingly unrelated activities and roles. … I might operate my vehicle as described in part instinctively, because I was taught to drive by WWII pilots (constantly move your eyes among mirrors and front, survey instruments, turn your head look around, … but would unlikely have been able to put into words. … Your vehicle example while only one scenario is well developed. … Best regards.

  11. On July 16, 2020 at 11:18 pm, Odin the wise one said:

    Also don’t forget to put your vehicle in 4wd if so equipped. Makes it a lot easier to get over “obstructions” that may be lodged under your truck . Also much better traction if the road gets “slippery”.

  12. On July 18, 2020 at 7:48 pm, BRVTVS said:

    Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mNPuoFkp-w

  13. On July 20, 2020 at 3:27 am, Steve said:

    The guy at Charlottsville did just that and he’s never going to get out of prison because a obese chain smoker had a heart attack at seeing it happen

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