Control The Ammunition

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 2 weeks ago

Hartford Courant.

A better solution here, where the National Rifle Association is so influential, would be to render illicit firearms useless.

It is not as insurmountable as it might appear.

Today, one can walk into a gun shop and purchase, for instance, a .22, .38 or .44-caliber handgun. Most firearms are built to accommodate one size round only. Here’s what would happen if the manufacture of today’s standard-size rounds were outlawed, and .21, .37, or .43-caliber rounds took their place: Eventually, gun owners would run out of the old ammo, and their weapons would become paperweights.

We’d have the opportunity for a national gun policy do-over. New, tougher gun registration and ownership policies, some already favored by NRA membership, would be enacted in conjunction with the changeover in rounds calibration. Fresh attention could be paid to newer, research-vetted strategies, such as the universal adoption of smart-gun technology and limiting the size of rounds available to civilians. Police and military would keep their current firearms and ammuntion, manufactured and distributed under strictest control.

To use the recalibrated rounds, people would have to purchase new weapons to fire them. Many would object. Why should a law-abiding citizen spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars to replace one’s gun collection?

Gun manufacturers could offer a six-month window for any person eligible to turn in their old weapons and receive a partial rebate toward the purchase of new ones. For manufacturers and retailers, these sales would amount to a windfall of epic proportions.

We’ve discussed it many times before, but make sure your logistics considers such exigencies.  Controllers are always looking for more ways and more things to control.  It’s what they do, it’s who they are down deep in their soul.

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  1. On November 5, 2019 at 9:22 pm, Fred said:

    “New, tougher gun registration and ownership policies, some already favored by NRA membership…”

  2. On November 5, 2019 at 11:00 pm, Jaque said:

    As long as idiots like the author of this idea are on the side of gun grabbers gun owners will have lots of amusement. Im still laughing.

  3. On November 6, 2019 at 8:24 am, X said:

    “As long as idiots like the author of this idea are on the side of gun grabbers gun owners will have lots of amusement. Im still laughing.”

    You’re a fool, then. Did you know that on July 1, California implemented a mandatory background check to buy ammo, and to register EVERY purchase by caliber and quantity with the state? Well, they did. And they also made it ILLEGAL to bring in more than 50 rounds from out of state. New York has a similar provision that has yet to be implemented but is probably coming in 2020. In the District of Columbia you can get arrested for “unregistered ammunition.”

    Laugh at that, douchebag… they’re going to outlaw ALL your shit, and it ain’t funny. Not one bit. You might think this is on big f–ing joke but THEY are serious as a heart attack…

  4. On November 6, 2019 at 8:59 am, ragman said:

    Reloading brass helps to counter the ammo controllers. We can cast bullets and even make powder if necessary. What we can’t make is primers. Some folks say that, in fact, primers can be made at home. I don’t believe it. Anyway it shouldn’t matter because primers are plentiful and inexpensive. We should stock up on reloading components while we still can. Especially primers.

  5. On November 6, 2019 at 11:30 am, Marcus S. said:

    “We can cast bullets and even make powder if necessary.”

    “We should stock up on reloading components while we still can. Especially primers.”

    There was a time when I agreed with these sentiments, and I even espoused them myself. As time has passed, I am no longer of this mind. Now, I ask, to what end? In what scenarios will we be using these home-cast bullets and stockpiled primers? Hoarding reloading components while we witness the degeneration of our society no longer appeals to me as an appropriate response. I have done reasonably sophisticated red-teaming of the situation. I now believe that stockpiles will offer remarkably little advantage once full controls are established by the statist. Beyond a basic allotment, it may feel good to engage in these activities, but I don’t think that they will confer much either strategically or tactically. I am convinced that we are one federal election cycle away from any use of ammunition by “civilians” (non-sworn citizens), in any setting, being justification for and common elicitor of law enforcement scrutiny. I am not only very open to opposing viewpoints, I would appreciate them.

  6. On November 6, 2019 at 11:40 am, Steve said:

    “Police and military would keep their current firearms and ammuntion, manufactured and distributed under strictest control.”

    So what he’s saying is after the first ammo restock, all the rest are free?

  7. On November 6, 2019 at 12:31 pm, ragman said:

    Marcus: I like opposing viewpoints too. I respectfully disagree with your conclusions. The more I read about our military the more I am confident that the statists will be unable to disarm us. Unfortunately, I sincerely believe we will find out.

  8. On November 6, 2019 at 1:28 pm, Adino said:

    Frightful scenario, but not as likely as the sjw’s at the credit card companies saying no freedom related paraphernalia can be charged. Much faster effect. That would be kind of a big hurdle (though obviously not insurmountable).

    Don’t think those a$$hats haven’t been thinking that since ‘i am a Dick’s’ quit selling guns. It’s their idea of ‘justice’.

    Just remember who bailed them out in 2007-2009 (J6P did) when the powerful who became beggars and relied on deplorables to ensure survival became powerful again. F ’em.

    They got all they wanted thanks to uncle sugar and his ‘democratic’ bailouts (95% of the citizenry wanting them to go tango uniform willing to not give a $^!t. They listen to who?)

    Bottom line, would the Founding Fathers who gave us the right to keep and bear arms approve of lead being outlawed in their time? How is that different than outlawing ammo in our days time? BS abounds in their logic and argument.

    BLOAT. And/or support/become a reloader.

    The oligarchs want what you got and are willing to use fedguv to get it.

    Thinking outside the box means thinking about financial logistics not just tactical ones.

  9. On November 6, 2019 at 4:12 pm, Jimmy the Saint said:

    Well, if such a law were to be passed, that Southern Border Wall would have to be built almost overnight. Let’s see…..common caliber ammunition is now illegal, but remains in high demand. If only there were organizations – cartels, perhaps – that had ready-made distribution networks in place, smuggling routes in place, and the financial wherewithal to immediately purchase and transport said ammunition. Oh wait….

  10. On November 6, 2019 at 4:32 pm, Marcus S. said:

    Hi ragman,
    Can you tell me why you believe the statist will be unable to disarm us? I would love to have a sound basis for increased optimism! At present, I believe that they have not only been remarkably successful in their efforts, but also have succeeded in shifting public opinion so that there is overwhelming support to continue their efforts.

    I just don’t see a burgeoning arms-oriented and freedom-focused segment of our society willing to put anything at all on the line to maintain their “2nd Amendment rights.” If you disagree, please let me know what experiences and information have led you to a different opinion. I would appreciate your perspective. Things like firearm sales volumes and concealed carry laws and permits issued numbers make some feel more confident that there is a massive silent majority. I am not in that group. It appears that firearm ownership is highly concentrated among a very small sub-group (e.g., Bubba who owns 15 ARs and isn’t competent with any of them), and the concealed carry crowd is too small and homogeneous for it to be an important segment of the population, in my opinion.

    I grew up in rural, upstate NY half a century ago, and I have lived in many places since. I have seen participation in things like CMP and hunting decline precipitously. While USPSA, IDPA, etc. have grown somewhat, the total numbers are very, very small. Current memberships are 31,000 and 22,000, respectively. Similarly, membership in the NRA (~5MM), GOA (who know membership, but a small fraction of the NRA with considerable overlap), etc. are remarkably small. It is discouraging. In aggregate, I consider all of these to be infinitesimal. Simultaneously, in my lifetime I have seen WA, OR, CO, etc. turn into undesirable states as the CA diaspora occurred starting in the mid-80s. Heck, you see it now in MT. I have watched the successful political exploitation of mass-murder events occur at an accelerating pace from CA to NY. For anyone who thinks these coastal, blue states don’t matter, an end to the electoral college will provide rapid edification regarding pure, unchecked democracy. What I once thought of as the last bastion of pseudo-sanity in New England, New Hampshire, needed a gubernatorial veto to avoid new, pointless gun control legislation (private sale ban, waiting period, school grounds prohibition) this year. Having passed the house once, these laws and more are sure to follow in the now contaminated (by reds from MA, NY, CT) granite state. States like PA, GA, FL and TX will face ever increasing pressures to limit and ban, and in my opinion, they will ultimately succumb to those pressures. The demographics are very bad in TX and FL. They will turn before our eyes in the next several years. VA, once a stalwart, has officially folded.

    At some point within an election cycle or two, under a democrat congress and president, I expect that a radical firearms bill will pass. At a minimum, I anticipate legislation that effectively bans anything semiautomatic. Like NY and CA, this will apply to currently owned items. If the climate is right (i.e., a recent firearm-based mass-casualty event), the legislation will go even further. So, I ask, anyone reading this, if those living in NY and CA (and CT, and MD,…) are not already disarmed to an extent that is unacceptable, in your opinion, what will make it so that you feel the situation is unacceptable? Everything but SA revolvers and lever guns and bolt guns? Does it require an uber-ban of all centerfire small arms except non-autoloading shotguns? And when something like this happens, after prior pragmatic, methodical removal of all the “more dangerous” arms, what do you think will be the response, if any? Is it at this point you expect an uprising of some sort? What would you consider doing, personally? I ask these questions sincerely. I don’t have any answers, but I would like to have a plan of some sort.

    Just this year I have had many conversations in which people have passionately implored me to see reason and support the ban of what they called “assault weapons.” The folks who are supporting bans sincerely believe it is for the good of society. Unfortunately, much like taxation and civil asset forfeiture, they don’t have a problem with the state using force to achieve this goal. Initially, we might move a single step toward Nirvana by achieving a U.S.A. without private ownership of semi-automatic weapons. Ultimately, they will support no private ownership of firearms. Are they crazy? Perhaps. They certainly are not well reasoned. There is nothing more frustrating than talking to someone who in one breath tells me that we need to ban assault weapons, and two breaths later, after a discourse on climate change and recycling, tells me that the police indiscriminately use lethal force against minorities. Huh-what? The state is oppressive, so we must make ourselves completely vulnerable to the state? That is the average voter in the metropolitan areas that contain an overwhelming majority of the population. Demography is destiny, and it does not look good.

    Regarding the military, I don’t understand how the armed services enter the picture. I do not think that they are required to achieve an end to the private ownership of firearms. Hypothetically, several well publicized seizures by militarized civilian law enforcement agencies (local or federal) with the concomitant press coverage will have folks lining up to turn in everything they own. To be clear, this is not directed to anyone in particular. My experience has been that, in general, everyone talks tough until they face the beast. A dozen videos of seizure events highlighting LEOs standing over dad’s bullet-riddled body while wife and daughter dressed in their sleeping clothes are manhandled into cuffs and leg irons and tossed in the back of a wagon with a several leering officers will put almost every husband into a submissive state. I spent a bit of time studing the history and psychology relevant to this issue. I don’t see any other outcome given the baseline – where the population is currently. We are not a pioneering people living off of the land. Overall, we are a highly risk averse, dependent population that expects the government to both protect us and care for us – regardless of the lack of evidence to support such beliefs. Hence, I am not optimistic.

    Geez. That was longwinded. Sorry. I had time during a boring conference call.

  11. On November 6, 2019 at 5:25 pm, NOG said:

    By the time you are casting lead and making primers, it should be over. Either you will be a free man, owning anything you want. A slave doing as your betters tell you. Or dead. Slaves don’t make ammo. If you don’ fight them while they try to dis arm you (with the good quality guns and ammo we have now), what makes anyone believe a person will fight them with home made ammo in the future?

  12. On November 6, 2019 at 9:28 pm, Jeffersonian said:

    Visual aid:

  13. On November 6, 2019 at 9:31 pm, X said:

    “Reloading brass helps to counter the ammo controllers. We can cast bullets and even make powder if necessary. What we can’t make is primers. Some folks say that, in fact, primers can be made at home. I don’t believe it. Anyway it shouldn’t matter because primers are plentiful and inexpensive. We should stock up on reloading components while we still can. Especially primers.”

    Sorry, pal, but they’ve got you cornered on this one, too. Do you REALLY think that when they impose ammo controls they’re going to ignore reloading components? And who reloads, anyway? A small fraction of shooters in my observation.

    Massachusetts already requires a firearms LICENSE to POSSESS reloading components. The Founders could make black powder and lead roundballs because those items were derived from organic compounds. Smokeless powder is a synthetic item created by heavy industry. Civilian access to smokeless powder and primers can be instantly shut off by the government at any time.

    Face reality: we’re in dire straits next time the Democrats sweep Congress and the White House. I think a hoard is a good idea in the event of a total collapse, when the EBT goes down and feral pavement apes run wild, but the government is gonna outlaw everything and make a criminal out of you before that day comes.

  14. On November 6, 2019 at 10:45 pm, Mudflap said:

    I guess I’m a bit more of an optimist than y’all. I think millions of guns would simply go missing during the initial roundup / financial cut-off. Meanwhile, a guerilla war ensues (think taliban for the next few years. ). Think about it: the best equipped, best trained military on the planet is saying uncle to a bunch of goat humpers that have been kicking our butts for the past two decades. Not because of the military, but because of the pink-handed war-hawks / lawyers in Washington. Those same pastey-faced swamp rats are going to somehow overrule millions of non-goat humping red blooded Americans?

    Yeah, they can probably get a high percentage of mortgage paying desk jockeys scared enough to give up their 2a. But for every 10 of them, there’s one close-enough to retirement saying “f-it, I’m going out with a bang”. It doesn’t take many of those old codgers to disrupt and terrorize the DC. Overlords. Market/financial instability is also Washington’s weak point. Couple of disrupted highways, shut down trucking- come on- guns ain’t the only way to talk to these bureaucrats.

    Don’t think too small- the capability to manufacture common rounds exists right now in this country- in a warehouse somewhere. I wouldn’t put it past a couple of red neck Georgia boys to simply take over the supply line. Also, guerilla wars are notoriously hard to win for the incumbent government- Mexico has been fighting theirs for 30 years- and obviously losing badly.

    But yeah- get your finances in order. Get rid of that mortgage. Get out of the city. Lose 30 lbs. Oh, and have a nice day.

  15. On November 7, 2019 at 1:41 am, streamfortyseven said:

    My landlady in Kansas City back in the 1990s was one of the resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto, and once she found out I could speak German (she was fluent in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and German, knew a bit of Russian, and very little English), she told me a lot about what her life was like as a resistance fighter. The only kind of guns they could get from the Polish Resistance outside of the ghetto were these crappy .22 pistols and maybe ten bullets each. They needed machine guns and grenades to fight the Nazis, and so they came to view them as walking gun stores, so to speak. She’d get one to go into an alley for a “quick one” – and it was quick, she’d shoot him in a way that the Nazi would be dead quickly and silently – I’ll spare the gory details, although there usually wasn’t much blood. And then she’d grab the Nazi’s machine pistol and his ammo and whatever else he’d had, and get back quick underground. She made every bullet count, and then the weapons she got were used to get more weapons and ammo. The Nazis ended up dive-bombing the ghetto until every building was reduced to smoking hot rubble, then her group got out through the sewers, out into the countryside. But they were able to put up one hell of a fight.

    Incidentally, everything the Nazis did was legal, they just made the laws – and, presto!, they just obeyed their own laws. So there’s something there, too.

  16. On November 7, 2019 at 1:46 am, streamfortyseven said:

    This is instructive and worth reading –

  17. On November 7, 2019 at 1:25 pm, Greg said:

    On November 6, 2019 at 10:45 pm, Mudflap said:
    I guess I’m a bit more of an optimist than y’all. I think millions of guns would simply go missing during the initial roundup / financial cut-off…

    The optimists cannot see the obvious. There will be no door to door confiscation, no red dawn scenario, no resistance (maybe a couple loners). The gun owners will hand them in. The state doesn’t even have to know what you have. We are all on lists. If you have ever bought one gun at a shop, ordered a holster online, or even frequented a prepper website, then:

    Your car registration will not be renewed – until you hand them in
    Your bank account will be frozen – until you hand them in
    Your medicare, social security, retirement check will be frozen – until you hand them in
    Your child will be kept from school / college – until you hand them in
    Your prescriptions will not be filled – until you hand them in
    I could go on for hours…

    There are thousands of ways that pressure can and will be applied, not only on you but your spouse and children.

    But, but! Thats not legal!!! But but the Con-stitution!!!
    Yeah yeah, you dont have enough money for that legal fight nor does anyone else when everyone’s being pressured. Some will be pushed ‘over the edge’ and harsh examples will be made and consequently increasing pressure from spouses and children to get dad to ‘do the right thing ‘and hand them in, all of them’.

    Thats how the big boys play fellas – the 2nd means nothing if you aren’t ready to have a mass asymmetric usage of it and that aint gonna happen with full bellies and a warm place top sleep at night.

  18. On November 7, 2019 at 2:25 pm, Roger J said:

    Study the European Resistance during WW2. Yeah, they didn’t win without outside help, but a lot of the Master Race went to an early death because of them. Black powder is relatively easy to make – after all, it was being made in the backwards 14th century. Have some guns that use BP cartridges – and even a .357 or .44 Mag can be used with BP.

  19. On November 7, 2019 at 11:37 pm, xkn said:

    “Gun manufacturers could offer a six-month window for any person eligible to turn in their old weapons and receive a partial rebate toward the purchase of new ones” Love it. Would really love to receive new Garand from Springfield Armory or SVT40 from Tula Arsenal. While we are at it, Walther K43 would come handy too.

  20. On November 8, 2019 at 2:50 pm, mudflap said:

    Your car registration will not be renewed – until you hand them in
    – done. already have a plan. can work from home today. eventually, after I finish the cabin I’m building debt-free, I won’t need the income anyway.

    Your bank account will be frozen – until you hand them in
    – done. already have a plan, tons of skills, and a network of friends.

    Your medicare, social security, retirement check will be frozen – until you hand them in
    – does anyone really think medicare is going to be “a thing” in 10 years? or any of these other commie schemes masquerading as “programs”? not i.

    Your child will be kept from school / college – until you hand them in
    – done. Psst- college is a scam. look at the trends- degrees ain’t the pièce de résistance they used to be.

    Your prescriptions will not be filled – until you hand them in
    – not on prescriptions- BigPharma is also a scam.

    I could go on for hours…

    I could go on for hours, too. :) Already way ahead of this list. I have almost all my alternative plans in place. Just a few loose ends. not worried. well, maybe a little. but that’s just another word for “motivation”. still optimistic. I think there’s a lot more of us “gray men” than folks realize.

  21. On November 9, 2019 at 11:38 am, Walkabout said:

    Lots of doom and gloom. I’m an eternal optimist. Yes the .gov can do alit to make life misreable for freedom lovers, but those things only matter if you are dependent upon the system. Look at how well the war on booze went, and how well the war on drugs is going. Look at Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc… How are ppl still shooting each other in places with gun control? How are illegals holding down jobs and cashing paychecks without social security? Some of you act like tge government really is in control of all of everything.
    There arent enough cops, bational guardsmen, active military etc. for house to house anything. My concern is less with what the government does and more with what the peoples response will be. Reading some of these comments, I’m appalled at the lack of spine in tte american male. Some of you have already given up. We have to realize and remember that we are the ones in charge. Yes we play by their rules, because it doesn’t cost us much at this point; but look at the states that have implemented strict gun control and registration – single digit compliance. This fight isnt about guns or immigrants or any of the other hot button issues that you and I are told we should care about. It’s about the soul of our nation. Some of you doom and gloomers are letting it die inside of you, and that’s exactly what they want; because you all will be the first to hand over your guns and rat out your neighbors. You’ll do so because you have no hope, and a spirit of resistance dies without it. So, change your way of thinking. Instead of seeing obstacles, see opportunities. They are targeting guns, so get a hobbyists machine tools and start learning to fabricate. Instead of buying a fishing boat or a motorcycle, get an industrial reloading setup in your garage. Get into HAM radio. Learn how to make thingdls to sell and barter. Learm to live on cash again. My God, for every one thing the government can do to stop something there are a hundred ways around it. If they are determined to make you a criminal, then be equally determined to be the best criminal you can be! For goodness sake, learn to embrace your American heritage and be ungovernable, independent, community minded people, and nothing they do will matter anymore.

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