DynCorp’s Involvement In Pizzagate, The Seven-Country Plan, And Who Killed Monica Peterson?

BY Herschel Smith
6 years ago

Things proceed apace in the #Pizzagate investigation.  Below I’ve linked both David Seaman and George Webb.  I’m glad to see George tying all of this together in his videos.  It’s a tangled web and it takes quite a while to comprehend the wickedness and scope of the project.  Before we get to the videos, let’s discuss some details of DynCorp’s involvement with The Clinton Foundation and the so-called seven country plan (where TCF and private armies were to topple seven countries in five years as a part of a play for weapons, children and oil).  Actually, I won’t describe the seven-country plan, you need to watch George Webb’s videos for that.  But it’s clear that DynCorp has played a significant role with TCF.  In fact, the plan is moving forward as we speak.  You understand, right?  There is a shadow government at work that is different than the transient government.  The things you are watching in history are a function of the shadow government.

There is no question that there are Senators involved in this plan, and without further information you may suspect those Senators who press the hardest on “Russian hacking the election” to be involved the deepest in global chaos.  There is also no question that it is being led by The Clinton Foundation, with involvement by the CIA and State Department, and along with an army of Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS fighters.

But the military side of things (aside from the more formal bombing campaign of the coast of North Africa which was led by a NATO general who was recently killed under very suspicious circumstances) must be managed by someone with a military background.  That someone appears more and more to be DynCorp.

DynCorp has had contracts in Haiti, and apparently is linked to the State Department in underage human trafficking.  Furthermore, Voat.co/v/Pizzagate has sustained a hack attempt by DynCorp (and possibly Raytheon).  DynCorp has a history in nefarious behavior.  First, consider the incident discussed between Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton.  The incident occurred in 2009.

According to my reporting, the week of April 13th, the DynCorp regional commander from Konduz, Flint Chambers, allowed his men to hire a 15-year-old boy dancer to do tribal dances at a DynCorp party on the training site. Some 15 or so DynCorp employees in attendance pulled out a single chair and had the boy do mock lap dances. This was captured on video. The video shows DynCorp employees putting dollar bills in the boy’s waistband, just as they would a stripper’s garter. The revelry lasted about 45 minutes.   The video was leaked by Mike Gonzalez to another DynCorp employee who emailed the video to Martin. Flint Chambers retaliated against Mike by spitting in his face, pushing him to the ground in front of the DynCorp security building in Kabul.

It goes wider and deeper.

One refrain we keep hearing against Wikileaks is that the cable releases aren’t really “whistleblowing,” because they’re not really revealing anything. However, it seems like each day there’s another big revelation of rather horrible things being done (and covered up) by the US government. The latest, pointed out by Boing Boing, involves a report from a cable that US-based private security contractor DynCorp, who was hired by the US to train Afghani police, was apparently supplying drugs and young boys for a sort of sex party.

With every dot that is connected by a researcher, every hack attempt by a military contractor, every deleted #Pizzagate post at Voat, every de-monitized YouTube video, and every frozen PayPal account (see David Seaman’s Video below), the nefarious actors convince us more and more that we’re on the right track.  And DynCorp is a major player.

Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal, says to “proceed with caution” to the researchers of The Clinton Foundation, #Pizzagate and the seven-country plan.  Very well.  I carry a tactical knife and two guns at a time now.  But I won’t be dissuaded.  You see I’m a Calvinist, and I believe that I won’t live one second longer than my appointed time on earth.  The corollary is that I will live every second of my appointed life, much to the chagrin of my haters.  DynCorp and The Clinton Foundation are not in control of my future.  DynCorp doesn’t make me one bit nervous.  If DynCorp wants to follow me around, very well.  Remember Herschel’s Dictum.

Attempts to dissuade David Seaman don’t seem to impress him either.  So there is no turning back from this citizen investigation.  But it’s worth a good education, yes?

Ask yourself this question, patriots and gun owners.  If a military contractor who is comprised in the main of former U.S. SpecOps and Special Forces is willing to traffic humans and kill in the name of weapons, money and oil, what makes you think that collecting guns door to door will be any different?  What makes you think that anyone in such an organization has any respect for God given rights such as bearing arms?  And what makes you think that you or your children won’t be subject to such mercenary armies in the future?

I think you know the answer to those questions.  Trump has given us time.  The swamp is a function of fallen human nature, and cannot be completely drained.  I think you understand that.


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  1. On January 3, 2017 at 9:50 am, John Bernard said:

    And indeed, the swamp cannot be drained despite the hopefully we’ll intentioned Trump.

    DynCorp and KBR and every other loose-cannon security Corp are little more than guns for hire and certainly, they could be retained at some future date by some future Administration to forcefully enact disarmament. However, their success will be measured by the tenacity and courage of the population.

    From my vantage point, better than half of American gun holding households will fold/comply/grovel when faced with the prospect of death. The remaining <50% will be somewhat less predictable; being made up of people trained by anger, joining "militia" units with dubious capability (people forget that the Militias at the beginning of the Revolution broke and ran when faced with organized force).. I agree with your premise for reasons formed by observation of the armed civilian population and from 26 years of training and experience.

    The hope is, that we'll trained individuals will band together and form a buttress against any outrageous attempt to enslave the population.

  2. On January 3, 2017 at 10:11 am, Mutant Swarm said:

    “…From my vantage point, better than half of American gun holding
    households will fold/comply/grovel when faced with the prospect of

    Right you are! Far too many of them think they’ve got their bases covered just because they bought an AR-15 and one magazine, along with 50 rounds, then stuck them in the closet.

  3. On January 3, 2017 at 12:23 pm, James said:

    Mutant,will I agree a AR and 50 rounds not the best tis better then nothing.Hopefully they meet with folks that will give em some basic training in firearms or hit a local range/appleseeds course,what have you and become more proficient in firearms use and follow through with learning other skills.

    That said,things go very wrong and they at least die putting up a fight/trying,well,bless them.

  4. On January 18, 2017 at 10:58 am, Mutant Swarm said:

    “That said,things go very wrong and they at least die putting up a fight/trying,well,bless them.”

    Very true. We owe it to them to train them up, so that their courage is not wasted.

  5. On January 3, 2017 at 1:08 pm, Paul X said:

    I think it is a mistake to be so negative about peoples’ motivations. For one thing, defeatism aids the enemy. For another, these folks with one AR-15 in the closet and 50 rounds can obviously learn and decide later to get more ammo and to practice. Anyway even if they only manage to kill one predator with their 50 rounds of ammo before they themselves are killed, the ruling class cannot afford to engage in 1-for-1 trades with us, since we vastly outnumber them and their minions.

  6. On January 3, 2017 at 1:23 pm, John Bernard said:

    It still doesn’t negate the accuracy of the perception of our current condition. And it will still take more than dusting off the rifle in the closet.

  7. On January 4, 2017 at 11:08 am, Adam Weisshaupt said:

    3% of the population fought in the first revolutionary war- and they fought it guerrilla style. Even if all exchanges are 1:1 , the powers that be do not have a 3,000,000 man force to throw at the problem. And in a real situation where a SWAT team is descending upon your home, you will be lucky to have the time to empty that one mag, and you will have done your duty if you leave one less man to go to the next house.

    Meanwhile, once it is known they are attempting a full confiscation, about 10% of the population will engage in sabotage. Leaving “suspicious packages”, shooting at transformers, sabotaging water ways and bridges, and putting the (mostly liberal) cities under siege will create unrest and force them to deploy resources to manage the urban areas.
    How many deer hunters are there? They all have nice long range bolt action rifles they practice with, and a 500 yard sniper will be far more important in the coming battle than house to house fighting with ARs at close range.

    The powers that be can still win using Bio or Chemical weapons of course, but those weapons are non selective, and they will very likely loose a lot of skill-sets they need to keep things running. Things could still get very interesting.

  8. On January 4, 2017 at 11:26 am, Will said:

    “DynCorp and KBR and every other loose-cannon security Corp are little
    more than guns for hire and certainly, they could be retained at some
    future date by some future Administration to forcefully enact
    I respectfully disagree. I think the majority of the ex-SOF guys working for those kinds of companies are largely removed from the goings on at the higher levels of those organizations. Especially the way those guys are spread out all over the globe. There are always some bad apples in every barrel, human nature pretty much dictates that, but most of those guys are patriots. However, just rolling with your premise for a second or two for the sake of argument, even if they did all turn out to be bad apples, there STILL aren’t enough of them to come get our guns. Even throwing in EVERY LEO in the country AND the military, they STILL don’t have enough. I put the number of gun owning patriots who won’t fold/comply/grovel at around 15-18%. So, if we have ~ 100 million gun owners in the country, that’s 15-18 MILLION guys and gals. There are 2.5 million service members(active and reserve) but we all know that the vast majority of them are POG’s who can barely handle a weapon. There are ~ 1 million LEO’s of every variety(local, state, fed) in the country(most of whom can’t hit water falling out of a boat), and, for the sake of argument, and because numbers are hard to find and I’m busy, let’s just say there are another million contractors. That puts the total number of potential gun grabbers at 4.5 million. So, if by some screwed up twist of fate, every single member of the military, every LEO, and every PMC were to become gun grabbing commie pukes, we’d STILL out number them by better than 3-1. And we both know that my numbers of potential “grabbers” is WAY inflated. Most service embers won’t do it, most LEO’s won’t and neither would most PMC’s.

  9. On January 3, 2017 at 10:32 am, soldat56 said:

    Carlyle Group are in this as well.

  10. On January 3, 2017 at 6:20 pm, joefour said:

    With regard to the plan to topple seven countries in five years, here is confirmation of the existence of said plan from General Wesley Clark….


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