Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Attacks Gun Manufacturers

BY Herschel Smith
3 years, 9 months ago

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is now known for fabricating gun control laws ex nihilo, just because she wants to, for no other reason than to be a bully.  So is Ms. social justice warrior finished?  Not on your life.  She’s just beginning, at least until someone punches back.

The Boston Globe:

Attorney General Maura Healey has launched a sweeping investigation into possible safety problems involving guns manufactured by at least two major companies, Remington and Glock, according to lawsuits filed by both firms, which are fighting Healey’s efforts.

The lawsuits reveal that this year, Healey invoked her powers under the state’s consumer protection law to demand that both companies turn over a wide range of documents, including safety-related complaints from customers and the companies’ responses.

The investigation is the second prominent battle Healey is waging against the gun industry. In July, she angered gun owners and manufacturers when she moved to bar the sale of military-style rifles that have been altered slightly to evade the state’s ban on assault weapons.

In her newly disclosed legal action, Healey argues Glock firearms are “prone to accidental discharge” and makes clear in court papers that she is concerned the company may have been warned about the problem and failed to act.

Responding to Glock’s lawsuit, she referenced news stories about a sheriff’s deputy accidentally firing a Glock pistol in San Francisco’s Hall of Justice, a Los Angeles police officer who was paralyzed from the waist down after his 3-year-old son accidentally fired his Glock pistol, and a Massachusetts man who was dancing at a July 4th party when his Glock handgun fired while it was in his pocket.

The attorney general said her ban on so-called “copycat” assault weapons is clear, enforceable, and already working.

A Healey spokeswoman said the attorney general is asking gun manufacturers to turn over customer safety complaints because firearms are one of the only products not regulated by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“As the chief law enforcement office in Massachusetts, we are seeking that information to better inform our residents and to protect them from any safety or manufacturing issues with guns sold here,” Cyndi Roy Gonzalez said. “It’s unfortunate that these gun manufacturers have taken our office to court rather than comply with a simple request for consumer complaints and related information.”

Both Remington and Glock have sued Healey in Suffolk Superior Court, arguing that she is abusing her authority by casting a broad net for documents, including those related to accidental discharges, past lawsuits, legal settlements, and product recalls.

Glock Inc.’s lawsuit asks the court to quash Healey’s inquiry.

The company, based in Smyrna, Ga., points to statements Healey has made calling gun violence a “public health crisis” and an “epidemic” to argue the “true purpose” of her investigation is “to harass an industry that the attorney general finds distasteful and to make political headlines by pursing members of the firearm industry.”

Healey responds in court papers that Glock’s contention that she is politically motivated is “both incorrect and irrelevant,” given the concerns she has about the company’s handguns firing accidentally. She also says the state’s consumer protection law clearly gives her the authority to investigate safety concerns about products, including guns, that are available in Massachusetts.

Glocks can be sold only to law enforcement officers in Massachusetts, because consumer sales are banned under state law. As such, Glock argues, Healey is misusing her investigative powers “for the ulterior purpose of harassing an out-of-state company that does not engage in in-state consumer sales.”

But Healey says that, despite the state’s ban, 10,000 Glocks were sold in Massachusetts between January 2014 and August 2015, including 8,000 to buyers who do not appear to be law-enforcement officers. She said the handguns ended up in the hands of Massachusetts consumers “irrespective of whether the sales were made legally or not.”

“The investigation is appropriate,” Healey’s office writes in its rebuttal to Glock, because Glock may have liability under the state’s consumer protection law for “product defects, misleading marketing, and for failure to honor warranties.”

Remington Arms Co., based in Madison, N.C., contends Healey’s investigation is “unreasonable and excessively burdensome” because she is seeking product files from every state and country, even though fewer than 1 percent of the files relate to Massachusetts customers.

Because Healey’s office “has provided virtually no information concerning the subject or object of its investigation, one cannot imagine what possible relevance product service files from Hawaii or Manitoba, Canada, could have on the AG’s investigation in Massachusetts,” Remington states in its lawsuit, filed Monday.

Remington is asking the court to limit the scope of Healey’s investigation and allow it to remove customer information from the documents it turns over.

If customer information is not removed, the company argues, its customers’ privacy rights would be violated, conduct protected by the Second Amendment would be chilled, and Remington’s business would be harmed.

Healey has not yet responded in court to Remington’s accusations.

Healey’s court papers, however, indicate that Remington and Glock are not the only gun makers she is targeting. Both are “part of a larger series of similar gun safety investigations,” Healey’s office wrote.

Healey, a Democrat who took office last year, has made reducing gun violence a top issue — a crusade that has won her support from national gun-control advocates and the ire of gun owners and gun rights groups.

In December, she warned the state’s 350 licensed gun dealers that they must obey the state’s strict gun laws and began investigating several dealers suspected of selling illegal firearms.

In May, she led a dozen attorneys general in calling on Congress to allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study gun deaths as a public health issue.

A day later, she spoke at a White House gun violence summit, where she decried the legal immunity Congress has granted to gun makers.

“This is the only product of its kind for which Congress has given the industry extensive freedom from liability,” she said at the White House. “That’s not right. The gun industry should be held to the same liability standards as the manufacturers and sellers of other consumer products.”

In July, she drew national attention when she moved to bar sales of so-called copcyat assault rifles that had been modified slightly to evade the state’s 1998 assault weapons ban.

Gun enthusiasts snapped up the rifles in a buying frenzy, and then protested outside the State House.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, meanwhile, said it would challenge Healey’s ban in court, arguing it hurt gun dealers and “made potential felons out of tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens.”

So we are reminded of a number of things in this report.  She (Ms. SJW Healey) is a moron.  “Accidental discharges,” discussed so pointedly here on the pages of this web site, result from people putting their fingers inside the trigger guard and pulling the trigger.  A machine manufacturer, i.e., gun maker, cannot be responsible for people intentionally pulling the trigger and then blaming the gun for discharging a round.  It’s what the machine is designed to do.  It would be like blaming a car for accelerating when you depress the gas pedal.  If it didn’t accelerate, the automobile maker would be responsible for loss of life due to failure of the car to respond to input by the driver.  Similarly, gun makers would be responsible for loss of life if they designed guns that didn’t shoot when the trigger was pulled.  The simple solution to this problem is to teach people not to pull the trigger if you don’t want the gun to shoot.  This was all put in simple terms that the idiot SJW can understand.

Second, she is a bully of the highest order.  She probably shoved other little girls around on the playground, and when she couldn’t do it to the boys, she talked other boys into doing her dirty work for her.  You see, she doesn’t really hate guns.  She wants her Lieutenant bullies to have them.  She just doesn’t want people she doesn’t like to have them.  She isn’t calling for disarming the police, just peaceable men and women who want to protect themselves.  Ms. SJW doesn’t want people to be able to protect themselves.  She wants to be head bully, meaning that people have to come to her for protection.  She is a bitch.

Finally (and there are actually many more lessons from this sad affair), people like this will be bullies until someone punches back, very hard.  If Glock or Remington kowtow to this bitch, they deserve everything they get.  Seriously,  I will have completely lost respect for any company that cooperates with this bully, and I’ll never do business with any of them, ever again.  Gun manufacturers will find that there is a high cost associated with complying this communists like this.  I suspect that the cost will be more than they can bear.

Note to Remington and Glock.  Do not comply.  Tell her to go to hell.  And ditto that for any other gun manufacturer she tries to tackle.

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  1. On September 2, 2016 at 9:37 am, Frank Clarke said:

    Did I read that right? Glock can’t sell to non-police in MA? How big can their market be, then? Just withdraw from the market. No Glocks for Cops (in MA anyway).

  2. On September 2, 2016 at 10:05 am, Archer said:

    I was thinking, if Glock doesn’t want to cease all LEO contract sales in MA, they should ship a “law enforcement only” version. One with standard-capacity magazines, an external thumb safety … and no firing pin.

    THAT should help curb all those “accidental discharges” police seem to be prone to having.

    I mean, that’s what her crusade is against, right? LEO “accidents”? As “the chief law enforcement office in Massachusetts”, isn’t it her responsibility to see to the safety of her officers?

    Just sayin’.

  3. On September 2, 2016 at 6:40 pm, SunwolfNC said:

    Both those companies should shutter than businesses there and, very publicly, blame the AG for the lost jobs and tax revenue, while encouraging the tax payers who care about their rights, to wage a recall against her. “When she’s gone, we’ll reconsider coming back to your state”

  4. On September 3, 2016 at 7:59 am, calsdad said:

    Glock should cease ALL sales into MA – since their only sales now are to LEO. Any sales to “civilians” are for used guns. Just shut them off – that’s the only thing that is going to work. Stop screwing around.

  5. On September 4, 2016 at 9:34 am, Unapologetically White said:

    Ain’t it funny that if an “Only One” does this, it’s an “accidental discharge”, but if you or I do it, it’s a “negligent discharge”.

    Methinks the Bitch is vying to be Clinton’s AG.

  6. On September 3, 2016 at 7:58 am, Calsdad said:

    No. NEW Glocks cannot be sold to non-LEO in MA. Glock is not on the MA AG’s EOPS list (approved handgun roster). My understanding is it’s because Glock refuses to send their stuff thru the testing procedure – or does not have an acceptable loaded chamber indicator – or something like that. Pre-AWB Glocks are pretty much readily available in any gun shop in MA. LEO can buy NEW Glocks. Then – because of the rules of private sale – non-LEO may buy (now ‘newer’) Glocks from a LEO. I have a number of them.

    I’m not quite sure why Healey is going after Glock – other than there are still a bunch of them floating around in MA under the conditions I outlined above.

    In any case – I welcome the full retardation of our AG in going against the gun manufacturers. Maybe this will smarten them up (the mfgr’s that is) – and they will ALL shut off MA completely – and by that I mean LEO sales too. With the LEO community shut off – maybe THEY will put pressure on Healey to back off – or better yet put pressure on somebody else to dump her because she’s gone full retard.

    The gun manufacturer’s hold the winning card here – they just need to play it.

  7. On September 2, 2016 at 9:59 am, Douglas Mortimer said:

    King, Queen, judge, jury, executioner. This woman is out of control and beyond the scope of her own authority. She should look to PA’s Kathleen Kane for a little inspiration.

  8. On September 2, 2016 at 3:34 pm, Fred said:

    Having the ability to recognize an act of war we must be wiling to state it plainly. She has committed an act of war, not the courtroom drama type but, an actual act of violence against our freedom. I see no reason to engage her, in her own domain which resides in a state of evil. The question, and it’s broader than just this instance, is; do we understand and accept the declaration of war as valid and answerable? Has she made a declarative act of war? She has. The day is swiftly approaching when we must answer all these treason’s on the battlefield of our choosing, and in the time and manner in which we prescribe. Not desirous, accepting a clearly stated threat to free men with a rightful answer.

  9. On September 3, 2016 at 6:47 am, Zaphod Braden said:

    It is not “GUN” violence it is CULTURAL violence.
    It is the deliberate destruction of the CULTURE that is at fault. Now who has been corroding Christian values for decades? Who has been PROFITING off glorifying violence?
    Who has polluted the American “Mayberry” culture with “THUG GANGSTA” songs, games, movies, that glorify violence and promote violence as the ONLY way to deal with problems?!
    It is the CULTURE, STUPID ….. What has been done to Our culture by Media interested in PROFIT and “SOCIAL ENGINEERING” (just WHAT are they “engineering”?) NOT in creating a solid prosperous SOCIETY.
    MEDIA-ASSAULT-THOUGHTS. There is no action that is not preceded by the thought and idea of the action, and MSM has immersed America in violent anti-social thoughts. and been publicly proud and boastful of their ANTI-heroes. The immersion of a society in the thoughts and ideas of senseless violence unaccompanied by consequences. The flooding of Media venues such as music, movies, video games, TV, with thoughts and ideas designed to induce violent behavior. If purveying ideas through the media does not work ….. why are $BILLIONS spent every year on advertising and political propaganda if spreading “thoughts” does not matter?!?!
    What are the anti-Freedom activists doing except SPREADING anti-gun THOUGHTS hoping they will lead to ACTIONS?
    Has this BITCH “outlawed” so-called rap music?

  10. On September 3, 2016 at 6:47 am, Zaphod Braden said:

    This is “back to school sales time” LOOK at the ads for the high profit margin fad-clothes the “merchants” dangle in front of your children. Why are you allowing stores to profit off your children by glorifying GANG CULTURE? Back to School “sales” are telling your children they HAVE to dress like drug dealers, or prostitutes, that that is GOOD, and you wonder why your kids go BAD, want GUNS, get hooked?
    Where are the MANDATORY firearms safety classes for Children? “They” insist mandatory sex education is indispensable. They sure are interested in CHILD SEX but have no concern for CHILD SAFETY.
    To protect YOUR child …….ALL children should be educated.
    FIREARM EDUCATION ………… Our “Greatest Educators” pushed SEX EDUCATION in all schools as the cure for teenage pregnancy and STDs among the young. Where are their strident voices demanding FIREARM SAFETY EDUCATION in all schools !?

  11. On September 3, 2016 at 7:18 am, badman400 said:

    Perhaps it should be leaked that she is a threat to Hillary?

  12. On September 3, 2016 at 8:03 am, Calsdad said:

    I think what’s going on here is she’s looking to be the next Janet Reno.

  13. On September 3, 2016 at 8:55 am, John said:

    Pretty Funny How They Keep Hammering Away At the Gun Manufacturers – But Won’t Touch The Corrupt Politicians in Bed With The Too Big Too Jail Corporations, CEO’s, Wall Street & The Banksters Who Cheated Everyone In Their Rigged High Speed Controlled Stock Markets Around The World.

    They Have To Get The Guns Before Everyone Realizes That Their Retirements & Investment Accounts Have Been Raided & Stolen.

  14. On September 4, 2016 at 2:28 pm, Phil Ossiferz Stone said:

    Are You From The Eighteenth Century…?

  15. On September 13, 2016 at 10:13 am, John said:

    Are You A Govt Troll That The Whistle Blowers Warned Everyone About.

  16. On September 3, 2016 at 9:04 am, Rumplestiltskin said:

    Where are the Ninjas when you need one. That lady needs to be taught a lesson on just how far “The People” are willing to allow a bully to BS them unto subservience.

  17. On September 3, 2016 at 9:16 am, doucyet said:

    There is no such thing as an “accidental” discharge. It’s a neglgent discharge and therefor has nothing to do with the weapons design…………………

  18. On September 3, 2016 at 10:00 am, Slickfoot said:

    AKA: ‘Operator Error’

  19. On September 3, 2016 at 9:19 am, Aurora27 said:

    Good luck to Glock and Remington filing in Suffolk County Superior Court.

  20. On September 3, 2016 at 11:50 am, Dave said:

    Another oath-breaking traitor! Go figure! Oh wait … democrud … lgbt … her wife, Gabrielle Wolohojian, is a Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court. No liberal “Constitution is T.P.” here! No! Not at all!

    What credibility should an oath-breaker have in this country! Seriously!

    What is your legal / government career worth as an oath-breaker? If your oath has no meaning!

    Why do we tolorate this! Oath-breaking is the “in thing” in today’s government! It should be automatic dismissal! Oath-breakers should have no path to government, or legal, work! All the problems we have are due to our tolerance for oath-breaking traitors!

  21. On September 3, 2016 at 12:25 pm, daddysteve said:

    Your weapon is useless without ammunition. The Feds are attempting to limit that supply , also.

  22. On September 3, 2016 at 1:02 pm, Hildy_K said:

    The witch can go to hell. Real citizens who appreciate how the us came to be also understand the framework. Resist these sh@theads.

  23. On September 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm, Josh said:

    Mara is the Hebrew word for bitter. Makes sense.

  24. On September 3, 2016 at 4:51 pm, Oryguncon said:

    ““This is the only product of its kind for which Congress has given the
    industry extensive freedom from liability,” she said at the White House.
    “That’s not right. The gun industry should be held to the same
    liability standards as the manufacturers and sellers of other consumer

    Bzzt. Wrong Madam Commissar. Go look up vaccine manufacturers Miz Healey. Think you’ve been done wrong by a bad vaccine? You’re going through federal gov arbitration.

    “Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the court, said Congress set up a
    special vaccine court in 1986 to handle such claims as a way to provide
    compensation to injured children without driving drug manufacturers from
    the vaccine market. The idea, he said, was to create a system that
    spares the drug companies the costs of defending against parents’

  25. On September 3, 2016 at 7:33 pm, Falcon101 said:

    Sure, they keep going after the manufacturers of guns through the court with intimidation and threats, but they absolutely refuse to go near the Pharmaceutical Corporations that are responsible for many times more deaths than guns. The problem is that, just like Trump, the gun manufactures are NOT part of the “Club” and the political system wants them gone.

  26. On September 4, 2016 at 2:27 pm, Phil Ossiferz Stone said:

    >Healey, a Democrat who took office last year, has made reducing software piracy and child pornography a top issue — a crusade that has won her support from large media corporations and the ire of free speech groups.

    >In December, she warned the state’s 350 Apple Stores that they must obey the state’s strict online security laws and began investigating several dealers suspected of selling iPads.

    You have to hand it to the left; they certainly know how to prepare the battlefield. More than half our population apparently thinks of ‘gun owners’ as members of a creepy, dangerous special interest group that struggles obstinately against any kind of sensible progress.

    If the battlefield had not been so prepared, she would not be able to go for the jugular like this. Nor would legislators in New York and California and Washington state. But here we are.

    Stand fast, or lose it all.

  27. On September 5, 2016 at 10:40 am, mrparker1 said:

    Tyrants like this need to go! Firearms manufacturers are not exempt from product liability laws.
    They’re exempt from malicious law suits, some socialist suing because a thug used a Glock in a crime. Or had a negligent discharge.
    As stupid and frivolous as her suing a carmaker or distillery because someone drove drunk.

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