Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
6 years, 8 months ago

David Codrea:

Noting he is prohibited from commenting on grand jury proceedings, perhaps the DA’s mindset can be gleaned from a statement that is on public record. Berberian had previously maintained the shooting was inappropriate and illegal due to what he called “community standards.” In Marin County, those standards place a political “stigma” on gun ownership, and Berberian’s personal hostility to gun ownership, where he goes so far as to invite citizens to “surrender” their firearms to a “buyback” program, is seen by some as an “unhealthy obsession.”

Community standards?  Perhaps we need a community standard that takes corrupt DAs out behind the jail to find a lamp post and some rope.

David is following up that awful commercial made by the anti-gun nuts. “The producer of an anti-gun “public service announcement” video appears to have violated California law regarding either real or imitation firearms on school premises, a Freedom of Information Act response by the North Oakland Community Charter School implies by default. Documents provided to Gun Rights Examiner in response to a Public Records Act request partially corroborate the school executive director’s earlier claim that “NOCCS does not allow, condone, or support bringing weapons of any kind (real or replicas) to school.”

David is pointing people to a debate appended to one of his articles, where Bruce Krafft argues as follows:

I would be tripped up by the second half of the very first question: “Do you believe … that the Bill of Rights acknowledges a birthright of all Americans?” Nope; the Bill of Rights “acknowledges a birthright” of all people regardless of where they were born. As L. Neil Smith said in his Letter to a Liberal Colleague: “[T]he freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right.”

And after some argument, he says “You believe that immigration will be a net drain despite the fact that some 50% of new businesses are started by 1st generation immigrants.”

Let’s be clear here.  I can answer David’s first question with clarity and intentionally include not just some sort of vague, murky “natural” right (I am not a follower of John Locke and his ilk).  I believe that the God of the Bible has granted every man the right to defend his family the way he sees fit.  Now to Mr. Krafft’s problem.

He is a simpleton.  All of that has abolutely nothing whatsoever to do with whether the U.S. recognizes aliens, gives them sustenance, recognizes rights, or anything else.  Just as I can point to God having granted the right to self defense and amelioration of tyranny to all men everywhere, I can also point to a sovereign state’s resposibility to secure its borders, protect its heritage, and secure its freedom from tyranny.

Allowing voters in who would undermine that runs directly contrary to a state’s God given duties.  What another state recognizes (or not) for its citizens isn’t our concern.  That is between God and those evil rulers.  Just as we cannot be the police of the world, we also cannot ensure every man’s rights are observed by allowing our borders to be violated.  Setting one concept over against another (in a Morton’s Fork) is fodder for college freshmen.  We aren’t college freshmen, we think more clearly than that.  As for the notion that “immigrants start this,” or “immigrants did that,” or “we are all immigrants of some sort,” I am completely unmoved.  This is a play on emotions because Mr. Krafft knows he has lost the argument.  I don’t vote or advocate based on emotions.  Go emote with someone who cares, Mr. Krafft.  David titles his post at WoG “A Libertarian Paradox.”  Philosopher Gordon H. Clark once said of paradoxes, they are a “charlie horse in the head.”  So this too.  There is no logical problem here, just a lack of clear thought.

In an exchange I knew nothing about until today (I have been out of pocket for a while), Mike Vanderboegh is contemplating potential arrest at the WA state house as part of “I will not comply” protests.  David weighs in with Mike asking him to reconsider, and for a rundown of his own reason you will have to read David’s letter to Mike.

I have nothing at all to add to either Mike’s reasons or David’s counterarguments.  This is entirely a personal decision, neither dictated nor forbidden by Biblical precepts.  Perhaps there is wisdom to be gleaned, but that’s not the same thing as rules, sin, righteousness and the like.  I have not been a part of things like this because I have a job, and that job quite literally required me over the past several weeks to work about 20 straight days without time off.  Moreover, my job requires that I stay free from felony arrests, and even lesser charges could be problematic.

That said, I do get that there must be a line in the sand.  Every man must make those decisions for himself.  I cannot suffer the notion that the federal government has a list of every firearm owned and who owns them.  What I would do about that is none of your business until I tell you and make it your business.  The one thing on which I disagree with David is this: “And no, I don’t see a way to back out of this without losing face.”

Oh, I don’t know about that.  Haters will always hate.  Anonymous commenters annoy me, and like David I require that men go on record, at least with me if not others.  But posting an anonymous comment ridiculing Mike’s decision, one way or another, impresses me as sound and fury signifying nothing.  It’s like the little yap-yap dogs who run up to my 82 pound red and rust Dobbi, Heidi, making all sorts of unappealing noises, until she looks their way, and then they turn tail and run.  I think Heidi must be amused.  I know I am.

That’s what I recommend for Mike.  Amusement is appropriate in some circumstances.  But if you want to go to WA, do it.  If you don’t, then don’t.  Here is how you tell folks your decision.  You simply tell them.  That’s the end of it.  I don’t embarrass easily (engineers usually suffer from over-confidence and an almost pathological inability to care about the views of others – so I acknowledge there’s a problem with us, but I’m confident that problem doesn’t apply to me).  So maybe I’m a bad one to offer counsel.  But I just don’t see the issue with “saving face.”  It doesn’t have even the slightest traction with me.

WeaponsMan has a demurral for the M-14 / M1A lovers.  Well, I suspect that this will draw out as many violent remarks as haters of the 5.56 mm round and M-16/M-4/AR-15 platform.


  1. On February 3, 2015 at 8:27 pm, Ned Weatherby said:

    Regarding the Bruce Krafft’s bogus statement:”50% of new businesses are started by 1st generation immigrants”: According to Numbers USA, (an anti illegal immigration site with fundraising activity BS almost as embarrassing as NRA’s) linking to a DHS source, the legal immigration average for the last 5 years = 1,135,749 per year.

    BTW, a 50% rise in foreign born business owners does not equal 50% of all new businesses. More like under 1/5 of new businesses, according to Bloomberg Business news. According to a 2012 NY Times story, around 15% of new businesses are immigrant owned, employing 18% immigrants. The businesses are, perhaps legal ones, but who knows about the immigrant employees? And many of these businesses are restaurants and quick marts. Not exactly offering much in the way of wages.

    Before the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, most drywall contractors in CA were driven out of business by illegal alien labor, paid directly by builders and developers. After the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, these newly-minted citizens discovered they had to be licensed, carry liability and workman’s comp insurance, and found they couldn’t afford to work for the depressed wages they were responsible for driving down. So they filed lawsuits against the builders and developers they had been in league with to drive down wages. Some went on strike to unionize. I was in CA at the time, working as a contractor. I remember this well. There’s more to the details of the lawsuit(s) than that, but that’s a thumbnail.

    Seems the contractors weren’t willing to hot bunk, 8 to a room, 30 or so to a house, just for the pleasure of doing the work. After becoming “legal,” neither were the newly minted citizens. That’s an example of “immigrant business owners.” How many in new immigrant businesses in construction are here at the cost of driving other contractors out of business? during the last bubble, wages in construction plummeted, due primarily to unskilled labor performing skilled labor tasks. Quality suffered, and many skilled craftsmen moved on to other things. Now there is a dearth of skilled craftsmen in construction.

    One of the “libertarian” principles that illegal immigration seems to look the other way on, is trespass. I see few southern border dwellers, whose property is trashed, stock killed, and houses invaded, wanting “no borders.” In fact, most just would like their property borders respected. Seems the people who get the most out of illegal immigration, and argue in support most vehemently, are typically Prozis or Neocons who live in gated communities, in order to keep the unwashed hoi polloi from even driving down their hallowed street.

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year. But, point in fact, the business owner argument is a straw man diversion to the gun rights issue.

    Russn8r, who took Bruce Krafft has been repeatedly flamed about NRA director Norquist, about immigration, and the immigration/amnesty threat to gun rights in the comments section over at David Codrea’s Gun Rights Examiner, in pretty much every article about NRA written by David.

    Russn8r was repeatedly flamed on David Codrea’s when he brought up NRA’s backstabbing position on amnesty – despite the fact that he supplied URLs to back up his position.

    More info about Groveler Norquisling – the NRA RINO superstar: This is the sort of info NRA members need. Funny thing – I’m an NRA life member – and the only time I didn’t receive a copy of American Rifleman was the edition that contained the ballot for the last NRA election.

    NRA’s in-house picks are typically a sure bet to avoid. One way to stack the vote in the NRA election is to vote for only one, two, or three candidates that would actually do us good. It is becoming more difficult to learn which candidates are truly in support of the whole Bill of Rights.

    And finally – an article on the M14 – that ammo-sensitive battle rifle, esteemed by so many – who don’t own, and have never carried one. Thanks for the info, Herschel.

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