Robert Bateman, Guns And Feelings

BY Herschel Smith
9 years, 6 months ago


I was sitting in a casual seafood restaurant on the Eastern Shore of Virginia not long ago. It is a place well known for the quality of their crab and inshore fish. It was early on a quiet Sunday morning. The brunch hour approached and, more importantly, we were hungry. We were passing the Delmarva Peninsula at the time, an area I know well from my youth. My wife sat opposite me across a plain varnished pinewood table and my baby daughter sat in a high-seat next to me. Three tables of this roughly sixty-table restaurant were filled.

As we ate, looking over the beautiful waters at the Island House Restaurant in Wachapreague, I noticed over my wife’s shoulder the large man sitting in the table next to ours. It is not all that often that I notice people significantly larger than I am, but this guy qualified enough so that one could not help but look when he got up a few feet away. Going I know not where, I also noticed something else, the obvious presence of a concealed weapon at his hip, nominally, loosely “concealed” beneath his oversized T-shirt.

Really? A gun, at Sunday Brunch? Are you seriously that afraid of the 75-year-old farming couple, the only other people in the restaurant, who probably raised the daughter who babysat you 30 years ago? Or is it the middle-class transient family of three, with the baby, us, who frighten you? I mean, really, there were eight people in that restaurant at the time.

Then, over the next hour, as the 30 or-so retirees and perhaps 20 more obviously in for a post-Church-service special Sunday Brunch folks came in, I came to realize how absolutely delusional the fellow must be. What kind of idiot carries a gun in a family restaurant for family brunch? Well, that would be one of the folks influenced by the NRA-approved “Molon Labe” movement.

There we go with the collectivist attitude again – “influenced by the NRA-approved “Molon Labe” movement.”  It’s what collectivists think, i.e., that the NRA is the big bad boy to whom we all listen, the reality being much different (it’s most times hard to convince patriots to continue payments to the NRA in light of their sellouts and failures to address important matters like I-594.  I know I think about that every year when I renew my membership).

But on to Bateman.  You can read the rest, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  We know that he was sitting an eatery, that he believes that a “dude” who was too fat was sitting near him, and apparently he was obsessed by this man’s presence.  Bateman projects how this man must feel (delusional, and later he calls the man “paranoid”).  Bateman never learned Roberts Rules of Order, which require addressing facts rather than state of mind.  Bateman does not know the state of mind of this man, who does and doesn’t agree with any NRA-approved “movement,” or whether this man has ever been paranoid.

Now let me talk about myself.  After all, Bateman does that very well.  I hate to conceal a firearm.  I consider it to be obnoxious in the superlative degree.  In fact, I hate to carry anything on my body.  I don’t wear jewelry of any kind (rings, necklaces, or even watches).  I don’t even like to have car keys in my pocket.  I consider it to be an intrusion.

Furthermore, the knuckles on my right hand are so swollen from arthritis that I wouldn’t be able to get a ring on my fingers if I wanted to.  I am thankful to the Lord that my swollen finger joints don’t hinder my shooting, writing, or keyboard operation (since I make my living usually at a desk or out in a plant).  I have found about the only two ways I can conceal a firearm without annoyance.

The first (and preferred) is ankle carry with a small-ish, light weight handgun, and the second is IWB of a small, light weight handgun.  I do not conceal carry large frame handguns.  I do open carry from time to time, sometimes large frame handguns.  I open carry because I find concealed carry annoying (or have we already covered that?).  I also really, really don’t like sweating my weapon, especially in the summer.

The only way I can open carry is with a rigger’s belt or tactical belt.  I really, really hate my weapon and holster sagging and banging around on my body.  But I’ve already talked about my annoyance with things on my body.  This leads me to my final point.  I don’t carry because I think it’s fun, or cool, or because I’m paranoid.  I would rather not carry a weapon.  In fact, I don’t even wear a watch (or have I already said that?).

I carry a weapon in spite of the way I feel, not because of it.  I carry a weapon because of things I believe about my duty to be able to protect myself and my family because we are created in God’s image and He demands that I do my best to preserve life.  It’s a discipline I have had to develop.  And I do mean, discipline.

And so now that I’ve reiterated this for the umpteenth time, and now that I’ve spent so much time on how I feel about things, are you bored with all of this?  I hope so.  I’m bored, and it’s me I’m talking about.  I mean, I’m really, really bored with this post.  I don’t even care how I feel any more.

So that’s the message, Bateman.  No one cares how you feel.  Just keep it to yourself until you get bored with yourself.  You will.  I do.  We all do.  If you want to be taken seriously, talk about what you believe, and why.  So for instance, if you were to assert something like, “it is impossible for anyone to be assaulted in America,” then we can debate that and offer up contrary evidence.  If you were to assert something like, “no one has ever successfully defended their family from assault,” then likewise we can have open and robust debate because that assertion has substance.  Or if you wish, you can talk about how we shouldn’t be allowed to be armed even though God expects us to protect and provide for our families.  And then we can debate it.

But if you want to continue to wax on about your feelings, we just can’t take you seriously.  And don’t call him dude.  He has a name.  Go up to him, tell him you think he’s fat rather than telling us.  Tell him you think he’s paranoid.  Remember his name.  At least it would show you have some guts.


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  1. On November 17, 2014 at 10:54 am, Blake said:


    I CCW whenever I leave the house and it isn’t comfortable. I carry a full size 1911, because that is the gun I practice with and am comfortable shooting. (I shoot my carry gun in IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge matches. No, match scores do not matter to me)

    I’m the guy sitting there quietly with my wife, eating a meal, shopping or heading to a movie. I’m not going to bother anyone and, if the situation does arise, hopefully, I will be able to prevent some thug from bothering everyone else.

  2. On November 17, 2014 at 6:50 pm, heyrakes said:

    Didn’t the LUBBY”S incident in Texas, happen at brunch? you should carry any where you could be shot

  3. On November 17, 2014 at 8:50 pm, Justsomeguy said:

    Robert Bateman is a liar. I have called him on it publicly and directly after he claimed the NRA was advocating violence and he couldn’t substantiate the claim. This is the second time I have seen him claim that he has “made” a concealed carrier or carriers and I have told him that I expected he was lying about that as well. I simply don’t believe that he is that astute and he uses these mush too convenient episodes to feed his ridicules articles. I believe that if he didn’t make stuff up, he’s have nothing to write about.


  4. On November 18, 2014 at 11:28 am, Toastrider said:

    “We do not distrust each other because we are armed; we are armed because we distrust each other.”

  5. On November 18, 2014 at 7:40 pm, Raconteur Duck said:

    Herschel, more than a little ot: To help your shooting (and typing) due to arthritis, try Arnicare ( on your sore joints. It’s from the Arnica Montana plant and everyone that I know that has used it, is suitably impressed. Even my red-neck brother who would rather bleed on the floor, than admit he’s cut, is praising this stuff. What have you go to lose?

  6. On November 23, 2014 at 12:23 pm, Matheus Grunt said:

    I carry conceal all the time. I don’t draw attention to myself & I don’t hurt anyone so I don’t worry. If someone happens to get violent around myself or my family or others, I feel that becoming tactical at that point is very necessary. I don’t OC because there are too many idiots out here & too many fools who’d call the cops on me (or anyone as has happened way too much in this country) & then I’m forced with a decision to either defend my freedom from the state’s thugs or surrender my liberty for the state to be happy with my being armed. Plus folks like me don’t OC because I don’t need to prove anything about my 2A rights nor do I want the attention. These are some considerations for anyone who OC also, never-mind CC.

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