Irrational Christian Bias Against Guns, Violence And Self Defense

Herschel Smith · 22 May 2016 · 32 Comments

Several examples of Christians opposing all violence and means of self defense have been in the news lately, and I can't deal with all such examples.  But three particular examples come to mind, and I first want to show you one example from Mr. Robert Schenck in a ridiculously titled article, Christ or a Glock. "Well, first of all you're making an immediate decision that if someone invades your home, they are going to die," Rev. Schenck replied. "So you are ready to kill another human being…… [read more]

Another Open Carry Fight Is Brewing In Texas

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago


GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) – Tom Mannewitz has owned the Targetmaster Indoor Shooting Center in Garland since 1979.

He supports open-carry, which lawmakers approved in 2015, allowing people to carry handguns openly just the same as long rifles.

But Mannewitz said he opposes a new bill that would make licensing to carry a handgun, required education classes and fees optional.  I understand why people would like to have constitutional carry but I have to say I would vote against it. Not everybody should be carrying a gun. Not everybody has the right to own a gun. If the police have some way of determining are you licensed or not, I think that’s an asset to the law enforcement community,” he said.

We don’t think Texans should have to pay for the right to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, said the man who filed the legislation, HB 375, Republican State Representative Jonathan Stickland of Bedford.

Stickland said his bill would make the rules for handguns the same as they already are for long rifles.

What my bill is not it is not an expansion of who can carry. Under constitutional carry, anyone who is eligible for a CHL now would be able to carry. No one new would be able to carry.”

He said under his legislation, people would still need to pass a federal  background check when buying a firearm. But Mannewitz said he also wants the state to continue doing background checks for those who are carrying guns.

The state license costs $140 for the first time and $70 for renewal every five years after that. Once a gun owner reaches the age of 60, the cost of the license drops to $35.

Stickland though believes the cost of the required license and class can be prohibitive to people with lower incomes.  He said some gun shop owners oppose his bill because they may lose a lot of money if the gun safety classes are no longer required.

But Mannewitz said the income he generates from those classes is half of one percent of his gross revenues.

Democratic State Representative Eric Johnson of Dallas strongly disagrees with Stickland’s bill.

I have a real problem with the idea of unlicensed open carry.  It’s asking for trouble. It’s just beyond the pale. I have a real problem with open carry in large urban areas like Dallas,” he said.

As a result, Johnson has proposed his own bill, HB 291, that would exempt Dallas from open carry.

As I’ve stated before, the reason to oppose nullification at the local and county level is that little Napoleons like to rule over other people, negating duly enacted laws.  To my knowledge, there has never been a time when local or county nullification actually enabled liberties rather than curtailing them.  The advocates of exception for Dallas or other cities don’t really believe in pushing authority downward unless is suits their needs at the time.

As to Mr. Mannewitz, you really find out who your friends are when the issue invokes money, yes?  And as for the notion that Mr. Mannewitz earns half of one percent of his revenue from these classes, I wish I could believe that, but I doubt it.

There is something more going on, perhaps being a one stop shop and offering up their services to complete paperwork for a fee, or running students past counters full of guns in order to sell them to class participants.  Either way, progressives never sleep, and it looks like Texas is in for yet another open carry fight to bring constitutional carry to their state.

I told you this wasn’t the end of it when they passed that ridiculous law allowing permitted open carry.  Stay frosty folks.  The war isn’t over yet, you’re just in an interlude.

Pizzagate VI

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 2 days ago

That a boy. Go get ‘em David.  He said what I did here and here, except longer and better, and more directed to the sense of morality inside the souls of federal employees, if there’s any left.

Every man meets his end, and then the judgment and eternity.  Think hard about this.  There are sins omission just as there are sins of commission.


Pizzagate V

Pizzagate IV

Pizzagate III

Pizzagate II


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Pizzagate V: Pizzagate In Theological Perspective

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago

David Seaman has had readers and supporters recommend that he avoid focusing on the satanic issues surrounding Pizzagate (he correctly calls it a “Luciferian cult”). David stated that he couldn’t do that because to neglect that issue would be to ignore half of the story.

I like David, but with all due respect, I disagree.  To neglect that aspect would be to ignore 100% of the story.  This all has theological context, and if you don’t understand that context you don’t understand the story.

In Genesis 22 when Abraham had been commanded to offer up Isaac as an offering, Abraham said before going up on the mountain to his servants, “Stay here with the Donkey, and I and the lad will go yonder, and we will worship and return to you.”

Abraham knew in his heart or hearts that God would fulfill His promises to make him a great nation, and that Isaac would come down from the mountain alive.  God doesn’t command you to take the lives of others except in cases of self defense, defense of others or just war.  He is a just and kind God.

Offering children up to Moloch isn’t anything new.  Moloch (Molech) was a Babylonian god, and Israel had adopted the way of the pagans from being around them.  In Leviticus 18:21 God specifically commands Israel NOT to offer up their children to Molech, so as not to profane His name.  God sees it as an offence against Him, not just children.

But Lucifer is always and forever an awful demon, demanding the most horrible sacrifices.  That the children being offered up as sexual sacrifices (and if the reports are to be believed, literal sacrifices as well) aren’t their own is irrelevant.  This is still awful, and there is a further point in their schema.

In Old Testament law, the following sins and crimes were met with the death penalty.  (1) murder, (2) rape, and (3) kidnapping.  In the same act at the same time, the perpetrators of these horrors commit all three sins warranting the death penalty, in the ultimate display of high handed sin against God.

This is what happens when pagans rule other men.  This is a picture of what it looks like to reject God and declare yourself the only sovereign.  When man would be god, he reviles, demeans, harms, destroys and kills.  When God loves, he brings light out of darkness, and to point, He commands us to protect the little ones.

Do you hear them screaming?  Do you?  The little ones.  Do you hear them?


Pizzagate IV

Pizzagate III

Pizzagate II


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Pizzagate IV

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago

I’m going to shotgun this post on Pizzagate and follow up with a moderately more coherent piece on Pizzagate in theological perspective.  In the mean time, there are some videos you need to watch, and things of which you need to be aware.

From Voat/pizzagate, a massive pedophile ring was discovered in Norway on November 20, 2016.  That same day, Norway announced they would be cutting donations to the Clinton Foundation by 90%.  October 28 (2015) a pedophile operation was discovered in Australia that includes former Prime Ministers and other elite figures. Former victim claims this ring is “international” and includes “VIPs.”  On November 25, 2016, Australia says they are completely stopping 100% of donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Ask yourself this question.  What do law enforcement and intelligence agencies from other countries know that our own isn’t telling us?

Now I want you to spend the necessary time to watch these videos.  It won’t be time wasted.


Pizzagate III

Pizzagate II


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The New York Times On Smart Guns

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago


… the guidelines reignite the promise of smart guns — a promise cut short 16 years ago when the N.R.A. led a boycott of Smith & Wesson after the gun manufacturer pledged in a White House agreement to explore smart-gun technology.

The technology is available. In fact, Jonathan Mossberg, scion of the nation’s oldest family-owned gunmaker, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, patented a shotgun in 2000 that successfully blocked firing by anyone not wearing the shooter’s radio-frequency identity ring. The gun industry lacks not the high-tech know-how, but the fortitude to advance the safety of its weapons in the face of gun-lobby politics and threats. The new voluntary guidelines aim to create industry standards for reliable battery power in a smart gun, for ensuring unhindered speed in drawing the weapon and for the distance allowed between the gun and its owner’s ID device.

We’ve dealt with this before, but I’ll repeat it here for those of you who may have missed it.

… let’s talk yet again about smart gun technology.  I am a registered professional engineer, and I spend all day analyzing things and performing calculations.  Let’s not speak in broad generalities and murky platitudes (such as “good enough”).  That doesn’t work with me.  By education, training and experience, I reject such things out of hand.  Perform a fault tree analysis of smart guns.  Use highly respected guidance like the NRC fault tree handbook.

Assess the reliability of one of my semi-automatic handguns as the first state point, and then add smart gun technology to it, and assess it again.  Compare the state points.  Then do that again with a revolver.  Be honest.  Assign a failure probability of greater than zero (0) to the smart technology, because you know that each additional electronic and mechanical component has a failure probability of greater than zero.

Get a PE to seal the work to demonstrate thorough and independent review.  If you can prove that so-called “smart guns” are as reliable as my guns, I’ll pour ketchup on my hard hat, eat it, and post video for everyone to see.  If you lose, you buy me the gun of my choice.  No one will take the challenge because you will lose that challenge.  I’ll win.  Case closed.  End of discussion.

But that’s not the end of the discussion because I’ll add to it.  First of all as I pointed out above, the additional electronic components add additional failure modes to the firearm, making it more unreliable when it needs to be used than a gun without those same failure modes.

Second, the additional electronics is an additional maintenance headache because there will inevitably be breakage due to heat, shock from the recoil, and moisture and oil associated with gun usage.

Third, gunsmiths won’t be able to work on them and the guns will have to be shipped back to the factory for maintenance, or otherwise maintenance will have to be done by plug and play replacement of electronic modules.  This adds expense and time to maintenance.

Fourth, the additional electronics will add unnecessary weight to the gun.

Fifth, the additional electronics will occupy additional space inside the gun, making the gun less ergonomic and more difficult to use

Sixth, the additional electronics gives the government (or anyone else who designs the means to defeat the electronics) a door inside to cause the gun to malfunction when it’s called upon to operate.

There are more reasons that readers could add, but it isn’t necessary.  Six is enough.  Here is an engineer’s / mechanic’s / machinist’s adage that should guide your thinking.  Make the machine as simple as you can so that we can work on it.  That’s why we don’t like modern emission control systems and onboard computers.

Prior: Smart Gun Tag

Fidel Castro Dead, Good Riddance

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago

I see that the evil despot Fidel Castro is dead.  Good riddance.  I’ll toast his demise with a good glass of wine tonight.  He is in hell now, an appropriate place for him to spend eternity.

Like all communist dictators, he enriched and engorged himself and his cronies while the poor people of Cuba starved to death and perished in filthy hospitals.  The people of Cuba couldn’t enjoy the God-given right of self determination and worship as they saw fit, and couldn’t work without having to give the majority of it to the awful men who ruled over them.  It’s fitting that the only two world “leaders” who mourned Castro’s death are the awful Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.

Donald Trump does much better, and Ted Cruz spews venom at the memory of Castro.  I grew up with the Castro regime, but it you’re young and don’t know about the man, you can learn all you need to know about him to interpret the rest of his life and work in three words.  Armas para que?

The Cuban revolution was no American one, and Castro’s embracing of communism after convincing the world he was a freedom fighter should remind all who can think of the “fool me once” adage.

As should Castro’s pointed question when making his case that the people no longer had legitimate need of guns, and that his administration should be the only ones wielding a monopoly of violence.

Read the rest of David’s piece for an eye opener concerning a previous position take by Guns Magazine.  David also points out that “Castro moved against private gun ownership the second day he was in power. He sent his thugs throughout the island using the gun registry lists — compiled by the preceding Batista regime — to confiscate the people’s firearms.”

Very well.  That places him squarely in the camp with ISIS and the Northeastern and West Coast democrats.

Second Amendment Post Yanked From Nazareth Police Facebook Page

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 3 days ago

The Morning Call:

A Nazareth police officer went rogue on the department’s Facebook page Wednesday morning, according to borough officials, encouraging gun owners to “exercise your 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms” in the wake of a homicide and carjacking this week in Palmer Township.

Nazareth police Commissioner Randall Miller said he learned of the post after receiving a call from the mayor and had it removed immediately, acknowledging that it could have been interpreted as vigilantism.

On the police Facebook page, the department wished the public a “safe Thanksgiving vacation,” gave details of the crimes that happened Monday and Tuesday night in Palmer, and then said:

“We ask and encourage those of you who are responsible and educated enough to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Providing you can and are legally able to possess a firearm and that you follow the Pennsylvania laws and local ordinances when doing so … If when ever possible CALL 911 FIRST, if you believe you see someone or something suspicious. Do not engage and use Extreme Caution!”

A police officer must have indeed gone rogue in order to suggest that someone exercise their second amendment rights.  I’m glad that the police chief had it immediately removed, because someone might have been able to save his life or the lives of loved ones in the case of attempted homicide without the assistance of the police.  They might begin to be responsible for themselves.

Actually, sarcasm aside, it’s sad that the chief equates suspicious looking people with attempted homicide, and assumes that the knuckle dragging dirt people are so stupid that they cannot differentiate between the two.  It sounds to me like the town needs both a new mayor and police chief.  The cop who posted this on Facebook can stay.  And dump that damn Facebook page, guys.  Facebook is for making Mark Zuckerberg rich.  You don’t want to do that.

Pat Condell On How Europe Has Turned Into A House Of Horrors

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

Coming to a neighborhood near you very soon.

He Was Out There Acting As A Police Officer, When He Has No Police Powers

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago


A Converse man who used his AR-15 rifle to detain four men he thought were going to burglarize his neighbor’s home last month now finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Coty Bob McDonnell, 31, made his initial appearance Monday on a charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor, but the case was reset for next month.

Converse police arrested McDonnell on the night of Oct. 22 or early Oct. 23 after he detained the men, believing they were burglars, according to an account provided by his neighbor, Doug Stearns, and his lawyer, Daniel De La Garza.

Charging him might have a chilling effect on Texans who want to protect their property, they argued. McDonnell himself declined comment, citing the pending case.

Texas law gives some leeway to persons who believe they have been asked to protect the property of a third party, allowing the use of deadly force to prevent theft or criminal mischief, but the circumstances of McDonnell’s case differed considerably when described by police and his neighbor.

Converse police say McDonnell went too far when he chased the four down the street and blocked their way out with his vehicle. The four were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, but not burglary. They told officers they were on their way to a party, according to a police report.

A Converse man who used his AR-15 rifle to detain four men he thought were going to burglarize his neighbor’s home last month now finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Coty Bob McDonnell, 31, made his initial appearance Monday on a charge of deadly conduct, a misdemeanor, but the case was reset for next month.

Converse police arrested McDonnell on the night of Oct. 22 or early Oct. 23 after he detained the men, believing they were burglars, according to an account provided by his neighbor, Doug Stearns, and his lawyer, Daniel De La Garza.

Charging him might have a chilling effect on Texans who want to protect their property, they argued. McDonnell himself declined comment, citing the pending case.

Texas law gives some leeway to persons who believe they have been asked to protect the property of a third party, allowing the use of deadly force to prevent theft or criminal mischief, but the circumstances of McDonnell’s case differed considerably when described by police and his neighbor.

Converse police say McDonnell went too far when he chased the four down the street and blocked their way out with his vehicle. The four were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, but not burglary. They told officers they were on their way to a party, according to a police report.

“These kids just stopped in the roadway to change drivers,” said Assistant Chief Rex Rheiner. “He pursued them, and when he pursued them down the road is when he left the realm of protection of property.

“He pointed the weapon at them,” Rheiner added. “He was out there acting as a police officer, when he has no police powers.”

Stearns, 51, an Air Force retiree, said he had asked McDonnell to keep an eye on his house while he was out of town and gave him a key. Their subdivision has had a rash of burglaries and recently saw a Converse school vandalized, he said. McDonnell even mowed his lawn and took care of his cat, Stearns said.

Stearns said McDonnell told him he had noticed a car coming down the street with its lights off and when it stopped near Stearns’ home, three men got out and approached or entered Stearns’ driveway. McDonnell grabbed his rifle and approached them and, “They said, ‘Oh (expletive), there’s somebody here,’” Stearns said.

McDonnell prevented the group from leaving in the car they arrived in, but had put away his weapon by the time police arrived, according to Stearns.

He called the prosecution a waste of time and money.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Stearns said. “We should be able to protect our homes and do so in a way that doesn’t cause a loss of life.”

Most states don’t recognize the right to deadly force to prevent theft, but Texas does if I’m not mistaken.  So does Missuouri, to some lesser extent.

The police chief doesn’t really know how this all went down, since he wasn’t there.  I don’t know either, but there’s just something that tells me the founding fathers would have looked askance at the notion that a blue costume somehow grants powers that other men don’t have.

It seems to me that the real problem here is that the chief is offended that someone else out there sees himself empowered.  The chief would have defended until his dying breath the right of his officers to wield weapons at night in the presence of suspected thieves and detain anyone they deemed appropriate.

It’s the blue costume, folks.  It’s special.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks ago

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving 2016 with family and friends and enjoy good times together.  I encourage you to ponder the things God has done for you.

I am thankful for my work, my children, my wife, the pleasures of life, the readers on this blog, and most of all, unmerited favor from God – His grace which saved me through Jesus Christ.  I am thankful to be called and numbered among His own people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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