Should The Marines In Chattanooga Have Been Armed?

Herschel Smith · 19 Jul 2015 · 43 Comments

There is in the news today a call for the Marines at the recruiting station in Chattanooga to have been armed, since "we are at war" with radical Islam.  A different take on the subject can be found (via WRSA) from Mason Dixon Tactical.  Here are some excerpts. The question is somewhat easy to answer. “Should they have been armed?” The short answer is “No.”, at least not from an “On Duty” perspective. I find it interesting that some who have been crying to high Heaven about the…… [read more]

This Church Has Two New Members: Smith & Wesson

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 1 day ago

One Charlotte area pastor is taking church protection into her own hands.

Pastor Brenda Stevenson of the New Outreach Christian Center has announced plans to purchase and carry a firearm to protect her congregation. The decision comes in the wake of the massacre that killed nine members of the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We need protection,” Stevenson told NBC Charlotte from inside her church’s pulpit. “I want them to know ‘Have no fear. God is here,’ but we got two more members. Smith, and Wesson.”

New Outreach is known throughout Charlotte for helping to feed and clothe thousands of people during the holiday season. Stevenson says some of the people the church has helped have frightened her.

[ … ]

“I am not prepared to use it at this point, but when I get through taking the course, and get the permit, yes,” Stevenson said.

Very good.  Get the training, learn to use it, trust God, and do His bidding.  He would have you defend yourself and your congregation because you are all made in His image.  Arm the congregation as well.  You think more clearly than some of the goobers about whom I’ve written.

As for the bad people, meet Smith & Wesson.  And then prepare to meet your maker.

Things You May Not Have Known About The Remington Walker Fire Control System

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

Over the years, Barber has amassed a mountain of documents, including internal memos from Remington and thousands of consumer complaints, that he said show that the company knew about the flaw with the trigger mechanism, known as the Walker Fire Control, and did nothing about it.

“I believe that I am quite capable of defending myself with Remington’s own documents, which speak for themselves and clearly speak volumes about what the company knew, when they knew it and what they did or did not do with that body of knowledge,” said Barber.

Remington has adamantly denied that the Walker Fire Control is defective. But the company has agreed to replace millions of trigger mechanisms in its top-selling bolt action rifles as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement

The details of the settlement are still being worked out in federal court and aren’t expected to be released until December of 2015. But we do know that Remington does not want the trigger replacement program to be labeled a recall. Also, part of the deal is that Remington does not have to admit that its products are defective or concede to wrongdoing.

That does not sit well with Barber.

“Until Remington at least quits denying a problem and wrongdoing, the cycle of death and injury will just continue,” said Barber.

Barber said he wants Remington to come clean about the history of problems with the model 700 rifle.

He showed MTN an internal memo from 1990 that says, “the number of model 700 rifles being returned to the factory because of alleged accidental firing malfunctions is constantly increasing.”

The memo was dated January 25 and already 29 rifles had been returned that month.

Barber also released to MTN a confidential document on testing done within Remington’s own facility. It advised the tester to wear a glove for protection and “be prepared for the rifle to inadvertently follow down or fire.”

“Remington goes as far as telling their own employees, as shown in that document, they warn them,” said Barber. “They tell them to be prepared for the gun to fire during testing, but yet they deny this fact to the public?”

They prepared their own gunsmiths to expect the rifle to “inadvertently fire” during testing.  I had not heard this before, even though I have linked a good bit of evidence (likely obtained initially by Barber) in previous posts.  It might actually have been interesting and enlightening for the case to go forward to court to see how Remington reacted.

I had also intended to mention that Jack Belk sent me his book (personally signed) entitled Unsafe by Design: Forensic Gunsmithing and Firearms Accident Investigations.  It’s written in a breezy, conversational style with lots of pictures and technical explanation.  The section on the Walker fire control system beckons me again, since it’s involved enough to read through a second time.  I highly recommend Jack’s book.

Impulsively Angry Gun Owners

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 5 days ago

That’s just about all of us if you believe the press, except that according to Politicus USA, that’s only if you have a lot of guns.

This week an article was circulating around social media with a headline that would draw cheers from many, though by no means all, progressives: “Bombshell: Gun Owners Tend to Be Angry, Unstable, Impulsive.” If one clicks on the article, there is indeed some bombshell research contained within it. However, the headline does not accurately reflect the research study’s findings and misses the chance to inform, as well as advance, a policy argument. It is unfortunate because it doesn’t do progressives any favors to circulate headlines that are erroneous. It ends up putting us on the defensive as we have to defend why statements are being made that don’t reflect reality.

Researchers at Duke and Harvard conducted research with results that can help form social policy, indicate to family and friends when a loved one may be dangerous, and destigmatize a group that has long been maligned as unsafe. The social scientists who completed this research used the National Comorbidity Study to get their findings. The National Comorbidity Study has been conducted since the 1990s as a study of mental health and substance abuse in the community, most recently using a nationally representative sample of 5,563 people with the purpose of determining the percentages of mental illness and substance abuse in the population. The calculation of whether randomly selected research participants have either problem was done through an extensive, standardized, face-to-face interview. There are also questions about the use of professional services, etc. The most recent iterations have included questions related to gun ownership. This is where the “bombshell” research results come from.

The researchers found that 8.9% of those who reported being impulsively angry also reported gun ownership. This is not a small percentage if we, as Americans, are trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who could easily be at sudden risk of shooting any number of people. On the other hand, it also means that over 90% of the people who get impulsively anger did not have a gun. Because of the way the study is structured, the converse—over 90% of gun owners were not impulsively angry—is also true. Oops, there goes the bombshell idea that “gun owners tend to be angry, unstable, impulsive.”

What made this study so useful is that they were able to pinpoint who is at risk for violent behavior. It comes as absolutely no surprise that people who owned six or more guns or who had a history of violent behavior were those who reported the riskiest behaviors of “outbursts of anger,” “getting into fights,” or “smashing or breaking things.”  These are the people who are at risk for killing someone. The vast majority of these people don’t have a diagnosable mental illness, and reported never having been committed, so the study’s authors point out that the focus on keeping guns away from people with serious mental illness who have been committed is misplaced. It ends up stigmatizing a group further that already struggles heavily with stigma.

So if you own six or more guns, you are at risk for killing someone.  Six is the magic cutoff – not five, and not seven.  It’s six.  So the “researchers” and “social scientists” say.

Actually, her data proves nothing of the sort.  There isn’t any cutoff, there isn’t any proof.  This is nothing.  In order to have a meaningful analysis, an individual would have to have (a) a number of very large sample populations, (b) assurance that the sample population wasn’t biased, (c) a reliable means of extracting true information (torture is illegal and unreliable and gun owners are known to give false or incomplete information concerning their ownership of guns due to [justifiable] mistrust of the government), (d) repeatability and verifiability (in other words, is there fully independent means of verifying that when they said they got violent they actually did so, were charged with it, and found guilty of a crime), and finally (and this may be the most important), (e) enough studies over a large enough set of sample populations that they could meet the central limit theorem and create a standard distribution in results, with a fractional standard deviation of, say, around 0.05 or less.

None of these things obtain, and they will never do so.  And if you believe that there is such a thing as social “science,” then you may as well believe in witch doctors and voodoo.  If you want to do science, then study the Navier-Stokes equations or the Boltzmann transport equation.  Then maybe I’ll have some respect for you.  Until then, you’re all just witch doctors to me.

Sebastian On State’s Rights

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks ago


Stop making strife within the party. I agree with Ace that this bickering between the coalition partners isn’t accomplishing anything … The term “States (sic) Rights” needs to be banished from the Republican vocabulary.

Well, there you go.  A loser’s strategy if I ever saw one.  The last milquetoast candidate did all of that and lost.  But so what?  He wouldn’t have changed anything anyway.

Don’t bicker, says Sebastian.  Banish the term state’s rights.  Perhaps he thinks we can vote our way out of the mess we’re in.  And the best way to do that is to elect politicians who will slow the train as it heads over the cliff, rather than turning or stopping the train altogether.

None of this matters anyway, since the GOP has already banished the term state’s rights from its vocabulary.  They are all statists, which is why they lost the last election.  If you want to lose the patriot vote, saying out loud that you’re banishing the term state’s rights is the surest way to ignominious defeat since no one will show up at the polls.  But at least it would be honest.

And we learn again how differently Sebastian and I think about things, how different our world views are.

More On Negligent Discharge In Clemson Gold’s Gym

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks ago

In followup to my post on the negligent discharge at Gold’s Gym in Clemson, S.C., Marissa McFarland writes:

Mr. Smith,
I came across your article about the shooting at the Gold’s Gym in Clemson. I noticed your thoughts on the “accident” after the article. I, along with several other members of the gym, are angered by what has happened and the lackadaisical response the gym has had over this. I am planning to contact local media sources to try to get publicity, and hopefully force the gym’s hand on doing something about this. Is there anything you can do to assist us with this matter? Thank you in advance for your time.  This is a petition that was created to ban concealed weapons at all Gold’s Gym locations that have child care present.

Sorry Marissa, but I cannot condone rules against the carry of weapons, not anywhere or any time.  I preach the rules of gun safety to myself and anyone who’ll listen.  The boys who perpetrated the negligent discharge were goobers.  The Sheriff (and prosecutor) are also probably goobers for not charging them with reckless endangerment.

And you are correct to take your business elsewhere.  The market should determine the outcome of the situation.  But I will never favor regulations or rules that prohibit the carry of weapons.  That’s the wrong approach.  It’s like saying that since people have wrecks in cars, automobiles should be illegal.  See how stupid that sounds?

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks ago

Kurt Hofmann:

We are told that we are to lock up our guns, “for safety.” We are told that cops (and retired cops) must have unlocked guns . . . “for safety.” How does once having worn a badge make what’s safe for one person the exact opposite of what’s safe for the next?

Expanding this line of thinking, if it’s safer to disarm us completely because, after all, guns are no defense, then the gun control advocate should also be in favor of disarming police.  But they never are, because they know guns are a defense.  The surest way to disarm (pardon the pun) gun control advocates is to ask them if they favor disarming the police too?  When they demur, you can call them a hypocrite.

Kurt Hofmann:

Sanders’ idea of the “middle” would also ban semi-automatic, detachable magazine-fed rifles–popularly, if inaccurately, referred to as “assault weapons”–and the “high capacity” (gun ban zealot-speak for “standard capacity”) magazines that feed them. This is the “middle”? Sending people to prison for buying the most popular class of centerfire rifles in America is his idea of respecting the rights of gun owners? Prison time for buying an 11-round magazine is the “compromise” he wants to sell us? Outlawing the most useful arms for defense of one’s home, one’s life, one’s family, and one’s liberty is part of the give-and-take he proposes?

Sanders is a communist like all other gun control advocates.

A blogroll addition at WoG.  Hey, I just noticed that I’m not blogrolled.

David’s latest at Oathkeepers.  I read the whole article, but David’s summation is the best: “Mirkarimi appears to fit that description. Initial charges of domestic violence were plea-bargained down to false imprisonment, allowing him to keep his gun. Not that he wants non-LEOs to keep and bear theirs. Hey, as long as he’s taken care of, why would the pesky Second Amendment and a ceremonial oath to the Constitution get in the way of an agenda?

Mike Vanderboegh links this concerning someone’s pipe dream over how they define a “well regulated militia.”

“Here’s what a well-regulated militia actually looks like.”

1. First of all, assault weapons will be banned except for the National Guard. People who currently own assault weapons will be required to sell them to the National Guard which will distribute them to legitimate military units where they will be used for defense of the country.

2. Anyone wishing to buy a handgun will buy it from a police department. The police department will be allowed to make a profit on the guns they sell in order to pay for the systems’ gun owners’ database. These individual police department databases will be collected into a full national gun owners’ database and maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. Following a background check, the police department will issue the applicant a gun permit.

This person obviously wants civil war. on what it takes to legally transport a firearm into or through New Jersey.  I think the writer is wrong and that if you tried any of this you’d be arrested and charged with a felony.  Don’t follow this writer’s advice.

Why Is Greece Collapsing?

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 6 days ago

Via WRSA, Robert Gore posts this piece.  Robert’s place should be a regular stop through your daily or weekly reads, and I normally like the stuff that Gore writes, but I have to disagree on this, and profoundly so.  The problem is more than just missing the point.  Missing the point just happens to be missing a very important point, one that needs to be made.

The Greeks blame not just the banker cartel, but the Jew banker cartel for their state of affairs.  And to be fair, the global banker cartel is responsible for much of the financial woes we face now, even if indirectly.  But that’s the important point to be made.

Goldman-Sachs (as a mere example) appears to be just as influenced by the United Methodist Church as it is Jews, but let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that Jews run the global banks.  Without the direct involvement, assistance, and even incestuous relationship with the politicians, the banks couldn’t do a thing to harm the financial system.

Banks cannot make fractional reserve banking legal – only politicians do that.  Banks cannot create debt-based economies – only politicians can do that.  Banks cannot create money-printing – only politicians can do that.  The entire crumbling edifice upon which Keynesian economics is built requires the willing participation of politicians who couple with bankers to fleece the people.

These politicians are elected by the people.  This is so in America, which is behind Greece in rottenness of the system, but perhaps not by much.  This is true in Greece as well.  For years now, the Greek voters have elected communists to office, these communists being in bed with the money people like they always are.

People get the government they deserve and demand.  While Gore seems to make much of the supposed revolution against the banker cartel in Greece, even sounding like some sort of purist ideological revolution similar to the founding of America, I know a Greek who is even now visiting Greece, and has known his community of people for a very long time.

His take on Greece is that they are suffering now because they “sit on their asses and do nothing all day.”  True enough, even with people working hard all day, a banker cartel can destroy the economic system of a country.  But his point is that the people elected communists to office because they want a state-run system.  They got what they asked for.  It’s unimpressive to argue now that the poor Greeks are victims of either the government or the bankers.  The Greeks are victims of the choices they made.

So too will Americans be victims not of the government, nor of the bankers, but of the choices the voters made in the voting booth.  And those raging against the machine will suffer in the wake of judgment on the balance of society.  God’s judgment is sometimes corporate and collective.  The bankers and government are like the Babylonians.  God doesn’t approve, but He uses them to create the consequences that teach us all.  In the end, they will suffer punishment.

None of this is to say that the bankers aren’t thieves.  Of course they are, just like the government.  Likewise, the voters are thieves.  Anyone who votes to get something for nothing is a thief.  And no one should be surprised that when two groups of thieves get together, someone wins and someone loses.  The collective moral weakness begets the collective sin, and both groups of thieves will suffer in the postmortem.

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They Believe The Angels Will Protect Us

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 6 days ago

Christianity Today:

Theron Wiggins, a pastor in Flint, Michigan, who worked as a police detective, is trying to change the situation.

“They believe the angels will protect us,” Wiggins said, referring to his congregation. “Well, I’m one of the angels.”

No you are not.  You are a man, and allowing them to believe otherwise is superstition.  It’s just as much superstition as it is to believe that the angels will protect them.

I believe in every one of God’s promises – every one of them.  They were spoken by the only sovereign, the ruler of heaven and earth.  When God speaks, it comes to pass.  Now, show me where He promised to send an angel to stop bullets from penetrating your body?  Don’t send me to a miracle, or a normative statement in Scripture.  Send me to a promise in Scripture.  No, seriously.  You can’t do it, can you?

And pastor, why does your congregation believe such superstition?  Should you not be teaching them better than that?

Negligent Discharge In Clemson, S.C.

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 6 days ago

Greenville News:

A member of Gold’s Gym in Clemson accidentally fired a gun that the manager was showing him inside an office at the gym, according to the manager.

The bullet went through the manager’s desktop and lodged in a plastic dolly on the floor below, manager Rob Harrell said.

No one was hurt, but some members are upset about it.

Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon said he didn’t know details about the incident but that no charges would be filed if it was an accident.

“All I can tell you is nobody was hurt, and that’s all I care about,” he said.

Harrell said he brought two handguns to work to show a member who, like him, was a gun enthusiast.

“I told him both firearms had full magazines but neither firearm had one in the chamber,” Harrell said.

The member pulled the trigger a few times on one of the guns that Harrell had removed the magazine from and then picked up a Glock that Harrell hadn’t taken the magazine out of.

“Before I could even say anything, he had picked it up and fired it,” Harrell said. “It went through my desk and straight into the floor.

“It was a horrible mistake, but nothing major happened.”

Oh dear.  How many rules were broken, how many times?  Something major did indeed happen.  People broke the sacred rules of gun safety, and lives could have been lost.  I guess a round was indeed chambered unlike what he said, and I guess he shouldn’t have pointed the gun anywhere, and I guess he shouldn’t have been pulling the trigger, and I guess the idiot who laid the guns out shouldn’t have.

These goobers are fortunate they aren’t being charged with reckless endangerment.

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