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Crime Date No One Wants To Talk About

BY Herschel Smith
2 days, 5 hours ago

This video is a little dated, but informative.

CNN Tries To Get Interior Department Official Fired For Opposing Jihad Violence

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 4 hours ago


So it turns out that the acting director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management, William Perry Pendley, has denied the Left’s “climate change” mythology, and opposes jihad violence and illegal immigration. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski is out for blood, trying to get Pendley for heresy, that is, for his dissent from Leftist orthodoxy.

Leftists want you and your family to suffer – to terraform the nation, to see violence and to redistribute your wealth through whatever means they can concoct (e.g., anthropogenic global warming).

The Holy Writ says that “The good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

Pete Buttigieg: “Having A Gun Made Me Feel Smaller, Not Bigger”

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 6 days ago


“Over time, I realized having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger,” he said during a conversation about guns with a BuzzFeed reporter as part of his bus tour in Iowa.

The mayor was asked about his feelings on guns as a veteran who served in Afghanistan in the Navy Reserves but apparently did not engage in combat.

Okay.  So we have to talk about feelings, do we?

Then here’s mine.  I have the same attitude for him as I do for all of the other progressives who participated in OIF or OEF.  They all wanted to lawyer the campaigns to death while playing social justice warrior with a gun.  I detest them all, and there are many lives broken and lost and many limbs lost, many eyes lost, many brains that can’t function right from TBI.  They should feel responsible for each and every one of them.

I have wept over veterans who have no legs because of that damned war.  The social warriors should feel as responsible as should Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz.  They are detestable, every one.  I loath them all.

And I notice that Mayor Pete apparently didn’t feel so ashamed that he refuses to allow that ridiculous picture of him to be displayed holding an M4 as if he’s something special.  Hey, Pete.  Go get a combat action ribbon like my son did and then maybe I’ll debate you.  Until then, I’ll just keep believing that you are the product of a set of hippie, Marxist parents who wanted some military creds for your future in politics so you could use that to get elected and tear down America like you tore down your own sense of morality and decency.

I think you’re a sniveling, snarky smartass – a poor excuse for a man.

He Should Be Executed

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 6 days ago

Via David Codrea, this disturbing report.

Prosecutors said Weed was attending the fair Friday with his family when he was “harassed and followed by a group of teens.” The prosecutor said the teens were angry Weed would not give them a dollar bill, and that’s when they allegedly hit him in the head.

“There was some sort of dialogue that ensued after that that made it a negative situation. There was a punch that was delivered to the back of the head by the 16-year-old, at that point in time there was a number of minutes that elapsed after that at which point in time, you all saw the video, the younger 15-year-old came flying through, lands a deadly blow to the victim,” said Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith.

David is kind, saying “his own actions show he can’t be trusted outside of a cage and needs to stay in one until he can be.”

I’m not such a nice guy as David.  Put him to death.  He’s guilty of premeditated murder.  That’s the Scriptural prescription, and besides, I don’t believe in the rehabilitative power of prisons, a fact my readers know full well.  That prison is rehabilitative is a notion of modernism.

The Scriptural prescription for murder, kidnapping and rape is death.  The Scriptural prescription for theft is slavery to the offended person until the debt is paid.  There is no such thing as a biblical idea of a debt to society.

Is It Education? Is It Mental Health? What Is It And Let’s Treat It And Let’s Fix It

BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks ago

News from the North.

Twenty people arrested, 18 of them now charged — all connected to brutal robberies in downtown Minneapolis.

[ … ]

“These people in the community that are doing this, we have to have some consequences for this, but we also have to get to the heart of it. What’s wrong? What’s your problem? Is it education? Is it mental health? What is it and let’s treat it and let’s fix it,” he said.

Ah, there’s the pushbutton witch-doctoring again.  How about this: America has rejected the law-word of the sovereign God of the bible.

And no, this has nothing to do with throwing prayer out of public schools.  The state has no business educating children anyway, and the Department of Education shouldn’t exist.  Prayer offered to some god or other, no one knows whom, in no one’s particular name, by a non-believer, offering praise to nothing, is an abomination and sacrilege.

This is the absence of the fear of God taught in home schooling, church, the home, and the neighborhood – the replacement of the supreme governor of the universe with a golden calf.

Corporate Gun Control Is About “Social Signaling At The Country Club”

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago


The Hill reports that Cruz responded to the letter while attending a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor on Thursday. He said, “I don’t think it’s a positive thing to see big corporations shifting their focus from their customers and actually doing what they were created to do into trying to become political players on divisive social issues.”

Cruz observed that the corporate gun control push “is about social signaling at the country club.”

Without revealing the name of the financial institution, Cruz spoke about one bank that removed its name from a gun control push after learning more about what was really going on.

He said, “I will note with at least one of those banks that came out with one of those oh-so-brave corporate letters, when I sat down with their leadership and actually asked them about it, the people who wrote the letter didn’t know the first thing about the substance.”

Cruz said he asked the bank CEO to define/detail an “assault rifle,” and the CEO could not do it.

That’s because corporations are being run by HR, legal and finance today rather than people who actually know anything.  These people graduated yesterday with social studies degrees from liberal arts colleges, having been educated in Fascism and anti-American doctrine.

Trump is planning a rollout of his gun control proposals soon.  He says, “I’m talking about meaningful, write that word, meaningful, meaningful background checks.”

Question: does anyone in the republican party other than Ted Cruz and Thomas Massie actually understand the mammoth error they are getting ready to make by embracing gun control?  Does anyone in the party other than these two guys have even three brain cells?

By the way, readers can expect to see that phrase over, and over, and over, and over again here: “Corporate gun control is about social signaling at the country club.”

Open Letter To Publix CEO Todd Jones On Open Carry

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

Mr. Jones (,

It is with great sadness that I write to you.  I have readers who have already done so, but I thought I should weigh in on your recent decision to ban open carry in your stores.

I had occasion to shop at Publix on Saturday and asked to talk to the manager.  He was a delightful man, very respectful, but just a bit ill-informed on what the law says about open carry and leaving me a bit confused on your policy.

I informed the gentleman that I chose to shop at Publix not only because I can openly carry, which is entirely legal in North Carolina, but also because I wanted to reward Publix for your stand.  I had previously been told by the store manager that Publix follows state law, whatever that happens to be.

In North Carolina, that has worked just fine.  No one gives me strange looks, women and children don’t run screaming for the doors, and sometimes store employees even discuss it with me, asking me what brand of firearm I have, asking about my recommendations for purchases, and so forth.

Your manager brought up the issue of the recent shootings in El Paso and elsewhere, saying that they would not allow something like an AR-15 to be brought into the store, and I explained to him that, as he knew, it was legal to openly carry a firearm in North Carolina.  If I touched my weapon, that’s called brandishing, and it’s illegal.  If I unholstered it, or pointed it towards anyone, that’s called assault with a deadly weapon, and it’s illegal.  He had not previously understood that.  The shooter in El Paso broke the law the second he exited his automobile holding a rifle.

When asked for clarification on the new Publix policy, he explained that Publix would “respectfully request” that people not openly carry in Publix stores, but that legally they could not do anything about it.  That’s not true, I explained.  I must respect the wishes of private property owners and refrain from openly carrying if I know the request has been made.

You see, there is no easy way around this.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.  You cannot please the forces of gun control while at the same time leaving room for me to openly carry in Publix stores by merely “requesting” that I not openly carry, leaving it to my discretion because “there’s legally nothing you can do about it.”

I suspect that your HR department, your financial people, and your legal department, have made a choice to involve you in corporate gun control as social signaling at the country club.  You’ve been backed into a corner by your own people, and perhaps too stolid to understand that.  Otherwise, this decision is entirely on you, and you should be considered 100% responsible for the new policy.

Which is it, sir?  Were you backed into a corner by your own people, who convinced you that there was a happy medium on this issue?  Or was this your decision?  Who is it that wants to virtue signal at the country club?  Are you a member of a country club, sir?

In either case, I cannot say enough to express my disappointment with your company.  I explained to the manager that while I may have to make a pragmatic decision and shop at Publix in the future because only you happen to have a product and someone else doesn’t, I will not longer happily reward Publix with my hard earned money as a patron.  You are not entitled to my hard earned money.  You must earn it, and this decision is a huge blow against your account.

Don’t you see how much easier it would be had you simply told the controllers to go away, and that “You follow state law, whatever that may be?”  It works fine here in North Carolina.  How would you like it if we came to Florida and forced our own laws on you?

Your Children Don’t Belong To You

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

See this report, and then watch this video.

Horace Mann was very effective at educating a new generation of communists, yes?  The funny thing is that I agree that our children are not our own, but not in the way they do.

They believe in the dictum “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”  I’ll leave it to the reader to ascertain the origin of this quote.

No, neither my children nor my grandchildren belong to me.  Neither do they belong to the state.  I am not an anarchist/libertarian, and I am not a statist.

I am a Christian.  That means when I baptized my children, they were marked into the covenant.  They belong to God, and God will do with them as He wishes.  They are accountable to Him, as I am for teaching, raising and training them up in a world and life view that honors Him.  I am God’s custodian and servant, I am in responsible charge of His living creation.  That’s an awesome responsibility.  It cannot be turned over to the state.

For once, I agree with a collectivist, but I still find myself on opposite sides.  The state wants to be God.  I will always war against that notion.

Democrats Say Red Flag Databases Cannot Include Gangs

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

Independent Sentinel.

Democrats advanced a new measure this week to encourage states to pass “red flag” laws. These so-called extreme risk protection orders authorize removing guns and ammunition from individuals deemed as dangerous by some anonymous, unaccountable person, but it would not include the ready-made lists of gang members.

Republicans tried to add an amendment including known gang members, but the Democrats will not permit the inclusion of gang databases. It’s odd since gangs are the ones causing most of the so-called gun violence.

They would agree to include the names of white supremacists, but not other terror groups.

The House Judiciary rejected any effort by Republicans to include gang databases since they are worried about people mistakenly taken for a gang member. They brought up the ‘no-fly, no-buy’ list which was filled with inaccuracies, but Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican, who hoped to amend the measure to include gang databases, reminded the Democrats the restrictions for placing someone on a gang database are much tougher than the no-fly list.

“White supremacists.”  If you believe that the U.S. should close the borders, that includes you.  As for the rest of it, this little tidbit is just rich: “They brought up the ‘no-fly, no-buy’ list which was filled with inaccuracies …”

Yes it is, but whether it falsely flags “white supremacists” is another story.  They care about the one, but not the other.

Frank Clarke Letter To Publix CEO Todd Jones On Open Carry

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

Frank Clarke.

“It’s sad to see a highly-respected American corporation cravenly bending the knee to the forces of darkness. It shows a lack of courage. It shows a lack of foresight. It shows a lack of knowledge or, worse, a rejection of knowledge.

Only two states, Texas and Florida, keep statistics on “does this arrestee have a weapons permit?”. The data from these two states is startling. Lawful gun-carriers are arrested (not convicted, just arrested) at rates between 1/7th and 1/13th the rate for the general population, depending on the year chosen. What that means is that the people who go to the trouble of getting a carry permit are among the safest, most law-abiding people in the country. As a class, they are more law-abiding than the police, and your policy is to insult them and treat them as if they were criminals-in-waiting. Was that your intent or did you simply not think this all the way through?

Recall, as well, that on August 8th, an ordinary citizen — not law enforcement — stopped a potential mass shooting at a Wal-Mart in Springfield MO. Are you publicly asserting that you don’t want any of your customers intervening to stop such incidents in your stores? That would be a surprise, and not a pleasant one, either.

Principles are funny things. They sometimes cause us to say things or do things that others — often ‘others who lack much in the way of principles’ — interpret negatively. That is, alas, what Publix’s latest announcement looks like. It looks like Publix flinched in order to avoid ‘bad PR’ from people whose thinking doesn’t extend beyond “guns bad”. Those same people see the world as full of evildoers who wish nothing so much as to harm others. In such a world, people with guns are a positive danger.

You might suspect that I hold a different view, and you would be correct. I believe our world, despite the occasional ‘bad apple’, is full of loving people who care about their neighbors and want them to live happy, safe, and prosperous lives.

How do you see the world?”

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