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Unconstructed Thoughts On The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 18 hours ago

It’s a dangerous thing to offer up initial, unconstructed thoughts since they may all prove to be nonsense because of lack of information.  And yet I do have initial reactions that can serve as an open thread for discussion.

The police were worthless once again.  I had to bring it to my wife’s attention one more time while we were watching SWAT teams outside in safety while children poured out of the building that by procedure, the police would protect themselves first and foremost.  The children come later.  That shocked my wife.

The shooter did his nefarious deeds inside unabated and unmolested.  He then apparently shot at least two more people outside after he was finished, and the police caught him outside, not inside.  The police apparently didn’t prevent a single death or injury.  No one will protect you and your family except you.

Next thought.  Expect yet another push for gun control laws that only affect peaceable men and women.

Final thought.  How sad for the poor children in the school, and how sad for their parents.  This picture is sad too.

This person did exactly what s/he was taught to do: run, hide (and fight, but this last part would have been irrelevant).  This picture is the picture of failure.  It is emblematic of the failure of American society to deal with the concept of self defense.  If this poor student had gotten to the point of fighting, according to DHS instructions, s/he could have only thrown potted plants and chairs.

Again, how sad.

Officer Fired After He Refused To Shoot A Distraught Man Wins $175,000 Settlement From Weirton Police Department

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago


A West Virginia city has agreed to pay a former police officer $175,000 to settle a wrongful-termination lawsuit after he was fired following his decision not to shoot a distraught suspect who was holding a gun.

The lawsuit accused the Weirton Police Department of wrongfully terminating officer Stephen Mader after he chose not to shoot a 23-year-old man while responding to a domestic disturbance in 2016.

“At the end of the day, I’m happy to put this chapter of my life to bed,” Mader said in a news release by the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia.

“The events leading to my termination were unjustified and I’m pleased a joint resolution has been met. My hope is that no other person on either end of a police call has to go through this again.”

The incident occurred May 6, 2016, when Mader responded to a domestic-disturbance call and found Ronald “R.J.” Williams Jr. with an unloaded handgun.

Mader told CNN last year that Williams was “visibly choked up” and told Mader to shoot him. As a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, Mader told CNN that he concluded Williams wasn’t a threat and so he tried to de-escalate the situation.

As Mader was trying to get Williams to drop his gun, two other Weirton police officers arrived. Mader told CNN that Williams raised his gun and was immediately shot and killed by one of the other officers. A state investigation found the officer’s actions were justified.

On June 7, 2016, the Weirton Police Department fired Mader. The lawsuit, filed in May 2017, claims the department fired him because of “failure to meet probationary standards of an officer” and “apparent difficulties in critical incident reasoning.”

“Failure to meet probationary standards.”  Or in other words, he wasn’t pathological enough for law enforcement work in America.  You see, Marine, there is nothing more important than the costumed clowns going home safely at the end of their shift.  The ability to discern your surroundings and circumstances and make wise judgments isn’t valued in American LEO work.

Unfortunately, the citizens will pay for this settlement.  He should never have been fired.  Instead, the police officer who fired him should have been stripped naked, marched out the public square and publicly flogged.  Then the young Marine should have been put in charge of the department.

But that’s not the America we live in today, now is it?

Sheriff Oddie Shoupe Is A Psychopath

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

NY Daily News:

A Tennessee sheriff ordered his deputies to shoot an unarmed man during a slow-speed car chase so they wouldn’t damage their patrol cars by ramming him off the road, according to a lawsuit.

Sheriff Oddie Shoupe of White County is being sued for excessive force in the death of Michael Dial, who was fatally shot by police while driving with a suspended license on State Highway 70.

After Dial was killed, Shoupe arrived at the scene, where he was captured on a deputy’s body camera saying, “I love this s–t…I thrive on it,” according to the lawsuit filed by Dial’s widow Robyn Spainhoward.

Technically, I think you’d call this a violation of the Supreme Court decision in Tennessee versus Garner.  And technically, I think you’d call Sheriff Shoupe a psychopath.

But only if you’re technical about it.  Otherwise he’s just another community hero.

Father Saves His Wife, Daughter And 30 People From Armed Gunman, And Then The Cops Shoot Him

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks ago

Via a reader, this from Free Thought Project:

Independence, Missouri – The man who should be celebrated as a hero for saving his wife, daughter, and at least 30 strangers from an armed gunman during an attempted robbery, is now recovering from a gunshot wound after police arrived at the scene and shot him.

Mike Becker, 31, told the Kansas City Star that he grabbed his handgun and rushed to the local Dollar General after he received a call from his wife saying that she, their 4-year-old daughter, and several other customers in the store were being threatened by a man with a gun.

While the customers huddled together in the back of the store, Becker’s wife hid their daughter behind bags of dog food. When Becker arrived, he said he found the gunman outside, pounding on the glass door.

“The only thing in my mind was my baby and wife,” Becker said, describing how he intervened and put his body between the gunman and the glass. “There was no way the gunman was getting in that store.”

When police officers finally arrived at the scene, Becker told the Star that he dropped his gun and raised his hands in the air, in an attempt to show police that he was not a threat.

But then the unthinkable happened—even though Becker had his hands in the air, the officers shot him with a rifle, wounding his hip. Bystanders who witnessed the scene said that they were shocked to watch officers shoot the man who was brave enough to confront the gunman.

“I was figuring, ‘How the hell do they shoot him?’ He never pointed a gun at the cops. He complied with everything they said … and then you heard a pop,” Raymond Watts told the Star.

Police eventually arrested the gunman, but despite the fact that witnesses claimed they were yelling at officers and telling them that they shot an innocent man, the officers still proceeded to put Becker in handcuffs, and they refused to let his wife near him.

Nice.  Late to the scene, a dollar short of a full stack, shoot the hero, refuse to allow succor and comfort from his most loved one, slap him in cuffs, misreport what happened, and then “investigate” the incident.

As I said before, “stay away from law enforcement, as they are the most dangerous people on the road or in neighborhoods.”  Here there was little he could do except get shot by the keystone cops, brainless dick heads with badges.  David also mentioned this today.  “But the important thing is: No officers were injured.”  All of the costumed clowns went home safely at the end of their shift.

Outback Steak House To Uniformed Officer: You Can’t Bring A Gun In Here

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks, 2 days ago

Via Insty, this:

(WRCB) – A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer was asked to leave the Outback Steakhouse in Cleveland Friday night because he had his service weapon on him.

In a public post on Facebook, Andrew Ward shared the experience. He said he was asked by a manager to remove his weapon and put it in his vehicle. He explained that he had to have it on his person because he was in uniform.

According to the post, the manager made a phone call, and then asked the officer to leave citing company policy that makes Outback a gun free zone.

In a follow-up Facebook post, Ward shared why the manager confronted him. He says a patron at another table reported being scared for her life.

“She said police are shooting people, and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot, and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle,” Ward wrote in one of three posts he published about the incident. “We were told it was a policy they don’t allow guns – if we would have known there was a complaint we would not have went anywhere! Seriously, she was scared for her life? We were joking and laughing with our server as we ordered, then prayed. What was scary about that?”

Ward said he and his family have accepted Outback’s apology. He said they understand that a mistake was made.

“There was a mistake made and that’s it… We all make mistakes and must move forward with our lives,” Ward wrote.

Good.  I don’t give a shit about his uniform.  Bad, that they apologized.  Bad, that they want to be a gun-free zone.  Good, that cops and the rest of us are treated the exact, same way.  We should be.  Cops open carry, I open carry too.  That’s the way it works when it works correctly.

Got it?  Make Outback a gun free zone and enforce it, or ignore firearms altogether.  But don’t treat people differently.  That’s prejudice and bigotry.

FBI Shoots Kidnapping Victim In Houston

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks ago


The chief detailed how the FBI SWAT team was at the home on Elbert Street in order to make a rescue to attempt to recover Ulises Valladares.

Valladares had reportedly been kidnapped from his Conroe home.

FBI agents attempted to breach a room in the back of the house where they believed the victim was being held.

Chief Acevedo said the agents were using a tool to break one of the rear windows to gain entry to the house. During that attempt, the agent dropped the tool inside.

The second agent made the decision to use his rifle to gain entry into the room.

According to the HPD, Valladares grabbed the weapon and began pulling on it.

Police say the agent, not knowing who was pulling on his weapon, feared he was going to lose control of his rifle. That agent reportedly made the decision to fire his weapon.

One of the shots hit Valladares. A second shot went into the roof.

The HPD says Valladares was bound in the room. When agents entered the home they immediately requested medical assistance. The victim died at the hospital.

Chief Acevedo says the agents repeatedly yelled “FBI” while attempting to enter the home.

Conditions in the room were described as dark since the FBI made the decision not to use lights during the rescue attempt.

The fail is so thick here that it shouldn’t be necessary to outline it, but I will anyway.

(1) The one breaking the window should have been wearing a lanyard to secure the tool if it was possible to lose the tool, and it was indeed possible since they conducted the raid in the dark (he could also have lost it in the yard approaching the house).

(2) They conducted the raid in the dark, and apparently weren’t wearing any sort of night vision or using tactical lights.

(3) The other SWAT team member shouldn’t have used his rifle as a tool to break the window.  That’s not the function of a rifle.

(4) The shooter shouldn’t have discharged his weapon without having positive ID.

(5) Discharging the weapon was stupid anyway because the shooter didn’t have proper identification of backstop.

(6) The person breaking the window shouldn’t have been part of the house clearing team and should have focused on his one job of breaking the window.  He had one job.  One job.  He couldn’t even do that without screwing up.  The shooter couldn’t do the job either without screwing up.

(7) The FBI is a fuckup.  They always have been.  They shouldn’t have been doing any raid.  Art Acevedo (who believes in forcible blood draws at random car stops and was driven out of the progressive city of Austin) deserves the FBI, and the FBI deserves Art.  Why the FBI was involved isn’t explained, but they are both disgusting.  I detest them both.

Don’t do any of these things.  Ever.  Stay away from law enforcement, as they are the most dangerous people on the road or in neighborhoods.  If you ever have to do anything at all like this, think before you do it, and use your head.

Police Rifle Left Unattended As Student Walks By

BY Herschel Smith
3 weeks, 2 days ago

Fox News:

Authorities plan an investigation after a video posted on Facebook on Thursday showed a Kentucky police officer’s rifle leaning up against a car unattended as a student walks past.

“It is unfortunate that this accident happened, but we as police officers are human and do make mistakes,” Dayton, Ky., police Chief David Halfhill said in a statement Thursday, reported. “We hold our police officers to a higher standard and be assured that this mistake will be fully investigated.”

Multiple officers can be seen in the video engaging with a suspect on the opposite side of the street, while what appears to be a rifle rests against a parked car. At one point, a student walks by the weapon but doesn’t seem to notice.

One police officer then walks a person down the street, while two other officers walk the opposite way with a person of their own – the weapon still left alone.

It’s not until a voice can be heard in the video yelling, “there’s an assault rifle left unattended,” that an officer saunters over to reclaim the gun and take it back to his patrol car.

Ha.  I hate it when that happens to me.  I remember the last time I laid one of my guns out on the sidewalk in my little town, and later when I went to pick it up the cops talked to me about the Youth Handgun Safety Act.  We all laughed and laughed and laughed.

I told them I just did it for fun and they understood, but said they expect better of me and will “fully investigate” if it ever happens again.

Ogden, Utah, SWAT Team Conducts Yet Another Wrong-Home SWAT Raid

BY Herschel Smith
4 weeks, 1 day ago

Sarah Gray had a rude awakening. It was the middle of the night when the Ogden Metro Swat Unit blew out her back window and began yelling.

“I was just dead asleep and hear a big crash,” she said. “All I hear is them yelling, ‘Search warrant! Identify yourself!”

Turns out, oops, SWAT was at the wrong house.

Sarah says the officers apologized and promised the window would be fixed. But three weeks went by and Sarah’s window is still broken.

“I can’t keep paying a high heat bill,” she said. “I might as well just light money on fire.”

Sarah says she called the city for answers, but can’t seem to get any.

“I want a window. I just want them to correct the mistake, that’s it. I’m not out for vengeance or anything like that.”

Upon investigation, Get Gephardt learned that the mistake is the financial responsibility of the Weber County attorney’s office.

In a statement, Weber County Attorney Christopher Allred wrote that there was a “miscommunication” between Sarah and his office. He claims it took “a couple of weeks” for the window to be made, and when it was ready to install, they attempted to call Sarah, but allege that they were calling the “wrong number.”

But just like that, they found the right number, and just one day later, Sarah had a new window installed.

Wrong home, then wrong phone number.  So what if the home owner had deployed a weapon in self defense?  They would surely be charged with a crime.  But “warrant, identify yourself” isn’t something to hang your hat on.  Criminals do this all the time.  In fact, the police do it all the time, so I’m being redundant.

Why do I say that the Ogden, Utah, police department conducts yet another wrong-home raid?  Because they have a rich history of getting things wrong.  They’ve done it before.

But it’s okay, because they are heroes of the community, there to “protect and serve” its citizens.

Police Accountability

BY Herschel Smith
1 month ago

John K. Ross:

Cleveland police officer: I shot suspect, killing him, after he declined to get out of car, reached for gun. Witnesses: The suspect was kneeling on the ground with his hands up when the officer shot him in the back of the head. Jury: Excessive force. District court: Pay $4 mil. Sixth Circuit: Affirmed. (The officer is still on the force.)

Protecting and serving the shit out of people.

Montgomery Police Officer Uses His Gun To Smash Car Window Shooting The Unarmed Driver Inside

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 1 week ago

Washington Post:

A veteran police officer who used his gun to try to smash a window wound up shooting an unarmed driver in a Montgomery County parking lot when the weapon accidentally went off, police officials said Tuesday.

The driver survived the Nov. 5 shooting.

The officer, Todd Archer, will not be criminally charged, according to authorities, but he remains under administrative investigation by the Montgomery Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division.

“Questions remain as to why a firearm was used to try to break the glass, and why the firearm discharged,” the Montgomery department said in a statement.

Archer, who has been an officer for 10 years with the Montgomery force, remains on paid administrative leave. Officials have not identified the man who was shot. They are arranging to have him, his family and their representatives view a video recording of the shooting captured by Archer’s body-worn camera.

Montgomery Police Chief J. Thomas Manger has reviewed the video. “I don’t believe the officer intended to shoot this man,” Manger said, but added that “a number of questions remain about what happened.”

Morgan Blackledge, an attorney for Archer, said her client rendered aid to the SUV driver immediately after the gunshot. But she declined Tuesday to speak in detail about the case until the administrative investigation is complete.

“All I can say is that Officer Archer is a dedicated member of the Montgomery County Police Department and will continue to serve the citizens of Montgomery County,” Blackledge said.

Chuck Drago, a national expert on police use of force, said that, in general, officers should not use guns to smash windows.

“A gun isn’t a tool for hitting or banging or ramming. It’s designed for one thing, to shoot a bullet,” he said.

One particular concern, he said, is that when someone uses a gun to strike something, there is a reflexive reaction: “You tend to clench your fist, which includes your trigger finger,” Drago said.

Hmm … an expert on the use of police force.  Expert.  I’m glad they could find a self proclaimed expert on the use of police force to tell them that this was stupid.  And I’m glad they could find someone to tell them about sympathetic muscle reflexes.  It’s a shame no one else has ever said anything about this before.

What the hell was this guy doing beating on a window to begin with?  The glass could break and blind the person inside.  If he was going to beat on the window, what the hell was he doing using his gun for this task?

Well, at least the dedicated and highly trained cop won’t lose his job.  We’d hate to have to replace someone so qualified as him.

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